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Chapter 1: Samus Aran vs Kai’sa

Chapter Text

A/N: In the wake of yesterday's announcement of Rooster Teeth's shut down, and throwing Death Battle's status into uncertainty, I am now doing something of which I have always had an interest in. Doing my own Death Battle. I already have about 200 battles in mind. But it only makes sense if I lay down the ground rules first.

1. Combatants have no prior knowledge of each other unless specified.

2. Unlike Death Battle, deaths will only be done if it's suitable to the winner, so no unnecessary deaths.

3. A combatant's maximum personal potential is examined unless specified otherwise. Factors unrelated to combatants cannot end the battle.

4. Unless specified, all official material related to a character is applied unless found contradictory to the primary source material.

I would also like to point out that Death Battle isn't an exact science, and that feats, even when calculated, have to be taken at its word since Death Battle doesn't always give out how it reaches its conclusions. And I have autism, and math isn't my strongest suite. Luckily, my dad is a good mathematician, but considering how stupid big these numbers can get, if numbers can be given, forgive me if my numbers may fall within the margin of error.
Samus Aran (Metroid compilation)


The daughter of Rodney Aran and Virginia Aran, she lost her parents during a Space Pirate raid on her home of K-2L. Later, Samus was adopted by the mysterious Chozo and taken to Zebes, where she was infused with their DNA and raised to become a warrior.

Once she reached adulthood, Samus joined the Federation Police and served under the Commanding Officer Adam Malkovich. Though she ultimately left to become a Bounty Hunter, she was nonetheless hired by the Galactic Federation on many occasions. Equipped with her cybernetic Power Suit, Samus has become famous for accomplishing missions previously thought impossible.

Her most renowned achievements are the destruction of the Space Pirate base on Zebes, her role in ending the Galactic Phazon crisis, her repeated extermination of the Metroid species, and her disobedience of orders at the Biologic Space Laboratories research station where she chose to destroy the deadly X Parasites rather than turn them over to the Galactic Federation. Having received an infusion of Metroid DNA to save her from an X infection, Samus is now the last "Metroid" in the galaxy.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Enhanced Senses,

Acrobatics (Capable of preforming acrobatics pretty quickly after gaining Chozo DNA),

Adaptation (The primary consequence of her transfusion with Chozo DNA was to grant her an increase adaptability to her surroundings),

Martial Arts (Depicted as a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, even against large numbers of armed individuals),

Weapon Mastery & Vehicular Mastery (By now, has full control over her original power suit and gunship),

Transformation (Has the ability to activate her seemingly will the power suit into existence around her at any time and even specific parts of the suit such as the arm cannon),

Precognition via Sensemove,

Paralysis Inducement with the Paralyzer,

Energy Projection,

Absorption (Her suit actually absorbs most of the energy from attacks inflicted on Samus, with the various upgrades increasing the potency of the ability. Thanks to her genetic makeup now consisting of Metroid DNA, Samus is able to absorb freely roaming X Parasites, restoring health and ammunition),

Data Manipulation (Her Power Suit stores weapons and ammunition as data before they need to be used or absorb data and use them to gain abilities),

Power beam (ice, plasma, armor piercing, hyper((combined)), grapple),


Power bombs,

Limited Transmutation (Can transform the data of her weapons into their tangible forms and can shape weapons such as her missiles from the atmosphere),

limited Adhesive Manipulation (Stood on top a spaceship midflight without needing to grab onto anything),

Limited Attack Reflection (Managed to deflect several energy attacks from Space Pirates with just her suit),

Non-Standard Breathing (Type 2, capable of emerging herself underwater for an indefinite period of time, stated to have oxygen supply equipment and additional infrared vision within her suit in the Super Metroid Manual),

Small Size (Type 0) & Extrasensory Perception with Morph Ball (Reduced to over less than half her regular size in her Morph Ball form, also capable of perceiving the area around her despite not having any way of seeing them),

Statistics Amplification (Attack Potency, Lifting Strength, and Speed) with Charge Beam,

Power Grip, and Speed Booster (Capable of charging her beam to the extent of damaging foes that would regularly be immune to her normal power beam),

Explosion Manipulation via Missiles & Bombs, Homing Attack (With missiles and briefly shown with her even regular power beam),

limited solid Afterimage Creation with the Speed Booster (Becomes invulnerable to most attacks while in that state and creates "echoes" that deal physical damage to whatever they touch),

Invisibility with Phantom Cloak (Becomes entirely invisible, making her avoid the detection of even beings such as the E.M.M.I.).

Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Can resist mental attacks from Mother Brain), and Fire Manipulation (Completely unaffected by flamethrowers despite being the middle of the attack),

Gravity Manipulation & Acid Manipulation (Adapted to Zebes' extreme 960x gravity as a child and stated that only her allies would be injured from the acid rain of Crateria),

Self-Biological Manipulation (Absorbing the SA-X momentarily restored her DNA to a state that it was previous to the X-infection; begins self-repairing the suit back into the Legendary Suit),

has even greater Resistance to Cold (Now capable of wielding the Ice Beam and otherwise entirely removing the adverse effects of cold on Samus).

It is possible that the Unnamed Suit also gives Samus all of her previous abilities from the Legendary Suit, which includes: Non-Physical Interaction (Capable of killing Chozo Ghosts with her regular weaponry and even the dimensionally phasing Phazon Metroids),

possibly Reactive Evolution (Instead of dying or being corrupted, Samus' suit evolved when exposed to a sudden large amount of Phazon).

Resistance to Antimatter (Can survive in the Infinity Void, a parallel dimension of formless antimatter),

Cold (The Varia Suit offsets her weakness to subzero temperatures in Fusion and should provide comparable resistance to extreme cold otherwise),

even higher Heat (Capable of walking easily through superheated magma on Zebes),

Matter Manipulation (Endured having her atoms torn apart and destroyed in Samus and Joey).

Weaknesses: In her weaker forms, she has an extreme weakness to cold thanks to her Metroid DNA. The Varia and Gravity Suits mitigate this weakness and the Unnamed Suit removes it entirely.
Kai'Sa (League of Legends compilation)


Kai'Sa was an ordinary girl born in the southern deserts of Shurima. During her tenth summer, she came upon a pen of sacrificial goats. The girl tried to release the animals but then, suddenly, the ground shook, flashes of light scorched the sky, and a rift opened up the earth. The rift swallowed up the entire village and everyone inside.

Now trapped under the desert, Kai'Sa could hear the faint voices of others trapped inside. But soon, hers was the only voice left. The first void creature she encountered was about her size. After being knocked down by the voidling, Kai'Sa drove her knife into its heart, killing it.

Although the creature was dead, its flesh clung to Kai'Sa's arm. She was unable to remove it and soon enough, it started growing around her as though it was becoming part of her. She was able to use the second skin as armor against other void creatures. The longer she survived against the void, the greater her confidence grew until she finally managed to escape back to the desert surface. No longer was she the little girl who fell into the rift but was now a fearless hunter of the void.

A former lieutenant in the Royal Space Military, Kai'Sa was the first sanctioned pilot of the experimental X01-Butterfly. The suit proved far too deadly, however, and after only one mission she fled with the technology—becoming one of the galaxy's deadliest guns for hire.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Enhanced Senses (Her suit warns her of approaching threats),

Regeneration (The ability to regenerate lost limbs, limited brain damage, and even severe organ damage or destruction, including traditionally fatal wounds and disembowelment or horizontal bisection via her Suit),


Void Energy Projection (Utilizes Void Energy in her abilities, which grants Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Biological Manipulation),

Absorption (Life Force, Matter, Magic, and Information), Corruption, and Soul Manipulation),

Plasma Manipulation,


Reactive Evolution (Her Suit is inherently able to rapidly evolve to counter threats, such as growing new limbs or reshaping old ones, turning wounds into mouths, and gaining the ability to use Void Energy),

Reality Warping (Her Suit passively warps reality around itself),

Extrasensory Perception (Her Suit is capable of sensing trace signatures of magic given off by living beings. Also Via Void Seeker),

Biological Manipulation (Her Suit causes physical corruption in things it damages),

Speed Amplification,

Damage Boost (Via Caustic Wounds),

Forcefield Creation,




Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Biological Manipulation, Corruption, Absorption (Life force, matter, magic, and information), and Soul Manipulation (Able to resist the full effects of The Void).
Song: Legendary Hunters


Samus Aran's boots pounded the ground with each step, her breath heavy in her helmet in the desert's hot embrace. She was focused, searching for any sign of her target, the bounty her suit's AI was hunting. The sun beat down on her, its heat harsh and relentless. The sand underfoot was dry and gritty, making forward progress difficult.

Hired by the galactic federation, Samus was tasked to capture and contain Kai'sa, the "Daughter of the Void". A powerful individual, her target had been reported to be on the planet Shurima. Samus knew the hunt would be difficult, but she was ready to do whatever it took to bring her target to justice. She knew the galaxy was counting on her.

Following directions given to her by a tribal outpost, Samus was headed towards the caverns where Kai'Sa was known to reside. These caverns were a maze of winding paths and dead ends. Samus knew she had to be careful, or she would never find her target. She scanned the area for any signs of Kai'Sa.

Samus's scanners picked up an odd type of energy, something unfamiliar and unnatural to her systems. It was similar to the Phazon she had encountered before, but had an extra layer of eldritch and alien properties, not knowing it was Void energy from rifts. This energy was unfamiliar and unknown to her data banks. This energy was strange, and Samus remained on guard, watching every step, knowing her target might be nearby.

Samus hears the sound of propulsion, and spins around on a heartbeat. In front of her stands Kai'Sa, emerging from the shadows and floating forward. Her symbiotic Void bio-suit gives her flight capabilities, adding to her power. Samus quickly scans Kai'Sa, trying to find a weakness in the woman's defences. Her target's Void suit was strong, but Samus knew she had to find a way to bring Kai'Sa down.

"Are you the hunter, or the prey?"

Samus watches as Kai'Sa speaks with a stern look. Samus scans her target, her visor displaying detailed information about her target. Kai'Sa was intimidating, her Void suit powerful.

The huntress's voice does not crack a bit as she meets Kai'Sa's stern gaze, and she swallows her fear.

"No, I'm the hunter."

Samus's voice shakes a little as she answers her target's question. Despite her fears, she knew she had to remain fearless against Kai'Sa, as any sign of weakness could be her downfall.


Kai'Sa's eyes begin to glow with power, and her hands emit bright rays of energy. Samus jumps out of the way just in time, as the beams of plasma tear through the ceiling above her, breaking apart the rock and causing it to fall in a cacophony of shards and dust. Samus moves quickly, using her speed to her advantage, but Kai'Sa has the upper hand, and Samus knows she has to stay focused and alert in order to take down her target.

Samus uses her arm cannon to return fire, sending a blast of energy towards her target. Kai'Sa dodges the blast at the last second, her Void suit allowing for quick movement. Samus moves constantly as the fight intensifies, firing blast after blast, keeping the pressure on her opponent. Samus remained focused and on the move, as she knew she had to wear down Kai'Sa and eventually end her. Her target was formidable, but Samus was determined to win.

Wanting to ward off this bounty hunter, Kai'Sa unleashes another attack, sending a barrage of plasma missiles from her bio-suit wings. Samus ducks and dives, morphing into a metallic ball and rolling between the deadly missiles. Kai'sa's bio-weaponry was dangerous, but Samus seemed to have the advantage. The huntress was fast, agile and nimble, and she was slowly gaining ground on her target. She kept herself moving and her wits about her, not letting Kai'Sa get the drop on her this time.

Angered by Samus's agility, Kai'Sa unleashes a flood of plasma missiles in an even greater number. Samus knows she has to act quickly and counter her target's assault. The huntress unleashes a torrent of missiles of her own, matching the sheer force of Kai'Sa's attack blow for blow. The cavern echoed with the sounds of explosions, the two fighters going all in with their attacks, trying to overpower the other with force.

Taking advantage of the chaos of the battlefield, Samus uses her power beam to shoot a grappling line towards Kai'Sa, catching her by the chest. The huntress pulls her target in close, before launching into a powerful attack with her martial skill. Samus landed a few brutal blows, sending Kai'sa reeling and giving her a chance to push further. Samus felt a rush, her strength overpowering her opponent. This was her chance, and she wasn't letting it slip away.

Despite getting beaten up, Kai'Sa continued to fight, growling as she thrusts her hand at Samus's helmet, filling the bounty hunter's head with the Void. Samus felt the mental attack take hold, and though she was strong-willed, she struggled to power through as the experience overwhelmed her. Samus knew she had to use everything in her arsenal, her whole being, to keep fighting. She had to stay focused, despite the overwhelming feeling of confusion and uncertainty the mental attack was causing. She had to stay strong and push forward if she was to defeat the Daughter of the Void.

Samus aimed her arm cannon at Kai'Sa's chest and fired an ice beam, freezing her target. Samus jumped back, needing a moment to recover from the effects of the Void. The huntress took a few deep breaths and scanned the area, watching her target for any movement, wondering if she had really defeated the dangerous target. Samus knew that she had to remain vigilant and alert, in case Kai'Sa tried to trick or trap her, but her foe stayed still. Samus watched and waited, her guard up.

Kai'Sa's bio-suit adapted quickly, melting the ice that had trapped her body. The Daughter of the Void growled in annoyance, her power growing as she tapped into the Void itself, warping reality around her. The gravity in the cavern they were fighting in began to increase, and Samus felt the pull of the forces around her. It was difficult to balance, and Samus struggled to move freely in order to fight. Kai'Sa wasn't giving up yet, and she was using every weapon possible to bring down Samus.

Taking a few seconds to adjust to the new gravity, Samus shifted her suit to her Gravity suit, countering the pull of the increased forces. Samus knew she had to move fast, and she activated her Speed Boost, increasing her speed tremendously. Now she could match Kai'Sa's movements, and Samus was ready to counterattack. She wasn't going to be caught off guard again. Samus was determined to win this fight.

Kai'Sa's own speed boost took effect, increasing her speed just as fast as Samus. Kai'sa matched Samus's movements, and using her flight, she flew around the cavern, smashing the huntress's suit, protected by a force field. Samus was getting knocked around the cave, grunting from the amount of damage her suit was taking.

Samus charged up her wave beam, but she had to time the attack just right, or else her target would block it. Samus waited for her opportunity after a few more hits, and when the huntress saw it, she took her shot, firing the wave beam from her arm cannon. The wave beam shocked Kai'Sa, bypassing the force field and blasting the Daughter of the Void away from Samus as she screamed. Samus had managed to land a crucial blow.

Getting up, Kai'Sa was about to attack when she heard the sounds of many beeping. She looked around to see a multitude of bombs lying around, planted in each spot where she smashed the bounty hunter into. Samus smirked.

"You're mine."

Each bomb detonated, filling the cavern with a storm of explosions. Above ground, the rocky entrance blew up from the sheer force of the bombs, throwing debris into the air, the surface shattering upwards with a fiery roar. Samus flew out the cavern, crashing into the sand and tumbling over and over, caught up in the power of the bombs. The huntress lay in the sand, her suit smoking and damaged, but Samus was alive.

Samus panted as her damaged suit began to fall apart, revealing the Zero Suit underneath. With her Gravity Suit bearing the brunt of the damage, the Zero Suit was left mostly untouched. Samus knew she needed to repair the damage to her suit if she wanted to escape this desert in one piece.

While Samus stood up, she heard the distinct sound of propulsion coming from the air. She looks up, and to her horror, she saw Kai'Sa flying into the air from the crater where the caverns were. Despite her injuries, Kai'Sa was still alive, and she wasn't going down without a fight. With her foe damaged, but still in motion, Samus couldn't afford to waste any time taking shots at Kai'Sa, not knowing what the Daughter of the Void was capable of yet. Samus knew she had to be careful, but she wouldn't run from this fight.

"I survived the Void. I refuse to let death in. I refuse to accept it as my fate."

Kai'Sa's voice came from the air, her words spoken with a conviction that was almost terrifying. Samus understood the Daughter of the Void's words, and could tell her opponent was not going to give up this fight, not yet. Samus equipped her strongest weapon, the Annihilator Beam, a weapon capable of destroying anything it was aimed at. The huntress was ready to fight, and win, at all costs. She would not allow the Daughter of the Void to survive this time.

Samus's beam clashed with Kai'Sa's, a beam of antimatter against the Void itself. Samus's feet shifted from the force of the clash, as both beams collided, sending up waves of power. Samus knew she had to maintain her focus, if she wanted to come out on top. She pushed herself back to her feet, using everything in her being to keep attacking, looking for an opportunity to take out her opponent!

"You say you're the hunter, but to me, you're nothing but prey for the Void." The Daughter of the Void said as she started outputting more power, overwhelming Samus's attack. Samus continued to attack, but Kai'Sa began to output more power, pushing back Samus's attack. The Daughter of the Void had the strength of the Void behind her, and Samus knew she couldn't keep up like this forever. Samus needed to find some way to stop Kai'sa, or she would be overwhelmed herself.

Samus was getting pushed back, the Void's power beginning to overwhelm her. She tried to fight back and hold her ground, but it seemed like a futile effort. Then, the Void's Power reached her weapon, and the Annihilator Beam exploded in a massive blast of energy, three times as powerful as the Tsar Bomb. Samus was caught up in the explosion, her compromised armor offering little protection from the blast. With the Void's power growing, and Samus's suit damaged, she was done for.

Samus was instantly killed in the explosion, her body vaporized as she was caught in the epicenter. Kai'Sa was blown back from the shockwave, but her healing bio-suit was able to heal her injuries, allowing her to look down at the massive explosion below. Kai'Sa could feel the Void within her growing, filling her with power. She knew she had claimed victory, and the Daughter of the Void was the true victor this time.
Strength: Both women are very powerful with their suits. However, Samus is at a disadvantage in that her best is for a specific threat. Her Light Suit is designed to take on Dark Aether, but it's like Void Lite with a fraction of the potency. While her ice beam could freeze the surface of a sun, which would require energy much lower than Absolute Zero, her power bombs are more powerful by exploding planets whole. Best case scenario, let's say the explosive yield of her Power Bombs are at full charge is 4 Yottatons of TNT. That's 4 followed by 24 zeros.

Meanwhile, Kai'Sa scales up to Miss Fortune. While it's stated she's weaker than the former, Fortune still took her seriously enough to use all of her power, who is stated to be capable of wiping out star systems. Best case scenario for Samus, Kai'Sa's power is about 7.25 billion times greater than Samus's bombs.

And remember, Samus usually leaves the planet she's on by the time they go off, so even if Kai'Sa was a billionth of the star level power she supposedly has, Samus would not be able to survive what she can dish out. Sure, her suit and survive attacks from Ridley or Dark Samus, but weaker foes can still beat her if they land enough hits on her.

Speed: Samus has been able to keep up with the likes of Ridley and Dark Samus, the former of which can travel between galaxies, generally around 10 million times the speed of light. However, not only can Kai'Sa boast similar speeds, but she likely can reach faster, given she can casually travel around the galaxy, and travel in between other galaxies at ease, implying at most, 25X speed.

Skill: However, that's not to say that Samus is entirely outclassed. Even against stronger and faster foes, Samus has been able to exploit her foe's weaknesses to take them down with her vast skill and versatile arsenal. While Kai'sa can tangle with the best of the champions, she suffers at close range, and is more of a fragile blaster who can't take too much damage from those similar to her level. Samus is also a gifted genius in and out of combat,

Experience: Not only does Samus has skill, but she also has the superior experience, fighting countless enemies of all varieties for 15-20 years, if we only count her years in the Federation. Kai'Sa not only has fought mostly Voidborn, but has only been fighting for ten years.

Powers: In terms of the quantity of powers, or at least arsenal equipment, Samus has the edge. Multiple power beams, missiles, bombs, a cloaking device and antimatter, she has the versatility to keep Kai'Sa on her toes. However, the Daughter of the Void is unlike anything Samus has faced, even with her double experience. While Samus can resist mental attacks from the Void, and has survived being inside a dimension of antimatter herself, but Kai'Sa being empowered by the Void grants her abilities that bypasses Samus's usual encounters. Particularly her reality warping. Samus may have fought beings and machines of great power, but the Void is beyond the scope of power of Metroid.

The winner is Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void.
Next Time:

"I am the Master of the Fist. Feel how weak you are with your body!"

"My victory is not a matter of chance. The world needs it."

Chapter 2: Akuma vs Rugal Bernstein

Chapter Text



Akuma and his brother Gouken were students of Goutetsu. Goutetsu taught a nameless life-threatening martial art, which incorporates elements of Karate, Judo, and Kempo. He also taught the Shun Goku Satsu (literally Instant Hell Murder), a lethal technique which, although incredibly powerful, puts the user in considerable danger.

As the brothers progressed under Goutetsu's tutelage, a dispute arose on the true nature of their fighting style and the path to master it. Gouken, unable to accept the violent nature and the Satsui no Hado of his fighting style, left Goutetsu to begin his own dojo, which Goutetsu did not oppose. Akuma continued Goutetsu's teachings, and vowed to use their fighting style as it was intended.

In order to learn Shun Goku Satsu, Akuma embraced the principle of Satsui no Hado, and was forced to give up any compassion he held towards other human beings. In addition, Akuma realized his limits as a martial artist could be expanded, and left Goutetsu's guidance of enlightenment to train alone to gain more power. However, due to embracing the Satsui no Hado to its fullest extent, he developed a lust to fight to the death, unlike Goutetsu, who had been able to use the Satsui no Hado without giving in to its dark side.

After coming back from his island, Akuma went back to Goutetsu, and fought him in a death match to prove that he had surpassed him. Akuma killed his master with the Shun Goku Satsu, who died happy to see his student surpass him, and Akuma, believing that he was the true master of the Art, took the prayer beads of his dead master and placed it on his neck.

Many years later, Akuma came to Gouken's dojo and fought him in battle, using the Shun Goku Satsu on him. Akuma believed him dead, not knowing that Gouken had somehow lived through the attack by emptying his soul, and was only in a coma. Akuma disappeared without a trace.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master of Ansatsuken,


Genius Intelligence,

Chi Manipulation and Projection (Master of Satsui no Hadou [Surge of Murderous Intent] an innate Ki which increases his fighting capabilities and can be projected as energy attacks),


Extrasensory Perception (Can sense ki),

Transformation (Into Shin Akuma),

Fire Manipulation (Via Sekia Goshoha and Sekia Kuretsuha),

Limited Air Manipulation and Pseudo-Flight (Via Demon Armageddon),

Limited Vibration Manipulation (Via Hyakki Gosai),

Statistics Amplification (Via Dohatsu Shoten and Shiretsu Hasshi),

Intangibility (Via Ashura Senku),

Death and Pain Manipulation (Via Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon. This technique brings death to its victim through the weight of their own sins, and not by Akuma's fist. The eviler the victim is, the more they suffer in death),

Limited Damage Reduction (Via Rakan, which weakens the opponent's blows),

Limited Power Nullification (Via Kiai, which cancels out normal projectiles),

Damage Boost (Can perform enhanced versions of his Special Attacks),

Status Effect Inducement (By hitting the opponent repeatedly, without them being able to recover, he can cause them to enter the "Stun" status, which leaves them unable to react. His Focus Attack causes the opponent to enter a "crumpling" status)

Resistance to Soul Absorption (Via Mudo Tensho; Necalli couldn't devour his soul),


Berserk Mode (Has perfect control over the Satsui no Hado, preventing it from consuming him. Is the first person to hold full control over the Shun Goku Satsu, as all of his predecessors were taken over by the Satsui no Hado and driven berserk until their last breath),

Precognition (Limited: Reading the future of fighters such as him is difficult, because they always fight against it)

Weaknesses: He goes easy on opponents often, as most of his fights are done with the bulk of his power sealed. He desires to actually see an opponent to surpass and kill him. Also, he is very easy to anger.
Rugal Bernstein


Feared throughout the political and fighting world, Rugal was an influential arms dealer who operated aboard his aircraft carrier, the Black Noah. To those who would oppose him, he would defeat them and later preserve their bodies in liquid metal to add to his grisly trophy room. He used to work with his younger brother, but they separated over conflicting interests.

When Rugal was about 25 years old, an 18-year-old Goenitz took out his eye with one strike and gave him a small portion of Orochi's power for surviving the attack. Since then, he has a bionic eye to replace the one he lost. At some point, he had a son and a daughter with an unnamed woman, as well as a panther named Rodem.

Sometime in 1986, Rugal wanted to demonstrate his power in a base at Brazil and murdered everyone he found inside. The sole survivor of the fifty man massacre was Heidern, who lost his right eye during the attack. At the time, he was too displeased with his victim to add him to his "collection" so he deprived the man of his wife and child as compensation. Heidern would spend nearly a decade filled with hatred and rage against Rugal.

Before 1994, he recruited two secretaries: Mature and Vice (both of who were secretly assigned by Goenitz to observe Rugal, believing that he could be a suitable host for Orochi). Rugal, wanting to expand his "collection", decides to host The King of Fighters in 1994, with an additional twist; fighters must form a team of 3 to compete and represent a country. Now he awaits on his battleship, the Black Noah, waiting to see the teams that will participate.

During the invitation phase, Saisyu Kusanagi came to the Black Noah and challenged Rugal. Although Rugal won the battle, he did not subject him to his metal bath. The winner of the tournament was Saisyu's son, Kyo Kusanagi, and his two teammates, Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon, who arrived shortly after Saishu's defeat.

Rugal is happy that the Hero Team won, as they can be added to his "collection", which are former fighters turned into living trophies, with Rugal pointing out that he did not turn Saisyu into a trophy because he felt that he was unfitting. Kyo and his teammates fight Rugal, who would end up being one of the hardest fight of their lives. Unwilling to accept defeat, Rugal attempted to blow up his ship along with the Hero Team. While the Hero Team escaped, Rugal's fate was unknown.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Barrier Creation,

Elemental Manipulation,

Energy Manipulation,

Power and Energy Absorption,

Power Mimicry

As Omega Rugal: All previous abilities to a greater extent, Gravity Manipulation,

Light Manipulation (via his cybernetic eye),

minor Levitation

Weaknesses: Highly overconfident Using the Orochi power can consume him. However, it is unknown if he still has this weakness as of XV.
Song: King of the Fist


Rugal sat in the top floor of his building, waiting in his evil lair. He waited patiently for the winner of his King of Fighters champion, eager to test his power against them. He wouldn't let anyone else take his title as King of Fighters, and he was willing to fight for it. The King of Fighters would have to fight him, and only one of them would come out on top.

Rugal's doors were violently burst open by a muscular man in a dark gi, his fists clenched. The man's eyes burned with hatred, and Rugal knew it was a dangerous opponent, though one he was certain he'd beat, as he quickly stood up from his seat. An evil grin crossed the man's lips, as he looked toward Akuma, a fire in his eyes. Akuma had come for Rugal, and he didn't plan to hold back.

Rugal looked at Akuma with a cold stare, and the man's expression turned to one of mock politeness. The host of the tournament said,

"Ah, welcome. I am the host of this tournament, Rugal. What a wonderful day today is. I have been waiting for someone as strong as you." Akuma felt Rugal's power, and wasn't fooled by the host's politeness. Akuma's expression remained unchanging, as he looked towards the man that would be his current challenge.

Rugal chuckled as Akuma said nothing, and the man's facial expression didn't change. The host of the tournament continued, saying,

"Not much of a talker, eh? That's fine. At least tell me your name, so that I know who I will beat with my own fist". Rugal clenched his fist, his knuckles popping, as he waited for a response from Akuma. Akuma responded with a boast,

"Just call me Akuma. And I wouldn't be so hasty in saying you can beat me with your own fist, Rugal. I am the Master of the Fist, and I will show you the meaning of pain." Akuma said, his voice steady, but dripping with an air of confidence. Rugal wasn't intimidated, however, and he responded with a defiant grin.

"Master of the Fist? Let's test that claim. Let the battle commence." Akuma didn't falter at Rugal's taunt, and the man's tone became serious as Rugal became the same. The host of the tournament took a deep breath, steeling himself to battle the Raging Demon. Both fighters were ready, and they knew it was time to let the fight begin. Rugal was eager to claim victory, and Akuma was ready to show his opponent that his name was more than just a title.

Akuma was the one to make the first move, leaping into the air forward to land the first punch. His speed was lightning fast, and Rugal barely managed to avoid the sudden thrust. The host of the tournament knew Akuma was fast, and quick on his feet, but Rugal was more than ready to fight back. He dodged the first attack, and threw a punch of his own, hitting the Raging Demon as he approached.

Akuma flinched slightly to the blow against his face, but he didn't let the hit keep him down for long. Akuma quickly recovered as he counterattacked with his right knee towards Rugal's stomach. Rugal was hit by the blow, and it managed to catch him off guard. Both fighters were evenly matched, taking each other's attacks head-on and firing back quickly.

Both fighters tried to deliver an upper kick towards the other, Akuma using his Rakan Gokyaku, and Rugal with his Genocide Cutter. As the two attacks came together, an aura of energy burst from the points of impact, the two aura energies colliding as the fighters tried to overpower each other.

Akuma proved to be the stronger of the two, pushing through Rugal's attack with pure strength, and landing an elbow on the host's sternum. The hit sent Rugal tumbling backwards, trying to regain his bearings as Akuma followed up with another Rakan Gokyaku, which sent Rugal into the air with a powerful blow.

While Rugal landed on his back after Akuma's blow, he quickly pushed himself back onto his feet with a flip, rubbing his jaw with his left hand. Despite the immense pain he felt, his lips were set into a defiant grin, as Akuma had made the mistake of assuming the King of Fighters was defeated after a single blow. Now it was time to turn the tide in his favor.

"Reppuken!" He unleashed a fast wave of ki riding along the ground, heading towards the Raging Demon. But Akuma managed to leap over the attack.

"Gohadoken!" The Raging Demon then launched a ball of purple ki, one he called the Gohadoken. Rugal managed to erect a ki barrier to rebound the attack towards Akuma, but the man yelled with a kiai, his aura dispelling the very attack he tried to use against him. Rugal and Akuma both knew that this battle was getting more intense with every move, and each attack was becoming more dangerous as time went on.

"Kaiser Wave!"

Rugal fired off a powerful blast named the Kaiser Wave, but Akuma phased through it, using the Ashura Senku technique, managing to negate the attack without any harm. This shocked Rugal, who didn't expect the Raging Demon to nullify his attack this quickly. As Akuma approached with a few steps, he launched an uppercut with the Goshoryuken, sending the King of Fighters up high and back down to the floor with a devastating blow to the stomach. Akuma was gaining the upper hand in this fight.

Rugal wasn't defenseless though, as he managed to grab onto Akuma's throat and fill the Raging Demon in his own elemental ki, shocking Akuma in the process. Akuma was pushed away from the grip, giving the time Rugal needed to regain his own footing. Akuma could see that even under his fist, this little "host" would not stay down. They circled as they continued their back and forth battle, each looking for a way to gain the upper hand.

Rugal charged forward with a God Press, the King of Fighters grabbing the Raging Demon and crashing him into the metal wall, which bent and dented from the force of the attack. Akuma was stunned for a moment, but he was able to shake off the blow with a deep breath and a loud growl.

Rugal tried to get the upper hand by launching a reverse roundhouse kick towards the head, only for Akuma to catch the attack and counter attack with one of his own. The attacks both managed to connect, but Akuma's counter attack landed hard, as he delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to Rugal's head, which knocked him onto the floor. The raging demon was beginning to make the battle a little more difficult for Rugal, as he looked down at the stunned tournament host.

"I'm not even amused. You are just a waste of dust." Akuma then raised his fist, filling it with the Satsui no Hado, before letting it loose on the floor, which unleashed an explosive shockwave that sent Rugal flying. He crashed against the opposite wall, falling to the floor in a crumple. The tournament host couldn't believe that Akuma had that much power at his disposal, but now it was time for him to show the Raging Demon something new, since the fight was clearly escalating. Rugal staggered onto his feet.

"You... you think you've won? I'll... I'll show you that I'm not just a god. I'm a superstar!" Ripping off his fancy red jacket, Rugal Bernstein yelled as he let the latent power of Orochi augment his body. Rugal's skin darkened and his blond hair turned a stark white as Orochi's power flowed throughout his body, revealing his true power. He became Omega Rugal. Now, the King of Fighters was ready to turn this battle around, and show Akuma exactly why he was the King of Fighters.

Akuma leapt back and attempted to use the Tatsumaki Zankuyaku, only for Omega Rugal to create a Dark Barrier to repel him. The King of Fighters then mimicked Akuma's move by spinning around in the air, using the Genocide Cutter to deliver four spinning kicks to his opponent.

"Genocide Cyclone!" Akuma grunted from Omega's strength as the battle continued, and the intensity of the fight was beginning to reach a fever pitch. Omega Rugal laughed as he boasted,

"Feel the power of Orochi!" He planted a hand over Akuma's chest, injecting electrifying Orochi Venom into his body, which caused the Raging Demon's entire body to overload in an electrifying blue light. Akuma began to shake violently as the venom began to work its way into his body, his body becoming unstable from the amount of energy now flowing through it.

Akuma gritted his teeth to try to bear the pain, but it was clear that the Orochi venom was taking its toll on his body.

"This battle is not over yet! Witness the power of the Satsui no Hado!" Akuma let out a yell as his aura exploded out, causing Omega Rugal to stumble away from the attack. Akuma was now dark blue, and his hair glowed cyan, as Akuma had transformed into an Oni, who was filled with rage and a desire to not just defeat the tournament host, but do so in the most brutal, savage way possible.

Omega Rugal went on the attack, launching a powerful punch, but Oni caught it, and threw the host of the tournament down onto the floor, causing a loud thud to fill the air. The Raging Demon then grabbed Rugal by the ankles, swinging him onto his back the other side of Oni with immense force, the metal flooring dented from the force of the blow, which caused the tournament host to yell out in pain.

Just as Oni was going to stomp his foot straight through Omega Rugal's chest, Rugal made a last-minute move and blasted Oni away from him with the Kaiser Wave. Rugal then struck Oni with a hard-hitting Genocide Cutter kick, landing a direct blow to Oni's chest, finalizing the attack with a laser blast from his cybernetic eye to Oni's chest. It appeared that the tournament host had managed to regain the upper hand in this battle, as he was able to knock Oni off the floor. Oni fell to the floor, seeming to be surprised at this, but he was far from done. Oni shouted out,

"I've had enough of this!" The Raging Demon then prepared another Kongou Kokuretsuzan, before punching the floor, the very ground that they were fighting on. The building shook as the structure that held up the skyscraper began to weaken, and it was becoming clear that the fight was taking a turn for the worse. The Raging Demon wasn't prepared to back down in this battle, and it seemed like he was going to do anything he could to destroy his opponent.

Realizing his building was going to collapse below him, Omega Rugal did something that would take a confident man to do. The tournament host ran to a window, one that was completely broken from the fight, and jumped out of it, planning to land on the ground far below. The top of the skyscraper collapsed onto itself, the building crumbling beneath the fight between the two fighters. It looked like Omega was making his escape from this dangerous situation he had put himself into, which would have been the smart thing to do.

Oni yelled with murderous intent as he charged after Omega Rugal, who was now attempting to do escape from the collapsing building. The Raging Demon couldn't let the host of the tournament get away so quickly, so he charged after him, colliding with the man's back. Both men fell together towards the ground, fighting each other while heading towards the ground at a dangerous speed. It was a fight for survival, as both men tried to defeat each other to come out on top.

Oni and Omega Rugal both crashed into the ground hard, hard enough to create a crater. Both fighters were panting, as they had both endured plenty of damage from this extremely intense fight. The tournament host and the Raging Demon both got up, with the skyscraper beside them completely collapsed. It was clear that both had taken plenty of damage, and it was a matter of who had the strength left to keep fighting for the win.

The Raging Demon shouted out as he charged up a Geido Gohado, using the purple ki orb to fire from his palms,

"Ashes to ashes! The gates of Hell await!" Omega Rugal tried to block the Geido Gohado with another Dark Barrier, but it was instead shattered in the process, shocking the tournament host. The Gohado was struck square in the chest, the ki orb exploding upon impact. Rugal's voice was heard in the explosion, crying out in pain.

When the smoke cleared, a scene unfolded before Oni's eyes. Omega Rugal was on his knees, his body slowly self-destructing as the Orochi power fueling him couldn't sustain him anymore. The tournament host had taken too much damage, and his body was becoming incapable of handling the immense power, and now he was on the edge of defeat.

"Even with my power, I still lost. To meet such a fate. But I'll be back, you-"

"Shut up! Die 1000 deaths!" Oni cut off Rugal as he prepared to use the Shun Goku Satsu. The Raging Demon had no intention of letting the tournament host make any speeches, and was prepared to deal the final blow with his ultimate attack.

Oni zoomed towards Rugal, hitting him with strikes that flashed with purple ki. But it wasn't Oni's fists that were hurting the tournament host's body, but instead his spirit, as all of Rugal's sins were beginning to weigh him down. As his soul was being destroyed, Omega Rugal screamed out in torment, the weight of his very sins crushing him from the inside out. It was a brutal way to go out, ending this battle.

When all was said and done, Oni stood tall, with his back against the corpse of Omega Rugal. The raging demon now bore a kanji in the shape of "天" on his back, an image of the heavens, which was fitting for the winner. Oni had defeated his opponent, and now he was ready to claim his title as the new King of Fighters.

"I am the one true Master of the Fist!"
Strength: Both of these big bads certainly boasted power, but Oni had the strength to match the heavens. Now, while scaling King of Fighters characters are dubious, being granted Orochi's power does let him stand on similar ground to Goenitz, who was powerful enough to create a 5 Megaton storm. However, even in base form, Akuma is strong enough with the Satsui no Hado to destroy an island, needing 415 Megatons worth of it. And his Oni form is much, much stronger than that, being able to punch a volcano into violently erupting, which is worth 145 Gigatons. Really, what really held Akuma back from instantly beating Rugal was his tendency to hold back, hoping for a good fight.

Speed: As for speed, Akuma was able to tag M. Bison before he could react, who once tagged a laser traveling at Mach 5633.59. Rugal meanwhile scales to Kyo, who can dodge a light attack from Orochi from 4 meters away. Such a reaction would require to move up to 24% light speed, which is 40X faster than Akuma's scaled feat. Even if we high balled Akuma's superior speed to be 1% the speed of light, it would still be 24X slower.

Skill: Akuma is a master martial artist, who is capable of fighting those on par with his power, and those with much more experience than him, like Gotetsu, Gen and Oro. He also mastered the corrupting nature of the Satsui no Hado, so that he controls it, instead of the other way around. Rugal meanwhile is a very gifted fighter, capable of learning and mimicking other's fighting styles, but he's lost to equally skilled fighters like Kyo more than once, and he can't handle the strain of Orochi's augmentation if he takes too much damage.

Experience: Akuma fights all kinds of people, many of which have abilities that King of Fighters don't really have that Akuma hasn't already experienced. And while Rugal has fought his fair share of fights, he treats them as a means to an end for his goals, while Akuma has spent decades refining his martial skill to become the strongest in the world, never even needing an external power boost like Rugal has with a portion of Orochi's power.

Powers: Akuma and Rugal possess similar abilities, almost being one for one of each other. However, there were a couple of things that the King of Fighters couldn't have been able to counter, such as Akuma's momentary intangibility, or him attacking his soul directly, bypassing his defenses even if they were on par with his offensive power.

The winner is Akuma
Next time:

"Don't kill if you can wound, don't wound if you can subdue, don't subdue if you can pacify, and don't raise your hand at all until you've first extended it."

"The hands of death could not defeat me. The Sisters of Fate could not hold me. And you will not see the end of this day. I will have my revenge!"

Chapter 3: Wonder Woman vs Kratos

Chapter Text

Wonder Woman


Legend told Diana of Themyscira was born of her mother's strong desire for a child, a lump of clay brought to life in the form of a girl; the perfect Amazon, as she was born of no man.

Diana was a member of a tribe of women called the Amazons, native to Paradise Island – a secluded island set in the middle of a vast ocean. Captain Steve Trevor's plane crashes on the island and he is found alive but unconscious by Diana and fellow Amazon, and friend, Mala. Diana has him nursed back to health and falls in love with him.

A competition is held amongst all the Amazons by Diana's mother, the Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta, in order to determine who is the most worthy of all the women; Hippolyta charges the winner with the responsibility of delivering Captain Steve Trevor back to Man's World and to fight for justice. Hippolyta forbids Diana from entering the competition, but she takes part nonetheless, wearing a mask to conceal her identity. She wins the competition and reveals herself, surprising Hippolyta, who ultimately accepts, and must give in to, Diana's wish to go to Man's World. She then is awarded a special uniform made by her mother for her new role as Wonder Woman and safely returns Steve Trevor to his home country.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,


Enhanced Senses (Could see an invisible divine aura),

Mind Manipulation (Can hypnotize others and make her opponent unable to tell a lie with her Lasso of Truth),

Regeneration (Mid-Low),

Electricity Manipulation (When she strikes her Bracelets of Submission together, she can channel Zeus' Holy Lightning, along with produce an expanding force field),

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant,

Weapon Mastery,

Absorption and Transmutation (Resisted and reversed Clayface's attempt to break her back down into clay and absorb her),

Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Vacuum Adaptation),

Statistics Amplification & Aura when calling upon the power of the Godwave,

Purification (Type 3, Nullified the petrification effect on Hermes with purifying flames),

Pressure Points,

Information Analysis (The Lasso can show Diana the pressure points of her target),

Resistance to Magic, Telepathy, Illusion Creation, Radiation Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, and Disease Manipulation (The blessings of Demeter protect Wonder Woman from all known earthly poisons and illnesses)

Weaknesses: Piercing weapons
Kratos (GOW 3)


Born and raised among the violent Spartans, Kratos rose through the ranks to become a fearsome general, winning many wars under his command. However, they eventually encountered their mortal enemies, the Barbarians, and were nearly wiped off the map in the ensuing battle.

A desperate Kratos begged Ares, the God of War, to help him win the war. Ares listened and bestowed power upon Kratos, leading the Spartans to victory. In exchange, however, Ares demanded Kratos' unflinching loyalty. To this end, the God of War tricked Kratos into murdering his wife Lysandra, and his daughter Calliope, in the ensuing chaos.

As a result, their ashes were permanently bonded to Kratos' skin, earning him the moniker "Ghost of Sparta." Enraged and consumed by grief, Kratos renounced his servitude to Ares and sought vengeance on him, eventually killing Ares and ascending to godhood as the new God of War. However, Kratos' struggle did not end there; he had to face his father, the rest of the Olympians, and the Titans on the next journey.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,


Immeasurable strength,


Superhuman agility,

Near-unlimited stamina,

Regenerative healing factor,

Spartan rage empowerment,

Gifted intellect,

Master tactician,

Indomitable will,

Master combatant,

Soul manipulation (Claws of Hades),

Stun status (Head of Helios),

Statistics amplification (Boots of Hermes),

Shockwave generation (Nemean Cestus),

Electricity manipulation (Nemesis Whips),

Fire manipulation (Blades of Exile, Bow of Apollo),

Attack Reflection (Golden Fleece),

Flight (Icarus's wings),

Blade of Olympus

Weaknesses: Kratos' anger management issues make him prone to impulsive and violent behavior as well as severe judgment impairment.
Song: Wonder's Wrath


The God of War himself, Kratos, is walking through the ruins of the Olympic pantheon. Kratos has been steadily accomplishing his mission to take revenge on Olympus, as he's been fighting his way through the land of gods to reach his father, Zeus. Kratos is determined, ready to face whatever challenge awaits him as he's getting close to his main target, Zeus.

Kratos enters the Chamber of the Flame, a chamber that housed the Flames of Olympus. As he entered the room, he saw the burning blue flames that protected Pandora's Box, something he had used in the past to kill Ares, and potentially could be used to kill Zeus as well. Kratos walked towards the box, his gaze focused and determined, the idea of killing Zeus slowly becoming more of a reality. Kratos was now closer than ever before, and all he had to do now was just one more step before he accomplished his mission.

"Halt!" Kratos heard a woman's voice ring out from the hallway on the opposite side of the room, calling out to him to halt. The Wonder Woman herself came from that hall, Diana of Themyscira. Kratos turned to face the woman, curious to see who was about to interrupt his mission. It appeared that someone else was about to try and stop him, but who would be strong enough to actually stand in the way of the God of War?

"You dare try to stop me, woman?" The Ghost of Sparta questioned.

"I am not just a woman, Ghost of Sparta. I am Diana, princess of Themyscira, and daughter of Zeus. Your foolish quest of vengeance is bringing ruin to all of Greece, with every Olympian god you have killed thus far." Wonder Woman stated with bitterness.

"You stand here and dare to tell me I am bringing ruin to this place? The Olympians brought that upon themselves." Kratos said simply, seeming unmoved and undeterred by the presence of his half-sister, Diana. He was focused on his mission, and couldn't care less about anything else the princess had to say. The God of War was not going to be stopped that easily. "I will kill Zeus and take my revenge, one way or another." This greatly upset Diana.

"Of course you wouldn't care. But I'm not here just to save what remains of Greece. You have inadvertently flooded my homeland by killing Poseidon. Everything, everyone I have grown up with is gone, because of you!" Wonder Woman cried out in anguish before materializing a sword from her bracelets. "Now, I shall avenge all those that fell on your warpath."

Kratos only nodded in response to Diana's comment, seeming unmoved and uncaring about the idea that he had flooded her homeland by killing Poseidon. Kratos had other things on his mind, like taking his revenge on Zeus and moving on with his life. The God of War did not seem bothered one bit by Diana's anguish, and had his sights set on his goal.

"I do not regret my actions... there is only my purpose." The Ghost of Sparta said with a stern gaze.

"Your vengeance… ends here." Wonder Woman ended the conversation with conviction as she prepared herself, getting ready to fight.


He sees Wonder Woman's conviction, and Kratos could feel the energy from the woman's stance as she prepared herself to fight the Ghost of Sparta. A fierce battle, as the two would use everything at their disposal to come out on top of this struggle. Kratos brings out his Blades of Exile.

Wonder Woman let out a grunt as she charged forward, raising her sword to slash through Kratos. The God of War raised his arms, blocking the attack with the Blades of Exile, as he was forced back by the woman's surprising strength. She somehow rivaled Heracles and Atlas, maybe even surpassing them.

Kratos kicked Wonder Woman back with a strong kick to the stomach, before attempting to hit her with the Blades of Exile. Diana avoided the attack, either dodging by ducking, acrobatically jumping out of the way or blocking by holding out her shield to parry the attacks. The two were beginning to match each other's speed, as the two were locked in an intense battle. Kratos didn't seem worried about the warrior princess, as he knew he had the strength to deal with her in no time.

Kratos realized that Diana was too quick and agile for him to land a proper hit with his Blades of Exile. So, the God of War switched things up by attacking with his Nemesis Whips. The man lashed out with the chained daggers, striking with ferocious contempt as he hit the woman again and again with the electrified weapons. Wonder Woman was able to block the first hit with her shield, but the electric current had stunned her, and she cried out in pain as Kratos continued attacking her with the whips at great speed.

Kratos continued his righteous tirade on Wonder Woman with his Nemesis Whips, showing no sign of slowing down with his severe judgment. Diana, however, needed to gain some space and tried to do so by using her golden bracelets to create a force field that pushed the Nemesis Whips away and sent the Ghost of Sparta flying into a nearby wall, whom grunted from the impact. The force field seemed to be pretty effective, as it allowed the warrior princess some breathing room to regain her focus for the fight without the electrified whips hitting her all the time. Kratos was annoyed that the princess of Themyscira was tougher than he initially thought, but he won't back down.

Diana looked over herself and realized she had gotten some burns and slashes from Kratos over the course of the fight, but it appeared that the wounds were only light and superficial. Wonder Woman knew that she could take more than this, and was not going to be defeated by the Ghost of Sparta like those before. The princess of Themyscira was determined to stop the God of War from completing his revenge quest.

Kratos clashed his whips together, sending an intense electrical blast at Wonder Woman. The princess, however, was quick on her feet, and was able to deflect the attack back at the Ghost of Sparta with her enchanted sword. Kratos took the hit square on his shoulder, the mythical Golden Fleece rebounding it towards Themyscira's champion. However, it didn't take Wonder Woman long to stab the electric attack down into the ground to ground it. The woman seemed to be well-prepared to face Kratos this time around, and wasn't letting him take the advantage.

However, in the midst of this battle, Kratos decided to take things to the next level by pulling out the head of Helios, the very deity that he had ripped the head from its shoulders from, and using it for his own gain. The head was let out an agonizing scream, and its eyes flashed light as bright as the sun right into Diana's eyes, and she was instantly blinded by the bright light. The woman yelled out in pain as she was unable to see anything due to the blinding light.

"What's wrong? Can't handle a little sunlight?" Kratos sneered as he brought out the Claws of Hades, and slung them towards Wonder Woman. Diana did a fantastic job in managing to catch the chain weapons in her own hands, even while being blinded. The problem was that she could feel her soul being pulled out by the weapons, and found out that they had the power to pull a creature's soul from their body. The princess of Themyscira knew she had to resist, otherwise she would fall victim to her own soul being stolen away from her.

With tremendous effort, Wonder Woman pulled her soul back into her body, avoiding having her soul potentially stolen by the Claw's effect. However, she then decided to use the chains of the claws she was holding to her advantage, as she was able to encircle the Ghost of Sparta with the claw's chains, trapping Kratos in place and preventing him from escaping. The God of War was taken aback by this, because even Hades himself could not resist the claws' soul stealing effect. This was truly a dangerous woman who could not be overlooked.

The Ghost of Sparta used all his strength to break free from the chains surrounding him, breaking the weapon in the process. As Kratos was about to move forward and strike a blow, however, Diana quickly wrapped her Lasso of Truth around him, trapping him once more. The man attempted to break free with all his strength, but seemingly couldn't even break the golden rope. The Lasso of Truth seemed to be truly powerful, especially as the man could not get himself out from its grasp.

Diana wrapped her leg around the rope, before bringing it down with a stomp to force Kratos on his knees. The woman then tightened the rope, causing it to glow with its deception proof ability, meaning that Kratos could not lie anymore. Now, she looked directly at him.

"Kratos, it is time for you to face the truth." Diana said, not giving the God of War much room for argument or denial. Diana asked Kratos a simple yet very important question about his mission to slaughter all the members of the Greek pantheon. "Answer me. Why are you willing to kill the Greek pantheon, despite them being what brings Greece life?" Diana asked sternly, not allowing the Ghost of Sparta to ignore the question.

Kratos had a simple answer to this question. The man didn't hesitate before answering her, as he gave his reason for his revenge quest.

"They caused my family's death." Kratos finally replied, after a few seconds of silence.

"I was informed. My condolences. However, it was only Ares who had a hand in it. And yet, you find the rest of the gods turning their back on you is justification to slaughter them all? Even at the expense of all of Greece?"

Kratos just nodded. He had no actual good enough reason to justify fighting the entire Greek pantheon, and was now starting to realize the consequences he was potentially bringing to the land of Greece with his actions, when ordinarily he would've ignored that part of his conscious.

"Yes, that is what I intend to do." Kratos said grimly, but he knew that this was not the best way forward. Yet, he felt too deep in his revenge quest to stop now. Diana's words seemed to have affected Kratos, but it did not seem that it did enough for him to change his mind.

"Imagine if your wife and child saw you now. They would be horrified of the man you've become." Diana's harsh words and judgments about Kratos's actions and motives seemed to have done the opposite of what she initially intended. Instead of making him stop and reconsider his revenge quest, Kratos only felt more rage as the woman spoke about him not being a good enough person in the eyes of his wife and daughter. Kratos felt his anger only building, and could not help but to lash back at Diana.

"Keep my love and my daughter out of your mouth, woman. They are the only things still care about. My skin is permanently grafted with their ashes, as a reminder of my mistake. And that is why... the gods must pay!"

It looked like Kratos had had enough of Diana's judgments, as his Spartan rage took over. The man's body began to glow red, and the Lasso of Truth seemed to stretch as a result of Kratos's immense strength. The Ghost of Sparta took advantage of this, and violently pulled Wonder Woman towards him before slamming her back with his shoulder. The action caused Diana to fall back, and land on the ground with a hard thump. Kratos was out for blood now, so all Diana could do for now, was defend herself against the man's onslaught.

Kratos brought out his Bow of Apollo, and took aim at Diana. The God of War began rapid fireing flame-imbued arrows aimed at Wonder Woman's direction. Diana, however, managed to block most of the arrows with her bracelets, with some arrows getting deflected off the metal and away from her, but a few still got past and hit her. Diana's armor was slightly scorched by the fire imbued arrows, but there did not seem to be any major injuries inflicted on her, even if they did hurt.

Wonder Woman again used her metal bracelets to produce an expanding force-field to stop Kratos's arrows. While the arrows could not get through to her in this way, the force-field was strong enough to break the Bow of Apollo that the Ghost of Sparta was carrying. However, unlike before, the man himself was only pushed back against the force-field a few meters, rather than being thrown into the air. Kratos simply seemed too angry now to be affected as much as before by Diana's defensive measures.

Diana's vision was finally recovering from being blinded by Helio's light that was flashed into her face, only for the princess of Themyscira to now saw Kratos with his Nemean Cestus gauntlets. The God of War roared, before slamming the gauntlets into the floor with such incredible force, that it sent Diana flying into the far wall from the powerful shockwave. She grunted from the force of the shockwave, and cried out when she was imbedded into the stone wall. Kratos took this as an advantage and quickly stormed forwards in the hopes of striking Diana down for good, before she could recover from his latest attack.

Kratos unleashed a fierce barrage of heavy fists against Diana, as he threw powerful punch after powerful punch at her. The princess of Themyscira attempted to block them with her bracelets, but the heavy blows with the Nemean Cestus gauntlets were too big and bulky to block entirely. As a result, Diana was punched deeper and deeper into the wall, and the wall's cracks were steadily increasing in size with each new blow. Kratos seemed as if he was determined to break through the wall with her body.

Before the God of War was able to break through the wall with his punches, Wonder Woman managed to catch his last blow, and took the opportunity to turn the tables in the fight. The Princess of Themyscira kicked at several pressure points in Kratos's body, causing him to flinch in pain. Diana then took one of the Nemean Cestus Gauntlets from him by force, and could now use it against him to turn the tables of the battle once again. With the help of the Nemean Cestus Gauntlets, Diana pushed back Kratos and managed to get out from behind the cracked wall.

"Time to silence you, Kratos." Diana declared.

"You can try, woman." Kratos scoffed.

The Princess of Themyscira and the Ghost of Sparta charged at each other with great speed, and they each threw a Nemean Cestus Gauntlets-equipped fist at each other. The two attacks collided with such incredible forces, the chamber they were fighting in exploded from the shockwave alone, the two fighters sent flying in opposite directions at great speeds, falling down from Mount Olympus.

Wonder Woman was temporarily knocked out, as the Nemean Cestus gauntlet that she was wearing was shattered to pieces. The heroine eventually woke up after a minute or so, and noticed that she was falling through the air, seemingly having been knocked off Olympus by the massive collision.

Wonder Woman eventually stopped her fall by using her ability to fly, and got a good look of Kratos flying toward her with Icarus's wings. Diana sighed when she saw the mechanical set of wings, and rolled her eyes at the fact that Kratos had yet another way of getting around, instead of falling a few thousand feet to the ground below.

"Of course." The Princess of Themyscira couldn't afford to waste time with her groans, though, as the man was closing the distance, and she needed to focus on the fight.

Kratos and Wonder Woman fought each other while flying through the rain and lightning, and the struggle became truly brutal as the two fighters unleashed their best punches, headbutts, and chokeholds to get the upper hand against each other. With every minute or so that passed by, the two warriors would crash into the mountain that Olympus was situated on, and the mountain seemed to be taking a beating because of it. It looked like a truly epic slugfest between the two.

With their fight reaching heights that were high enough above Mount Olympus itself, Wonder Woman took the opportunity to flip onto the Ghost of Sparta's back. The woman then proceeded to rip the mechanical wings off of him, before kicking him downwards towards a ruined floor of Olympus's city. The Princess of Themyscira knew that the impact would not kill her opponent, but it would certainly cause him a lot of pain. It was definitely a good opportunity for her to capitalize on.

Kratos managed to thwart the woman's chance though by using his Blade of Exile to wrap around her with its chain, and pull the princess down with him as the man fell down. Kratos hit the ground first, and Diana quickly followed. Both of them grunted in pain as they impacted with the stone floor, and they looked as if they would be on their last legs.

Both of them stood up after the impact, the two bruised and bloodied, but still willing to continue the fight. Wonder Woman decided to stop holding back, as she materialised a sword of Hephaestus so sharp, it could cut through atoms. The woman then took off her bracelets, causing her eyes to glow white as her divine aura surrounded her, and her full potential was unleashed.

Kratos was determined to end it by taking out the Blade of Olympus, a golden and white broadsword that was as long as the Ghost of Sparta was tall, and it was wreathed in blue flames. Such a sword was the most powerful weapon of mass destruction in his arsenal, capable of killing Titans.

Wonder Woman charged forward with divine aura still surrounding her as she charged towards Kratos. The Ghost of Sparta charged forward as well, armed with his Blade of Olympus. Both warriors let their swords clash with force so divine that it shook Mount Olympus to its roots, and it seemed that this clash could be the one that would define the outcome of that epic battle.

After a few clashes, Kratos was able to get the upper hand after parrying one of her strikes, allowing the man to get a hit towards Diana's face with his elbow. Diana felt the pain of the strike on her nose, which caused her to lose focus momentarily, which then allowed Kratos to then strike at her arm with the Blade of Olympus severing the appendage. The Princess of Themyscira cried out in agony from the attack, along with the weapon being impaled through the heroine's abdomen after, which caused her more pain and her to lose a lot of blood. It seemed that the tables had turned in favor of the Ghost of Sparta.

"You have failed, just like everyone else before you." The God of War boasted. Diana coughed up some blood, but she slowly shook her head.

"That's what you think." It appeared that Diana had one more trick up her sleeve, as she quickly scooped up her sword and kicked it at her other hand. The woman slashed through Kratos's neck, leaving only a few seconds for the Ghost of Sparta to comprehend what just happened before his head cleanly slid off. The bloody stump that was left behind in place of Kratos's head showed that the last living Spartan finally met his end by the last of the Amazonians.

Despite the victory, it came at a price. Wonder Woman collapsed on the ground next to Kratos's dead body, with the Blade of Olympus still pierced in her body. The woman could feel her life slowly leaving her body, turning her into something akin to the clay she was created from, but she still managed to have a satisfied smile on her face, as she would get to return to her sisters and her mother, a death that was still one born out of honorable sacrifice.

"I'll see you again, my sisters, and mother."

Wonder Woman finally closed her eyes, and with that, her life fully expired since her body had gone back to clay. Zeus watched the battle from afar, and he was impressed by the woman's ability to put up a good fight against his impudent son. As a tribute to the fallen heroine, the king of the gods cleared the storming skies, so that a new constellation in the night sky could be seen in her honor, for those who remained alive to see it. It was a tribute well deserved for the fallen princess of Themyscira.
Strength: This is a rather interesting fight. Both fighters are demi-gods capable of taking on the strongest beings of their respective worlds. Both had their high and low points, but usually, they're considered one of the strongest people to live. Kratos, fitting his name meaning strength, has potentially infinite strength, since he's fought the likes of Atlas, Hercules and Zeus. However, the Ghost of Sparta would not be the first God of War Diana's faced, and the DC version of Ares is comparable, if not just as strong as the GoW Ares. But even more importantly is Wonder Woman's capability to match Superman, who not only can lift the infinite weights of Spectre and book of infinite pages, the former with Wonder Woman's help, can also punch with the strength to reboot the DC continuity. Wonder Woman probably doesn't have infinite strength herself, but Kratos has never rebooted his universe. At least not at the exact moment of a punch. Cough, 2018, cough.

Speed: Now, let's address something. In Goku vs Superman 3, Death Battle says that the DC universe is 1.6 vigintillion times larger than the previous 100 trillion radius of the universe. But I checked an order of magnitude table, and found that difference between 100 trillion and 50 nonillion is rather more 500 quadrillion. Simple math. Anyway, multiplying Wonder Woman's 52 quintillion times SOL feat by 500 quadrillion means she can move up to 26 undecillion times the speed of light. However, that's being generous in that she's moving across the universe in an hour. Taking the shattered god feat of blocking all those shards took 10 seconds at least. To react to the first shards, Diana would have to move 9.36 duodecillion times the speed of light. Granted, Kratos is still quantifiably faster since he's reacted to light filling an infinite void, but Wonder Woman has been able to fight those of similar speeds, like Superman and Professor Zoom.

Skill: I consider both fighters equal in fighting skill. While Diana does have millennia of martial skill, Kratos regularly takes on people who have fought much longer than him and still won out. Given that both of them are considered masters in the art of combat, they're on the same level.

Experience: However, just because they have the skill to take on anything doesn't mean that they've taken on equally the same amount of foes. Kratos has fought the best and worst that Greece has to offer, but even if we include his Norse era, Wonder Woman has fought more than mythological heroes, villains, gods and monsters. Diana has taken on aliens, New Gods like Darkseid who can fight the whole Justice League, and characters with more magical potency and versatility than Kratos's revolving door of items he can never seem to keep for more than one game.

Powers: Granted, even though Wonder Woman has faced a wider variety of challenges, it does help that Kratos has equipment that can keep the Princess of Themyscira on her toes. Multiple piercing weapons, elemental magic, soul manipulation, and if permitted, magic that involves time manipulation, duplication for damage avoidance, Medusa's head, portal creation and so forth. However, not only are piercing weapons not a completely reliable means of defeating her since she can still fight just as strongly while pierced, she can deal with them with either her atom splitting sword, nigh-indestructible bracelets, or just resist opposing magic, though I'm not sure if it's inherent or involves her willpower. And while Kratos does have the ability to fight his way out of the afterlife back to life, it's by no means immediate and takes some time.

The winner is Wonder Woman

Next time:
"I am no Jedi."

"Whatever nightmares the future holds, are dreams compared to what's behind me."

Chapter 4: Gamora vs Ahsoka Tano

Chapter Text

Ahsoka Tano


Ahsoka Tano, was the Padawan of famed Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. A talented young Togruta who was originally under the care of Jedi Master Plo Koon, she was later instructed by Jedi Grand Master Yoda to seek Skywalker's tutelage. Despite the Jedi Knight's initial misgivings about her, Ahsoka proved to be an excellent apprentice and a valuable ally who played a key role in numerous pivotal events of the Clone Wars.

After the execution of Order 66, Ahsoka later entered the service of the rebel cells that sought to overthrow Emperor Sheev Palpatine and restore the Galactic Republic. Acting as an information broker and covert ops agent codenamed Fulcrum, Ahsoka would serve as a powerful ally to the crew of the Ghost who mentored both Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus in the ways of the Force despite her exile from the Jedi Order. However, she would later go missing after a mission on Malachor, where she engaged in an epic duel with her former master, who was now the feared Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,





Forcefield Creation,

Enhanced Senses,

Mind Manipulation,

Memory Manipulation,

Skilled Lightsaber Duelist,

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant,

Energy Manipulation (Can reflect, redirect, and absorb energy attacks thrown at her),

Mid-Low Regeneration (In the form of Force Healing)

Weaknesses: None notable


Gamora is a deadly assassin, raised by Thanos the Mad Titan to become "the most dangerous woman in the galaxy". She is the sole survivor of the Zen-Whoberis, who were exterminated by the Universal Church of Truth, worshippers of the Magus. Taken by Thanos to the past, she was forged from victim into the killer of the Magus. Under Thanos' care, Gamora was trained as an elite assassin and had her body mechanically improved. Gamora's mission eventually led her to meet Adam Warlock, the Magus' younger self. As a temporal anomaly, Gamora's help was crucial for Warlock and Thanos to defeat the Magus. With the Magus defeated, events in the future changed so that her people were slaughtered by the Badoon instead, and Gamora's memories of those events have been affected by these timeline changes.

Gamora questioned her father's macabre obsession with death and ultimately betrayed him, joining Warlock. Alongside Warlock, she became a regular player in major cosmic adventures, becoming a member of his Infinity Watch and being a protector of the Time Stone. During the Annihilation Wave invasion, Gamora got close with other cosmic protectors, such as Nova, whom she got romantically involved with. After Hala was conquered by the Phalanx and Ultron, Gamora was invited by Peter Quill to be part of a team of protectors to act in a preventive manner against galactic threats, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

For years Gamora was seen as a true hero, until the return of the Infinity Stones made her follow her father's goals. Adopting a new identity as Requiem, Gamora killed Thanos and started her quest for the Infinity Stones. After collecting the stones by betraying her former friends, she folded the universe into the Warp World, but was eventually defeated. Gamora was ultimately forgiven by her former allies and rejoined the Guardians of the Galaxy to prevent Thanos' resurrection.

Powers and abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Cyborgization (Has a completely prosthetic skeleton and respiratory system),


Martial Arts (Knows 83% of the universe's combat techniques),

Weapon Mastery,

Attack Reflection (Can reflect shots back onto her opponents),

Regeneration (High-Low overtime; Survived getting extreme burns across her entire body),

Pressure Points (Which can be used to potentially induce death and knock a person out),

Stealth Mastery (Can vanish at a moment's notice and can sneak her way through a crowd, killing as she nears her target)

Weaknesses: None notable
Song: Deadly Force


Ahsoka Tano, the former Jedi Padawan, found herself meditating on Ossus, being one with the Force. She looked to be completely calm and relaxed, as she felt everything in the forest. It was a peaceful scene, with the force seemingly moving through Ahsoka in a quiet yet majestic manner. However, this peace was soon interrupted by an invisible disturbance. The Togruta sensed the disturbance coming from a bush, and when she called out,

"I can sense you. You can't hide from me. Come on out."

The deadliest woman in the galaxy, Gamora, revealed herself and came out from the bushes, walking slowly but with a deadlier intent than many might've been aware of.

"Impressive. On the rare chance someone notices me, they're already dead like the ones that haven't." Gamora commented, her voice lacking any strong emotion, but was still genuine praise.

Ahsoka seemed intrigued by Gamora, who had just praised her for her ability to sense her. The former Padawan was mildly surprised to be complimented by the deadliest woman, but there was something else that she was curious about.

"Why are you here?"

"Mainly just boredom. My team is fun and all, but finding worthy people to fight at least passes the time." Gamora shrugged, not wanting to admit she had no purpose in life aside from killing, which she was not happy with.

Ahsoka could sense just how bored Gamora was becoming just from her statement, and she also noticed that the woman had no real purpose aside from killing people, which didn't really fill her with joy. She decided to confront Gamora about this, and see how the woman reacted to being confronted about her purpose.

"Isn't that what most people say when they don't really have a good reason for what they're doing? They just give the excuse that they're bored or something, but in reality, they're just hiding from other issues."

Gamora briefly had a moment of shock that Ahsoka already deduced her problem, before growling and drawing her swords.

"Ugh, just shut up and fight! I didn't come here to talk!"

Ahsoka seemed to have hit a sore spot with Gamora by questioning what she was doing out of boredom, as the woman seemed shocked by the insight and suddenly grew aggressive and angry while drawing her swords. Ahsoka was not intimidated by the woman's sudden change of attitude though, and she did not back down either.

"There it is, just anger. You know I'm right, don't you?" Ahsoka did not seem to be afraid of Gamora's threats, and simply looked at the woman as if she was analyzing her.

"Alright, you asked for it!" Gamora leapt up, rolling forward in the air so that she could do a mid-air slash with her two swords at the Togruta.

However, the former Padawan managed to jump back in time, and she quickly drew her own lightsabers, which ignited to show white glowing blades. This battle seemed to be intense, and it was unclear who would get the upper hand here. Anakin's former padawan seemed determined to show Gamora the error of her ways, and did not back down one bit.

After landing with a roll, Gamora performed two quick slashes towards Ahsoka with her twin swords. The former Padawan was able to use her lightsabers to cut through both blades, leaving two clean stumps in the process with a hot glow.

Gamora was distracted by the fact that her swords were destroyed, uttering,

"Oh sh-" But she was quickly interrupted by Ahsoka pushing her with the force, resulting in the woman crashing into a tree. The former padawan then took the opportunity to strike, and she rushed forward at the deadliest woman in the universe to incapacitate her with one of her lightsabers.

Ahsoka missed her chance as Gamora rolled down and out of the way, accidentally destroying the tree, but she was unshaken by the sudden change of situation. The former Padawan then noticed the daggers that Gamora had thrown at her, and the Togruta managed to deflect them all in time, using both lightsabers to keep the deadly projectiles at bay.

Ahsoka continued to use her offensive fighting style, utilizing Form IV of Ataru to ensure that Gamora was kept on the backfoot, while also making sure that the woman did not have much of an opportunity to strike back. The deadliest woman in the universe was proving to be a very capable and agile target, but Ahsoka seemed to have no issue keeping up with her movements.

After getting a good read on Ahsoka's fighting style, Gamora proceeded to perform a sweeping kick at where the Togruta was going to land, knocking her off her feet. The deadly woman then proceeded to kick her away down a small slope, giving Gamora the opportunity to get some distance in order to plan her next attack. Ahsoka grunted as she rolled a small distance, coming to a stop by smacking against a tree with her back.

Ahsoka just managed to get up in time, as she noticed Gamora leap into the air before kicking a thick tree down with enough force to break it horizontally in half. The woman then jumped down and away, allowing the tree to come crashing down towards the Togruta. But Ahsoka was not having it this time, and she used the Force to grab the tree before throwing it aside.

Ahsoka was distracted by the tree, and she unfortunately failed to see that Gamora had dropped behind her. The former Padawan felt her back suddenly impaled by one of the dagger's, and she screamed out in pain, but as always, she did not stay in one place for long. Ahsoka went and slammed the back of her head into Gamora's nose before turning and used the force to push her away, sending the woman flying through the tree behind her with such force that she destroyed it to pieces.

Gamora tumbled across the ground like a ragdoll, getting covered in soil and splinters from the tree as she moved. She eventually hit the side of a cliff, leaving her in a somewhat damaged state. Ahsoka had meanwhile kept a hand on the wound on her back in order to reduce the amount of bleeding that was happening as a result.

Ahsoka used the Force to heal her wound, which allowed her to take a moment to breathe and recover. She was still breathing heavily, but she was mostly fine, and her wounds were slowly healing up thanks to the Force's power. In the meantime, Gamora was walking toward Ahsoka, ready to resume the fight after taking a beating herself.

Ahsoka saw that Gamora was walking towards her, and since her wound wasn't healed yet, she had to keep the deadliest woman at bay. The Togruta then proceeded to channel the Force, using her free hand to push Gamora back into the cliffside, the green skinned woman grunting from the impact. The former padawan did not want to give the woman a chance to continue her attack.

Gamora refused to give in to the Force pushing her against the cliff, and despite the struggle, she still had the strength to push through the resistance and get close to Ahsoka. The deadliest woman in the universe took labored steps, and she was breathing hard in order to make it closer to her opponent, and this seemed to be because she was stubborn enough to want to get in close again despite her current disadvantage.

Ahsoka now had her wound fully healed, and when she saw that Gamora could still move despite the force pushing her against the cliff, she did not hesitate to use both hands to double down and continue applying pressure on her opponent. The pressure was becoming immense for Gamora, and she was being pressed up against the cliffside so strongly that the rock was cracking and her body was becoming imbedded in it.

It seemed that whatever effort Ahsoka applied wasn't going to be enough, as Gamora was determined to get closer no matter what. The pressure was becoming immense, and her skin was rippling under the constant strain, but she did not seem even the slightest bit bothered by it. Instead, she continued to walk slowly towards Ahsoka, despite the constant pressure from the former Padawan's force, as if she was trying to prove a point.

"How are you still moving?" Ahsoka asked in disbelief. "I can sense you're not a Force sensitive, but you're still moving."

"That's because of pure tenacity and strength, something that I doubt someone like you can really understand." Gamora replied in a condescendingly calm tone, which seemed to be an attempt to provoke Ahsoka into a fight. It was hard to say whether or not this comment hit home or not, but at the least, it seemed to have succeeded in irritating the former Padawan.

Gamora felt relieved to be free of the pressure as the Togruta stopped using the Force, as she still stood her ground and remained defiant even in the face of Ahsoka pulling out her lightsabers.

"You have no idea how strong I've had to become to make it this far." Ahsoka established. The deadly woman was now preparing to continue the fight, and her eyes seemed to look straight through the former Padawan.

"We shall see just how strong you really are." Gamora calmly replied.

Ahsoka charged forward with her lightsabers drawn, ready to continue the fight. The former padawan tried to surprise Gamora by distracting her with dirt being thrown into the woman's face using the Force. Gamora immediately wiped the dirt from her face, but when she turned to look back at her opponent, she found that Ahsoka was already charging straight towards her.

The quick-thinking Gamora reached out and attempted a risky and unconventional move, which was to try to grab Ahsoka's lightsabers with her bare hands. The plasma blades started to burn through her skin from the sheer intensity, but the woman was able to ignore the damage she was enduring, aside from wincing, and maintain a firm grasp over her opponent's weapons, even if just for a few seconds.

The Togruta was genuinely shocked by the fact that Gamora had managed to grab her lightsabers. She had only heard of materials like Beskar that were strong enough to withstand this level of heat, but evidently, the deadliest woman in the universe was that that durable.

Gamora took the offensive by suddenly bashing her forehead into Ahsoka's before she tried to jab her finger into the Togruta's throat. Ahsoka quickly backed up and attempted to protect her pressure point with the Force, but the deadly woman's attack was fast enough to successfully grab onto one of Ahsoka's lightsabers, leaving the former Padawan currently fighting with just one lightsaber.

Although Ahsoka was at a disadvantage with just one lightsaber, the Togruta forced herself to calm down, and changed stances as she switched to utilizing form V, which was the Djem So style. If trying to overwhelm her with speed and force pushes wasn't going to defeat the deadliest woman in the universe, then perhaps defending herself with a more offensive strategy would do so. The former Padawan was not about to let Gamora keep her advantage for long, so she closed her eyes and trusted in the Force.

The deadly woman was the first to attack, launching a side swipe with her blade which the Togruta managed to block using her own lightsaber. The duo seemed to be locked in a brief saber lock, but Ahsoka managed to take advantage of Gamora's momentum as she tried a side swipe the other direction, and used it to flip her onto her back. Ahsoka seemed to have gained the upper hand here, as she now had her opponent where she wanted to be.

The deadly woman was quick to block Ahsoka's following downward strike, and she once again used a spinning kick to try to strike her opponent's feet. However, the Togruta was able to use the Force to push herself back to her feet, and she managed to recover her balance in time to avoid being knocked back down again. The fight was becoming intense, and the two women fought viciously.

Gamora had managed to duck under a slash that Ahsoka launched at her, and the green girl tried to counterattack by launching a reverse roundhouse kick at the former Padawan's head. Ahsoka was able to back away just enough to avoid the blow, meaning that it narrowly missed. The fight was still intense, and it seemed that both women were trying to gain the upper hand through whatever means they could.

Gamora decided to go for a somewhat underhanded tactic by kicking Ahsoka's left knee and then tackling her using her shoulder, and although the former Padawan did land on her back, she managed to quickly recover and get back up by rolling backwards until she was on her feet. It was impressive how fast Ahsoka was to get back up from that maneuver, as most people would have struggled to get up so quickly in a similar situation.

The fight kept going back and forth between the two, as they continued to exchange strikes with their lightsabers in an intense battle. Ahsoka seemed to have slightly edged out over her opponent, with her parries and counterattacks keeping her in control of the battle. But just as quickly as things were going her way, Gamora managed to grip onto the former Padawan's wrists and flip them both onto their sides against the ground. The deadly woman didn't give the Togruta much time to gather herself, as she used their positions to her advantage.

The deadly woman was the first to strike, punching Ahsoka in the face and then attempting a second strike that was caught and resisted. This led to the Togruta countering with her own strike, but that was also caught. Then, the deadly woman slammed her fist into Ahsoka's abdomen, giving her an opening for another strike that the former Padawan quickly followed up with her own attempted sword strike only for her arm to be pushed aside again. Instead, Gamora took this opportunity to deliver a powerful kick towards Ahsoka's face which lead up to the deadliest woman in the universe to straddle on top of the former Padawan.

Gamora was finally in position to deliver an attack of her own, as she was standing over the former Padawan and prepared to stab the light saber. However, Ahsoka was quick-thinking and used the Force to summon a rock and launch it towards Gamora's head, and her plan succeeded as the deadly woman was left disoriented from the attack. Ahsoka then took this opportunity to push the woman off and deliver a kick of her own, which hit the woman's stomach hard enough to knock the breath out of her. Gamora landed on her knees and hands, but she only needed a second to regain her breath and focus before getting up, looking determined.

The two continued their back-and-forth clash of lightsabers which had resulted in several strikes back-and-forth between both of the duelists. However, they were still evenly matched, with neither one seeming to have gained an advantage at this point in the battle. But then, Gamora was finally able to break through Ahsoka's defense by forcing her opponent's blade down into the ground and then slashing across her body, which was enough to knock the former Padawan to the ground. Ahsoka had taken a moderate cut that was instantly cauterized.

The deadliest woman in the universe, who had already managed to gain the upper hand, now stood over her wounded opponent and used her foot to flip Ahsoka into an even more vulnerable position. The deadly woman could see the slice across her opponent's torso, which looked quite painful and debilitating. After all, Ahsoka was in deep pain, and her movements were clearly impaired from the injury.

The deadly woman looked confident as she raised her lightsaber to deliver the final blow to the Togruta, who was now on the ground in a seemingly defenseless position and had closed her eyes. Ahsoka appeared to have accepted her fate and was expecting the deadly blow to have come already, but it didn't hit. Instead, the lightsaber had just been stabbed right into the ground, and the former Padawan was left confused and shocked by what just occurred.

While the deadly woman had gained the upper hand and had the opportunity to deliver a final attack to the Togruta, she seemed satisfied enough and deliberately missed her fatal strike.

"You've proven to be a worthy adversary. It'd be a shame and a waste to snuff you out. Live your life well."

After she shut off her lightsaber and then threw it on the ground, Gamora walked away, leaving the former Padawan alone. This was a surprising and unusual gesture from the deadly woman, but it seemed like Ahsoka had earned some degree of respect and recognition from her. The Togruta could only give a relived, and pained sigh before fainting.
Strength: Now, in pure physicality, Gamora is exponentially stronger than Ahsoka, being able to physically harm planetary heavy weight fighters such as Nova, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk. However, the Force is a very powerful tool for Force sensitives, which let Ahsoka perform feats that Gamora cannot, due to its larger scope. Gamora can't exactly move dreadnoughts or manipulate the environment on a wide scale with a singular action. While Ahsoka hasn't really displayed any Force related feats on the scale of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader who can perform planetary feats, she's come leagues beyond what she was capable of at the end of the Clone Wars. So my best conclusion is that even if we assume Ahsoka's Force capability is several Gigatons of energy output and could move mountains, about a hundred times stronger than when she was in the Clone Wars, Gamora is still stronger than that, if it was all focused on her.

Speed: Alright, let's get this out of the way. Seasoned Force sensitives are able to fight and react up to the speed of light, especially with the Force augmenting them to react within nanoseconds. However, Gamora is able to keep up with her father figure, Thanos. And while the Mad Titan isn't officially a speedster character, he's capable of fighting against characters who can move at millions of times the speed of light. Not even Ahsoka's battle precognition can close that gap.

Skill: In terms of martial skill, Gamora is the better martial fighter. Ahsoka has spent her whole life since early childhood learning the way of the lightsaber, but Gamora knows 83% of her universe's combat techniques. Even if we narrowed it down to just "killing" techniques, that's still like knowing how to kill someone in over 1200 different ways.

Experience: I'd say that both of these women are relatively equal in experience. While Gamora has more experience fighting varied individuals with versatile abilities compared to Ahsoka mostly fighting Sith, Inquisitors and troopers, the former Padawan has been training her skills for over 40 years. Even if she's bringing nothing new to the table before Gamora, the Togruta is by means no slouch.

Powers: Even if Gamora knows how to fight someone like Ahsoka, having the abilities she does have does give the former Padawan some advantages. Gamora might be faster than her battle precognition, but its not totally useless at moments, telekinesis gives her superior range, her healing is better than Gamora's, and her lightsaber could eventually burn through her superior durability. However, Gamora does have the advantage of a passive healing factor instead of taking a moment just to heal, and her durability can still tank lightsabers of all things, even if for a short time.

The winner is Gamora.
Next time:

"I don't need a weapon! I am the weapon!"

"One thing we Black Dragon know, there's no fun in a fair fight."

Chapter 5: Saxton Hale vs Kano

Chapter Text

Saxton Hale


Saxton Hale is a daring Australian, President, and CEO of Mann Co., and the star of many comics' series. He is considered the fourth-richest man in America. He was the sixth-richest man in America, but surpassed the fifth by wealth and the fourth by killing him in a harpoon duel. His favorite pastimes include fighting, drinking, and battling with ferocious animals.

In fact, most kids sleep with a teddy bear at night, but Saxton Hale sleeps with an actual bear that he tamed while in the Brazilian Jungles. His identifying features include a mustache, rippling muscles, a crocodile-tooth lined hat, and a patch of rotating chest hair shaped like Australia. He also refuses to wear clothes on his upper body, "for obvious reasons".

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

4th Wall Awareness,

Martial Arts (grappling and boxing),

some degree of Toon Force,

Psuedo Flight (With Brave Jump and Sweeping Charge),

Shockwave Manipulation (With Mighty Slam),

Explosion Manipulation (With Saxton Punch, which causes a massive explosion to burst out from his left fist),

Limited Power Nullification (Can remove status debuffs with his Sweeping Charge),

Technology Busting and Status Effect Inducement via the Jarate,

Possibly Resistance to Fear Manipulation (Should have abilities similar to The Saxton Hale Mask)

Weaknesses: Extremely overconfident in his abilities, likely due to being completely unrivaled in the TF-verse. He is also not willing to hurt children, but he is willing to pay others to do it for him. Saxton Punch, Sweeping Charge, and Mighty Slam are on a 30 second timer...


As a mercenary and leader of the international crime cartel known as the Black Dragon, Kano rises beyond mere brutality and aggression by also being sly and cunning. Originally from Australia, Kano is highly opportunistic and incredibly selfish, willing to betray his own realm and even his own allies for money or personal gain. As a result, he quickly became part of Shao Kahn's inner circle, and eventually the general of Outworld's armies (in the original timeline).

One of his more notable features is his facetious and twisted sense of humor, almost always making light of dire circ*mstances. His vulgarity is an additional outlier among other characters, most evident by his penchant for callously spitting, drinking and urinating wherever he pleases. His assortment of dirty fighting tactics also compliments his unpleasant personality.

He combines features of a cowardly minion, a lone survivor, a crazed madman, and a ruthless commander. He is despised by the majority of other characters in the series for his selfish, untrustworthy nature, complete lack of morals, and overall crudeness. However, he seems to enjoy the fact that he is hated, even viewing it as a source of pride. He is the archenemy of Sonya Blade, who is obsessed with finding and bringing Kano to justice.

A portion of Kano's face is covered with a metal plate, the result of a disfiguring injury he sustained at the hands of Jax prior to the events of the series, with the plated eye being a glowing red orb capable of emitting laser beams.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts (Skilled brawler who uses a mix of pro wrestling techniques, knife fighting techniques, and mixed martial arts that are done with a lack of finesse),

Weapon Mastery (Primarily wields knives, but also uses modern weaponry like firearms and explosives),

Stealth Mastery (Sneaked into the SF's Refugee Kamp with the help of an identity stealing disguise tech),


Cyborgization (Partial. Has an ocular implant that can shoot lasers that cut through metal, give him access to x-ray vision, scan through cybernetic material and gain information on their status, etc.)

Explosion Manipulation (Via frag grenades),

Fire Manipulation (Via molotov co*cktails),

Poison Manipulation (Via corrosive gas grenades and vials of flammable, toxic chemicals)

Weaknesses: None noticeable
Song: Aussie-ome Menn


Saxton Hale, CEO of Mann Co., was sitting in his office at the company headquarters, looking utterly bored and unmotivated to do any work related to his company. He clearly preferred hunting exotic animals with his bare hands, and he was currently forced to deal with work matters instead, which was proving to be quite a drag. Oh how much he'd be preferring to be cutting down gorillas, making sharks cry, or punching yetis so hard that they'd explode, if he hadn't already made them extinct with his Yeti Park idea.

The office doors were suddenly kicked open and Kano, leader of the Black Dragon, came marching into the room while drinking from an alcoholic bottle before throwing it on the floor, allowing the thing to shatter upon impact. Saxton Hale's eyes were immediately drawn to the man and their gaze quickly locked on each other, and it appears that the CEO was intrigued by the unexpected intrusion, hopefully a challenge.

"For a CEO running your kind operation, ya sure run things as sh*t. Always having red and blue mercenaries fightin' each other? I'm surprised your company hasn't gone down the dunny under your control." Kano mocked his fellow Australian on how he runs things.

Saxton's eyes narrowed as he heard this man with an accent mock and criticize how he ran the company, and it didn't seem to sit well with him at all. Not to mention, his fellow Australian also insulted the entire company he ran in the process.

"Now hold on right there, mate. This company is like the top of the crop when it comes to quality. So don't ya come in here thinking you know anything about how I run things, ya hear?"

"Don't be a drongo, mate. I'm also a fellow man who deals with arms and weapons." Kano said, taking out a dagger to simply hold it. "I'm just 'ear to take you up on your company offer. That anyone can become CEO of your company if the bloke beats ya in a fight, right?"

Saxton had been quick to defend his company and how he ran it, but he knew that the man was right about one thing. That anybody capable enough could become the CEO if they were able to defeat him in a fight. So yeah, now the man wanted to settle the matter through combat.

"Ah right, yeah that is true. Anyone that can beat me in a fight gets a spot as CEO. So, mate, ya want to take me up on this offer then?"

"I'm deadset. Get ready for a guttin', Hale." Kano chuckled, rolling his head around to pop the joints in his neck.

Saxton's competitive spirit was quickly ignited after hearing what the man had to say. Being the CEO meant a lot to him, and he couldn't just let anyone take it so easily simply by defeating him in combat. And this man seemed like he was definitely serious about fighting for it, which made it much more intriguing.

"Well bring it on then, mate. I'm all set to rumble right about now."

Kano got the fight started by throwing the dagger he was holding at Saxton, who managed to block it with his desk. However, the CEO wasn't about to back off and instead chose to counterattack by throwing the entire desk at him.

The fight escalated quickly as Kano managed to slice up the desk with his eye-laser, before pushing the two halves away. Although the move was effective, the man was unaware that the desk itself was a distraction and was caught off guard when Saxton was now charging full-force towards him. The CEO grabbed at his head with full intent to show the leader of the Black Dragon who he was messing with.

Kano grunted as the CEO grabbed him by his head and smashed him through a wall, sending the pair falling towards the grounds below. The wall had a perfect cut-out of Australia in it, which was a nice touch. But regardless, these two were now flying towards the ground at full speed.

"Is that all you got?"

Kano had to quickly take advantage of the situation to save himself with some quick thinking. And he did. First, he used his biotic eye to spot the perfect opening between Saxton's fingers and then fired another laser into his eyes, instantly blinding him with pain. The CEO was left wincing from the sudden flash of pain, which allowed the leader of the Black Dragon to force himself out of the grip. They were now facing their respective directions with Kano on top, and Saxton was about to hit the ground.

Saxton hit the ground hard, and the crater formed by the impact was deep enough to pick up dust and debris that now began to obscure the fight. A brief second passed before a mighty punch was heard, and Kano was sent flying and was knocked into a wooden building so hard that there was an audible crack from the woodwork, along with his grunt of pain.

Saxton got up after the powerful hit, and he seemed far more bothered by being blinded than the hard impact he sustained. He then commented on the sudden dirty playing, saying that it was fine by him.

"So we're fighting dirty, eh? Fine by me. I've flipped over Kodiak Bears with suplexes more dangerous than ya, mate."

He boasted about having flipped over Kodiak bears with suplexes and how that was even more dangerous than what the Black Dragon leader had delivered, trying to intimidate him. Kano scoffed, shaking his head with a bemused smile.

"If animals and mercenaries are all you've fought, then ya better piss off while you can, Hale."

Kano's words were enough to get under Saxton's skin a bit, as the CEO didn't appreciate being mocked for his experience. He had fought all manner of creatures and rivals, but this man was dismissing it as if it meant nothing.

"Watch who you're making fun of. I'm not just a man. I'm a weapon! Saxton Hale!"

He responded by rushing in with a punch of his own, which Kano quickly saw coming and managed to dodge. This allowed the CEO to smash right through the wall, and the impact of the strike guessed it, another perfect cut-out of Australia.

Saxton made a quick return by jumping out of the building through a skylight, and after he got himself on the roof, he proceeded to go for the elbow drop. Kano's attempt to dodge resulted in him at least being pushed away from the impact, but he still managed to avoid being struck by the force of the attack. The ground had now been damaged from the hit, and some debris had fallen to the ground as the battle taking a small tumble and then getting on his feet, Kano shook his head again.

"Crickey, this bloke's mad as a cut snake." Kano said to himself quietly at how reckless, yet powerful Hale was acting. The CEO was powerful indeed, but he wasn't taking this fight very methodically and calmly compared to the assassin. He was acting more like a wild animal, which made him quite unpredictable and hard to counter.


Saxton's attempt to dive in with his punch had been avoided once more. But while Kano had managed to dodge the attack, he couldn't just sit around as the man kept attacking, so he went with a counterattack.

The Black Dragon leader went for a right hook to Hale's face, left uppercut to the chin, and a right kick to his rival's chest. While the CEO took the strikes in stride, the attacks were actually doing superficial damage, unlike nothing at all in most cases. The CEO stood up, standing his ground and continuing to take the hits head on, with each blow exchanged having its effectiveness lessened until Kano's hits were like punching a brick wall of meat.

Kano was forced to gaze up towards the taller figure of Saxton as he was lifted off the ground by the neck and struggling, and he was understandably intimidated by the man's sheer size and strength.

"Nice try, mate. My turn." The CEO proceeded to launch a few quick headbutts against the man, and the strikes had damaged him a bit. The man then let go of him, and sent one last headbutt, leaving Kano to be pushed away onto the ground.

Kano groaned as he held his head, which was now bleeding from the forehead. Some of the metal plating of the man's skull was even dented, and the damage that Saxton had inflicted upon him seemed to be adding up. Despite taking the hits so well, it was clear that the damage and fatigue was starting to take its toll on the leader of the Black Dragon.

"Alright, no more Mr. Nice Guy." Kano got back on his feet, seemingly determined to keep going. He put his fists up, making it clear that he was now done with messing around and would start fighting at his absolute best moving forward.

Kano went first with his right fist, but Saxton caught it and then continued to hold it firmly. The man then threw a left elbow to continue his attack, which was also caught. But the Black Dragon had a trick up his sleeve, and when the blade of his elbow extended, it pierced through the CEO's hand. The man was taken aback by the sudden attack, and he winced sharply.

Saxton decided to retaliate and didn't let the elbow-blade attack go unanswered. He held on tight to the man's piercing elbow, and the CEO dragged Kano along with him as he smashed through the building entirely. The cyborg cried out as he was being thrown around and tossed through woodwork, windows, and everything else as he was essentially being plowed through the building like a fast farm plow through a field. The damage was being done to the wooden structure, but the man was suffering more than the actual building was.

"Properrrrty damaaaage!"

The two crashed out of the building, sending debris flying from the impact as they landed into a red sandstone wall. Saxton had clearly used some extreme force to slam the man into it, causing the wall to crack. Once the CEO had his opponent in his grasp, he proceeded to flex his muscles, resulting in the breaking of the blade and the removal of the blade from his hand. The wall was cracked, but Kano was the one that was truly suffering from the damage, covered in splinters and cuts. Saxton smiled again as he stooped down to look down closer at the downed Kano.

"You're certainly a tricky one, mate. I haven't been hurt like this in quite some time. But like everything else, your bark is worse than your bite." The CEO was definitely showing that he was enjoying this particular battle, as he had certainly been challenged in ways he wasn't used to. Saxton smiled, and he then looked down at the downed man. Although he was hurt, Saxton still seemed confident in his victory, saying that despite being hurt, he didn't think his opponent could not actually back up what he claimed. Kano didn't reply, however. When Kano didn't reply, he asked,

"Hey, don't tell me you're out already, are ya?" Saxton was surprised to find that the man didn't respond, and he thought that he had actually won the battle that quickly. He went to pick him up, but the Black Dragon had other plans. He flashed a bright red light from his eye, blinding the CEO temporarily with a grunt, after which the man was able to stab him with a butterfly knife in his right thigh.

Saxton yelled out and stepped back in pain, and he was not expecting the attack from the opposite direction. Kano had then gone for a second stab with the butterfly knife in the CEO's other thigh, making the damage done to him more severe. He then got back to his feet and delivered a devastating kick to the man's nose with the heel of his boot.

Saxton was in an even worse state after the stab in the second thigh and the kick to the nose. The man had his nose bleeding, and it was now broken as well. But it seemed like he wasn't willing to give up even after these injuries, as he proceeded to pull the knives out of his legs. He then bent the blades like spoon heads, which effectively snapped them off from the hilts. The man was clearly trying his best to resist the pain and maintain his stance, but this didn't mean that he was completely fine.

"That's it! I'm going to beat the hell out of ya!" Saxton was certainly starting to lose his cool and the fight was getting to his head. In fact, he had become far more aggressive in his fighting moves as he attempted to punch the man, but Kano had managed to dodge it. While the man smiled, thinking that he had made his rival become sloppy, Saxton was growing increasingly frustrated with the fight as it continued.

"Here, have a hot coldie." Kano was beginning to get co*cky, and in order to keep up the mockery, he had taken out a molotov co*cktail, lit the cloth on fire, and threw it right in the CEO's face as it crashed. The molotov co*cktail exploded into fire and shattered glass, instantly blinding the man and causing the damage dealt to him to become even worse. It seemed like the Black Dragon was not giving him any room for breathing time at all, keeping up the pressure with one attack after the other.

Saxton continued to yell and curse from the molotov burning his face and piercing his skin, making him even more irritated and enraged. The anger gave Kano the opening he needed as he managed to outwit the man and run around him. He then jumped onto the CEO's back, holding on firmly and not allowing him any chance to shake him off.

Kano had pulled out the serrated blade and stabbed into the CEO's chest with it, slicing it diagonally in a vicious manner. The man's muscular frame was tough enough to hold the impact against his ribs, but the knife ended up causing a deep, bleeding cut across his chest. The wound cut across the man's chiseled pecs, showing that the damage was serious.

Kano was now standing over the CEO, with his knife held high into the air. The Black Dragon leader was prepared to deal the final blow against Saxton, and with his weapon held up like that, he uttered a co*cky and witty one-liner.

"Light's out, sunshine."

Despite Kano's preparation to finally make the kill, Saxton managed to use his raw strength and the leverage of the situation to overpower him. He reached out from behind and managed to get his hands on Kano's body before he could deliver the final blow. The CEO proceeded to pull the Black Dragon off of his shoulders, and managed to slam him onto his back against the ground.

Kano yelled in pain, as his back was broken from the impact. He tried to shoot up at the CEO, but with a stomp of his boot, Saxton crushed the Black Dragon's biotic eye, while somewhat crushing his skull.

"I've had enough of ya." Saxton seemed to have reached his breaking point as he had had enough of his opponent's attacks and the damage they had inflicted upon him. The CEO was now enraged, and he showed that by making the final effort to put his rival down for good. He threw Kano up into the air and sent him flying all the way up, with the man now at least dozens of feet in the air.

As Kano was coming back down from his fall, the CEO took his chance at the perfect moment. He jumped up at the right time, and with a scream and mighty strike, he landed a devastating punch to the Black Dragon.

"Saxton Hale!" The hit was so strong that Kano literally exploded into bloody chunks from the force alone, and now his limbs and blood rained down everywhere around him. Saxton then landed back to the ground in a three point position, breathing heavily after such a difficult and intense fight.

Saxton let out a groan, clearly still exhausted and wounded despite having emerged as the victor of the fight. The man's wounds weren't as bad as Kano's, but he was definitely in need of medical attention. After all, it had been years since he had suffered actual injury of this caliber.

"Ugh. I never thought I'd say this, but I need to see that Medic goon."

He stumbled his way towards the place where he could get help for his injuries, while the scene around him was a very gruesome display of Kano's remains.
Strength: Now, interestingly, both combatants had the physical strength to put each other down in one strike if they had the opportunity. Kano can chop through a titanium statue, which would require 64,000 psi to break. But Saxton boasts similar strength, since being able to punch through someone would require 45,000 psi. And given he can not only punch people hard enough that they explode, but even do that to yetis, Saxton is likely much stronger, so they're somewhat even in brute strength.

Speed: However, Hale would need to be able to strike Kano, which would be difficult to do half the time. Kano can react to Mach 3 speeds, while Saxton has never personally performed that fast, even if the people he fights and dominates are also fast enough to dodge gun and rocket fire.

Skill: This one is also interesting. Kano's dirty fighting would certainly keep putting Saxton's relatively simple grappling and boxing skills on the back foot. However, while Kano is no slouch in armed and unarmed combat, he regularly loses to fighters that are of his level. Saxton meanwhile is a big fish in his small pond, capable of fighting groups of people all at once, and coming out the winner. His only confirmed loss was due to a loophole in his company contract, refusing to fight a kid.

Experience: However, while Saxton has the superior skills as a fighter, Kano has faced a much wider variety than mercenaries and animals. Special Forces, ninjas and demigods, the only thing that Hale is bringing to the table is unusually high durability.

Powers: While Kano has the more varied arsenal in knives, explosives and tricks, none of it matters if he can't overcome Saxton Hale's aforementioned durability. The CEO can fall from any height, and not become damaged from it. Falling at terminal velocity and hitting the ground can put forces at least 600x your mass against your body. Assuming Saxton Hale is a respectable 250 lbs., this would mean he can withstand 75 tons of force with no issue. That's over twice as durable as Kano's titanium chopping feat, even if it would require Saxton being unable to defend himself for that chop to get through. Which is very unlikely.

The winner is Saxton Hale.
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Chapter 6: Leonardo vs Reptile

Chapter Text

Leonardo (General compilation)


Leonardo was a pet turtle along with three others who had been bought by a boy, but the boy tripped and the four turtles fell into a sewer drain. At the time, Hamato Yoshi had been hiding in the sewer from his enemy, Oroku Saki, and had become a friend of the rats living down there. Hamato was overjoyed to find four new friends, and welcomed the turtles into his home. At some point after, Hamato noticed the turtles covered in a glowing substance, and he touched the substance himself. The turtles had most recently touched Yoshi, causing them to quickly evolve into humanlike turtles. Hamato, having just been exposed to the rats, became a human rat. Hamato saw the turtles' potential to challenge the one responsible for the mutations to change him back to a human, and trained them in the art of ninjutsu, and naming them after some of his favorite Renaissance artists – Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Stealth Mastery,

Martial Arts,

Good leadership abilities,

Good at improvisation,

Expert at attacking his opponents indirectly by using the environment,

Weapon Mastery (Skilled Swordsman),

Ki Manipulation,

Pressure point strikes,


Portal creation (Odachi sword),

Resistance to Perception Manipulation, Fear Manipulation (Overcame the effects of the Fungus Humungous' spores), and Electricity.

Weaknesses: None notable


Syzoth, more commonly referred to as Reptile is a humanoid-reptilian from the realm of Zaterra, Reptile has remained one of the most recognized character in the series. He has served as a neutral and antagonistic character throughout his appearances, often siding with many other Outworlders while staying loyal to Shang Tsung. Said to be physically hideous and repulsive, he is renowned for his great stealth and unquestioning loyalty. Unlike many other henchmen, Reptile does not strive for power, nor is he inherently evil. He is caught in a delusional state of mind, obsessed with finding the last remaining member of his race, or freeing his homeworld of Zaterra from Outworld's grasp. Thus, he always remains loyal to Shao Kahn, only obeying other masters to survive and reach his goal of returning Zaterra to its former glory. While well-meaning and sincere, his obsession is so important to him that it causes him temporary fits of insanity. After Shao Kahn's death, his allegiance switches to over to Kotal Kahn, helping him to claim the throne from Mileena, whose rule he is displeased with.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts (Has a unique fighting style that employs acrobatic maneuvers, his bodily weapons [claws, tongue, teeth] and frequent usage of open hand strikes, especially claw strikes),

Stealth Mastery (Although he usually relies on his invisibility, he is also well known for being a capable spy and assassin without cloaking himself, preferring to observe/strike from hidden vantages),

Enhanced Senses (Has a good sense of smell),

Surface Scaling (Can adhere to surfaces with his reptilian hands and feet),

Acrobatics (Hypermobility, Self-Momentum, Surface Running. Can do cartwheels from low awkward stances, run off of walls before leaping off of them, etc.),

Adhesive Manipulation (Can generate slime from his body, turning it into a projectile or as a propellant when sliding on it),

Acid Manipulation (Can spit acid in varying amounts, from a small globule to an acid spray that can create pools. When applied in large amounts, it is corrosive enough to melt metal and an entire human body. Can create a wall of acidic mist that functions as a shield),

Invisibility (Can enter several states of invisibility, the highest state completely cloaks him without reflecting light),

Perception Manipulation (Basilisk appears to boost his perception, making his opponent appear slower while being faster than them),

Aura (Can emit a noxious cloud of poison gas that intoxicates anyone too close to him)

Weaknesses: None notable
Song: Way of the Reptile

Leonardo, the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was presently meditating in the sewers of the city of New York, which happened to be his home. He was presently alone in the hideout known to them as the Turtle's lair, with no one else presently seen. The leader was seated in his usual place, his mind in a state of perfect calm and clarity as he meditated. Leonardo was quite at peace with himself, with nothing to worry about as he peacefully meditated.

Whilst meditating, it would take not long for Leonardo to feel something suddenly was aiming to strangle his neck. The leader would, of course, proceed to grab hold of the tongue in response, using a combination of his ninja skills and enhanced strength to pull his assailant straight over his head with a strong tug. Having pulled his assailant over his head with a strong pull, he would then proceed to send them flying, hurling the assailant through numerous stacks of empty pizza boxes.

"You messed with the wrong turtle."

The young turtle told his latest and most recent foe, as, after getting up, the assailant proceeded to brush the pizza boxes that were on them off their scales. Said assailant began to slowly become visible, and was indeed green and scaly, having a vicious and hostile disposition to go along with this as well. This particular individual was a vicious fighter commonly known as Reptile to those that knew him, which Leonardo did not. The reptile proceeded to let out a growl at Leonardo, as the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was then taunted by him.

"Bipedal turtles are no match for a strong and deadly Saurian."

With the taunt finally coming out, the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was not about to step back from this challenge. If Reptile wanted to challenge him, he'd get his wish. The young turtle would proceed to smirk, before he then proceeded to get ready to prove his skills.

"I'll show you how hard my shell is."

Leonardo declared, now prepared to truly showcase his ninja prowess.

With no time to waste, the ruthless reptile proceeded to charge towards Leonardo, rushing in at him as he was now ready to rip the turtle up with his claws. Given his impressive agility and speed, he was about to close the distance quite quickly.

Despite the quick charge, Leonardo managed to easily parry off the incoming strikes that the reptile sent towards him. He then delivered a punch and a kick to Reptile's stomach, forcing the other to begin to step away and back. Leonardo remained quick on the move, as he evaded to the side to avoid a stream of acidic spittle that Reptile unleashed in retaliation. The acid itself was quickly dissolving a whole in the concrete wall, showcasing the immense corrosiveness of said substance. The young turtle remained disgusted and disturbed by the acid, as he quickly reacted,


While the young turtle was distracted by the acid spewed out by Reptile, he proceeded to leap forward with a roll to stomp on Leo's foot. The reptile then performed a backwards cartwheel once he landed, allowing him to strike the underside of Leonardo's chin with a great kick that sent the ninja leader flying high into the air.

With his head spinning from the impressive attack he took, Leo was soon able to pick himself back up from the ground, in time to see Reptile now holding a slime ball in his hands. Before he could do anything about it, the ball was then thrown towards Leonardo, forcing him to quickly parry and slice through the slime with his ninjaken sword. The slash split the slime as it passed Leo by. Without a second to waste, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would proceed to make a snarky comment towards the creature before him, as Leonardo pointed out,

"Dude, I don't know what freaky biology class you came from to be able to upchuck all this stuff, but talk about some nasty gastro work."

He also proceeded to make a facial expression, adding more to the taunt. The young leader was trying to rattle the creature and break its concentration. Once Leonardo made his comment, Reptile growled and seemed to be taking the offense to the insult, as he then proceeded to retaliate by making a threat.

"I'll tear off your head and melt your face off for that insult."

The taunting was certainly starting to take effect, as a combination of Leonardo's mockery and his impressive skills in battle were definitely getting to Reptile's head. The leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proceeded to further mock the other, taunting him by saying,

"Whoo, touchy. Then again, if I was a walking reptile as ugly as you, I'd also hide my face behind a facial guard too."

Reptile, not able to take any more of Leonardo's insults, would proceed to hiss as he was about to coat his feet with slime. As Leonardo made his next move, by leaping over the other, the reptile decided to stop and swivel on his foot, as he then proceeded to deliver a kick in the back of the turtle's shell. It was a powerful kick, though the turtle remained tough and took the impact from the kick quite well, though he did grunt from the blow.

The leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remained tough and resilient, as Leonardo landed on his hands and quickly pushed himself onto his feet again. The turtle then proceeded to throw a flurry of shuriken at his foe, only for the reptile to destroy both of them with his acid spit. It would appear that Leonardo required a new plan to best reptilian monster.

The quick offensive on the turtle's part saw him proceed to make three fast slashes with his twin ninjaaken, while following up with a low kick to Reptile's shins. The creature seemed to be well-armored, however, as it didn't seem to be much trouble for the creature to counter and guard himself from the attacks. Reptile seemed to be quick enough to block the blows, while his tough scaly hide was able to with standing the blows. He definitely seemed to have some impressive defense.

With a plan in mind, Leonardo now proceeded to spin around as he extended his ninjaken outwards, aiming to land some hits on his foe. Reptile proceeded to jump over the spinning turtle, and then landed behind Leonardo. The turtle quickly reacted though, as he managed to swiftly pull back and then land a flurry of well-placed swordsman strikes against the Saurian.

Reptile was definitely a skilled combatant, as even through the onslaught of blows from Leonardo, the reptile was able to knee the turtle in the gut, while his uppercut under the chin sent the ninja flying into the air. With another impressive leap, Reptile would perform a spinning kick, sending Leonardo flying backwards.

Reptile could feel like he was getting the upper hand, as Leonardo's grunts could be heard while being sent skidding across the concrete floor of the lair on his shell. The turtle, however, wouldn't be done so easily, as the leader proceeded to pull off an impressive move as flipped off his shell, before landing on his feet before the wall of the lair. Retreating into the shadows, Leonardo would blend into the environment, utilizing his stealth skills.

While looking around with heightened observation, the creature proceeded to smell the cold and dark sewers. He may have had a tough time distinguishing the turtle's scent, though Reptile would proceed to continue searching.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are, turtle. I'll feast on your carcass and make turtle soup with your flesh inside my hungry stomach."

Reptile, who was quite focused, would cry out as Leonardo suddenly dropped onto him from the ceiling. The turtle slashed across the creature's back from above, before kicking the creature to the floor, though it was obvious Leonardo was not happy about the situation. As he had the other on the ground, Leonardo would say with irritation,

"Why does everyone want to make soup out of us? I doubt turtles make for a good soup foundation."

Reptile, irritated and annoyed, would proceed to simply growl when he finally managed to disappear from sight, becoming invisible. Leonardo, in return, would chuckle to himself and say,

"Seriously, dude? Doing my thing in my home? We'll see about that."

Leonardo, as always, seemed to be keeping his cool under pressure. Leonardo sheathed his ninjaken swords into their holders, though proceeded to remain on the move, and he remained on the lookout for Reptile. The turtle remained alert for his foe, waiting for his next move.

The teenaged ninja turtle, upon reaching one of the skateboards belonging to Mikey, who had likely forgotten them in the area, he came to a halt. Leo then proceeded to flip the skateboard into his hands after stomping the tip of that one end to lift it up. Leonardo then swung the skateboard around with a great twirl, smacking Reptile square in the head with it, as he proclaimed,

"Got ya!"

Despite the force of the blow to the head with the skateboard, Reptile was rather resilient, for he managed to overcome the pain soon afterwards. With surprising speed, the reptilian monster would recover, and once the ninja blades came after him again, he proceeded to parry them and grab hold of Leonardo's wrists. Having the turtle's wrists locked in his grip, the powerful creature then proceeded to slice through the sharp ninjaken with his claws, slicing the blades apart.

Leonardo, caught off guard and unprepared, wouldn't be able to prevent what was about to happen. Reptile quickly took the opportunity, proceeding to grip the ninja's jaw, before dislocating it with a violent CRACK! The creature then proceeded to jab his clawed thumbs into Leonardo's eyes, before shoving the turtle's head into the concrete floor with a loud THUD!

The ninja turtle cried out in pain as he was suffering from the onslaught of attacks, though he did his best to endure it, as Leonardo then proceeded to roll and reach for a ninja climbing claw from his belt. With the climbing claw in-hand, the turtle proceeded to swing his arm with the claw upwards into Reptile's face, slashing the creature across the face with the claw's sharp spikes.

The creature was clearly hurting, as Reptile was hissing in pain after getting his face slashed with the climbing claw. With his hand over his face, he backed away from the ninja turtle. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Leonardo proceeded to drop a smoke bomb by his feet. It detonated, soon turning the lair into a dense haze.

In the moment of chaos, Leonardo managed to find a safe place to meditate, as he then proceeded to plant himself in a spot with his legs crossed. Despite his injuries, which consisted of a broken jaw and destroyed eyes, Leonardo would continue to fight, even though the odds seemed to be stacked against him. He took a deep breath, then began to meditate while making various hand signs, and using his healing technique he received from Master Splinter.

With a swift motion, Leonardo forcefully snapped his jaw back into place with a CRACK! The turtle then continued to heal himself with his mystical energy, restoring his eyesight, even though it was blurred to some degree. Leonardo winced after healing himself, as he proclaimed,

"Ow. That really hurt."

While Reptile was proceeding to do his best to try to sniff out Leonardo in the lair, the turtle in-question would slowly come out on his own, now fully healed. Upon arriving, Leonardo would then proceed to say,

"Hey! Over here, you ugly freak!"

Despite being surprised that his prey healed so quickly, Reptile decided to smile to the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they reunited again. The creature then proceeded to say,

"There you are!"

The lizard monster would then try to end this now, by extending his tongue in the turtle warrior's direction, though Leonardo would proceed to quickly summon his mystical ōdachi saber and generate a portal. After jumping through it, the turtle successfully evaded the long tongue.

The ninja's portal technique had managed to surprise the monstrous villain yet again, as Leonardo proceeded to disappear through a portal before quickly arriving behind the other. However, the turtle's sneak attack was thwarted by Reptile, who then proceeded to duck under the attack. However, Leonardo used this opportunity to perform a roundhouse kick, which sent the monster into the air. The turtle then proceeded to quickly re-appear with his mystical ōdachi before slashing Reptile 3 times across the chest in a blur.

Reptile, who was left on his back, would be bleeding from where Leonardo had struck his chest in the attack, though the creature would attempt to rise again in spite of the damage he took, as he growled at the turtle.

"No fair."

Leonardo, in response to his complaint, would proceed to say,

"Yeah, well life ain't fair. Get over it."

Leonardo, who soon disappeared through another portal once again, was soon anticipated by the monster. The other proceeded to quickly turn behind him and threw a powerful punch which connected with the back of Leonardo's shell. The turtle would manage to tank the impact though, and despite the connection being solid, the bones on the creature's hand would proceed to break on impact, as the turtle's shell would prove to be too tough to break through.

Reptile would proceed to cry out in pain after breaking various bones, as Leonardo used the opportunity when the monster could no longer fight back, and proceeded to thrust his mystical ōdachi into the creature's gut, then swiftly stabbed the creature into the wall of the lair with nowhere else to go.

It was obvious Reptile was resilient and tenacious, as the creature tried to use his long tongue yet again. Leonardo, however, would proceed to grab and then cut the tongue off with a kunai, before then going on to tightly grab the reptile's throat to prevent the usage of acid spit. Leonardo, having no other option due to the extreme nature of the battle, proceeded to shout in retaliation,

"Try and melt this."

The turtle leader then proceeded to grab a small but explosive bomb, which he then shoved down Reptile's throat, as he then proceeded to jump away and get out of the explosive's range. Reptile, struggling as he proceeded to claw at his throat, would attempt to melt the explosive using his acid, though that only resulted in a build-up of acid in the monster's throat, which bulged out before his head suddenly exploded off, the body of the creature soon slumping.

Leonardo, with the monster finally being defeated and taken care of, would proceed to exclaim,

"Whew, I can certainly go for a pizza after this."

With nothing else to worry about, the ninja would then proceed to go to have a well-deserved dinner as he awaited for the rest of his team to return. He had certainly earned himself a peaceful meal after such an intense encounter.
Strength: So, when it comes to pure strength, Leonardo has the distinct advantage. Sure, Reptile being able to fight with Johnny Cage means he has the comparable to break diamond, which in the Death Battle episode, I converted to being able to punch with 56 tons of force, but the ninja turtle is able to topple a presumably granite pillar onto a bug, the pillar estimated to be 240 tons. Nearly 4.3X stronger.

Speed: This category is much steeper. Reptile scales to Kabal, who can deflect automatic gunfire at Mach 3, but Leonardo has dodged lightning up close, at about Mach 286. Almost a hundred times faster.

Skill: Both are relatively even in their skill, but I'd say that Leo is the more skilled, given that he's been trained under a ninjutsu master ever since he could walk, but Reptile has likely fought longer than any Leonardo in his canon iterations where he's a teenager.

Experience: Leonardo is certainly no stranger to fighting fellow reptilian creatures or ninja like fighters. In fact, Leonardo is much more successful at facing threats on his level and even relatively over, such as the Shredder, compared to Reptile who doesn't seem to be anywhere near to be one of the best fighters.

Powers: While Reptile's invisibility and acid spit are usually pretty dangerous for someone of his type, Leo is perfectly capable of handling sneaky opponents like him, is likely to dodge the acid, both thanks to his ninja training, and his various uses of ninja tools, healing, and the ōdachi saber would always keep Reptile on the back foot.

The winner is Leonardo.
Next time:

"This will be the story of how I became the greatest demon lord of all!"

"Leaving a big scar in this world... that's my life's goal."

Chapter 7: Alexander Anderson vs Dante Aligheri

Chapter Text

Alexander Anderson


He is an expert monster hunter and the arch-rival of Alucard. He lives in Italy, operating an orphanage outside Vatican City. Anderson's body is genetically modified to be a Regenerator, a superhuman able to fight supernatural creatures. He serves as the foil to Alucard, as both an antagonist and type of anti-villain.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Regeneration (The ability to heal wounds that would normally leave large scars, such as severe burns or deep injuries. For machines and vehicles, this would be regenerating damage that would normally leave large dents and openings.),

Immortality (Mainly healing factor),

Forcefield Creation,

Holy Manipulation,



Expert Bayonet Wielder,

Limited Power Nullification (Can negate basic vampire regeneration via his holy bayonets)

Augmented with the Helena's nail, same as before, along with Regeneration (High-Mid, can regenerate as long as the stake in his heart isn't pulled out),

Holy Vine Manipulation (Can generate holy vines from his body),

Holy Fire Manipulation (Can generate holy flames which burned all of Alucard's familiars)

Weaknesses: His regeneration cannot regrow limbs blown off by equipment like Alucard's Jackal If the Nail is ripped out, it rips out his heart with it, killing him.
Damte Alighieri

Backstory: Having previously experienced a difficult childhood, Dante had participated in the Third Crusade in the late 12th century, committing unforgivable acts in the name of God. During a raid on Acre by the forces of the Kurdish leader Saladin, Dante was slain by an assassin and brought before Death, who condemned him to everlasting damnation in Hell with the souls he had ruined.

Unable to accept such a fate, Dante challenged Death to battle, to which he was the victor. Returning home, he learned that his lover Beatrice was killed and Lucifer had taken her to Hell. Resolving to save her, Dante descended through Hell's nine circles to save her from the devil's clutches.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Immortality (Type 7),

Scythe Mastery,

Status Effect Inducement (Has various attacks and powers that can induce Blindness and Stun),

Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with souls, and the non-corporeal spirits of Hell),

Soul Manipulation (Absorbs the souls of enemies he kills. He can covert these souls into mana for his magic-based abilities, or use them in enhance his skills. He can also absolve souls, removing sin from them),


Health and Mana Absorption (Can increase his health and mana after killing enemies),

Acid Manipulation with Putrid voice (Vomits deadly acid in an area around him),

Attack Reflection (Retribution and the Eyes of St. Lucia can deflect enemy projectiles),

Possibly Instinctive Reaction (With Filippo's Rage, he can automatically react to attacks from enemies),

Fire Manipulation (Can cause his scythe to be surrounded with fire and increase his attack damage),

Ice Manipulation (Can shoot ice shards with Righteous Path),

Forcefield Creation (Divine Armor forms a shield around him, and Heaven's Embrace creates a large barrier of energy),

Statistics Amplification,

Holy Manipulation (Can weaponize various forms of holy energy, and utilize it to smite unholy creatures, reducing them to souls),

Regeneration (Mid-Low through various abilities),

Energy Manipulation,

Light Projection,

Resistance to Acid Manipulation with Guiding Flame

Weaknesses: None noticeable
Song: Divine Hell

Alexander Anderson, a priest of the Catholic Church, was walking along in the orphanage that he ran in the Vatican. It was his off time, and he was reading a bible despite his usually busy schedule of slaying vampires and the wicked. The man remained focused on his reading as he walked, seemingly having a bit of peace despite what he normally dealt with throughout the day.

Walking in the opposite direction towards the priest was Dante Alighier, a crusader who had found himself lost. Despite the difficulty in finding his beloved, Beatrice, the man was no less determined to find her. He remained steadfast and focused, and his only objective was to locate his lover.

Alexander came to a stop as he caught the scent of Dante's presence, and the man was not hesitant at all to call out his suspicions. With a clear Scottish accent, he called out to the crusader, who had yet to notice the priest.

"Your stench. It reeks of the wicked."

The man then proceeded to close his book, storing it away in his coat before he approached the crusader with more purpose in his steps.

When the crusader stopped, and he turned around with his cross-shaped tapestry sewn into his abdomen visible, he had already caught the priest's eye. The man had come to a stop, and he spoke to the priest back with a tone filled with both shame and resolution.

"Haven't we all sinned, Father?"

The words were indeed true, as all people have sinned and fallen short. Alexander looked at the crusader with a sense of understanding, knowing that they were not the only sinners of this world.

"Aye, but you don't smell like a human lost on his path." He took a deeper sniff, feeling his bloodlust rise. "You… smell of sin itself." Alexander Anderson drew from his coat two blessed bayonet blades, holding them in the shape of a cross. The priest had his senses awakened from the scent of this crusader. And the man was not wrong at all, as he definitely had a scent of sin about him like the actual devils themselves. Now that he had drawn his weapons, it was clear that the priest wasn't going to tolerate this sin any longer. "As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it. Amen." Alexander quoted the bible, as he usually does before going on the warpath.

Dante was definitely one to stand up for himself rather than take any threats lying down. The man drew Death's scythe from his back, the unholy weapon boasting considerable size and power, which had been taken directly from the deity itself. He was willing to face the priest with his weapon, despite his own sins, as he was determined to complete his objective.

"I may have committed sin, Father, but I will not let you stop me from finding my Beatrice."

Alexander spoke no more as he started on the offensive. He charged forward, a flurry of pages flying around him, which had apparently come from the bible inside the coat. It was a powerful and ominous sight, even amidst the already intense and dangerous situation. Dante then swung his scythe back at the charging priest, intending to slice him in half, but missed as Anderson jumped over the weapon.

Anderson attempted to bring his blade down onto Dante's head, but the crusader had reacted fast and was able to deflect the attack. Instead of allowing him to successfully plunge the bayonet blade into his head, the crusading man had swiftly moved his scythe around, deflecting the attack. But that wasn't where Dante had stopped, as he swatted the priest away with the blunt end of his unholy weapon, knocking the man away from himself.

Alexander was certainly not one to hold back in his attacks as he continued to charge forward with more support from the bible pages and holy glyphs. He attempted to swing his bayonet blade again, but he found himself locked in a stalemate with the crusader and the unholy scythe, the two supernatural beings seemingly evenly matched in strength and skill.

Alexander and Dante were locked in a battle of opposing offences, with the priest relying on his bayonet's swiftness and ease of use to overwhelm the crusading man. The crusader maintained his position with his own scythe, pushing the priest back with its greater reach and weight to keep him on his toes. The two supernatural beings were clearly evenly matched even in their styles and approaches to the battle, but neither one was stepping back for even a moment, as the intensity and the violence were only increasing.

Dante made sure to take advantage of any opportunity he could find, and when he saw a small opening, he went for it. He attempted to decapitate the priest with a swift strike of his weapon, but Anderson had quickly reacted and rolled out of the way, just barely avoiding the strike. The scythe did end up striking the ground with great force as it attempted to get the man, and it left a deep crack in the stone.

Alexander had another trick up his coat sleeve, taking out an additional set of three blades, and he suddenly threw them at the crusader. Not expecting ranged attack from the priest, the crusader only had time to react and deflect four of them with his scythe, with the remaining two stabbing into his body and his left arm. Dante was not immune to the blades, and his wounds were quite painful, but he did not let that slow him down from continuing his attack.

Anderson began to laughing as he kept throwing the bayonet blades when Dante began to counter them as the crusader managed to take out the cherished item of his lover, Beatrice's silver cross. The man then used it to launch a barrage of crosses made of holy energy, which successfully destroyed the weapons that were attacking him. The counter-attack by the crusader actually managed to harm the priest as well, as it caused him to flinch in pain rather than continuing his own offensive.

Alexander looked baffled at the way the sacred cross was being used. The priest had never seen such an application for a holy symbol like that before, and he was surprised by how it was being used as a weapon.

"Holy-What kind of blessing is this that you have to use the sacred cross in such a manner?" He questioned the crusader on the blessing that allowed him to use it in such a manner, having never come across something like that. The crusader, after removing the bayonets sticking in his body, remained unfazed by the question, and said confidently, and compassionately, with a smile.

"My love gave my this blessing, Father. With this cross, even I can have a piece of her with me at all times. I can even use it to absolve the damned of their sins."

However, this angered the priest, Alexander gritted his teeth, his face now full of rage and anger. Only God had the right to forgive those who were worthy of it, and it was not a right that a random crusader could possess. He spoke out against Dante,

"Only God alone has the right to forgive those worthy of it, and it is not a right that a man could truly possess! You have no privilege to absolve any one of their sins, you heretic!"

Anderson had gotten back on the offensive, and was now charging at Dante once again, but that was not the only one being impacted by these cuts and strikes as the crusader attempted downward strike. In his own attack against the priest, Dante was cut across his chest, a bloody x now evident on his cross shaped tapestry while Anderson nearly lost his left arm at the elbow. The cut left a very real mark, and the man's chest was now stained with his own blood.

Even despite the wound that the crusader had sustained from the slash across his chest, he refused to remain down, and continued the battle. The crusader's scythe had successfully split the ground underneath him, letting Dante take advantage of the gap in his defences and attack with his own strike. The blade successfully cut into Alexander's coat, making it now wet with blood. The priest's grey jacket was now stained with his own blood, the cut having caused it to begin to drip down the back.

The crusader's strike caused a cry of pain from the priest, the man having felt the gash in his own back. However, the damage was immediately healed by his healing factor, and his body did not allow itself to remain that injured. He then showed off one of his own tricks, throwing out a chain equipped with bayonet blades which he successfully managed to swing down at the crusader, causing the blades to bury themselves into his body, Dante wincing from the damage. But what Dante really didn't anticipate was for Alexander to yell,

"Exploding chain!"

The hilts of the bayonets connected to the chain sparked with a little fire, before the crusader was caught in an intense explosion. The crusader managed to stay on his feet, even after being hit by the intense explosion. This was a testament to the strength of the crusader, and would certainly not be the last time he would surprise Alexander. Dante then rushed towards the priest with his silver cross, a line of sharp ice crystals following his path. He then used the cross against the priest with a burst of holy light, before grappling the man and throwing Anderson over himself, impaling the priest against his own ice crystals.

"I will not fall to a blasphemous fool such as yourself!" Alexander, though in pain, was still fighting fiercely, his determination to rid the land of this crusader evident. He then took out another bayonet from his left sleeve, and swiped it at Dante's right arm, attempting a clean cut. The crusader cried out, not expecting Anderson to keep going despite the damage.

The crusader took a step back, using his cross to cauterize his own wounds, but this action hurt more than he realized. He cried out in pain, but he was still fighting, determined to continue the battle through the pain he felt. Alexander pried himself free from the ice crystals, and despite the many puncture wounds covering his body, his healing factor was slowly closing them all one by a one.

"You see? You cannot win against a true man of his faith. "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Amen." Alexander, with the quote from the bible and a maniac grin, was confident that he would win this battle of faiths. The priest truly believed that his belief in the bible and his unwavering faith would help him come out on top against this crusader heretic. The man would not give up, and only continued to fight with renewed strength.

Alexander's eyes widened when he saw the crusader beginning to glow with light. At first, he had thought that things would play out in his favor and that he would have the victory in this battle between faiths. But things had changed when Dante activated Redemption, with the cross on his chest glowing blue, while the crusader himself shined with a red light, more light radiating from his back like angel wings, further highlighting his wounds as they begun to heal thanks to the Divine Armor's magic.

"You might be holier than I by God's morals, Father, but I will not stop until I've found my Beatrice." Dante spoke to the priest with conviction, his determination to find his Beatrice apparent in his voice. The crusader maintained the confidence and bravado that he had always possessed, and he continued to show no fear in the battle of faiths between the two men.

Anderson knew that the battle with this crusader would indeed prove to be a worthy one, one that could easily rival his fight with Alucard. This battle between faiths would showcase the might of both the faith in God and the faith in one's love and determination.

""With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes." Amen."

The priest quoted the bible again and held the bayonets into the shape of a cross once more, fully prepared for the next confrontation between the two opponents. Dante continued on with the battle, with his remaining arm wielding the scythe with the powerful fires of Hell burning across its curved blade. The crusader was walking towards the priest as well, with the belief in his heart, and the faith that he was walking the right path and that he would be the one to end this fight with a victory. The battle of faiths would continue, and both men would give their all to the fight.

Alexander continued his onslaught on Dante, throwing more bayonets at the crusader. The blades hit their target, one after another, striking the man and leaving a nick in his body. However, the crusader remained undeterred, and each small piece of damage was quickly healed by his impressive healing factor. Despite the damage that was being inflicted on him, the man only continued to advance towards the priest, completely unbroken in his advance.

Seeing the impact that Dante's newfound power had on him had indeed changed the entire battle significantly, so it made sense for Alexander's smile to disappear. The crusader was now proving to be more of a challenge than he had originally anticipated. Regardless, the priest remained unfazed, and instead yelled back as he charged him, "Die!" Dante felt the same, and the intensity of the battle only grew.

Anderson attacked ferociously, slashing and stabbing into the crusader with all he's got, trying his best to overwhelm the opponent and make him yield, and gain a clear advantage. But as he attacked, the crusader had gained a significant increase in strength and speed, which he also showed no reaction to as his wounds were healing just as quickly. The two continued on with their battle, neither side backing down in the slightest.

Alexander was beginning to see that he was slowly being overwhelmed by Dante. The bayonet attacks were showing little to no effect on the crusading man, especially with his powerful healing factor working against his own attacks. On the other hand, this healing factor was slowly starting to get overwhelmed with the continuous attacks from the crusader, who was attacking at a much faster rate than the priest could keep up with.

Dante switched his focus and his weapon once more as he managed to cut off both of Alexander's arms. The crusader then took advantage of the opportunity, and charged up the cross with holy energy before thrusting it into the priest. This action created a construct of a giant cross of light which knocked Alexander to the ground, the man left in a bloody mess as blood began to pool up beneath him.

Anderson struggled to get up as his body slowly healed, but had been pinned to the ground by the four crosses of energy, and remained utterly helpless as the crusader approached him. The priest's gaze remained steady as he locked his eyes with the crusader, and he knew that his fate was almost sealed.

The crusader held his beloved's cross tightly in his grasp, and thrusted it deep into Alexander's chest. The energy from the cross began to seep deep into the priest's body, the seering pain overwhelming him and causing him to scream in agony. The attack was doing severe damage to the priest.

Then, after a few more seconds, Alexander's body exploded into light and dust. Alexander had managed to keep himself from immediately dying by the power of his healing factor, but he had definitely reached the limit of that power. The priest knew that he could not go on, and he felt his body begin to lose its strength and light started to seep through him. He was done, and death was inevitable. His body exploded into light and dust, and the battle between the two men had now come to a conclusion.

"Is this the end? Is this what God had planned for me? I don't want to go yet from this beautiful Earth. I wished I could've heard the laughter of the children, one last time. "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted." Amen." Alexander uttered, feeling regret to not have accomplished all of his goals in life in God's name.

Anderson's final words as his life finally drew to a close, and his body slowly began to fade away, were indeed those of regret. This priest had not given up, and had fought quite valiantly against his opponent until the very end. However, he admitted that there was still so much more he had wanted to accomplish in the name of God, and that had left him with a sense of regret. He was leaving Earth, but without having completed all of his goals in life. This was indeed his time to die, and he knew that.

"You have lived, and fought well, Father. If you so wish, I can absolve you of yours sins, and ensure you enter through Heaven's gates." Dante offered, holding Beatrice's silver cross. Anderson looked up at Dante with weary eyes as his body continued to fade. He had indeed lived, and fought as well as he had been capable. In the end, he had finally been overcome, and it was now his fate to die. But that did not mean he had no regrets. Seeing the cross in Dante's hands, the priest spoke with a tired voice, knowing that he had fought well, and that his own salvation was now in the man's hands.

"Nay. If I am to be accepted to Heaven, I'd rather it to be God's judgment, and his judgment alone. I have done everything in his name, and to go to Heaven with anyone's help would be blasphemy." Alexander spoke, keeping to his faith in God even to the end. The priest held strong in his faith to the very end, as he refused to accept Dante's offer. Anderson truly believed that if he was to be accepted to Heaven, it had to be God's judgment and God's judgment alone. He felt that any other way would be blasphemy, and he did not want to commit such a thing even in the face of death. He truly stuck to his faith to the very end, and would entrust his fate to God.

Dante respected the priest's decision, and after the cross had been placed back on his hip, he stood up and turned to leave. He would not interfere any further, and allowed Alexander to die in the way he had sought. The crusader would let the priest have his fate, and now walked off, leaving Anderson to pass away as he wished.
Strength: Alexander Anderson may have been the Vatican's greatest paladin, but against this particular crusader, his inhuman strength fell short. His power compared to that of Alucard, but Dante could fight toe to toe with Lucifer, the fallen angel who, when compared to the king of the vampires, is a god of the damned.

Speed: When it comes to speed, both were surprisingly equal. Anderson scales to Alucard, who was able to react to and catch a bullet traveling at Mach 1500. Dante, meanwhile, could move fast enough to prevent Lucifer from flying from the bottom of Hell to the exit in six seconds. That would require moving at Mach 1560, if Hell were to take place at the center of the Earth.

Skill: It is hard to say how skilled they are compared to one another. One was literally built as a regenerative weapon, while the other has the skill to prevent Lucifer from overthrowing God. They appear to be relatively equal.

Experience: Alexander was born to kill vampires and the undead, and could give Dante a run for his money, but was a bit too specialized in them by comparison, whereas Dante has fought all manner of Hellish creatures through all the nine circles, up to Lucifer himself, a fallen angel. Dante is certainly more experienced in fighting a variety in foes.

Powers: Anderson's greatest powers were his unlimited supply of bayonets and healing factor. Being able to never be without a weapon is useful, and his healing factor is superior to Dante's, being able to regrow limbs and survive being fatally shot, but these alone would not be enough. His bayonets may be blessed, but Dante is human, so it would not be any different to being hurt by an average blade. Not to mention, Alexander can still be pushed back and needs a moment for his healing factor to completely heal the damage. Dante's cross from Beatrice can certainly keep his flying bayonets at bay, his powers of fire and ice allows him versatility, and his super forms of Redemption, Divine Armor, and even Lust Storm would provide him the defensive and offensive tools he needs to stonewall anything Alexander could throw at him. Even Helena's Nail wouldn't likely change much, for even with a stronger healing factor, Dante could more than likely rip the nail out if given the chance.
The winner is Dante Aligheri

Next time:

"This will be the story of how I became the greatest demon lord of all!"

"Leaving a big scar in this world... that's my life's goal."

Chapter 8: All For One vs Toichiro Suzuki


A/N: Okay, I'd like to point out that I took some heavy inspirations from battle scenes from MHA and Mob 100, but made sure not to be a 1:1 rip-off with it. It's just that with the characters used, I needed a flow to go with instead of my limited creativity in direction when there's a lot of variables.

Chapter Text

All for One


Once Japan's most powerful villain, and All Might's arch-nemesis, his ultimate goal was to steal One For All, the Quirk that originally belonged to his younger twin brother, and the only Quirk that can oppose him. He was the mentor of Tomura Shigaraki, having spent the young villain's life shaping him into a successor, and a vessel for his power in a plan to eventually conquer the world as a self-proclaimed "demon lord".

He was imprisoned in Tartarus after his second defeat at All Might's hands until he escaped several months later, single-mindedly focused on destroying the ninth wielder of One For All, Izuku Midoriya, to complete his century-long plan.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Supernatural Willpower,

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant (Possesses over a hundred years worth of experience, and should be superior to his protege Shigaraki)

Longevity (With Life Force)

Biological Manipulation, Power Absorption, Power Bestowal, and Fusionism (Quirks are genetically inherited powers, and he is able to steal, bestow, and even combine multiple biological powers to manifest a new one, such as Warp Gate)

Fear and Illusion Inducement (His mere presence caused hallucinations of death to Deku, Todoroki, Red Riot, Ingenium, and Creati)

Levitation (Can freely move in the air)

Air Manipulation (Can fire large air blast from his arms)

Infrared Vision

Attack Reflection (Can reflect the impact of a physical attack back to the attacker)

Body Control (Can coil his muscles like springs to boost his striking force and grow additional arms and protrusions)

Extrasensory Perception and Information Analysis (Can monitor up to 100 people and analyze their weaknesses)

Statistics Amplification (Can improve his muscular strength with his Quirks)

Bone Manipulation (Can grow drill-like protrusions out of his bones)

Teleportation (Can teleport other people with his warping Quirk)

Limited Body Puppetry (Can forcibly activate other people's Quirks)

Limited Radiation Manipulation (Can create and manipulate radio waves)

Damage Boost (With Heavy Payload)

Lie Detection (Can sense when people are lying to him)

Mind Manipulation (Possesses a Quirk that lets him take control of a person's mind and body by placing his hand on their head)

Telekinesis (Can levitate objects without touching them)

Supernatural Willpower (The power of his Quirk is an extension of his own willpower, such that he can subjugate the wills of others. Can combat the combined mental power of One For All, though not enough to take the Quirk. He possesses a strong mind that resists Shigaraki's attempts to take over their shared body)

Likely many others (Has stolen dozens, if not hundreds of different Quirks, but has not shown many of them)

Resistance to:

Fear Inducement (Able to resist Shigaraki's hatred, and even overpower it with his own willpower as just a vestige. Fought with an enraged All Might at his peak)

Possession (Can overpower Shigaraki's attempts to control his own body. When his vestiges tried to take over his body, he manage to break out of their control and force them to obey)

All Hideout Raid Arc abilities, plus:

Spatial Manipulation (Capable of warping space to attack his opponent)

Fire Manipulation (Can produce flames with Hardflame Fan)

Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers to protect himself from physical attacks, and even layer multiple on top of each other)

Enhanced Body Control (Capable of growing mouths from his arms and can grow or extend them for attacks)

Energy Projection (Can shoot out crescent shaped energy blades)

Light Manipulation (Can shoot out a massive beam of light)

Explosion Manipulation (Can produce massive explosions at will)

Electricity Manipulation (Can shoot out large bolts of black lightning)

Danmaku (Can shoot out large amount of projectiles)

Resistance to:

Fire Manipulation (With Hardflame Fan)

Weaknesses: He appears to have to physically contact a target to steal their Quirk. Each of his stolen Quirks has its own limitations and weaknesses. He is a sad*st and prefers to crush his opponents emotionally before killing them.
Toichiro Suzuki


He is the leader of the worldwide organization of Espers, Claw, and uses his army of psychic individuals to attempt to take control over the governments of the world. In reality, though, Toichiro only uses this to make some sort of mark on the world. even if it means causing mass destruction with no real end-goal.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,


Psychic Energy Manipulation and Projection,

Hand-to-Hand Combatant,


Sleep Inducement (Far superior to Sakurai. Induced sleep once on multiple prisoners),

Power Bestowal and Absorption,


Forcefield Creation,


Explosion Manipulation,


Extrasensory Perception (Can sense spirits and psychic auras; granted an artificial Esper long-range ESP and detected Sho while he was invisible),

Non-Physical Interaction (All Espers are capable of exorcising and fighting intangible spirits),

Statistics Amplification,

Illusion Creation,

Regeneration (At least Low-Mid. Regenerated from his entire body being twisted repeatedly by Mob),


Homing Attack,

Gravity Manipulation,

Body Control (Muscle Augumentation),

Transformation (After reaching 80% his psychic aura completely changes, and reaching 100% completely changes his body),

Air Manipulation,

Heat Manipulation,

Fire Manipulation,

Ice Manipulation,

Electricity Manipulation,

Vibration Manipulation,

Resistance to Possession,

Mind Manipulation (All Espers naturally resist being possessed and mentally influenced),

and Curse Manipulation (Powerful enough Espers can resist or outright ignore the effects of curses, such as Sakurai's perfume),

Immense Pain Tolerance (Wasn't notably flinched by breaking his arms trying to break through Mob's barrier and having his body repeatedly twisted)

Weaknesses: Gets dizziness and headaches from using too much of his power, can't sustain and control his full power for too long as he will self-destruct from his own power.
Song: All for One Hundred (Brandon Yates)

Toichiro Suzuki, president of the terrorist organization Claw, stood in the viewing deck of Seasoning City Cultural Tower, where he had a vantage point over the entire town. His calm and collected smile revealed that he was confident in his power and his abilities, and that nothing could shake his resolve to accomplish his goals. As he watched and observed his followers carry out his work, he seemed content in the fact that his mark would indeed be left upon the world.

As Suzuki looked down upon the town, he saw something disturbing to his eyes. Individuals that he did not expect were starting to fight back, people with superpowers unrelated to that of psychic abilities. The president of Claw was surprised to say the least by this sudden interruption to his plans.

A burnt man was dishing out blue fire to burn away the espers, a young woman with a fascination for blood was adapting and turning their own psychic powers against them, and a teen with an ability of ranged decay was bringing forces to dust. It appeared that this new group of fighters were individuals with quirks, though the identities remained a mystery to Toichiro. However, one thing had become apparent, the League of Villains were defending their territory.

Then, from behind, a black portal opened behind Suzuki from a wall, and a similarly well dressed man stepped through, wearing a black mask over his head.

"I saw your broadcast. Pretty bold claim to declare you'll rule the world, starting with the destruction of Japan. Who are you to make such a proclamation?"

Toichiro was caught off-guard by the sudden appearance of the masked man, having not expected to have company join him in the viewing deck of the tower. The president of Claw had been making his bold claim through a broadcast he had sent out, and would have preferred for it to remain uninterrupted. However, it seemed like he would not have it his way, not with this masked individual having made an appearance.

Suzuki turned to gaze at the masked man with a calm and collected expression, curious as to who he was, and what was the point of his visit. He answered,

"You need not know who I am. All you need know is that I am the one that will rule over this world, starting with the destruction and conquest of Japan. All in the name of my own goals, as well as the goals of my organization, Claw."

"Well, you must not be aware then. I've made my stake on Japan first. I will be its demon lord, and rule the world myself, and I refuse to share what is mine, unless you join and work for me." The man told Toichiro, flexing his intimidating aura to make him submit, but Suzuki would not be influenced.

The president of Claw was unmoved by the man's attempt at intimidation, and continued to speak in a calm and collected manner.

"Ah, I see. So you are also one with ambitions to conquer this world? And you made your stake on Japan." Suzuki paused for a moment, before asking another question in a direct manner: "And why should I submit to you? This territory is under my jurisdiction, and I shall not give up my right to it."

The man answered in a more serious tone, the hostility behind his tone revealing how serious he was about claiming Japan for his own dominion.

"Because, I am the Demon Lord. And I have no intention of sharing this with anyone else, regardless of how strong or powerful they may be. I have fought many foes, and have come out on top every single time. I will not lose to anyone, including you. So, will you join me, or will you be my adversary?"

Suzuki's eyes narrowed slightly as the man gave his answer. He had certainly revealed himself to be a powerful individual, perhaps a worthy rival for the president of Claw. Once again, it became apparent that this man was not someone to be taken lightly. Hearing the man's offer of either joining him, or becoming an adversary, Toichiro remained as calm as before.

"Is that so? We shall see if you remain undefeated, Demon Lord. You seem to be a formidable adversary, but one that I shall not back down from. So, I shall take up your second offer, and be your adversary."

"So be it." Suzuki's eyes remained calm and collected, even as the man had suddenly increased the size of his arm like a barrel before firing a blast of air that was blocked by his own psychic shield. The surroundings of the observation deck itself began breaking apart, as debris was blown away into the city below. The destruction around him did little to shake the president of Claw, as he continued to speak in a calm manner.

"So, that is what you can do? I'm not impressed. Anyone can use such child's play abilities."

Toichiro displayed a wide repertoire of abilities as he demonstrated his powers to the man named All for One. After snapping his fingers and telekinetically pushing the man against the wall, he quickly proceeded to barrage him with flames, before covering him in a tomb made entirely of ice. Finally, he finished off the demonstration with a blast of lightning that blasted the man backwards. This display of abilities revealed just how formidable Suzuki could be as an adversary.

An amused chuckle resonated from the rubble and dust, as red eyes glowed from the Symbol of Evil. Toichiro noticed this, and the Claw president wondered what was next. It became clear that the man had yet to show the full extent of his capabilities, and that he was far from being defeated. The president of Claw was about to find himself in another fight.

Suzuki's psychic barrier was pulled towards All for One by the black tendrils with red cracks, attempting to pierce through the mental energy shield with the spinning bone drill. The combination of the Quirks "Spearlike Bones" and "Rivet Stab" was utilized to great effect, adding to the power and precision of the drill. Suzuki was determined to keep the barrier intact, but would soon find out if his defensive ability could stand up to the pressure.

"You seem to believe that you're the true protagonist of this world, but there can be only one absolute being to claim such a title."

"You're right. Everyone else are only side characters. But no, I'm not the protagonist. I'm the absolute antagonist. The Symbol of Evil."

All for One responded, going even harder as he used several strength enhancing quirks to multiply the power of his bone drill, which started to pierce through the shield, if slowly so. Toichiro was unfazed by the man's claim of being the absolute antagonist, the Symbol of Evil. He still believed that he could be the one to claim the position of absolute being. Seeing the drill penetrate the shield, if gradually so, the Claw president spoke calmly yet confidently.

"So, you are the Symbol of Evil, that is indeed a fitting title for one of such darkness as yourself. However, you have yet to see the full extent of what I am able to do. The real battle starts now."

All for One finally shattered through the shield as a result of his efforts, and thought that he had pierced through the president of Claw. However, he would soon realise that he had only dealt with an illusion. Toichiro was indeed now behind him, and had prepared a psychic enhanced punch, which would soon deal a devastating blow. The Claw president was prepared to unleash his full arsenal of psychic abilities.

The punch that Suzuki had landed against All for One's masked face was not quite as successful as he had thought it would be. The punch was negated, and the force landed was even sent back into the president's own arm, courtesy of the Impact Recoil Quirk. The Claw president was momentarily stunned by this, but quickly recovered, ready to deliver another attack as he blasted the Symbol of Evil with a continuous explosion from his hand.

"Weak." Thrusting his hand through the fire, All for One grabbed Toichiro by the mouth, enwrapping him with his Rivet Stab tendrils. "Now your powers are mine." The Symbol of Evil tried using All For One's ability to steal Suzuki's powers, but found he was unable to. "What?" Toichiro looked down at the Rivet Stab tendrils wrapping themselves around his body, and at how his powers seemed to not have been affected in the slightest. All for One's ability to steal his powers was futile, much to his indignation. The Symbol of Evil could not seem to wrap his head around the fact that he could not steal the Claw president's abilities for himself. "Impossible" All for One exclaimed in disbelief, and tried again. After trying again, to no avail, he growled. "This can't be. The only power I've ever failed to steal is One For All. No matter. I don't need your abilities to crush you." Unwrapping Suzuki, he used Hypertrophy to enlarge his free arm, while also pumping it up with Air Cannon, before punching the Claw president up through the tower's roof with his combination attack, enhanced by his multiple strength enhancing quirks. Though the blunt of the attack was blocked by Toichiro's shield.

"Just how many peculiar abilities does this guy have?" Suzuki asked himself in slight annoyance as he pointed at All for One, and started shooting red lasers at him, increasing his energy output to 10%. "Disappear."

All for One dodged the continuous waves of red beams that Toichiro had shot out from his pointer finger. The Symbol of Evil eventually formed his own force field, deflecting the attacks away.

"You think you're so special? You're nothing before the Demon Lord. Everyone may think they're the protagonist of their story, but not everyone can get the ending they want. And that includes you." All for One boasted, trying to demoralize the Claw president. Suzuki's expression hardened as he glared at the Symbol of Evil. The president of Claw was not ready to be discouraged or demoralised by such words, and spoke in a more direct manner once more.

"You speak of what you know nothing of, Demon Lord. The ending I desire is one where I sit upon the position of absolute domination, ruling over this world and its people. And no one will stand in my way."

"Then you better not underestimate me." All for One dropped his shield and slashed his arm out, sending a flurry of crescent-shaped energy razor blades that were sent flying towards the Claw president. The latter was prepared to deal with this new salvo of attacks, as he raised his arm in order to shield himself from the blades. The energy that made up the crescent-shaped blades was quickly absorbed by his shield, as he prepared to send a counterattack at the Symbol of Evil.

Suzuki raised his power to 20%, and utilized his hands to encase All for One in a tomb made entirely of stone, using the roofs of the surrounding buildings to increase the power of the encasem*nt. The Symbol of Evil seemed to have been trapped within the stone tomb, although his struggles to escape were evident. The Claw president knew that this tomb was just a temporary measure though, and that he would have to prepare himself for what came next. He started to form a ball of red and orange light to carpet bomb the area below him while All for One was distracted.

The tomb did not last particularly long, as the Symbol of Evil used his Multiplier Quirk to create multiple arms from his body, which were enlarged by his Hypertrophy Quirk. The power added by these Quirks allowed All for One to break apart the tomb with relative ease. He also used the Quirks "Black Lightning" and "Dark Ball" in order to defend against the incoming laser cannon that had been launched at him.

The attacks from both sides clashed against each other, creating a tremendous explosion that was comprised of numerous smaller explosions in the vicinity between both the villains. The explosion from this clash of powers was massive in size, and did not seem to be dying down as it expanded further and further around the two individuals. The two opponents were locked in a clash for dominance via their respective abilities, the result of which remained uncertain.

In the aftermath of the titanic clash of their respective abilities, All for One tried to sense through the smoke and mist in order to detect Toichiro's location. However, he was suddenly struck by a powerful punch from the Claw president, which was enveloped with increased gravity waves and had allowed the attack to land without triggering All for One's Impact Recoil.

All for One crashed into one of the buildings by the side, having been sent flying by the powerful punch from Suzuki. The Symbol of Evil's mask had been heavily damaged from the blow, but he himself didn't seem to have been seriously injured. Despite having been struck, All for One was able to stand up once more, dusting off his suit in the process.

"All this power, and you still don't match up to my biggest arch enemy. All you are is just flash and no substance. Even if you were a fun challenge, that's all you could ever hope to be against me, All for One." All for One talked down to Suzuki, not giving up to try and worm his way under the Claw president's skin. The Claw president did not say anything in return, though his face was set in a slight frown at the derisive remarks from his adversary.

"You want more? Fine. I've never had to use more than 40% of my power, but I suppose you are asking for it." Suzuki's eyes and mouth glowed with reddish-white light, his blood vessels becoming more noticeable, as he increased his power output to 50%, the highest level that he has reached up to now. The president of Claw also proceeded to generate red energy slashes that he unleashed at the Symbol of Evil, adding to the intensity of the clash.

All for One showcased the versatility of his Rivet Stab Quirk, as he generated a net composed of black and red tendrils that trapped the incoming red slashes. Upon managing to catch the slashes within the net, he returned the slashes back towards Toichiro in an attempt to deal some damage to his opponent.

Suzuki's growing annoyance at the fact that his power was continuing to be countered by All for One led him to use a drastic measure. The Claw president thrust his hand downwards, causing his own attack to cease its onslaught before crushing the Symbol of Evil down with a giant psychic smack, flattening every building in a radius of several city blocks. The giant imprint of a hand left by the attack only served to further highlight the sheer force of the destructive power that had been employed by the Claw president, leaving the end result of the clash in the hands of fate.

"Pathetic!" A feral yell was emitted from the centre of the imprint as hundreds of Rivet Stab tendrils emerged from the spot that had been occupied by All for One. The large numbers of these tendrils all began to advance towards the location of Toichiro, who was still within the center of the imprint. It became clear that the Demon Lord of the League of Villains was not planning to go down without a fight, even as the odds would appear to be in Suzuki's favor.

The battle was coming to a decisive point, as the two combatants stepped up their game, with Toichiro increasing his output to 80% in order to push even further in this decisive clash. The effects of the power boost were evident in the man's physical appearance, as his blood vessels became much more prominent, his eyes became reptilian, and one of his eyes began bleeding. Toichiro was not going to allow himself to lose to someone he thought was beneath him.

Toichiro decided to press his advantage in order to end this clash once and for all, as he proceeded to dive down towards All for One once more. Upon reaching his destination, the president of Claw unleashed another barrage of red and orange flames at his opponent. However, this attack appeared to have been countered, as the Symbol of Evil was able to block the attack with his own wall of fire, created with the aid of his Hardflame Fan Quirk. It seemed like neither side would be backing down, which meant the outcome of the combat remained uncertain.

Suzuki decided to put All for One on the defensive, proceeding to physically grab the Symbol of Evil and fly through multiple buildings, using the villain as he would a living, tangible shield against the various concrete and steel constructs that they crashed into. The level of the clash was becoming increasingly intense, with each side throwing more and more destructive power at the other, with the sole objective of dealing the finishing blow to their opponent. The eventual victor of this clash would be determined by who was strong enough to persevere.

All for One needed to regain control of the clash, and thus decided to unleash a flurry of quirks in an attempt to gain the upper hand again. Specifically, the villain decided to use the Spring-like Limbs Quirk, Multiplier Quirk, and the Hypertrophy Quirk along with several other Quirk enhancements in order to grow his arm into a massive, grotesque and powerful appendage. All for One then proceeded to slam his fist down into his opponent's back, sending a shockwave of unimaginable force deep into Toichiro's spine.

Suzuki gritted his teeth and bore the immense pain from the blow, feeling like his lower spine had nearly been shattered or even completely pulverized as a result of the sheer power coming from The Symbol of Evil's punch. The collision of their respective powers had sent both of them spiraling through a number of buildings, moving around like helpless dolls before they were finally able to come to a halt when they hit something that could not be easily pushed through.

The two were visibly exhausted from the clash, having taken quite a beating as they were sent crashing through multiple buildings. All for One's mask had broken off, exposing his rather scarred face covering where his eyes and ears might be found. The Claw president was also beginning to bleed from his head and his eyes, with both combatants appearing to be in a rather dire condition from the damage taken during the clash. The level of exhaustion was quite evident on both men, as they remained hunched over with panting breaths.

"You appear to be in rough shape. Was that last attack too much for someone who wishes to rule the world?" All for One couldn't help but indulge in mocking his opponent, despite the fact that he had also taken a tremendous amount of damage in the fight, having to expend some of his own efforts to survive. The Demon Lord of the League of Villains spoke with a mocking tone, and in response, Suzuki remained silent for a few moments, before finally speaking up to respond.

"Too... much... for someone like me?" Suzuki finally spoke, as he attempted to maintain a calm exterior despite the fact that he had sustained quite a bit of damage. He was making an effort to not show just how exhausted and fatigued he was. A bitter smile was flashed by the president of Claw, before he finally continued, his words dripping with contempt and malice. "I may have been weakened. But... I'm still... far above... scum like you. How could I lose… to someone who looks like his head is a scarred tumor?"

"Do... you dare mock... my appearance?" All for One roared, clearly enraged at the fact that Suzuki had mentioned and insulted his scarred face. Even if he normally kept a cool head about it, and didn't go out of his way to always hide it, the Demon Lord of the League of Villains was extremely sensitive when it came to how others perceive his appearance. All for One was clearly losing his cool at this point. "I may look disfigured and beaten, but the Demon Lord is more than just his looks. I have spent the past century and longer, building myself up to be the Symbol of Evil, manipulating everything around me to ensure that my conquest of the world is absolute. Who are you, to come in from wherever you came from, and put a wrench in my meticulously made plans?"

"Do you think… that I am just some nobody?" Suzuki snapped back, his voice continuing to be coated with malice and arrogance. "You know what you remind me of? A child under a strong front. Who goes around knowingly calling themselves a "Demon Lord"? Sounds like a typical villain one reads in a shonen. Is that what motivated you when you were a boy? A manga? What a weak inspiration."

"Is that all… you think? That I am merely some delusional, power-hungry fool that acts on whim alone? Let me clarify something to you. The term "demon" is not just used as a title to make myself appear more menacing. It represents a fundamental truth behind my mindset. A demon does not back down from a fight. A demon devours everything in its path. A demon desires absolute power. You have no idea what it means to be a demon. And therefore, you have no idea of the amount of hatred I possess. LET ME SHOW YOU!" Producing more appendages, All for One resumed the fight as he used them to fire many blasts of black lightning at Suzuki. Toichiro put up a shield to block the lightning as he flew up into the air.

Toichiro was starting to get under the Demon Lord's skin with his words, which only further spurred his anger. In response, All for One proceeded to go on the offensive again, as he unleashed several blasts of black lightning at the president of Claw. Toichiro raised a shield to protect himself from the blasts, as he ascended into the air in order to avoid getting hit by any of them. The battle was continuing to rage on as both sides exchanged attack after attack, neither of them willing to give up until the other had been completely subdued.

Suzuki demonstrated his own telekinetic capabilities, as he proceeded to uproot a significant quantity of the surrounding buildings through his sheer power. The large structures, which weighed millions of tons, were then sent crashing down upon All for One, effectively burying the villain under a gigantic pile of debris. All for One was trapped under the mountain of rubble, unable to move and practically pinned down by the sheer weight of the buildings that had been dropped atop him.

All for One desperately needed to break free of the huge pile of rubble that was being used to immobilize and effectively crush him, and thus decided to make use of one of his most powerful Quirks, Impure Beam. The Demon Lord proceeded to unleash a massive outburst of bright light energy, which managed to effectively shatter the pile of structures that was piled on top of him, freeing him. Toichiro raised a shield to protect himself from the blast, but was definitely taken aback by the amount of power being released all at once.

"I've had enough of an annoying pest such as yourself." All for One was evidently nearing his breaking point, as he finally decided to end this clash on his own terms. The Demon Lord raised his arm up into the air, as he proceeded to use a spatial manipulation Quirk to twist up Suzuki in the air like a rope. The president of Claw did his best to defend himself, but he was still being twisted at a rapid pace.

Toichiro suddenly burst out of the Demon Lord's grasp, his body exploding with an intense surge of energy as he reached 100%. The president's body was now covered in a muscular frame of a grey color, while his head was enveloped in a flaming aura. The mere transformation of the Claw president alone produced a surge of energy so powerful that it effectively destroyed several blocks worth of the environment that was already in a state of disarray.

Toichiro honed in on the Demon Lord with devastating intent, aiming to deliver a powerful punch to the villain's face. All for One spotted the incoming assault, and proceeded to retaliate with his own punch, utilizing the combined effect of the Quirk-enhanced fist that he used to strike Toichiro's back earlier. The two fists clashed with each other, creating a tremendous shockwave that shook the surrounding area.

Suzuki's punch clashed with All for One's own punch, but the president's body was still affected by the Impact Recoil Quirk that the Demon Lord typically used in his battles. The effect of this Recoil Quirk caused physical trauma to be redirected to a certain area on the villain's body as a consequence of the attack. However, the massive amount of psychic power that Toichiro had managed to output was so immense that it managed to seep into All for One's buffed up arm, causing parts of it to suddenly burst and rupture from the pressure.

Having taken significant amounts of impact from the clash and the subsequent explosion of the Demon Lord's arm, Toichiro's form was starting to glow white, as he began to spasm in agony. The enormous amount of energy that was beginning to flood the president's body was becoming much more than he could handle, as the psychic pressure only built up even more the more power he took in. It seemed as if the Claw president was on the brink of his limits here.

"He's self-destructing. His body can't contain it now." All for One was easily able to recognize that the president's body was unable to contain this unprecedented amount of power and psychic energy, which was beginning to overload the man's system and push him to the brink of self-destruction. The Demon Lord watched on as Toichiro struggled to maintain himself, knowing that he simply had no chance at this point, as the president was slowly but surely losing control of his own immense energy.

"I need to get them out of here before he detonates."

All for One realized that he needed to get Suzuki as far away from himself as possible, in order to avoid being caught in the explosion caused by the president's inevitable outburst of energy. The Demon Lord then proceeded to grab hold of the president, using his sheer strength to lift up the man and throw him as high as he could into the air. Toichiro was then sent spiraling off into the atmosphere thanks to the combined efforts of the seven strength-enhancing quirks and the powered-up Air Cannon quirk.

All for One proceeded to take a rather extreme measure in order to ensure that he was not caught in the explosion that was destined to take place, as the Demon Lord launched yet another attack at Suzuki. This time, he unleashed an enormous blast of white light, directed right at the president. The immense attack sent the president even higher up into the atmosphere, reaching the thermosphere before finally stopping.

A massive, bright explosion was seen in the sky, as the explosion caused by the impact of Suzuki's immense psychic attack burst forth. The strength of the explosion was astounding, as it was like over a million times more powerful than the Tsar Bomb. A significant portion of the planet was rocked by this unprecedented explosion, with the eventual shockwave felt by those who were within a distance of several hundred miles. The Demon Lord of the League of Villains was left staring up at the blast, knowing that he was safe this far away from it.

"What a pitiful waste."

All for One took a deep breath, as he made his way back towards his forces who defeated the Espers of Claw. The Demon Lord had managed to rid himself of a significant threat, and he planned on making a strategic retreat after his battle with Suzuki. Having fended off the president, the Demon Lord was now planning on pursuing his goal of acquiring One for All once more, and making another bid to conquer the world.
Strength: Both of these villains are definitely some of the top tier of their class, able to give their respective heroes a run for their money. However, one had considerably more power to give. On Death Battle, both All Might and Mob were given feats, in which All Might has the punching force of 1.4 Teratons, and Mob making a giant broccoli with an energy equivalent of 21 Megatons. However, I don't think the latter is Toichiro's full power, given it was the remaining energy that Mob couldn't suck in. In the manga, Suzuki said that even if Mob ran away, he'd be caught in the explosion anyway. At Mob's top speed, and the time he had to run, the explosion would have to be 69 Teratons, about 50X greater than All for One's best output, as he could fight evenly with All Might at his prime. Even the president at 3% of his power would be nearly 1.5X stronger than All for One.

Speed: However, Suzuki would be hard pressed to hit him with anything actually lethal. All for One, when compared to All Might, could fight up to speeds of Mach 1740, whereas Toichiro, when compared to Mob, could be a little bit faster over Mach 285, at best a 6X difference. Even if I were to give them the benefit of the doubt and gave them relativistic feats, the president would likely be only as fast as the highest lightning feats, which is only a third of the reaction time as All for One's near light speed reactions.

Skill: One thing that certainly helps Suzuki for the majority of the fight is that he's spent the past 20-30 years honing his prodigious talents, becoming one of the most skilled espers of his world, along with one of the most powerful. All for One, meanwhile, never really bothered with training with his quirks, preferring to simply overwhelm his opponents with a combination of powerfully offensive quirks, and supportive quirks that makes up for any weaknesses he has that isn't his delusions of grandeur.

Experience: Both have lived their lives mostly unchallenged, especially more so with Suzuki. However, he can't compete with All for One's 100 year experiences and clever machinations ruling in the diverse, quirk filled Japan, along with being a genius that's allowed him to pull nearly everyone around like they were chess pieces, something that Toichiro can't equally boast about.

Powers: As wide and varied as this Esper's abilities are, Suzuki was always going to be put on the back foot by All for One's sheer repertoire of stolen quirks. Physical enhancement, enhanced sensory, energy projection, elemental powers and barriers were things they both possessed. However, All for One could redirect any physical attack back at Toichiro's body, control his position with Rivet Stab, and bypass his force fields with spatial manipulation if he really needed to. The two good things going for him was that his esper powers are not genetic quirks, and thus cannot be stolen, and was resistant to any mind manipulation that demon lord may force on him.

The winner is All for One
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"Sniff sniff…Oh! Hey, let's play! Meow!"

"Have a pleasant journey through the Nine Courts of Judgement!"

Chapter 9: Taokaka vs Hsien-ko

Chapter Text



She is a respected warrior of the Kaka clan, who is attempting to apprehend Ragna the Bloodedge and use the bounty to secure a new homeland for the Kaka. Though she quickly forgets the task and ends up befriending Ragna due to him feeding her. Ever since then she refers to him as "Good Guy" and helps him in whatever way she can, even if her help can be... superfluous.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Weapon Mastery,

Martial Arts,


Enhanced Senses (Her senses can detect Izanami),

Pseudo Duplication and Damage Reduction (via Super Tao),

Hammerspace (Can carry a seemingly endless amount of junk that she tosses as projectile),

Body Control (Can manipulate her body in superhuman ways),

Summoning (Can summon little Kakas to help her in battle),

Non-Physical Interaction (Can hit Arakune),

Statistics Amplification,

Shockwave Generation (Capable of blowing people away by bursting),

Regeneration Negation (Up to High-Godly; is able to utilize Ars Magus, a weapon capable of killing the Black Beast, a creature that has the ability of Self Observation, which is what Terumi used to regenerate from Hakumen's Time Killer)

Resistant to the following:

Poison Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, and Statistics Reduction (Everybody can resist Seithr to some extent which is poisonous, can induce addiction and deteriorate bodies, as well as reducing the power of others),

Paralysis Inducement (Could fight Hakumen without getting paralyzed),

Explosion Manipulation.

Weaknesses: Is ditzy and quite dumb. Always wants food and considers anyone who gives her food as a "good guy".


Hsien-Ko and her sister Mei-Ling were twins born in a family of chinese hermits, whose village was once attacked by a pack of Darkstalkers. Their mother sacrificed herself by using a powerful spell to annihilate the monsters, condemning her soul to be trapped in darkness in return. In order to free her, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling unleashed a forbidden ritual which turned them both into supernatural creatures and allowed them to hunt the Darkstalkers as Darkhunters. Hsien-Ko gained incredible strength and special powers, though with the risk of falling victim of her savage new nature. Mei-Ling then developed the ability to transform into a talisman and place herself on her sister's forehead, preventing her from losing control.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Multiple Selves (Like Venom),

Immortality (A Jiang-Shi is a resurrected corpse, and she states numerous times to be an undead),


Weapon Mastery (Expert is using her claws and many other weapons),

Dimensional Storage (Hides dozens of weapons under her clothes),

Skilled Martial Artist (Her fighting style incorporates several types of kicks),

Acrobatics (Can somersault while jumping, fight and defend in mid-air, land on her feet after being hit, spin with her claws over a downed opponent and perform moves such as Houten Geki and Senpuu Bu),

pseudo Flight (Can walk on air),

Teleportation (Instead of dashing, she teleports for brief distances),

Sound Manipulation and Attack Reflection (Via Henkyou Ki),

Summoning (Via Tenrai Ha and Chireitou),

Explosion Manipulation (Via Chuukadan),

minor Shockwaves Creation (Via Tenrai Ha),

Status Effect Inducement (Some of the weapons thrown with Anki Hou have a "stun" effect),

Statistics Amplification (Via Rimoukon),

Berserk Mode (Losing Mei-Ling's protection causes her to go berserk),

Soul Manipulation (Every Darkstalker is able to collect the souls of defeated enemies and use them for a variety of purposes, such as absorbing them to become stronger),

Passive Aura,

Corruption (Type 2) and Madness Manipulation (Type 2) (All the Darkstalkers give off an aura that corrupts the heart of the opponents and drives them insane),

Non-Physical Interaction (Able to interact with Pyron, who doesn't have a physical form, and with Bishamon in Vampire Savior, whose body is made of souls),

Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Possesses a very strong soul, due to it being directly connected to her power. Souls such as her own, if separated in multiple parts, are able to draw each piece to the other and return one),

Corruption and Madness Manipulation (Totally unaffected by the aura of other Darkstalkers)

Weaknesses: A strong mind/spirit can resist the madness-inducing effect of her aura and a dark heart can resist the corruption.
Song: Claws and Spikes

In Orient Town, at sunset, one could find Taokaka, a member of the humanoid cat-like Kaka Tribe, hanging out in a alleyway. She had managed to procure herself a meal, and was now eating it in relative peace.

"Nya! So tasty! Taokaka loves these steamed buns!" Taokaka continued enjoying the steamed buns with a delighted expression, as she devoured her favorite food. The catgirl seemed to be in her own little world, content with the meal in front of her. She was enjoying the buns so much, she paid no attention to her surroundings.

Walking on the streets, the Jiang-Shi Hsien-Ko was searching for her friend Donovan, when they had gotten separated due to certain circ*mstances. The undead vampire woman kept wandering about, seemingly having no idea as to where her companion might be at this point. She looked around in a sort of bewildered and confused manner, as she was trying to determine whether she had the chance of finding her friend again.

Not paying attention to where she was stepping, Hsien-Ko stepped on Taokaka's tail, which was sticking out of the alleyway. This caused the humanoid cat-like Kaka clan member to screech with a look of pain and shock on her face. Additionally, Taokaka flipped over the meal was about to eat, which further added to the catlike girl's misfortune.

"Ny-ooo! My buns!"

Hsien-Ko immediately apologized upon realizing that she had stepped on the catgirl's tail, which caused her to screech. However, the undead vampire woman could not avoid taking notice of the immense sadness in Taokaka's eyes, after the feline-like girl had dropped her meal.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Hsien-Ko said with a look of concern, her apology genuine. Taokaka's mood quickly shifted from sadness to rage, as she became determined to take some kind of revenge against Hsien-Ko since the undead vampire had ruined her meal.*

"My food's spoiled! I'mma gonna beat the crap out of you!" The humanoid cat-like Kaka clan member exclaimed, as she suddenly tried to take a swipe at Hsien-Ko, blades that emerged from her cloak acting like cat claws. However, the Jiang-Shi was quick enough to dodge the attack, jumping out of the way just in time.

Taokaka kept up her aggressive onslaught with her various different attacks, as the feline-like kaka clan member was not going to let up on her assault on Hsien-Ko, no matter what the undead vampire girl had to say. Taokaka first used a claw swipe, which was followed by a crouch punch that transitioned into a sweeping kick, before using a lunging uppercut claw swipe, culminating in her throwing a hadouken palm strike.

This final strike finally managed to make contact with Hsien-Ko, pushing her back into the wall hard.

"Ow! Alright, no more nice Miss Jiang-Shi." Hsien-Ko took up a Chinese martial stance, as she brought out her giant metal claws that were hidden within her traditional Chinese dress. The undead Jiang-Shi was no longer going to try and reason with Taokaka, as she was prepared to bring out the claws against the raging kaka clan member now.

Taokaka lunged with her claws extended in an effort to strike the undead Jiang-Shi with them, however, Hsien-Ko reacted rather quickly to the incoming attack. Jumping forward over the strike, the Jiang-Shi managed to evade the attack, as the claws sliced through the bricks of the building behind her instead, damaging the wall upon impact.

Hsien-Ko took a rather unique approach to her attack against Taokaka, as she swung back through the air while simultaneously shooting out her claws to grip the edge of the building's roof, allowing her to gain leverage and maneuverability. She then proceeded to try and stomp the feline-like girl into the wall, before following up with a sweep kick aimed at her side, in an attempt to knock the kaka clan member off-balance.

Taokaka managed to manage her landing, as she quickly bounced up onto her feet (or rather paws), as she proceeded to shimmy before getting herself into a position to attack. Hsien-Ko had managed to evade the catgirl's initial attack by jumping over her, before utilizing her Jiang-Shi ability to run across the air and stay out of reach. Seeing that Hsien-Ko was making an obvious attempt to keep a distance between the two of them, Taokaka growled in annoyance.

"You ain't getting away from me! Nya!" The Kaka clan member seemed intent on not allowing the Jiang-Shi to avoid her for much longer, as she proceeded to leap onto one of the buildings, using her feline agility to run on all fours across the wall after the undead vampire girl, giving chase.

Taokaka and Hsien-Ko both engaged in a fierce aerial battle as they continued running through Orient Town. The cat girl proceeded to jump from building to building in order to keep trying to slash and kick at Hsien-Ko with each attempt, only for the Jiang-Shi to match the former's efforts with her own claws, kicks, and even her black Henkyo Ki gong. Their overall exchange of attacks was pretty evenly matched, as the two kept trying to out fight one another throughout the fight.

Taokaka decided that she had grown tired of this back-and-forth exchange that the two of them had been repeatedly engaging in. The feline-like girl proceeded to run up towards the top of one of the roofs with the speed of her super-powered legs. Once she reached the top, the Kaka clan member suddenly leaped into the air, flying towards Hsien-Ko with the gracefulness of her agile body. The catgirl descended rapidly towards the Jiang-Shi like a falling comet, her claws stretched out fully as they were about to strike her opponent.

"Nya?" Taokaka seemed to be taken by surprise by the sudden teleportation of Hsien-Ko, as she seemed confused for a brief moment before trying to correct her form in a panic. Unfortunately, the overextension had thrown off Taokaka, as she was now going to crash onto the ground. She would need to move quickly if she wanted to avoid severe injury from the fall.

Despite her best efforts, Taokaka was only able to avoid the worst consequences of the fall, as she still ended up landing awkwardly. Landing in a splayed position, the feline-like girl hit her head against the ground, causing it to sting momentarily. She also let out an exasperated and pained cry, as she found herself on the ground with a somewhat dazed expression upon her face.


As Taokaka lay on the ground, the undead Jiang-Shi proceeded to step nearer to the feline-like girl, seemingly intent on applying some kind of restraint upon her opponent.

"Bad kitty. This ought to hold you down long enough." As she looked down at the catgirl, a metallic weight suddenly dropped from the sleeve of Hsien-Ko's sleeve. Taokaka's scream of surprise was cut short by the action of getting out of the way in time, preventing the weight from flattening the girl entirely.

Taokaka had managed to get enough distance to create space between her and the Jiang-Shi, before she proceeded to hiss in a rather aggressive tone.

"Alright, you asked for it! Time for my special ranged attacks!" The cat-like girl seemingly meant business now, as she declared her intention of launching attacks from a distance. Hsien-Ko put her metal claws up, ready to brace whatever attack Taokaka threw at her, the feline-like girl proceeded to grin with a devilishly excited expression, as she readied herself on her end.

When the attacks finally came, they for some reason felt really light and weak. Opening her eyes, Hsien-Ko was stumped to see her throwing laughably mundane items, such as an apple core, a pillow, some fish bones and a baseball.

"Take that, blue meanie! Nya!" Toakaka laughed, feeling rather successful despite the weak offensive. Hsien-Ko was utterly stunned to see the types of "attacks" that the cat-like girl was throwing in her direction, as she proceeded to throw out hilariously mundane items that the feline-like girl employed, as she attempted to hit the Jiang-Shi with.

"Take that, blue meanie! Nya!" However, despite the catgirl's clear excitement, the attempts were rather ineffective, as they all seemed incredibly light in weight and rather weak. Hsien-Ko seemed to express a certain amount of disdain towards Taokaka's attempts of ranged attacks, which she labeled as rather weak.

"Really? Those are what you call ranged attacks? Let me show you."

The undead girl then proceeded to proceed to demonstrate the difference in their respective techniques, by spinning and throwing out a barrage of spiked steel balls at the cat-like girl. The steel balls bounced along the ground, heading directly towards Taokaka with rather frightening speed.

Taokaka managed to dodge every single one of the steel balls that the undead Jiang-Shi had thrown in her direction, moving around with a remarkable amount of agility that was rather typical of the feline-like girl. Hsien-Ko had managed to launch a rather fierce barrage, yet the cat girl managed to evade all the objects with a casual ease that was rather amusing to see.

Hsien-Ko attempted to come up with a strategy in order to surprise Taokaka, as she threw a bomb into the mix of steel balls that she had launched in the kitty's direction. The bomb was set far above the feline-like girl's head, which meant that she didn't seem to notice it as it fell. The fuse on the bomb was seemingly burning pretty quickly, as the bomb itself looked rather nervous and reluctant to explode for whatever reason.

Hsien-Ko attempted to pull off a bit of a bluff, as she feigned that she was runninng out of ammo in order to try and fool Taokaka.

"Drat! I ran out!" The Jiang-Shi seemed pretty confident in her deception, seeing as she had stopped throwing the steel balls at her opponent. The feline-like girl was obviously pleased by this, as she took her chance to try and pounce at the Jiang-Shi in an attempt to attack.

"Nyow you're mine!" However, Toakaka was surprised by Hsien-Ko's sudden summoning and strike against the black Henkyo Ki gong with the padded mallet, as it sent a shock wave that sent her flying backwards abruptly. The cat girl was sent spiraling backwards over the bomb, before the bomb itself exploded in an ear-piercing shriek, sending her hurtling even further up into the air due to the shockwave from the explosion.

Taokaka was sent flying into a vending cart, as she slammed into it hard enough to cause a rather large crash. The cat girl immediately began to moan out in pain from the damage that the attack had dealt upon her, as her cat ears rang from it as well. She also seemed rather disoriented from the two attacks that she had just received, making her situation all the more difficult.

Taokaka managed to manage climb out of the wrecked vending cart, as she stumbled up slowly off the ground. However, the cat girl did not feel as if she had the luxury to wallow in the pain and discomfort of her current situation, as she immediately looked up to see Hsien-Ko slowly approaching her, while the Jiang-Shi continued to juggle three short swords, as if to further humiliate and taunt her opponent.

"Time to almost become two, nya!" Taokaka seemingly was eager to ramp up the offensive after having taken a severe amount of damage, as she activated her Overdrive. This overdrive of hers caused the cat girl to gain a sem-physical doppelganger, which was slightly lagging behind her as it followed her exact movements. With her newfound double being able to distract Hsien-Ko, the Kaka clan member decided to use it to her full advantage to launch her assault on the undead Jiang-Shi. She charged at Hsien-Ko, seeking to overwhelm her through numerical advantage. Hsien-Ko was rather caught off guard by this move done by Taokaka, as she initially attempted to defend herself against the two cat-like girls at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Jiang-Shi found herself in a conundrum, as she was forced to block the blows by the doppelganger first, which ended up leading to the original cat-like girl striking in with her own strikes. The combined onslaught of attacks from the two of them caught Hsien-Ko off guard.

One of Taokaka's attacks seemed to have struck the talisman that was still present upon Hsien-Ko's hat. As it turned out, the talisman was an object that acted as a seal that suppressed the Jiang-Shi's vampiric nature. Once removed, Hsien-Ko's twin sister, Mei-Ling, was freed from the suppression that had prevented her from succumbing to her vampiric nature. The girl proceeded to scream in a berserker rage, as her primal vampire nature seemed to kick in full force.

Taokaka noticed that instead of the calm and collected Hsien-Ko that she was used to fighting, she was now up against the Jiang-Shi in an berserk, blood-fueled state of pure primal nature. With Hsien-Ko's hopping ability becoming more like that of a traditional Chinese hopping vampire, the Jiang-Shi was intent on disorienting the cat-like girl by appearing every which way.

Taokaka was caught off-guard by the sudden strike to the back of her head from behind, which had caught her by surprise. She proceeded to hiss in pain from the hit on her head, before she seemed to be able to figure out how to counter Hsien-Ko's teleporting movements. The cat-like girl proceeded to move with a similar agility and speed as the Jiang-Shi, utilizing slashing and kicking maneuvers to try and launch counterattacks against the undead girl.

Hsien-Ko had attempted to attack head on with the intent to strike Taokaka head-on, only for the cat-like girl to declare her attack as such:

"Slashy, slashy!" From her cloak, serrated saw blades suddenly extended out from where her claw blades used to be, which attempted to make Hsien-Ko back off. If she did not do so, she would risk having her body literally cut and sawed apart.

Hsien-Ko's self-preservation instinct kicked in when she realized that the cat-like girl's back saw blades were a danger to her, which led her to instinctively back off in order to avoid being sliced up. Seeing that Hsien-Ko backed off, Taokaka couldn't help but grin with excitement, as she had apparently been able to force her opponent to withdraw.

While the Jiang-Shi had managed to move back to avoid the danger at hand, she found herself surrounded by a ball of smoke when Taokaka pounced onto her, which seemed to hint towards an intense fight going on within. The smoke also served as a good attempt of concealment from observers outside the smoke.

Observers who happened to lay eyes on the scene would've seen the three smoke breaks, which offered snippets of what was happening inside the smoke. One particular moment that was visible through the smoke saw Taokaka biting on Hsien-Ko's head with her feline teeth, a surprisingly effective tactic that managed to cause the Jiang-Shi quite a bit of torment. The second moment that was visible through the smoke showed a rather brutal and gruesome sight. It showed the Jiang-Shi seemingly choking Taokaka by strangling the cat girl's throat, with her own braided hair of all things, which was incredibly surprising due to how absurd it was.

The third and final time that the smoke lifted showed a sight that was perhaps rather embarrassing, if not at least surprising. As it turned out, it showed the cat-like girl playing with Hsien-Ko's medium-sized breasts from behind, enjoying their squishiness. The Jiang-Shi was seemingly frozen in a state of blushing embarrassment from the feline-like girl's antics, which made it all the more embarrassing. This blush soon turned into raging anger, as the undead girl soon launched back into a fierce offensive against the cat-like girl again.

After a few more seconds in the smoke, the smoke suddenly began to clear enough once more, as a body was thrown out from within it. The cat girl was launched out of the smoke, before slamming her back against one of the brick walls with enough force to crack it, and then falling down to the ground as she was no longer in overdrive anymore.

Taokaka lay there, hurt and in pain upon the floor, as her vision was a little bit blurry from the intense fight that occurred in the smoke covered fog of combat. The cat-like girl could hear the Jiang-Shi in the process of finishing her off, as the undead girl was now trying to finish things off with her ultimate technique. Soon, a row of large blades covered with Chinese inscriptions, burst out of the ground, heading directly towards her.

Thanks to the burst of adrenaline that she just received, Taokaka managed to jump over the blades coming from the ground. The cat-like girl utilized a triple jump which she utilized in order to gain enough air time to land behind the Jiang-Shi, who was shocked by this sudden unexpected surprise. With this, the feline-like girl then swiftly lifted the undead Jiang-Shi off the ground, before flinging her into the air with all her remaining strength.

With her last remaining strength of will, Taokaka seemed determined to finish the Jiang-Shi off once and for all. She proceeded to use her Astral Finish, with the last remnants of her energy, sending the undead Jiang-Shi flying in various directions, using the recoil to soften her opponent. Finally, Taokaka then sent the Jiang-Shi straight upwards, preparing to deliver the finishing blow, with all that she had left in her. The undead Jiang-Shi was now about to meet her demise, with this last strike. Taokaka went in for her final slash, as she aimed to cut straight through the Jiang-Shi, only to get her claws blocked by Hsien-Ko.

"Nya?!" The undead girl then gazed back at Taokaka with a murderous intent, as if to warn her that this was not going to end well. The feline-like girl, however, was met with much more than what she expected, as Hsien-Ko spoke up in a tone filled with rage and bloodlust.

"Die." Hsien-Ko continued to look down on Taokaka with a look of sheer rage on her face, as she proceeded to spin her own claws like drill. The Jiang-Shi then proceeded to bring her claws down against the feline-like girl in a brutal and violent manner, seeking to evisceration the cat-like girl with no more than a single move. Soon enough, Taokaka's body was essentially torn asunder by the Jiang-Shi's brutal claw drill maneuver, ultimately killing her.

"Taokaka... don't feel so... good. Meow."

Taokaka did not manage to last long enough to even properly utter her final words, as she was brutally killed by Hsien-Ko's attack. The feline's body was essentially ripped apart and shredded to bits, with the blood and gore from the attack painting the ground with a rather vivid red hue. Soon, the cat-like girl's eyes slowly closed, as her mouth finally went slack. Her facial features disappeared into the shade of her hood, never to be seen again.

Hsien-Ko was soon brought back to her proper mindset once Mei-Ling re-attached herself to her forehead. The Jiang-Shi took a quick glance at Taokaka's dead body, as she was immediately shocked and horrified at what she had just done.

"No. Please, I didn't mean to, I…"

The Jiang-Shi was filled with an immense amount of guilt at her actions, as she quickly ran off into the air, seeking a moment to herself after what had just happened.
Strength: Okay, taking planet busting outliers out of the equation, Taokaka's always been more comparable to the more modestly powerful characters like Arakune, Bang and Iron Tager, the last of which has the power output of 900 Kilotons. However, compared to the Darkstalker, that's only a little around half of her the Jiang Shi's attack power, when compared to B ranked fighters such as Donovan, Lord Raptor and Anakaris, the last of which was able to sink Ancient Egypt into the sands. And double is a conservative estimate over Taokaka as they're likely much higher.

Speed: Even when taking her supersonic speed into account, somewhere in between 2.5-3 times faster than sound, that's nothing compared to Taokaka who can react to those with infinite attack speed in the Boundary. And even regularly, she's shown to have faster than light feats.

Skill: When comparing the two, Hsien-Ko seems to be the more traditionally skillful fighter, because while Taokaka is certainly a threat in her own right and is the guardian of her village for a reason, but she seemed to more follow her feline instincts to fight rather than anything considered formal training.

Experience: While both appear to be equal in the amount of opponents they fought, the sisters being reincarnated and growing up normal for 16 years sort of hinders how long she's been fighting, while everyone had to deal with Taokaka being herself the whole time in her games.

Powers: Both are relatively even in their power sets, both being agile and maneuverable along with having metallic claws, but Hsien-Ko has the better weaponry to throw her her way, has teleportation to counter Taokaka's speed if she really needs to, and her claws could qualify as slabs of iron, compared to the claw knives and saws that come out of the catgirl's cloak. The only advantage Taokaka had was having a resistance to the Jiang-Shi's madness and corrupting aura.

The winner is Hsien-Ko.
Next Time:

"There's a whole world beyond your borders, whole tribes of people just as good as you, and it is all in danger! It's a world worth fighting for. Not just here. Everywhere."

"No, I chose. I chose my own life. And those of us who've died for this sword, have died in vain. I'm not sent from heaven, father, and neither is the sword."

Chapter 10: Aloy vs Nariko


Horizon Zero Dawn vs Heavenly Sword

Chapter Text



A Nora Brave, Seeker and machine hunter of unparalleled skill, Aloy is the genetic clone of 21st century roboticist and engineer Dr. Elisabet Sobeck.

She was created by GAIA, the governing artificial intelligence of Project Zero Dawn, a global terraforming system that Sobeck had designed and whose implementation she had spearheaded, which restored life to Earth after its eradication by the Faro Plague. GAIA created Aloy for the purpose of stopping HADES, a rogue AI bent on reactivating the Faro Plague in order to wipe out life again, and repair the AI itself, after it self-destructed in an attempt to destroy the rogue AI. Aloy succeeded, saving life on Earth and the humans of the new world that Zero Dawn created. In doing so, she unraveled the mysteries of why the world became as it is, and also learned the true nature of her origins.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Adept with a Bow, Spear, and Slingshot,

Stealth Mastery,

Enhanced Senses,

Extrasensory Perception,

Hacking (via Override),

Summoning (Can summon a hacked machine),

Fire Manipulation (With fire bombs, arrows, traps and Forgefire),

Ice Manipulation (With ice bombs, arrows and Icerail),

Electricity Manipulation (With arrows, her spear, traps, Stormslinger and shock bomb),

Explosion Manipulation (With explosive bombs and traps),

Forcefield Creation (An armor that creates a forcefield around the user, absorbing any damage that would have been afflicted on them. After the shields drop below 100% the armor will quickly regenerate them.)

Status Effect Inducement,

Healing (Via potions),

Statistics Amplification (Gets a boost in strength when low on health)

Weaknesses: If she is fighting a powerful opponent her resources will quickly deplete leaving her with only her spear. She can be hot-headed at times.


Nariko was born to Shen and her mother 23 years prior to the events of Heavenly Sword, in the Year of the Fire-Horse. According to prophecy, a male was destined to be born that year and lead his clan into an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity. However, when a girl - Nariko - was born, and her mother died shortly thereafter, the clan believed the gods had forsaken them, and that they were cursed and doomed to impending destruction.

Nariko became a pariah among her own people, when, in her eyes, she "should have been their princess." Shen was the only person who seemed to care for her, albeit in a remote, distanced way, until Kai. Shen would tutor Nariko in the ways of the warrior. She would prove to be an excellent pupil, to the point where she is the best fighter in the clan by the events of Heavenly Sword. Several years before the game, Nariko came across Kai, the last member of a clan slaughtered by Flying Fox on orders from King Bohan.

The clan took the orphaned girl into their ranks and treated her as one of their own. It was Nariko, however, who developed a deep relationship with Kai, seeing similarities between them in that they both lost their mothers and were outcasts amongst the clan. By the time Heavenly Sword takes place, the two are as close as sisters, willing to risk their lives for one another, if necessary.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Swordswoman,

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant,

Godlike magical power,

Invulnerability to human attacks, (With the full power of the sword),

Able to pass on her life force to heal others.
Song: Heavenly Horizon

Aloy traversed the environment that would have been known as Colorado Springs a thousand years ago. The Nora Seeker moved through the environment, which had been set as her own home, looking for machine scraps. The seeker was searching for such machine parts, which were presumably to be used in order to further advance her people's technology and society.

Aloy was suddenly drawn to a distant noise, as it sounded as if it was a machine involved in a fight. The seeker made her way towards the roaring machine sound in order to investigate what was happening, intent on figuring out the source of the noise that had just caught her attention.

Aloy saw quite an impressive sight as she came up to a high stone cliff, as she found a red haired woman in a confrontation with one of the most dangerous machines in the entire area: a Thunderjaw. The fact that the woman in question was fighting it alone was not the most impressive aspect, though. What really stood out was the fact that this woman was tackling the massive machine head-on, using just a sword for a weapon. Such a tactic was typically considered to be suicidal, due to the sheer power and danger that was known to be possessed by said machine.

As Aloy was watching from the cliff above, her eyes soon went wide with disbelief once it was clear that the woman in question, which was named Nariko, had managed to defeat the Thunderjaw all on her own. The woman, Nariko, then proceeded to run up the machine's back, use her Heavenly Sword to slice through its neck, and jump off its head. Soon, the woman landed gracefully on her feet, in what seemed to be a rather cool and impressive manner, as the Thunderjaw collapsed to the ground, lifelessly.

Nariko was left panting and sweating a little when she had managed to finish off the Thunderjaw. She would pause for a moment, attempting to make sense of what she had just encountered, as she tried to understand what the machine was exactly. The machine being sentient and rather advanced, made it all the more confusing. With no such answers being found, the woman would ultimately ask herself a question:

"What was this beast of metal?"

Nariko's heightened senses soon alerted her to the presence of another individual, which happened to be none other than Aloy herself. The red-haired warrior soon turned to look into the direction of the high cliff where she sensed the presence, which was where Aloy was standing while having her bow naturally drawn and pulled as well.

Nariko suddenly began to dash towards Aloy's location as the two of them entered a tense situation. As soon as this started, the Nora Seeker reacted and reflexively fired an arrow, which was then deflected back into her direction by Nariko after the red-haired woman began to dash. The resulting deflection caused her to roll back to avoid being hit, as she reflexively cursed to herself. Aloy had also realized she had struck the wrong person, as she was now about to come face-to-face with Nariko herself.

Nariko was quick to get up to where Aloy was hiding, as she then used her incredible athleticism to run and jump across the entire cliff. The red-haired woman quickly reached the top, where she then saw the same person that had accidentally shot her was trying to hide in the semi-arid mountainous environment, causing her to become somewhat annoyed. In an attempt to deescalate the situation, Aloy then called out to the other woman, trying to explain that the entire event had been merely an accident.

"I swear, that was an accident!"

"I've heard that one before…"

Nariko clearly did not trust the explanation that Aloy had just provided. Instead, the woman in question charged over towards where the former was still located. Nariko ran over to the spot where she heard Aloy's voice coming from, looking to go and find out where the Nora Seeker was. However, she ran into a trap set up for her. She barely had time to notice the tripwire as it went off, causing a fiery explosion to burst out near her, causing damage to her body with minor burns.

"Well, I tried."

Aloy then proceeded to shrug her shoulders in response to the fact that her attempt to de-escalate the situation completely failed. With nothing left to do, the Nora seeker prepared another arrow into her hunter's bow, ready to fire it on sight of her new opponent and perceived threat.

Despite being hurt and burned from the previous explosion, Nariko would not be deterred from going after Aloy. The red haired woman would charge forward towards the other individual at full speed, refusing to back down despite her injuries. Meanwhile, Aloy would attempt to fire arrow after arrow at the swordswoman, who would manage to efficiently deflect them away with her own blade, the Heavenly Sword. The two of them began engaging in close quarters combat at last.

Aloy would come to the realization that she would be unable to simply shoot down Nariko and would thus be forced to switch to her spear. With that in mind, the Nora seeker then rolled out of the way of the incoming swordswoman, who was moving in with lightning fast speed and ferocity.

The two women engaged in a fierce, close quarters conflict as they clashed their respective weapons together with each other. Aloy would come to match Nariko's Heavenly Sword with her own spear, which had provided her with some measure of offense. Soon, she would attempt to jump over the swordswoman and land a downward slash with her spear, but this would only end up being parried, forcing her to back off once again.

Aloy would start to find herself at a slight disadvantage when she was unable to properly keep up with the other woman's swift strikes, consistently being forced to block or parry them before being kicked away by the powerful kicks that were sent her way. This forced her at times to fall to the ground, only to be able to stand up again and keep up with her rival.

Aloy would attempt to attempt a wide sweep with her spear, which Nariko was able to easily jump over, landing behind the Nora Seeker. The red-haired woman would proceed to try and land a vicious, deadly strike on her opponent's back while she had the chance, but this was ultimately unsuccessful. Aloy would end up shifting her feet to sidestep the attack, allowing her to counter with an unexpected uppercut right under her chin, catching the other woman off guard.

Nariko staggered back after taking the unexpected hit to her jaw, and proceeded to massage it for a second before she charged in again, attacking her opponent with a series of powerful, three consecutive blows with the Heavenly Sword. Unfortunately, Aloy managed to avoid them each time, dodging out of their way effectively.

Nariko's annoyance at her opponent's continued dodging only seemed to grow, as she would proceed to switch from power to speed. The speed of the swordswoman's subsequent strikes and maneuvers quickly overwhelmed the Nora Seeker, who was starting to get a taste of just how skilled the other woman was. The skill shown by Nariko was nothing less than a sight to behold.

Following a particularly strong blow, Nariko's Heavenly Sword would manage to slash through Aloy's spear, breaking through the close ranged weapon. The Nora seeker would instinctively utter an expletive in response to her weapon being destroyed.


Aloy then quickly threw down a smoke bomb, which successfully obfuscated the entire area as she tried to obscure the fight from view of the enemy swordswoman.

While fighting Nariko, Aloy would run towards the cliff that she and her enemy had been previously standing on, jumping off of it in order to get a few minutes to herself. To ensure that she would not be in free fall for any of the time that they were separated, the Nora seeker would use her bow to launch a line that she had shot from her own weapon. Soon, she landed safely down on the ground at the bottom of the cliff, using the aforementioned line to climb down safely, allowing the seeker a moment to plan her next move.

Upon finding herself at the bottom of the cliff, Nariko went about trying see if she could find her opponent. With the environment around her having plenty of cover, it did not take her long before she came to the conclusion that she would need to look even more closely. Nariko would proceed to utter out a simple, quiet question, as she wondered out loud:

"Where are you?"

The red-haired woman would go about following the sound of a shifted rock around a corner. Nariko would move with utmost care and precision, sneaking along to not activate any potential trigger, which could result in the setting off of another tripwire from the trap-savvy hunter.

Once Nariko rounded the corner, what she came to find was something that she could find quite strange at first. The red-haired warrior would approach the thing cautiously, still keeping her distance as to avoid anything that was potentially harmful. The specific item in question was a balloon that resembled an air sac.

The red-haired woman was left wondering what the actual purpose behind a balloon such as the one she had spotted was. Her curiosity was suddenly cut short when a stray fire imbued arrow flew from out behind a rock and collided with the balloon. The balloon, then, had its flammable gas go up into flames, causing a sudden explosion, which blasted the woman backwards.

Nariko was blasted back several feet by the explosion, causing her to cry out as well for a moment. Yet, before she could fully recover from this, yet another arrow fired from the midst of the smoke, this time around successfully striking her in the side.

The swordswoman would let out another cry of pain when she was struck by the arrow, coming to realize just how much damage she was taking. Noticing another arrow coming her way, she was quick to use the Heavenly Sword in order to deflect it back at Aloy, ultimately causing the arrow to strike the Nora seeker in some spot, given she also let out a cry of pain.

Once Nariko had stood up and ripped the arrow out, she proceeded to walk over towards Aloy, the deflected arrow having managed to strike the other woman perfectly between her shoulder and neck. The strike itself was rather lucky, especially as it thankfully missed her artery and thus caused little, if still painful damage.

Upon finding the young woman, Nariko would proceed to ask Aloy a question. The swordswoman would immediately move her blade in the direction of the Nora seeker, aiming its blade straight at her, as she proceeded to speak.

"Finally. Now, who are you? Are you an assassin sent by Bohan?"

Aloy would proceed to smirk and answer her question, before she began to deliver her own. A response that showed her confidence in her own abilities, which she was certain that she was quite deadly as well.

"I've never heard of… a Bohan. And I'm no assassin. But… I'm just as deadly."

Once the statement had finally been delivered, the Nora seeker would inflict yet another attack upon the red-haired warrior. Namely, a plasma-imbued arrow that was earlier shot directly into her side, as the wound ruptured with purple energy.

Upon getting hit in the side by the plasma arrow, Nariko was left reeling from the intense pain, which forced her to the ground and down on one knee. At this time, the Nora seeker would seize the opportunity, and proceeded to take out a shock bomb from her pouch, throwing it towards the injured woman. This rendered the lady temporarily paralyzed, allowing Aloy to make another move.

Having taken advantage of the momentarily paralyzed and immobilized state of her opponent, the young woman would get up from her knees, as she was now ready to lay a beating down upon the injured Nariko. Aloy would proceed to crack her knuckles, making sure that her fists were properly prepared for the physical conflict ahead. She then proceeded to start beating down upon the swordswoman, delivering powerful blows with her bare fists.

Amongst the series of punches that Aloy would bring down upon the immobilized Nariko, the former proceeded to deliver one particular strike towards the latter, only for the red-haired fighter to catch said punch with her hand. Looking up towards the Nora seeker, the wounded warrior had an intimidating glare, as if to let her opponent know that she was made a big mistake.

Once she had gained a grip on her opponent's forearm with her injured hand, Nariko would proceed to then use just the strength of her arms and her body to perform an impressive and swift flip of her opponent, in order to throw Aloy into the ground and to the rock wall. With her opponent momentarily stunned, the red-haired warrior could then proceed to readying the Heavenly Sword, which she attacked with a powerful strike that delivered a horizontal slash across her body.

The horizontal slice that was unleashed upon her came with incredible power, cutting through the armor without any issues at all. Said slash did manage to strike the young Nora seeker in her body, causing her to fall down upon her knees in pain, and then all the way down to the ground shortly after. The red-haired warrior would then get flipped over onto her back, as the swordswoman planted a foot upon her chest, pressing down upon the lady. The lady would feel Nariko firmly pressing down upon her chest, as the other woman looked down at her.

Nariko would remain with her foot upon the girl's chest, holding the tip of her sword down firmly within reach of striking the killer blow. As Aloy stared at the victorious swordswoman standing over her, she was seemingly expecting to die. However, the red-haired fighter seemed rather silent, which only seemed to confuse the young woman.

"What are you waiting for? Do it."

"I have no personal beef with you. If you don't know who Bohan or his empire is, then this has just been a waste of time. Farewell." With no intention of delivering the fatal blow or to strike down the young lady upon her back, the red-haired woman proceeded to put her sword back into its sheath, before turning away completely. This left Aloy alone as she stared in shock and bewilderment, as to why the other woman was simply leaving. After a brief moment, the powerful swordswoman would begin to walk away, while still grasping hold of her injured side.

Following the sudden departure of the red-haired warrior, Aloy would simply lay back for a moment, laying her head upon the ground. The young woman managed to find some healing potion from her pouch, which she proceeded to consume. After taking the potion in, the Nora seeker would just lay back, before passing out from the sheer exhaustion that was caused by the fight.
Strength: Now, admittedly, Nariko was more powerful in terms of strength and athleticism. Both were strong women in their own right, but while Aloy is capable of winning against foes stronger than her, it's not without sufficient difficulty. When it comes to Nariko, she can fight evenly, and even better than Bohan's son, Roach, who can shatter a large gladiator stage floor, which would require over ten tons of force. Not to mention that Nariko can transverse her environment much more easily and impressively.

Speed: Now, when it comes go Nariko's speed, the idea of the swordswoman being, "Lightning speed", to be a bit much to take at face value. She's never depicted fighting at literal lightning speed, whether it's literal or just outside perception. If anything, at best, Nariko seems to be only able to react as fast as the speed of sound in order to evade cannon fire. Given that Aloy could regularly dodge gunfire, she could be around two to four times faster than Nariko. Besides, even if the lightning feat was taken at face value, the same would have to go to Aloy since she could dodge lightning and plasma bolts from the machines she fights against.

Skill: While they're both highly skilled fighters in their own right, Nariko seems to be the much more capable fighter. While Aloy winning against Erik, an enforcer with 1000 years of combat experience, means that Aloy certainly can keep up, being able to fight 500 enemies at once and win, along with having a reliable method of countering the hunter's main means of attack gives the swordswoman a distinct advantage.

Experience: This is certainly where Aloy shines. Her ability to analyze for weaknesses, use her smarts to utilize the environment and traps to her advantage, and fight against robots the size of dinosaurs along with the Far Zenith means that the Nora Seeker is the more well rounded.

Powers: Aloy may have the more versatile arsenal, having multiple weapons that can utilize elemental damage, none of it compares to the Heavenly Sword, as it's hailed as the ultimate weapon, even if it's at the expense of the user's life... eventually.

The winner is Nariko.
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"Hanzō Style: Blooming Slash!"

"In the name of Mugen Tenshin."

Chapter 11: Kasumi vs Asuka

Chapter Text

Asuka (Senran Kagura)


A second year student at Hanzō National Academy. Her grandfather Hanzō is renowned as a legendary shinobi, and is the academy's namesake. Given her remarkable pedigree, she has a lot of hidden potential within her and bears a strong sense of justice.

No matter how hard she may try, though, she can never quite bring herself to look as intimidating as she wants to, likely due to her overall bright and positive personality. Over time, she's become a source of immense moral support for her friends and fellow shinobi.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Expert Swordswoman,

Ninjutsu Expert,

Aura (Can surround herself in a green aura),

Non-Physical Interaction (Capable of interacting with Ryōki and other ghost, Shinobi like Yagyū affirms that she has fought ghosts before. Shinobi can interact with Yōma, which are considered to be spirits),

Supernatural Willpower (Elite shinobi have enough willpower to resist the passive effects of the Super Secret Ninja Scroll. Shinobi can still fight even when they're on fire),

Extrasensory Perception (Shinobi can detect the presences of others, knowing their location, numbers, and even tell if they're evil or not),

Stealth (All shinobi are trained in the art of stealth),

Underground Mobility (Can dig through the ground to attack her enemies from below),

Earth Manipulation (Can generate large stalagmites from the ground),

Pseudo-Flight (All shinobi can push off the air by jumping, and can even dash in mid air),

Summoning (Can summon frogs of varying size),

Deconstruction (Turned a bullet into dust),

Fourth Wall Awareness (Knows she is the main protagonist, and even directly talks to the player, Homura questioning who she's talking to afterwards),

Transformation; limited Water Manipulation,

Weapon Control (Can turn her blades into whips), and Damage Boost (Shinobi can infuse water guns with their spirit transforming them into powerful weapons); Statistics Amplification (Frantic Mode boosts attack speed and power but reduces defense),

Resistance to Madness Manipulation (Elite shinobi can resist the passive effects of the Super Secret Ninja Scroll, which turned multiple teams of lesser shinobi completely insane), and Soul Manipulation (Can handle using the Super Secret Ninja Scroll, which kills the user by breaking their body and soul)

Weaknesses: Gullible, clumsy, strictly follows the code of a good shinobi (which hinders her judgement of evil shinobi or disobeying orders). Also highly vulnerable when her clothes are completely ripped in battle.
Kasumi (Dead or Alive)


Kasumi is the sister of Hayate and half-sister to Ayane, and a practitioner of the Tenshinmon Style of Mugen-Tenshin Ninjutsu. They lived happily together until one day Raidou came for revenge and snapped Hayate's spine. That sends him into a coma that everyone thought to be permanent, so he's left for dead. Kasumi ran away from her village to avenge her brother, knowing full well the consequences of becoming a runaway shinobi: death.

After defeating Raidou, she enters the second tournament after hearing that her brother is alive and has been taken by DOATEC for use in Project Epsilon. She finds him suffering from amnesia and going by the name of Ein, and helps him recover his memory. In the 3rd tournament she remains on the run but encounters and fights her brother. By the time of the 4th tournaments she realizes that no assassins have been sent her way as of late, and discovers that they have gone to assault DOATEC and put an end to their evil schemes. She enters the 4th tournament to investigate and prevent her brother to enter in what she believes will be a bloodbath.

In the 5th game, Kasumi becomes Helena's 'ally'/'messenger' in order to hunt down the remaining Alpha-152, in a slightly reckless degree. This is because this Kasumi is actually a perfect Alpha clone that acts perfectly like the original. Hayate caught wind of this and along with Ayane, killed this clone. When Hayate gets into trouble, Hayabusa summons the real Kasumi to come and help. Once she rescued Hayate and destroyed the clones, Kasumi swore to take down and defeat Donovan.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman physical capabilities,

Agility (Kasumi's speed exceeds that of both Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji, and is only surpassed by Ayane),

Stealth (Like most ninjas, Kasumi has some ability in stealth, being able to mask her presence in smoke filled areas and assassinate enemies),

Acrobatics (Like most ninja, Kasumi is able to easily move between platforms, jump off of and briefly run on walls),

Expert martial arts (Kasumi has trained in Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Tenjin Mon style), and is highly skilled with this style),

Ki Manipulation (Like most ninja in the series, Kasumi possesses the ability to focus ki with her mind; she does so when performing her Art of Rending Wind or Torn Sky Blast ninpo),

Healing (Kasumi's ability to heal herself and others with her ki, until it is depleted),

Surface scaling (A basic wall running technique, which Kasumi, like most ninja, has mastered),

Teleportation (Sakura Madoi: A special parry, known only to Kasumi, it causes the user to disappear in a flurry of cherry blossom petals and reappear behind the opponent whose attack was parried.)

Divine Water: Kasumi's "version" of the Izuna Drop, she begins by launching her foe in the air, and then repeatedly stomps on her foe until they hit the ground.

Thunders of Tenjin: Kasumi's "version" of the Underworld Drop, she launches her foe in the air and wraps her legs around their necks and back flips downwards, smashing her target's skull to the ground.

Electricity manipulation (Art of Rending Wind: A powerful Mugen Tenshin technique that releases ki through an open palm. It also is known as the Torn Sky Blast technique.)

Weapon mastery (Shrouded Moon: An elegant blade, imbued with the mystical powers of the words "mist" and "moon." Windmill Shuriken: Kasumi's uses a variant on the windmill shuriken - it is six kunai formed to create on giant shuriken, named "Kunai Tempest." Kunai: Basic throwing knives; Kasumi uses a slightly different version however, as it is slightly curved and smaller, as well as releasing sakura petals as it flies through the air)

Weaknesses: None noticeable
Song: Art of the Sakura

Somewhere within the southern hemisphere, possibly in the Polynesian Islands, is the island of New Zack Island, a vacation spot for several ladies to have a blast together while getting away from the troubles of the world in a location that always felt like summer.

And at this moment, on Niki Beach, after having participated in a variety of exciting competitions and tournament-style games, two particular female martial artists found themselves in a tense situation, as they had tied in their current match. The excited and expressive announcer, who was clearly enjoying the moment, proceeded to exclaim,

"Looks like we have a perfect tie for first place! Let's have both of them step up to the stage! The first lady will be the one who once was the princess of the Mugen Tenshin Clan, known as Kasumi!"

Nodding at the announcement, Kasumi took her time to bow to the audience, as they cheered her name and the spotlight focused on her. She was clearly the favorite here, as she was the princess who had left home to become a wandering warrior. She stood on top of the stage, waiting for introductions for her soon-to-be rival.

The announcer, with the same level of excitement, proceeded to then announce, as the crowd cheered the name of Kasumi's mysterious opponent,

"And our other winner in this match is a student of the Hanzō National Academy, none other than Asuka!" The spectators were clearly curious about the other winner, as they watched the student from the Hanzō National Academy step into the arena with her own unique ninja-like outfit and equipment. She bowed to the audience before looking to Kasumi, ready to begin.

"Now then, whenever we have a tie, there's only one way to decide who is the ultimate winner. And that's to fight on a non-lethal one-on-one!"

The announcer's energetic voice was soon followed by further cheering from the audience, who were now anticipating an exciting one-on-one match between the two of them. With the crowd hyped up, the mysterious student looked at Kasumi with a competitive smirk.

"I am ready." Kasumi, after bowing to her new rival, proceeded to take a defensive stance in the Mugen Tenshin style while preparing herself for what was bound to be the most exciting moment of the entire tournament. The audience, anticipating the battle of rivaling kunoichi, began to cheer. Asuka proceeded to take out her twin wakizashi blades as she declared in a loud voice,

"Asuka, ready for battle!"

With the sound of a bell, Asuka immediately wasted no time and charged forward with great vigor. In an attempt to catch Kasumi off-guard, she began with a barrage of slashes.

Just as fast as Asuka, Kasumi proceeded to deftly parry each slash that the other kunoichi unleashed. Her defensive skills were truly impressive, as she was able to block every attack like second nature.

In response, Kasumi attempted to counter with a high sweep kick, then proceeding to do a front flip to slam her heel into Asuka's head. However, the ninja student was quick and agile, as she swiftly jumped back from the counter, evading with ease. She then took a step back and began to observe the other fighter, as they circled around on the arena floor.

"Time to get serious! Shinobi transformation!" In a moment, Asuka declared with confidence, as she then proceeded to leap into the air, where she quickly withdrew a scroll from her cleavage. She then allowed it to unroll and let it circle around her, as her attire transformed. The Shinobi uniform that she wore morphed into a set of ninja shoes, black stockings, a short skirt, and a tan vest to go over her white button-up shirt. She then landed on the ground, now properly prepared for this match.

Kasumi was certainly bemused by this sudden change of attire, though she proceeded to use this as an opportunity. With the other distracted, she then unleashed a cartwheel towards Asuka.

Asuka, with the grace of a ninja, managed to easily step back away from Kasumi's cartwheel. Then, in a swift move, she leapt forward, her twin wakizashis pointed downwards. Kasumi, however, quickly rolled back from the attack, only to be pushed back by the earth below her being slammed into her, which came from Asuka's use of ninjutsu.

After dealing with the attack, Kasumi picked herself up, brushing the sand off her. She then looked at Asuka and responded with determination, saying,

"So that's how we're doing it? Okay, game on."

Asuka, now with glowing blades, readied her weapons. With a burst of speed, she then attempted her signature double slash attack, in an attempt to hit where Kasumi stood. However, the ninja woman suddenly disappeared, only leaving behind her signature sakura petal illusion.


Asuka was certainly taken aback as the woman she had been fighting suddenly reappeared behind her, delivering a swift kick to her back. In response, she then proceeded to quickly spin around to face her opponent, as they stood there with a cloud of sakura petals surrounding them.

Kasumi did not relent, as she kept up her fierce attacks. First by running forward and lunging with a powerful flying spin kick, followed by a reverse round house kick, then a backflip kick, and finally teleporting with more petals as she did a diving kick. Asuka, though slightly overwhelmed, managed to guard against each attack using her arms, sometimes having to take a step back with each hit.

Kasumi continued to attack fiercely, attempting to knee her rival in the gut, then trying to sweep Asuka's leg with a low kick. However, Asuka managed to block the knee first, then jumped over Kasumi's leg sweep, and proceeded to deliver a kick to the other's head. Kasumi was certainly dazed but she shook it off and stood up. It was clear that she still had plenty of fight left in her, as she looked at Asuka, determined to continue the match.

Asuka resumed her assault, launching a reverse roundhouse at Kasumi. However, the Mugen Tenshin ninja managed to leap over the blades, and then swung herself around Asuka's head, ending up with the Hanzō student's head caught between her thighs. With this position, Kasumi proceeded to roll herself back, flipping Asuka onto her front against the sandy beach.

Asuka, after being slammed onto the ground, quickly responded by leaping onto Kasumi's head as the other kunoichi was getting up. Then, with a quick and powerful move, Asuka proceeded to roll herself forward, effectively pinning Kasumi down onto the beach with her back against the sand. The Hanzō student smirked and said aloud with pride,

"Ha! I can do it too!"

Kasumi, despite being caught in the hold of her younger rival by the thighs, refused to allow herself to be pinned down so easily. She smirked as she declared with determination,

"Attempting to use my own technique against me? Think again, my young opponent."

Kasumi remained undeterred, and with a strong movement, she managed to maneuver her legs and body to free her head from between her rival's thighs. As Asuka was still on the ground, Kasumi then seized the opportunity, grabbing the Hanzō student's ponytail and using it to toss her further away onto the sandy beach.

With a frustrated grunt, Asuka stood up from the ground, brushing the sand from her clothes. With a hint of anger in her voice, she exclaimed,

"Hey, that's fighting dirty!"

It seemed clear that Kasumi had upset the Hanzō student with her tactics, but Kasumi remained steadfast and poised, ready to continue the battle. Seeing that her opponent showed no signs of remorse, Asuka decided it was time for her to respond in kind. The Hanzō student began her assault with a rapid exchange of movements - starting with two successive stabs from her twin wakizashi; followed by a quick double slash; before executing a graceful backflip jump and unleashing a flurry of slashes in the air; ultimately culminating in a spinning maneuver, turning into a glowing green cyclone of blades and wind.

Kasumi, facing the relentless onslaught of Asuka's twin wakizashi blades, found herself forced to continuously retreat to evade the deadly strikes. In a desperate move to gain some breathing room, she jumped high into the air, attempting to avoid the powerful cyclone of blades that spun around the Hanzō student.

Asuka, quick to adapt to the situation, proceeded to jump as high as Kasumi, and continued her merciless assault with her cyclone maneuver. Unable to avoid the attack, Kasumi had no choice but to pull out a pair of kunai, using them to defend herself against the twin wakizashi of the determined Hanzō student.

In a swift movement, Asuka managed to kick Kasumi down onto the beach, followed by sheathing her blades and sending a rapid succession of five shuriken flying in the direction of her opponent. Despite the harsh impact, Kasumi displayed exceptional agility and adaptability, quickly jumping backward to evade the shuriken with a backward handstand and gracefully pushing herself up to her feet. Asuka, upon landing on the ground, swiftly drew her twin wakizashi blades and declared loudly,

"Secret Ninja Art: Hanzō Style Full Bloom!"

In an instant, her weapons were enveloped in a luminous green glow. Without hesitation, Asuka then dashed forward and unleashed a furious onslaught of slashes towards Kasumi, pushing the Mugen Tenshin kunoichi to defend herself against the relentless assault. Asuka's blades glowed brighter with each strike, as she gracefully spun and maneuvered around, aiming to bring her opponent to her knees. The Hanzō student's prowess was truly on display.

Kasumi, quick on her feet, demonstrated exceptional agility as she hopped up and leaped from rock to rock in pursuit of Asuka. As she closed in, Kasumi deftly maneuvered herself, landed hands first on the younger kunoichi's shoulders, dragging her rival down with her as she flipped backwards, subsequently delivering a powerful double kick into Asuka's back. The force of the impact sent the Hanzō student soaring into the air.

Asuka, after being kicked in the back, cried out upon seeing Kasumi leaping towards her. In response, the student attempted a whirlwind kick, but it was swiftly caught by the skilled Mugen Tenshin kunoichi. Kasumi then executed her own counterattack, delivering a formidable kick to Asuka's head, causing the Hanzō student to lose her footing and crash back onto the beach, where the match continued with their relentless energy. With a confident demeanor, Kasumi kept Asuka pinned down on the beach. She then looked at her rival and asked,

"Give up?"

"That's… my line." She grunted. "I'm going all out!"

With a burst of power, a powerful surge of green energy erupted from the Hanzō student's body, pushing Kasumi forcefully far away from her, like an explosive wave. Asuka then stood up, her once-loose ponytail now completely freed, leaving her shoulder-length hair free. In her hands, Asuka's twin wakizashi blades emitted a brilliant green glow, as if infused with her newfound energy.

Being pushed back by the tremendous surge of energy emanating from Asuka, Kasumi found herself momentarily stunned. After taking a moment to regain her bearings, Kasumi looked up, witnessing firsthand the transformation of her rival. The Hanzō student now stood before her in her ultimate form, exuding an otherworldly aura. It appeared that Asuka had unleashed her true power, leaving Kasumi to wonder what challenges awaited her in the continuation of this fierce battle.

With a determined voice, Asuka declared,

"I'm not done yet! Hiya!" She then proceeded to flex her body, unleashing Frantic Mode on herself. As she did, her clothes shredded away, leaving her in her colorful swimwear, enhancing her power and speed to exceptional levels. However, the trade-off was clear - her defense and stamina would suffer, forcing her to act swiftly and strategically in their ongoing battle on the sandy beach.

With Frantic Mode activated, Asuka's movements were truly mesmerizing. She moved with the speed and power of a cyclone and the force of a mountain combined, displaying a unique attacking style that took full advantage of the immense energy pouring forth from her twin wakizashi blades. The young Hanzō student unleashed her inner kunoichi, demonstrating the true potential of her skills.

Faced with Asuka's incredible power in her transformed state, Kasumi quickly realized that her usual defensive tactics would not suffice. Though she was still able to dodge Asuka's hypersonic attacks and even landed a few blows of her own, the immense aura surrounding the Hanzō student's weapons continued to inflict damage on Kasumi. Moreover, with each slice, the blood trickled down the wakizashi blades, empowering Asuka's stamina even further, making it increasingly challenging for Kasumi to withstand or mount an effective counterattack.

With one final burst of speed, Asuka unleashed a rapid succession of strikes faster than the eye could follow. It seemed as though the younger Hanzo student had finally triumphed, defeating her veteran opponent. However, in an unexpected twist, Kasumi dissolved into a whirlwind of sakura petals, miraculously managing to evade Asuka's relentless assault. Despite being on the brink of defeat, Kasumi had once again outwitted her younger adversary, showcasing her remarkable resilience and fighting spirit amidst the fierce battle unfolding on the sandy a bewildered expression, Asuka gasped,


She was struck by surprise as she realized she had fallen for Kasumi's trick yet again. Before she could fully comprehend the situation, Kasumi materialized right before her, delivering a powerful chop that dealt a harsh blow to the younger kunoichi. Feeling the intensity of the strike, Asuka staggered backward, struggling to maintain her advantage as their fierce battle continued to unfold.

With a burst of pink electrical energy forming in the flat of her palm, Kasumi unleashed the powerful Torn Sky Blast technique. The blast of energy hit Asuka with full force, sending her flying backward while she cried out, unable to escape or defend against the attack as she collapsed onto the beach. The intense impact of the lightning strike left Asuka struggling, the battle between the two skilled kunoichi reached its climax.

Still disoriented from the previous attack, Asuka struggled to get back on her feet. In the blink of an eye, Kasumi swiftly closed the gap and unleashed her own take on the Izuna Drop technique. The older kunoichi skillfully performed a series of stomps against Asuka's face, delivering a barrage of forceful blows that eventually forced the Hanzō student back onto the sandy beach, knocked out cold. As Asuka lay motionless on the sandy beach, the announcer's voice echoed loudly through the air, declaring,

"The winner of this fight, and overall beach day champion, is Kasumi!"

The announcement was met with a cacophony of cheers and applause from the onlookers, as the crowd rejoiced in celebration of Kasumi's triumphant victory on the sandy battleground.

Despite the jubilant celebration around her, Kasumi remained focused and concerned, kneeling down beside her unconscious opponent. With a hint of worry in her voice, she gently prodded Asuka, asking,

"Are you alright, Asuka?"

Asuka slowly regained consciousness, her eyes fluttering open as she blinked a few times, still somewhat dazed from the intense battle that had unfolded.


Asuka clutched her head, a bit dazed and disoriented, still trying to recollect herself.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Ugh, I still have a long way from being the best."

As Asuka began to regain her bearings, Kasumi offered a comforting smile, nodding in understanding.

"I see. Don't worry, Asuka. It's all part of the journey. Even the greatest ninja had to start somewhere," Kasumi replied, reaching out her hand to help Asuka up.

With Kasumi's gesture of support, Asuka grasped her hand and stood up, dusting off the sand from her body. As Kasumi stood beside Asuka, holding the younger kunoichi's hand high for all to see, a symbol of sportsmanship and mutual respect between the two fighters. The gesture spoke volumes, conveying to the onlookers that despite their fierce battle on the sandy beach, there was no animosity between the two. The audience responded with applause and cheers, approving of the genuine camaraderie displayed by both Kasumi and Asuka as they embraced the spirit of friendly competition.
Strength: When it comes to out and out power, Asuka had the commanding lead. Kasumi fighting a cybernetically enhanced T-Rex and an fighting a clone that's more powerful than herself is impressive, but Asuka, while fighting Homura, once destroyed an entire Japanese style building in one go as just an after effect from a clash between the two. Given its size, to complete pulverize it along with its stone foundation would require a force of 2.45 Kilotons.

Speed: However, Asuka would be hard pressed to actually land any winning blows, as while she has similar combat reaction speed to Homura, who clocks in at around Mach 5, and likely faster between the both of them, but Kasumi is one of the fastest characters in her universe, only short of Ayame. To compare, the protagonist of Ninja Gaiden, Ryu Hayabusa, has consistently been shown to dodge and react to lightning, the fastest being estimated to be slightly over 1000X the speed of sound, and Kasumi is even faster. Not even Asuka's mole move could've reliably caught her off guard.

Skill: While it might be easy to say the Kasumi has the more ninja skill due to being older, but despite being a year or two older, Asuka can roughly do the same kind of moves and tricks that Kasumi can, barring special techniques, despite her supposed clumsiness that she's outgrown.

Experience: Again, Kasumi fighting a T-Rex and a superior clone of herself and winning is impressive, but Asuka, both solo and help, basically fought and defeated beings with god like power. So yeah.

Powers: Asuka certainly had the advantage to boost her physical capabilities, and utilizing elemental magic gave her more versatility, but with the application of her sakura petal teleportation to compliment her 200X speed advantage, along with her more powerful Torn Sky Blast technique, Asuka again would have difficulty trying to land anything meaningful, while have difficulty dodging or blocking when she really needed to.

The winner is Kasumi.
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"I'm the world's ultimate life form. There's no time for games... farewell."

"Do what you want. Or rather, keep doing what she wants. But I for one, refuse to be a puppet. These wings take me wherever I want to go!"

Chapter 12: Shadow vs Dark Pit

Chapter Text

Shadow the Hedgehog


He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog/Black Arms hybrid who resembles Sonic the Hedgehog in many ways and serves as his arch-rival and occasional ally. Shadow was created as the "Ultimate Life Form" by Gerald Robotnik by using the DNA of Black Doom and is the final result of Project Shadow. His purpose was to provide ways to develop a cure for incurable deadly illnesses, more specifically for Gerald's granddaughter Maria Robotnik, who he had a great bond with. However, he was eventually captured following his creation and put into stasis by G.U.N. when he was deemed as a threat to humanity.

Fifty years later, Shadow was released by Dr. Eggman in order to assist him in his plan to conquer the earth. Initially, Shadow worked with him but secretly sought to destroy the planet in order to avenge Maria, who had been killed by the military, but was persuaded to save it from Gerald's doomsday plans. In the process, Shadow lost his memories and as such, sought to uncover the truth of his past, during which he met Black Doom and the Black Arms; in the end, Shadow regained his memories, uncovered the truth, and thwarted Black Doom's agenda and saved the world. From there, he continued his mission to protect humanity for the sake of Maria.

Shadow is sharp-witted, always on edge, and has a strong sense of purpose, always willing to accomplish his goals by any means, and always serious. Essentially a dark version of Sonic, Shadow can match him in both speed and skill, and can use Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald to warp time and space. While preferring to work alone and not one of his closest friends, he has helped Sonic and his allies when needed.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Acrobatics (Exceptionally mobile, as he shares Sonic's athleticism),

Small Size (Shadow is 1 Meter tall),

Immortality (To natural causes of death),

Self-Sustenance (Doesn't need air, nutrition or rest),

Supernatural Willpower,

Spin Dash,

Absorption (Of Rings),

Danger Sense (Shown to be capable of sensing trouble akin to Sonic he shares his abilities),

Chaos Energy Manipulation,

Limited Energy Restoration,

Healing, Forcefield Creation and Statistics Amplification (Can use Chaos Control in order to self-heal or create a pulsing purple barrier. Receiving damage, blocking attacks with Shadow Guard, and utilizing Shadow Heal will generate energy for the Ichikoro Gauge; which allows Shadow to knock out comparable opponents in one hit once enough energy is transferred to it.),

Space-Time Manipulation & Reality Warping (Chaos Control is referred to as a reality warping skill and allows it's user to control the fabric of the universe. As a result an slow down time, stop it, teleport, create space-time rifts, travel through space-time. Chaos Emeralds are miraculous gems which can amplify the extent of this technique.),

Resistance Negation (Through Chaos Control. Chaos Emeralds can stop time and freeze the likes of Sonic in place despite him being shown to be unaffected by other means of Time Manipulation, such as through the Time Stones, Time Switch & White Space.),

BFR & Sealing (Can use Chaos Control to seal others in different dimensions),

Energy Projection,

Electricity Manipulation (With Chaos Spear),

Explosion Manipulation (With Chaos Blast),

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant (His fighting ability didn't seem wane even after he lost his memory. After having access to Shadow's body, Eggman managed to replicate his physicality with the Shadow Androids but not his combat skills. Even without the aid of chaos powers he held his own in combat against Knuckles, a martial artist with greater strength; Rouge, a secret agent; Espio, a skilled ninja; Sonic, a similar fighter who has experience beating doppelgangers of himself),

Marksmanship (Proficient in the use of firearms and other ranged weaponry),

Weapon Mastery (Skilled in the use of melee weapons, effectively wielding knives and swords),

Vehicular Mastery (Is one of the best bikers in Soleanna; beat the consecutive 5 time champion of the Car Festival and broke the Buggy Ring Race record),

Fire Manipulation (With Jet Shoes),

Pseudo-Flight (With his Jet Shoes),

Healing (Chaos Emeralds can heal their users and restore consciousness when they get rendered unconscious),

Non-Physical Interaction (Can tag the Hyudoros, Boos, and King Boom Boo),

Resistance to:

Paralyzing Gas,

Transmutation (Due to resisting being converted into a ring by Chaotix Recital),

Biological Manipulation (Overpowered Black Doom's mind control, which stems from them having the same biology, off of sheer willpower),

Matter Manipulation & Antimatter Manipulation (Merely took normal damage from attacks by the Antimatter Cannon from Diablon, the Particle Beam Cannon from Heavy Dog and Blue Falcon),

Space-Time Manipulation (Can withstand attacks from multiple chaos powers that attack opponents with distorted space-time),

Psuedo-Resistance to BFR (Just touching a Chaos Emerald allowed Sonic to warp out of the Special Stage, which resides in a different universe as a trap),

Unconventional Resistance to Reality Warping & Greater Spatial Manipulation (4-D. When using Chaos Control, Shadow was unaffected by the shattering and warping of reality caused by the destruction of the Paradox Prism),

Acids (Can withstand the acid of poison frogs with no negative side effects),

Extreme Heat (Unfazed by the volcanic temperatures of Lava Shelter, which is set inside of an active volcano),

Cosmic Radiations (Can repeatedly endure the vacuum of space with no negative side effects),

Damage Transferal (Rings completely shield the user from harm so long as they have at least 1 in their possession. Upon taking an instance of damage, a varying amount will scatter from the one who collected them with higher durability causing less to drop. Rings have repeatedly shown the capacity to protect Base characters from villains far stronger than them, ranging from the likes of Void to amped Titans such as Supreme),

Healing & Stamina Recovery (Ring energy revitalizes the wielder and restores energy, as noted with Silver wanting to use some to replenish his energy. Rings are referred to by The End as being vitality),

Statistics Amplification (Ring energy in the Sonic Riders series can amplify the user's speed by nearly 2x and increases their boost duration by nearly 2 seconds when going from level 1 to 3).

All previous abilities and:

Time Stop (Can use Chaos Control to freeze time without a Chaos Emerald),

Paralysis Inducement, Power Nullification & Stamina Reduction (The Chaos Spear could be used to temporarily stun enemies. Drained Neo Metal Sonic of his Super transformation, stripping him of his energy and leaving him in a state similar to exhaustion despite him being an inorganic machine that is said to have limitless stamina),

All innate Resistances plus:

Ice Manipulation (Can break free from being frozen solid),

Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, & Possession (Unaffected by all of the Ifrit's passive hax),

Sound Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, & Transmutation/Deconstruction (Can withstand the effects of the Magenta, Ivory and Blue Wisps),

Transmutation, Biological Manipulation, & Disease Manipulation (Made physical contact with the Zombots several times before showing any sign of infection, whereas others show symptoms after the slightest touch),

Healing & Stamina Recovery (Ring energy revitalizes the wielder and restores energy),

Acausality (Sage, an advanced AI who can run calculations by the millions, referred to Sonic's actions as trying to defy causality by refusing to submit to his accelerating cyber corruption. Super Sonic, with assistance from Sage within Supreme, ultimately defeated The End. The End referred to its impending defeat at their hands as something that transcends law and time despite it's attunement being the ruling of fate on everything in the universe, with Super Sonic referring to it as breaking the chains of fate.),


Positive Emotion Empowerment,

True Flight,

Invulnerability (Super forms are stated grant the gift of being invulnerable, indestructible and invincible to conventional harm, and is merely unaffected by Devil Doom's attacks being thrown against him),

Invulnerability Negation (Super form users can harm other super form users with this trait),

Regeneration Negation (The full power of the Chaos Emeralds allowed Shadow and Sonic to bypass Solaris' regeneration entirely, shattering its light shells and decapitating it. Even when Solaris revitalized and reformed itself with wings, the damage to it remained),

Holy Manipulation (The Chaos Emeralds are described as wondrous and miracle gems that perform miracles once they are all gathered together, the result of which result is the Super form),

Enhanced Non-Physical Interaction and Conceptual Manipulation (Stated to be capable of using the full power contained within the Chaos Emeralds, which allowed Super Sonic to interact with and harm entities such as The End. Can directly attack Solaris' consciousness.),

Forcefield Creation,

Resistance to:

Enhanced Death Manipulation (Super forms can withstand the Eyes of Solaris, which instantly kill whoever touches them).

Weaknesses: Shadow's quite co*cky and overconfident. Invulnerability only lasts for as long as he has rings.
Dark Pit (Kid Icarus)


The goddess Pandora was the architect behind Dark Pit's creation, creating him by baiting Pit into breaking the Mirror of Truth, which can create copies of whatever it sees. His imperfect duplicate quickly revolts against the deity, joining Pit's efforts in taking her down.

Dark Pit is the dark, but not necessarily evil, counterpart of Pit who was created after Pandora tricked the latter into running straight into the Mirror of Truth. However, due to Pit smashing the Mirror before the process could be complete, Dark Pit is simply rebellious rather than outright malicious. Seeking to carve his own path, he battles Pit on several occasions, but fate forced Dark Pit to help his original whether he wanted to or not.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Limited Flight (Needs a goddess' help),

Weapon Mastery,

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant,


Immortality (In the chapter where Dark Pit is playable, he can be revived when he dies. Pit explains that when he is revived, it is Palutena resurrecting him, so Dark Pit may have a similar connection),

Durability Negation,

Darkness Manipulation,

Gravity Manipulation,

Plant Manipulation,


Electricity Manipulation,

Space-Time Manipulation,

Air Manipulation,

Ice Manipulation,

Water Manipulation,

Limited Reactive Movement,

Pain Manipulation,

Damage Reduction,


Explosion Manipulation,


Body Control,

Size Manipulation,

Self-Sustenance (Don't need air),

Light Manipulation,

Fire Manipulation,

Black Hole Creation,

Poison Manipulation,

Breaking the Fourth Wall,

Energy Projection,

Status Effect Inducement,



Statistics Amplification,

Can turn his foes into an eggplant or tempura,

Invisibility and Intangible,

Can convert damage into power with Libra Sponge,

Limited Power Nullification with Interference (Can plant a beacon that disrupts enemies' ability to use powers),

Can generate a forcefield that reflects all projectiles except for his own,

Can heal himself in a number of ways,

Resistance to Life Force Manipulation and Absorption.

Weaknesses: Dark Pit is rather stubborn and reckless in addition to be reluctant to rely on other's help. He cannot fly without the help of a Goddess and can only do so for five minutes at a time, or else he'll die as his wings burn up.
Song: Chaotic Flight

Shadow the Hedgehog, the ultimate life form, darted through the picturesque landscape of Windmill Isle with incredible speed, propelled by his powerful rocket shoes. The town, inspired by ancient Greece, provided a stunning backdrop for Shadow's high-speed journey, as he glided smoothly, leaving a trail of wind in his wake. Coming to fly by him, was the dark copy of the angel captain Pit himself, Dark Pit. Seeing this brooding hedgehog going by so fast, he snarked,

"Hey Spiky, what's the rush?"

Shadow, maintaining his stoic demeanor, coolly dismissed Dark Pit's question. He replied with a nonchalant tone,

"That's none of your concern. Go and fly off somewhere else."

Without giving the dark angel another glance, Shadow continued gliding through the vibrant streets of Windmill Isle, his rocket shoes carrying him at blistering speeds, leaving no time to waste.

Dark Pit, provoked by Shadow's dismissive attitude, swiftly retrieved his Silver Bow from his quiver.

"Heh, well with that attitude, I'm going to show you how outclassed you are."

With a smug grin, he shot out a flurry of green light arrows in the direction of the black hedgehog. Shadow, however, remained unfazed and focused. His incredible agility allowed him to effortlessly evade the relentless onslaught of arrows, gracefully maneuvering around them with ease.

Dark Pit braced himself as Shadow transformed into a spiny ball, hurtling towards him with lightning-fast speed. The dark angel nimbly countered Shadow's assault by expertly wielding his Silver Bow blades, unleashing a series of fierce slashes in an attempt to defend against the hedgehog's formidable attack. However, none of Dark Pit's slashes had any significant impact on Shadow. The ultimate life form, seemingly unstoppable, simply brushed off the copy's attacks with ease, his focus unwavering as he continued to press forward.

Returning to the ground, Shadow matched Dark Pit's pace, darting forward with astonishing velocity. The two rivals moved faster than the eye could follow, their forms a blur as they streaked across the breathtaking landscape of Windmill Isle. The sonic battle between the ultimate life form and the dark angel unfolded with unparalleled intensity, every move a display of remarkable agility and lightning-fast reflexes.

Dark Pit, attempting to gain the upper hand, charged his Silver Bow to unleash a more powerful light arrow. Just as he prepared to fire, Shadow, seizing the opportunity, invoked his formidable ability.

"Chaos Control!"

With time itself coming to a halt, everything around them froze in place. The once vibrant town suddenly appeared motionless, allowing Shadow to move with unparalleled freedom. While the world remained paralyzed around him, Shadow stood amidst the frozen tableau, fully in control of the situation.

Seizing the advantage of the frozen time around him, Shadow sprang into action. With a swift leap, he executed a flying spin kick aimed at Dark Pit's head. Despite the temporary stasis of their world, the dark angel's body reacted to the impact, propelled by the force of Shadow's attack. With his adversary momentarily stunned despite the frozen surroundings, Shadow seized the opportunity to press the advantage, fully capitalizing on the effects of Chaos Control.

As time resumed its normal flow, Dark Pit found himself feeling the full impact of Shadow's spin kick. Reeling back in shock, he let out a surprised cry, the force of the attack finally registering in his body. Caught off guard, Dark Pit stumbled momentarily, but soon steadied himself, determined to not let this slip-up give Shadow the edge.

"Time manipulation? Do you think that makes you so special? I'll show you."

With renewed determination, Dark Pit soared to the highest vantage point of Windmill Isle, the top of a prominent altar building. There, he revealed his Dark Pit Staff, a formidable sniper rifle capable of delivering precise shots from a distance. Taking aim at Shadow, who continued to dart around with incredible speed, Dark Pit prepared to shoot down the ultimate life form.

However, Shadow was moving so fast, especially as he rolled into a spin dash, Dark Pit couldn't keep a pin point on him, and even aiming ahead still didn't hit him. Dark Pit's frustration grew as Shadow's agility and speed made it difficult to land a successful shot. Despite his attempts to anticipate the ultimate life form's movements, Dark Pit's shots were consistently off-target.

"Stay still, damn hedgehog..."

Dark Pit's voice carried a mix of frustration and determination as he spoke, trying to focus on hitting his elusive target amidst Shadow's relentless evasion. Dark Pit, still perched atop the alter building, frantically scanned the surroundings, trying to locate Shadow as he soon lost him. Frustration etched on his face, he called out, menace laced in his voice:

"Where are you now?"

Having lost sight of his target amidst the vastness of Windmill Isle, Dark Pit's attention intensified as he continued his search for the elusive ultimate life form. Dark Pit's eyes widened in alarm as Shadow suddenly appeared behind him, brandishing a gun with threatening intent. Without hesitation, Shadow delivered a chilling ultimatum:

"Don't move, punk, or you'll have a nice halo to fit with those wings of yours."

Faced with Shadow's imposing presence and the imminent threat, Dark Pit stood frozen, weighing his next move carefully, acutely aware of the potential consequences.

"Don't count me out yet."

With Dark Pit's quick reflexes, he summoned his Guardian Orbitars to create a protective shield, deflecting the incoming bullet fired by Shadow. In a swift counterattack, the dark angel swapped his Silver Bow for an Electroshock Arm gauntlet, delivering a powerful punch that paralyzed Shadow momentarily. The impact of the strike sent him reeling, disrupting his focus for a brief moment.

Gaining his composure, Shadow launched into a flurry of movements, zigzagging and darting in different directions to catch Dark Pit off guard. Amidst his evasive maneuvers, he unleashed a barrage of bullets from multiple sides, attempting to break through the dark angel's defenses. Despite Shadow's relentless onslaught, Dark Pit remained unyielding, expertly blocking the bullets with his Guardian Orbitars. With a fluid motion, he retaliated with precise shots from his Silver Bow, his focus unwavering as he defended against Shadow's assault.

Out of ammo and undeterred, Shadow tossed aside his depleted gun, opting instead for a charged attack. In a leap, he unleashed the powerful Chaos Spear, a blast of energy hurtling towards Dark Pit. In response, the dark angel reacted swiftly, charging his Silver Bow to unleash a potent light arrow. As the two energy attacks clashed in a burst of force, the resulting explosion illuminated the skyline for a fleeting moment.

As the smoke cleared from the explosive clash, Shadow took advantage of the temporary cover, executing a Chaos Control teleport to appear behind Dark Pit. However, the dark angel anticipated his move and swiftly responded by equipping his Violent Palm. With a swift backhand strike, Dark Pit delivered a powerful blow that sent Shadow reeling backward, momentarily disrupting the hedgehog's momentum. Dark Pit, amused by Shadow's predictable tactic, let out a chuckle. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he taunted,

"Heh, trying to attack from behind while under cover? Sounds like what I'd do."

The dark angel's words carried a hint of amusem*nt, seemingly entertained by the similarities between them. The atmosphere around them crackled with energy as Shadow's form began to glow with a red aura. Sensing the impending escalation, he declared with unwavering determination,

"Playtime is over. Time to step it up."

In a grand display, Shadow summoned the powerful presence of the seven Chaos Emeralds. They materialized in orbit around him, their ethereal energy pulsating, fueling his extraordinary power. Dark Pit observed Shadow's transformation with a mix of awe and concern. The sight of the seven Chaos Emeralds revolving around his rival was unmistakably concerning. The energy emanating from Shadow was unlike anything he had witnessed before, pushing the dark angel's unease to greater heights.

"What is this?"

Dark Pit's murmured words reflected his growing apprehension. The dark angel's eyes darted back and forth, assessing the situation and weighing his options as the ultimate life form drew upon the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

"I am the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog. Behold my ultimate power."

As the seven Chaos Emeralds bathed Shadow in their energy, they facilitated his transformation. The once black hedgehog underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, his fur transitioning into a radiant lemon cream. Rising to new heights, Shadow transcended into the formidable Super Shadow. Embodying ultimate power, Super Shadow stood before Dark Pit, his presence exuding a commanding authority that left no room for doubt. The dark angel's resolve wavered momentarily, his confidence shaken by the overwhelming aura of his transformed rival.

Despite the unnerving presence of Super Shadow, Dark Pit couldn't resist a snarky remark, his co*cky demeanor evident in his words.

"Super Shadow? Ultimate life form? You're just full of yourself, aren't you?"

Unfazed by the dark angel's mockery, Super Shadow's unwavering focus remained locked onto his adversary. The transformation had amplified his power to extraordinary levels, making him an even more formidable opponent in their ongoing clash. Dark Pit, underestimating the true extent of Super Shadow's power, provoked the transformed hedgehog with his confidence.*

"Hmph, you have no idea what you're up against. I'll show you that I can back it up."

Seizing the initiative, Shadow teleported in front of Dark Pit and unleashed a relentless barrage of punches, each strike landing with enough force to send the dark angel soaring through the air. With a final, powerful double-fisted strike, Shadow slammed Dark Pit into the ground, leaving him momentarily disoriented and winded from the relentless onslaught.

Super Shadow continued his relentless assault on Dark Pit, teleporting again to land yet another series of powerful punches and kicks. The ultimate life form's strikes landed with remarkable force and precision, leaving the dark angel overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the onslaught. With each blow, Dark Pit struggled to find an opening to retaliate or even gather his bearings, as the transformed hedgehog's overwhelming power seemed to engulf him. It was a testament to Super Shadow's unparalleled strength, leaving Dark Pit grappling with a formidable opponent unlike any he had faced before.


With growing frustration, Dark Pit retaliated against Super Shadow, utilizing his Violent Palm and Electroshock Arm equipment to counter the ultimate life form's relentless assault. In a swift, calculated move, the dark angel delivered a decisive blow to Shadow's oncoming punch, momentarily halting his attack. Concurrently, Dark Pit also unleashed a powerful blow with his Electroshock Arm, sending Super Shadow hurtling into the nearest building wall, momentarily stunning him with the force of the impact. Super Shadow, momentarily stunned by Dark Pit's counterattack, quickly regained his composure. He responded with a confident smirk and a co*cky retort.

"I wasn't even trying."

Shadow's words carried a hint of arrogance, hinting that his previous efforts were but a fraction of his true power. It was a clear challenge, daring the dark angel to push him even further.

With a graceful leap, Super Shadow ascended to the same level as Dark Pit, initiating a volley of powerful Chaos Arrows. Dark Pit, ever nimble and quick, swiftly evaded each projectile, displaying remarkable agility as he danced through the barrage. Drawing upon his formidable sword skills, Dark Pit maneuvered with poise, skillfully slicing through the Chaos Arrows with precise slashes from his swords. Closing the distance between them, the dark angel's determination was evident, ready for another close encounter with the transformed hedgehog.

In a fierce clash, Dark Pit and Super Shadow engaged in a frenzied melee, the dark angel's swords clashing against the transformed hedgehog's fists. The intensity of their confrontation was palpable, each landing strikes and blocks with fierce determination. Despite Dark Pit's impressive skills, the invulnerable nature of Super Shadow's super form meant that he was impervious to damage, leaving the dark angel at a disadvantage. With every block and counterstrike, Dark Pit pushed himself harder to find a way to overcome the unstoppable force before him.

Leveraging the momentum of their close-range fight, Dark Pit made an opening by propelling Super Shadow towards the ground. With a quick reaction, the dark angel manifested his formidable EZ Cannon, swiftly charging it up to unleash a powerful attack. From Dark Pit's perspective, the resulting explosion engulfed a significant area, seemingly engulfing Super Shadow in its destructive force. The impact of the attack was clearly potent, shaking the very earth itself and sending shockwaves through the surrounding environment.

Dark Pit's brief moment of satisfaction quickly turned into alarm as Super Shadow effortlessly countered his offensive with a powerful teleport kick, sending him crashing to the ground below. Before the dark angel could react, Super Shadow unleashed a devastating assault with another barrage of Chaos Arrows, showering the area in a relentless storm of energy projectiles. Dark Pit struggled to regain balance, shielding himself from the forceful onslaught, the sheer intensity of the attack threatening to overwhelm him.

Super Shadow, not satisfied with mere chaos arrows, channeled his power into a more destructive maneuver. With a focused chant of "Chaos... Lance!", he summoned a more potent variant of his Chaos Spear. In a swift motion, he threw the charged projectile into the chaos surrounding Dark Pit, which erupted into a massive explosion of red energy. Dark Pit shielded himself from the powerful burst, the ground quaking beneath him as the force of the attack threatened to engulf him in its fury.

Dark Pit, battered and bruised from Super Shadow's relentless assault, emerged from the debris, a mix of determination and defiance in his eyes.

"Alright, you asked for it, Spiky."

With a resolute stance, Dark Pit slammed his fists together and materialized the Brawler Claws, an armament that enhanced his speed with its passive effect. Despite his previous struggles, the dark angel's resolve burned brightly, ready to face off against the transformed hedgehog with renewed vigor.

Dark Pit and Super Shadow clashed in an aerial duel that escalated as they ascended higher and higher into the heavens. Despite Shadow's invulnerable transformation, Dark Pit displayed remarkable tenacity and speed, maintaining a rapid barrage of blows against the transformed hedgehog. With breathtaking agility, they dueled at velocities surpassing light speed, leaving trails of stardust as their epic confrontation unfolded against the cosmic backdrop. The moon cast a luminous glow upon their fierce struggle, the silence of the upper atmosphere broken only by the occasional clash of fists against each other. Super Shadow's words echoed through the cosmos, declaring,

"I already have one rival who matches my speed and power. I do not need another one!"

With a determined move, he unfastened his inhibitor rings, unleashing an overwhelming surge of power that exponentially amplified his strength and speed. However, Dark Pit was unfazed by the growing danger, fueled by a refusal to yield even as Shadow's powers surged. Despite the odds stacked against him, the dark angel's resilience drove him to keep pace with the transformed hedgehog's intensified blows and blistering speed.

Dark Pit, engaged in an intense duel with Super Shadow, realized with dismay that his ability to fly, an aid from the gods, had reached its limit. As he began to fall back towards Earth, a sense of disbelief washed over him.

"What?! It's been five minutes already?!"

"Hmph, guess he isn't as tough as he…"

Shadow's taunt was cut off when his Super Form reached its own time limit, and his fur returned to his natural color of black. Before falling, the only thing the hedgehog had time to say was,


As they hurtled towards the ground, Dark Pit's determination surged within him.

"No! Not yet! I can still with this!"

Refusing to concede defeat, he quickly drew his powerful Meteor Bow, charging it up for a devastating shot. With a bold shout, Dark Pit unleashed an arrow empowered with the explosive force and blazing velocity of a meteor, aiming to turn the tide of their catastrophic fall.

In a desperate act of survival, Shadow channeled his Lightspeed Dash, transforming into a rolling ball and charging towards the blazing arrow. Upon colliding with the meteor-like projectile, he was enveloped by a fiery explosion before barrelling through it and smashing into Dark Pit. The collision sent both of them hurtling down at a breakneck speed, their rapid descent causing the air around them to ignite in fiery combustion as they plummeted towards the Earth's surface.

As Dark Pit cried out in agony, his wings succumbing to the intense heat generated by their rapid descent. The feathers burned away, and the wing structure shattered under the overwhelming pressure of the G forces. It seemed as if the dark angel was reaching his physical limits, struggling to withstand the forces that threatened to tear him apart amidst the scorching flames. Summoning a final surge of strength, Shadow roared,

"You're going straight to Hell! Chaos... Blast!"

Unleashing an explosive wave of power that rumbled with the force of a continent-shaking tremor. Dark Pit's body was helpless against the overwhelming might of the uninhibited ultimate life form, disintegrating under the intense pressure as he could not endure the magnitude of the attack.

Back on solid ground via teleportation, Shadow appeared, panting for breath after expending a significant amount of energy in the fierce battle. Despite the exertion, he maintained a composed demeanor, proclaiming with a hint of satisfaction,

"Hmph, victory is mine. Now, back to what I was doing."

With a sense of purpose renewed, Shadow swiftly departed from Windmill Isle, using his rocket shoes to propel himself at the speed of sound across the landscape. As he traveled, the world around him blurred, showcasing his incredible velocity and determination as he moved forward with a clear objective in mind.
Strength: At the start of the fight, Dark Pit had a sizable lead. Dark Pit is as strong as our good ol' regular Pit, who managed to beat Pyrrhon, who pushed the Aurum Brain to the other side of the galaxy after defusing from it. To do so, both Pits would have to scale to his power, estimated to be at most, 320 Teratons of TNT. Impressive, but Death Battle has calculated that the combined power of all the Chaos Emeralds is around 2.8 Yottatons, about 6,700X more powerful than the cast of Kid Icarus has faced before.

Speed: You may expect Shadow to be the faster one, but Shadow was surprisingly outclassed. If we were to take the 10X multiplier of the Chaos Emeralds, and assume that Shadow's inhibitors also unlocked a 10X multiplier, Shadow could naturally move 33X light speed. But with the power of the gods, both Pits could reach different constellations in 15 seconds. Reaching Alpha Centauri alone would require traveling at 8.9 million times light speed. That's a 270,566X difference.

Skill: I'd say that Shadow is the more experienced. Dark Pit may have his light counterpart's power and speed, but he never actually won against the angel captain, who has lots of actual experience. While the amount of time passing in the Sonic games are dubious, Shadow still did more with his time to hone his skills more than Dark Pit did.

Experience: Similar to before, Dark Pit may be able to fight the same foes as Pit does, but Shadow has faced against more various boss fights where some of them are even more impressive than the Greek gods of Kid Icarus, like Solarus.

Powers: When it came to versatility, Dark Pit had a lot of his sleeve, able to use elemental magic, status ailments, and even to some degree, time-space manipulation. However, not only is Shadow far better at using the latter, but he has a lot of natural resistances against the majority of Dark Pit's arsenal, and complete immunity once he went Super. And his ability with Chaos Control means that he can consistently keep up with Dark Pit's speed advantage, or even outright negate it.
Next time:

"I have had carnal knowledge of the fairest maidens in Heaven... and have tasted the finest wines of Gaea. But none of it- none of it- excites my blood more than using my blade!"

"Finished? It'll never be finished. A battle isn't like some stupid argument. As long as someone's still breathing, the fight isn't over."

Chapter 13: Kenpachi vs Augus

Chapter Text



One of the elite demigods of Shinkoku, Augus is one of the most prominent warriors of the empire and master to many the likes of Asura and Yasha. His life is driven only by the need of satisfying his vices, encompassing delicious food, fine wine, beautiful women and his true passion: battle. Augus doesn't even care about good or evil, as he fights only for the thrill it provides him.

He did not believe in Deus's cause, but sided with him only to keep enjoying the pleasures of life. His ultimate desire was to face Asura in battle, whom he believed to be just like him and the only one who truly understands him. Unable to realize the greater reason for which Asura was fighting, Augus met his doom after an epic clash and died proud of what his pupil had become.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Genius Intelligence,

Longevity and Cyborgization (Has the same physiology as Asura's),

Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and possibly 2. Can survive in space without any apparent limit of time),

Mantra Manipulation and Projection (His power stems from a form of energy called Mantra in the same way as Asura does, but instead drawing it from Greed. His physical attacks are enhanced by orange energy, which he also projects forward while punching. Can launch many energy slashes from his sword),

Martial Arts Master (Mainly fights with his bare hands and is the one who taught Asura and Yasha the art of unarmed combat. Traded fists with Episode 11 Six-Armed Vajra Asura in a warm-up bout and then matched him blow-for-blow in a fistfight),

Master Swordsman (Regarded as a master swordsman whose real potential is reveleaed only when he draws his blade. Can slay high-level Gohma without even unsheating his sword, since such privilege is reserved only to worthy opponents such as Asura and Deus.),

Weapon Control (Can extend his sword up to 380,000 km),

Acrobatics (Should have prowess similar to Asura and Yasha. Fought a Gohma Glider in mid-air. Jumped from the Moon to Gaea while carrying an impaled Asura with him),

Likely Analytical Prediction (As the one who taught Asura and Yasha how to read and counter their opponents' moves, thus he should possess the same ability to a similar degree),

Enhanced Senses (Completely unimpeded by his blindness),

Statistics Amplification (As all powerful demigods, Augus can materialize his own halo and enter the "Vajra" form, increasing his strength and abilities. Augus enters this state only when drawing out his sword. Charging his Mantra for a few moments allows him to cross long distances at higher speed than normal),

Limited Flight (Although unable to fly on Earth, Augus can propel and maneuver himself through the vacuum of space at great speed in a similar fashion to his fellow demigods. Somehow reached the Moon, where he battled Asura),

Likely Soul Manipulation (Should possess the ability to collect the souls of mortals just like other members of the Seven Deities do. Contributed in the reap of human souls occurred under Deus's reign),

Resistance to

Heat (Unfazed by entering Gaea's atmosphere),

Cosmic Radiation.


The rough and wild captain of Squad 11, Kenpachi's immense spiritual power enabled him to achieve captain rank without unlocking his Zanpakuto's name or power. He's the only captain in history who has achieved captaincy without requiring Bankai to do so. He enjoys fighting and will hold back in various ways to make the fight last as long as possible. Due to his love of fighting, he is a wild card for Soul Society, being willing to turn on them if it gives him the chance to have a great fight.

He is the guardian of his lieutenant Yachiru whom he named after someone from his past that he greatly admired.

His Zanpakuto is Nozarashi, and its Shikai turns it into an enormous cleaver that he claims can cut anything, even intangible items. Its Bankai (currently unnamed) is unique in that while the size of his sword decreases, his skin turns red and he enters an unstoppable berserker state.

Powers and Abilities:

Soul Physiology & Shinigami Physiology,

Master Swordsman & Adept Hand to Hand Combatant (As a captain of The Gotei 13, specifically the captain of the 11th division, which is the main combat unit of the entire military structure of Soul Society, Kenpachi's is extremely skilled and experience in all forms of full-frontal combat, be it with swords or with hands, having train countless decades on both alone and had countless battles against opponents, Kenpachi has become one of the most skilled swordsman within the entirety of Soul Society, allowing him to fight on part with and then eventually outskill the likes of Retsu Unohana, something with more experience then Kenpachi and someone who knows 8,000 different sword styles, this level of skill is enhanced by the fact Kenpachi has insane levels of reflexes and instinct, allowing him to dodge attacks through touch alone after having all of his main senses, alongside his spiritual pressure senses removed by Tosen's Bankai.),

Possible Enhanced Non-Physical Interaction (Elemental - Kenpachi is stated to probably be capable of cutting "Air", allow him to damage Azashiro who can phase through the attacks of captain-class shinigami who can interact with spirit ribbons which are intangible to regular shinigami who can interact with intangible souls like Pluses),

Instinctive Reaction (Kenpachi reflexively reacts towards attacks that are comparable to him in speed, even after having all of his senses and ability to sense spiritual energy removed by Tosen's Bankai, Kenpachi was able to reflexively react towards his attacks through feeling his blade cross his skin and instinctively moving out of the way.),


Spatial Manipulation and durability negation (Kenpachi can cut through space while in Shikai, this effect should extend to his Bankai as well),


Berserk Mode & Enhanced Statistics Amplification (Bankai Only - While in Bankai, Kenpachi becomes a mindless monster whose only purpose is to cut and kill his opponent, his Bankai also greatly increase the speed and attacking power of Kenpachi, allowing him to cleave through opponents casually which were massively stronger then him previously while in Shikai),

Resistance to

Durability Negation (Kenpachi's Reiatsu is able to harden his organs to protect against internal attacks),

Space-Time Manipulation & Extreme Heat (Survived the after effects of Azashiro's Ittō Kasō, which can tear holes in space time),

Passive Illusion Creation & Passive Pain Manipulation (Kenpachi's Reiatsu is stated to put people under illusions which feel like "you were being tripped over a mountain of needles"),

Passive Deconstruction (Molecular - Kenpachi's Reiatsu is stated to causes Reishi to burn and crumble away),

Passive Spatial Manipulation (Kenpachi's Reiatsu causes the walls of the Garganta to crack),


Kenpachi is dangerously overconfident, as he almost always holds back in combat with his energy stealing eye patch, braiding bells into his hair, uses his sword one-handed, etc. Kenpachi's Bankai leaves him in a berserk state who seems to be only capable of attacking the enemy. His Bankai is so powerful that his body cannot fully contain and control its power. Should Kenpachi use too much power, he will tear apart and damage his own body in the process.
Song: Greedy for Battle

The muscular and imposing Kenpachi Zaraki, the renowned Captain of Squad 11 within the Gotei 13, strolled through the tranquil expanse of Soul Society, his expression displaying a mild hint of boredom. Having seen countless battles and emerged victorious time and again, he yearned for a new adversary capable of pushing him to his limits and providing a challenging fight.

Alerted by the rumbling and commotion in the vicinity, Kenpachi, ever the warrior seeking thrilling combat, felt compelled to investigate. Being the closest of any nearby Captains or Lieutenants, it seemed like his responsibility to assess the situation and determine if the intruder was indeed worth his attention. Without a second thought, he swiftly made his way towards the source of the disturbance, anticipation building within him at the prospect of a potential battle.

In his attempt to breach the boundaries of Soul Society, Augus, one of the fearsome Seven Deities, had forcefully entered this sacred realm. With a triumphant laugh, he declared,

"Aha! I knew there was something here!"

His words echoed through the surroundings as he called out, demanding to face the mightiest Soul Reapers. With the situation turning interesting, Kenpachi approached the invading deity, his instincts recognizing the potential danger posed by this unexpected adversary.

"Ah, my challenge. Now who might you be, my strong fellow?"

Augus asked the Shinigami Captain, smirking while crossing his arms. Raising an eyebrow with intrigue, Kenpachi, the ever-serious Soul Reaper Captain, responded with a firm and stern tone,

"I'm Kenpachi Zaraki, Captain of Squad 11 in the Gotei 13. And you are?"

Augus's laughter echoed through the area, resonating with a playful defiance. He raised an eyebrow, exuding confidence as he asked,

"Kenpachi... Zaraki? Quite the illustrious name. I am Augus, one of the Seven Deities, and the embodiment of Greed itself. It seems you've been bestowed with the divine honor of facing my power."

Kenpachi's gaze remained fixed on Augus, his eyes narrowing as he assessed the deity's formidable strength.

"Seven Deities? Never heard of ya. But if you believe you're so strong, let's take this outside of Soul Society. It's bothersome having an audience around to distract me."

Augus smirked, his blind gaze seemingly piercing through the air.

"Very well, I shall entertain your request. Let us go to a place where we can relish in our battle without interruptions. I'll lead the way."

"Tsk, follow a blind man? No, I'll pick where we fight."

Kenpachi, with the swiftness of a lightning bolt, seized hold of Augus' face and forcefully dragged him at a blistering pace through the dense forest that surrounded Soul Society's boundaries. Caught off guard and unable to resist the unyielding grip, Augus found himself thrust into the surrounding wilderness, his surroundings becoming a blur in the whirlwind of motion. The once serene forest transformed into a whirlwind of foliage and earth as Kenpachi transported them, their battle about to escalate to unimaginable heights.

With a powerful surge of strength, Augus managed to halt their frenetic pace by firmly embedding his feet into the ground, creating a sudden and forceful stop that defied the momentum generated by Kenpachi's speed. A mischievous chuckle escaped Augus's lips as he addressed the Soul Reaper Captain, his tone filled with playful banter.

"Haha, rather impatient, are you?!"

As Kenpachi took a few steps back, he observed Augus, the muscular Demigod towering a few feet above him. Sensing the pre-battle tension in the air, Kenpachi initiated the commencement of the imminent combat.

"Something like that. Before we begin, there's an unofficial custom we need to tend to. Let's do it properly."

With a determined gleam in his eyes, Kenpachi exposed his bandaged midsection by unfastening his shihakushō and haori, revealing a symbol of vulnerability in the face of impending battle.

"I'm going to let you have the first strike. I'll stand here, and you can strike at me however you like. Consider it a free shot."

Augus raised an eyebrow, his blind gaze unwavering as he processed the proposition. With a sly grin, he accepted the challenge, prepared to seize the opportunity to land a free blow against the formidable Kenpachi.

"A free shot? Alright, I'll take you up on it!"

The silence was broken as Augus unleashed a potent haymaker aimed directly at Kenpachi's exposed midsection. The sheer force behind the attack shook the very earth around them, an embodiment of the deity's raw power focused into a singular strike.

The impact sent Kenpachi reeling backward, his feet sliding across the ground with the force of Augus's colossal punch. Despite the raw power behind the strike, Kenpachi remained unfazed and untouched, his chest unmarked and unperturbed. The blow served as a testament to Kenpachi's incredible tenacity, showcasing his resilience against even the most devastating of attacks. With a hint of intrigue, Augus couldn't help but marvel at the unmovable figure before him.

Augus, sensing the undeniable strength emanating from Kenpachi, couldn't suppress a growing sense of curiosity. As Kenpachi drew his Zanpakutō, a long nodachi with a worn and deadly edge, Augus prepared himself for the impending clash of their formidable powers. The tension in the air was palpable as the stage was set for an unparalleled battle between two formidable adversaries. Augus's excitement deepened as he anticipated facing the true might of the Soul Reaper Captain head-on.

As Kenpachi charged forward, aiming an upwards slash, Augus swiftly sidestepped the attack with remarkable agility. Capitalizing on the opening, he countered with a powerful kick to Kenpachi's side, sending the Soul Reaper Captain flying through the air. The impact of the kick left Kenpachi momentarily airborne, his body somersaulting briefly before gracefully descending back to the ground. The force behind Augus' attack was evident as the ground shook beneath their feet, demonstrating the deity's formidable strength.

Augus pressed his assault by leaping into the air and executing a powerful dive kick that pushed Kenpachi back. The deity followed up with an uppercut and three consecutive blows, relentlessly driving his adversary farther without any resistance. Despite Augus' relentless onslaught, something felt amiss. Zaraki didn't seem to dodge or parry any of the attacks, almost as if he purposely allowed the hits to connect. Was this a part of a subtle strategy or a calculated provocation?

Despite the relentless assaults from Augus, Kenpachi effortlessly regained his footing and countered with a series of strikes that were more intuitive than refined. Augus found himself in the unusual position of dealing with a strong yet mostly untrained adversary. The Soul Reaper Captain lacked formal training and was more reliant on raw strength than finesse in battle. The clash became an intriguing dance between a deity with centuries of experience and a Soul Reaper Captain who excelled in sheer brute force. The outcome of the battle would hinge on how adept each combatant was at exploiting their respective strengths and compensating for their weaknesses.

Without warning, Kenpachi unleashed the powerful technique of Shunpo to quickly flash step behind Augus, surprising the deity as he tried to punch him. Taking advantage of the opening, Kenpachi swiftly executed a stab to the Demigod of Greed's leg and followed up with a series of forceful slashes and blows that sent him soaring through the air. With a mighty force, Kenpachi propelled Augus into the ground, creating a powerful impact that shook the earth and left the deity momentarily disoriented. The Soul Reaper Captain had demonstrated his ability to seamlessly integrate Shunpo into his fighting style, combining his brute strength with the strategic advantage of agility.

The attempted attack by Kenpachi was swiftly evaded by Augus, who rolled out of the way and managed to dodge the powerful strike. With a great tremble, the Zanpakutō sliced the ground as the Soul Reaper Captain's downward swing missed his target. Augus capitalized on this opportunity to seize the initiative, quickly finding himself in a position behind the Captain. The Demigod of Greed proceeded to slam Kenpachi into the ground, causing a massive impact. This demonstration of raw strength showcased the deity's relentless offensive nature.

Kenpachi evaded Augus's stomp with a well-timed flicker of Shunpo, the impact of which caused the ground to quake. The Soul Reaper Captain smirked, his expression betraying his amusem*nt as he backed up and taunted the Demigod of Greed.

"Is that all you have? I'm disappointed."

"No, we're just getting started!"

Augus dismissed Kenpachi's amusem*nt with a scoff, eager to elevate the intensity and showcase his true power. To demonstrate his incredible strength, he unleashed a powerful punch that created a shockwave that reverberated throughout the atmosphere. In a display of prowess, Kenpachi successfully bisected the shockwave with his sword, leaping up to deliver a devastating and powerful downward slash that split apart Augus' chest and caused the earth to rumble. A spillage of golden blood stained the ground, evidence of the ferocity with which the two combatants were now engaging.

Kenpachi laughed in triumph at having landed a meaningful strike that cut open Augus's chest, but the deity's endurance proved to be immense. Undeterred by the damage, the Demigod of Greed responded with a flurry of punches and kicks that knocked the Soul Reaper Captain off his feet. Augus proceeded to pummel the defenseless Kenpachi like a rag doll, relentlessly pounding him with a barrage of attacks. The relentless and powerful assault provided a stark contrast to the casual and laid back demeanor the deity had initially displayed.

As Augus was poised to deliver another punishing blow, Kenpachi blocked the attack with his nodachi, regaining his balance. The Soul Reaper captain then proceeded to unleash an unrelenting assault, striking with remarkable speed and strength that challenged the demigod's defenses. The lack of finesse in Kenpachi's movements was compensated by the sheer force with which he unleashed his barrage of blows, utilizing his immense power to overcome his lack of formal combat training.

With Augus on the ground, Kenpachi pounced on the opportunity to deliver a devastating blow with his nodachi, aiming to slash down at the demigod with his blade. However, the deity was more formidable and resilient than it appeared. To stop the blade, Augus clasped his hands together firmly around the blade of the weapon, the edge caused by his grip causing golden blood to slowly seep out from his palms and cover the sword.

Augus was clearly not going to let the Soul Reaper Captain have the last laugh. With a swift motion, the deity kicked Zaraki in the face, followed by a powerful uppercut that sent him spinning into the air.

"Let's test your limits!"

The final blow came when Augus leaped upward and kicked Kenpachi off the ground, sending the Captain soaring through the sky and past the horizon. After being kicked so forcefully by Augus, Kenpachi was sent soaring through the atmosphere until he crashed into one of the mountains of the Japan Alps south of Hokkaido. In spite of the immense damage from the powerful strike, the Soul Reaper captain quickly regained his composure and stood up, using his sword as a crutch to support himself and stretched to alleviate any traces of soreness.

Augus didn't let the massive distance between the two combatants deter him as he pursued his target. With a powerful jump, the demigod of greed traversed a great distance and made a devastating landing, the power of which shook the very mountain they stood on. The demonstration of might sent a clear message to Kenpachi, whose silence was soon interrupted by Augus's mocking laughter.

Is that it? Are you the kind of man to stop after all that?"

The intense atmosphere of killer intent coming from Kenpachi was not lost on Augus, who felt the very essence of battle radiating from the Soul Reaper captain.

"Prepare to die-"

However, the demigod's anticipation was short-lived as he was abruptly interrupted by his opponent's attack. Augus threw a powerful punch directly at his face, shattering the tension in their surroundings and leaving Kenpachi stunned.

"Against you, I think I can fight with no restraint at all!"

In a sudden burst of intensity, Kenpachi tore off his eyepatch, sending a surge of energy around himself that manifested in the form of a skull surrounding the entirety of his body. A yellow aura enveloped the Soul Reaper, evidence of the immense power he had restrained up until that point. Augus observed the transformation with a distinct interest, his blind eyes glued to the powerful energy radiated by his opponent. The tension of the battle had reached a crescendo.

"Let's drink up, Nozarashi."

In an instant, Kenpachi's Zanpakutō underwent a tremendous transformation in accordance with the command. The weapon, which was initially a long and narrow nodachi, suddenly transformed into a massive cleaver that dwarfed even its powerful user. The enormous blade was now perched over the Soul Reaper captain's shoulder, showcasing the magnitude of the transformation triggered by the command. The blade was a menacing sight, its sheer size and weight a testament to the power unleashed. Augus was unable to avoid sensing the massive weapon, its presence sending a shiver down his spine.

Augus initiated the clash of the battle by going in for a punch, only to find his attack intercepted by Kenpachi's bare hand. Unfazed, the Soul Reaper captain unleashed his first attack with his transformed weapon, swinging his Zanpakutō in an attempt to slash the Demigod of Greed. However, the powerful strike was evaded at the last moment, leaving only a graze. Augus promptly retaliated with a fierce counterattack, the demigod's speed and ferocity still managing to keep up.

Augus demonstrated a relentless assault as he landed punch after punch on his foe, seemingly intent on inflicting as much damage as possible. His flurry of strikes and an uppercut was punctuated by a powerful kick that sent the Soul Reaper captain flying into a nearby boulder.

Kenpachi took the onslaught of blows head-on, his smile remaining unwavering on his face as he was struck repeatedly by the persistent attacks of Augus. The Soul Reaper captain continued to absorb the powerful offensive until he launched a counterattack with his transformed Zanpakutō. The flat of the weapon slammed harshly into the Demigod of Greed's head, causing a metallic clang to echo throughout the surroundings.

"Heh, is that it?"

Kenpachi mocked the Demigod of Greed after successfully launching his surprise attack with his transformed Zanpakutō. Using the immense mobility granted by the shunpo, he proceeded to blitz around Augus in a flurry of slashes and punches, before sending the demigod reeling away with a powerful punch from his free hand. The ruthless assault illustrated the impressive speed and agility of the Soul Reaper captain.

"Now, let me show you the power of Nozarashi. I can damn cut anything I swing at. Watch."

Kenpachi set out to showcase the true power of his transformed Zanpakutō. With a powerful two-handed swing, he brought his massive cleaver down on the mountain range, the force of the attack so great that it literally cleft the mountainside they were standing on. As a result, a large section of the mountainside started crumbling and falling away.

Augus was indeed pleasantly surprised by the immense power of Kenpachi's attack. The Demigod was able to successfully evade the initial strike, but the Soul Reaper Captain was relentless as he continued with another slash that he also evaded, which caused the mountain to disintegrate further by the pure force of the strike. The repeated slashes were indeed making the mountainside steadily smaller, a clear indication of the tremendous power unleashed.

Upon seeing how much Kenpachi can dish out, Augus activated his mantra, a golden intricate halo forming behind him, its distinct radiance a testament to the immense power he would now wield. With a resounding declaration, the Demigod of greed expressed his commitment to the battle, his excitement at being able to finally unleash his blade unwavering.

"It doesn't matter what maidens you sleep with, or how good and fine the food or wine is. Nothing excites my blood more… than using my blade!"

Unsheathing his sword, dubbed "Wailing Dark," the demigod threw the sheath away, signifying his intent to utilize the full extent of his power on his opponent. Augus had left nothing to chance and was now fully immersed and determined to defeat Kenpachi.

"I may be blind, but I can still see that you believe in the same as I! Don't you, Kenpachi Zaraki?!"

Augus called out to Kenpachi, sensing his eagerness for a fight of this magnitude. The Demigod of Greed posited that the Soul Raider captain had a similar outlook on battle as he did, the thrill and rush of a fight unlike any other being incomparable. The blind demigod posed a question to the Captain of the 11th Division, asking if he was indeed someone who believed in the same concept as him, that nothing surpassed the excitement of an enthralling contest of strength. Augus's question was quickly answered as Kenpachi responded with a loud shout that echoed throughout the vicinity.

"Damn right I do! The thrill of a fight like this is unparalleled, the ultimate rush. A clash between two fighters like us? There's no better feeling in the whole world!"

Then let's take it to the next level!"

Augus proceeded to take the battle to a whole new level, grabbing the oblivious Kenpachi by his face and swiftly propelling him towards the moon at immense velocity. Though the Demigod of Greed was handling the travel to Earth's natural satellite without any difficulty, the same couldn't be said for the Soul Reaper Captain. Despite being an experienced Shinigami with immense spiritual power, the vacuum of space was a new hazard for the captain, and he was unable to adapt as quickly as his opponent is, as his eyes reddened and bulged out, and the liquid of his body boiled out.

Augus's brutal of Kenpachi through the sheer power of his grip ultimately led to the duo making landfall on the moon in just half a minute's time. The force of the throw was impressive in its own right, sending the Captain of the 11th Division tumbling across the rocky terrain multiple times before crashing headfirst into a large hill. The sheer impact generated enough force to crater the hill, making it clear that both opponents were exerting incredible strength.

In spite of the immense power his throw had demonstrated, once it was evident that Kenpachi was struggling to withstand the moon's vacuum, Augus laughed mockingly in disbelief.

"What, can't handle something as simple as the lack of air?! Maybe you're not as tough as you thought!"

The Demigod of Greed couldn't believe that someone like the Soul Reaper captain, one of Seireitei's premier combatants with immense physical prowess, was unable to cope with something as simple as the lack of air. Augus's taunt reflected his perception of his opponent's inferior ability to adjust to new circ*mstances.

"Ban... Bankai!"

Even though the lack of air and the harsh effects of being on the moon were causing Kenpachi's body to suffer, the Shinigami captain managed to force out a few words of invocation. With a firm voice, Kenpachi managed to declare the activation of his Bankai, a crucial command that could potentially alter the result of the battle. The release of a Shinigami's Bankai was often viewed as the determining factor in the outcome of a matchup, so the fact that Kenpachi had successfully spoken the command could shift the balance of power.

Kenpachi's reiryoku began to surge as he successfully activated his Bankai, the spiritual energy within him transforming and changing in response to the power that the technique unleashed. The Shinigami captain's body began to undergo a transformation as well, the features and appearance shifting to better suit the power of his full-fledged Bankai, his very being transformed by the sheer power that erupted from within him.

Augus was struck by the sight of Kenpachi's transformation, his body taking a new and more terrifying appearance when he activated his Bankai. The Captain of the 11th Division was now a red-skinned berserker, his battle ax no longer resembling the massive cleaver it once had been. Augus could no longer deny that the power is impressive, the sheer force of the spiritual energy within the Shinigami was unmatched by anything he had previously seen. His opponent was now on full autopilot, his body moving without any hesitation or reservations.

"Hahaha, you've been holding, haven't you, Kenpachi! Even after you said you stopped holding back earlier! Now the true battle begins!"

Augus was positively delighted by the new and ferocious appearance of Kenpachi, who was now a much more intimidating and fierce foe. The Demigod of Greed's eyes lit up as he regarded the rampaging Shinigami, a smile widening across his face as he anticipated the ensuing clash. Augus gleefully laughed, his genuine enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of a clash of this magnitude palpable. He was ready to face off against the berserker Captain, the true battle now starting in earnest.

The two combatants charged at each other with their respective blades, each looking to gain the upper hand in the clash. Initially, it seemed like the strike had resulted in nothing more than the clash of their weapons, the lack of direct contact leaving them seemingly unscathed. However, it was just a matter of time before the power displayed was fully felt. At the mere after effect from the force of their blades, a crack appeared in the moon, swiftly growing into a massive split that bisected the entire lunar landscape. The sheer power of the clash was breathtaking.

On the edge of one of the split halves, Kenpachi swung his blade in a wide arc, aiming to slash the Demigod of Greed where he stood. Augus, however, was more than agile enough to dodge the attack, leaping clear over it before landing in an impressive maneuver and delivering an aerial kick. The Demigod also successfully slashed Kenpachi, who was still preoccupied with his own strike, the Shinigami Captain suffering several direct hits from Augus's blade.

Kenpachi swiftly got up after being kicked down by Augus, too feral to care about the cuts or wounds he had suffered. He simply swung his blade like an animal, the sheer ferocity and lack of technique to his strikes a reflection of the pure power that raged within him. While the Demigod was admittedly having to work harder to avoid Zaraki's slashes, the damage to the moon was being inflicted entirely by the Shinigami Captain. Each consecutive hit was further damaging the lunar landscape, increasing the size of the cracks exponentially with each swing.

Using his superior agility, Augus jumped back and attempted to dispatch Kenpachi from a distance, firing a barrage of energy slashes. However, the Soul Reaper Captain was able to block or tank every attack, his sheer power allowing him to keep on pressing forward as he relentlessly closed in on his opponent. Augus ducked under a side swipe, and Zaraki shaved a few more miles of lunar terrain from the moon, the damage caused quickly and steadily increasing.

As the moon continued to split apart at an exponentially increasing rate, the two combatants were quickly falling through the chasm between the bisected moon halves. They both jumped from rock to rock in the free fall, Kenpachi continuously slashing away at the lunar landscape with his axe, carving a path of destruction as he went. The sheer force of his swings continued to add to the damage inflicted on the moon, its already split surface and damaged insides becoming more and more devastated with every passing moment.

Augus eventually managed to catch Kenpachi off guard using a spin kick to disorient him. The Demigod followed up by delivering multiple slashes, before finally landing a devastating downward punch that sent him plunging through the moon at an accelerated velocity. Zaraki's brutal fall through the lunar interior was a sight to behold, his unstoppable descent potentially reaching the moon's core.

Augus's expression was one of pure shock and disbelief as he lost his arm in a single clean cut, the Demigod's focus broken for just a few moments by the devastating attack. Unfortunately for the Demigod, Kenpachi seized the opportunity and landed another devastating blow, this time slicing into Augus's left shoulder when he tried dodging, adding another injury to his list as the moon continued getting carved apart by their clashes from the inside out.

Kenpachi was determined to finish the fight in a decisive manner, spinning around like a top and launching a flurry of slashes at Augus, hoping to slice him to ribbons like a blender. However, the Demigod of Greed was too quick, leaping back and kicking him down and out of the way. Augus then seized the opportunity to grab a hold of Wailing Dark's extendable blade and pierce Kenpachi with the sharp point of the blade.

Zaraki was not one to allow himself to be stabbed easily, quickly pulling out the tip of the blade and attempting to repeatedly slice at Wailing Dark. However, the Demigod's sword possessed the unique ability to extend supposedly indefinitely, countering the constant damage being inflicted at the tip of the blade as it continuously elongated, keeping pace with the damage it was accumulating. The sword's magical attribute was certainly proving to be quite a challenge for the Shinigami Captain.

"Haha, prepare to meet your end, Kenpachi Zaraki!"

Augus's expression was one of pure triumph as he believed he had finally defeated Kenpachi, the battle between the two nearing its conclusion as they fell through the atmosphere. The Demigod's exultant words rang out despite the fact that they were both enveloped in intense flames and heat as they descended.

Upon hitting the ground, Kenpachi's body came in contact with the Earth, sending out a crater-like effect over the surface as the sheer force of his landing shattered the ground. His right arm also ended up snapping in bloody half from the force of blocking, the Demigod's blade also piercing through the Shinigami Captain. Wailing Dark had managed to penetrate deep enough that it came dangerously close to erupting from the Earth's surface in Rio Grande, Brazil by a distance of only a staggeringly close 1,100 km, instead only coming straight up out of the South American Ocean.

Kenpachi's relentless fighting spirit refused to submit even in the face of catastrophic damage and injury, the Soul Reaper Captain kicked Nozarashi into his left hand instead of his usual right as his Bankai continued to rage on. In his berserk and enraged state, the Shinigami Captain was able to land a well-timed and perfectly executed slash, completely bisecting the Demigod vertically as he descended on him. Augus was only able to process what had happened for a brief moment before his body was split apart and he exploded in a violent burst of energy.

Kenpachi's body was practically drenched in blood as the toll of the battle quickly set in, the Soul Reaper panting heavily as the adrenaline of the battle slowly subsided. In response to the exhaustion he was now feeling, Zaraki snapped the hilt of Wailing Dark off, along with the part of the blade that had pierced through the ground. With a sign of relief, the Soul Reaper Captain finally fell face down, unconscious, as his Bankai began to dissipate around him.
Strength: Both of these fighters are insanely powerful on just brute force alone, able to critically damage the moon when given the chance. Augus is strong enough to completely impale Wailing Dark through the Earth like a kabob. Something that I myself estimated to have taken around 368.8 Petatons. However, when Kenpachi used his Shikai to split the meteor Gremmy summoned in half, and promptly exploded, that came out to be 113 Exatons. That's a 306.4X difference. And that's not even taking into consideration of Bankai.

Speed: In terms of speed, the two were fairly close. In the beginning of the game, Augus was able to dozens of lasers shot at him, showing that he can react at higher relativistic speeds at bare minimum 50% light speed. However, Kenpachi at his full potential can scale up to Hikone Ubuginu, who can move so fast that gravity and intertia become distorted, and time cones to a stop, which could start happening as low as 70% light speed, and as high as 99-100%. And Zaraki can still add to that with Bankai, meaning the Soul Reaper can range anywhere between 3.5 to 10X light speed.

Skill: Now, in terms of formal training, Augus is clearly superior, as he's able to exploit an opponent's weakness and is a master martial artist, while Kenpachi has only learned a day's worth of Kenpo, deliberately ignoring training because that would make winning too easy. Still, this gave Augus the chance to exploit the many, many weaknesses and openings that his unrefined style presents.

Experience: However, that's not to say that Kenpachi is a chump against experienced fighters. Despite only having a day of training in his life, the only opponent he's ever had difficulty in pure swordsmanship was his fellow Captain, Unohana, as she was the absolute master of the sword. Otherwise, Zaraki can handle foes of greater experience by virtue of his typically overwhelming strength and speed. The two should also be equal in terms of fighting Ghoma and Hollows respectively.

Powers: While there isn't that many abilities that the other doesn't have, or can't counter, one thing that Kenpachi did have in his advantage was his shikai ability to cut anything, strength related or otherwise. And with the power of his Bankai, that made left Augus unable to block if he couldn't dodge.

The winner is Kenpachi Zaraki.
Next time:

"Gonna shut you up and shut you down... with my fists!"

"I've saved the city, saved the girl, but couldn't save myself..."

Chapter 14: Cody Travers vs Axel Stone

Chapter Text

Axel Stone (Streets of Rage)


A police officer before the events of the first game, he quits the force as the gangster Mr. X's corruption spreads across Wood Oak City, choosing to fight his Syndicate on his own terms when the police reveals itself to be far too corrupt to interfere, with the help of fellow ex-cops Blaze Fielding and Adam Hunter.

One year later, Axel, who has left the police to run a martial arts dojo, discovers that Adam has been kidnapped by a returning Mr. X, and finds himself forced to fight against the Syndicate once again, with the help of Blaze, as well as his friend pro wrestler Max Thunder and Adam's kid brother Skate.

Following a terrorist attack by an insane Mr. X who now seeks to plunge Earth into a world war, Axel, now reinstated as a police officer, sides with Blaze, Skate and Syndicate abdicate Dr. Zan to defeat him once and for all, the stakes higher than ever.

After the final death of Mr. X, Axel left Wood Oak City, deciding to live a simple life in isolation and spend his days training and studying in the search of true strength beyond his fists. However, he immediately returns to the city when Blaze calls for his help to take down the new Syndicate founded by Mr. X's children, Mr. and Ms. Y, joining forces with her, Adam's daughter Cherry Hunter and Gilbert Zan's apprentice, Floyd Iraia.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts (An extremely skilled fighter capable of defeating hordes of criminals and policemen alike and fight ninjas, samurai or other martial artists, even incredibly skilled ones such as his rival Shiva, as well as combat machines, Axel is capable of performing a wide variety of kung-fu moves and "combo" enemies in various ways using many advanced techniques),

Weapon Mastery (Capable of using many kinds of weaponry picked off the ground with significant skill, including unusual ones like shuriken or kunai, and can perform special moves with baseball bats, planks, lead pipes and katanas. Should have training in firearm usage due to being an ex-cop),

Acrobatics (Can easily vault over enemies while grappling them, suffer no damage while being thrown, instantly landing on his feet with an air recovery and perform dodge rolls),

All previous plus Fire Manipulation (Many of Axel's moves surround his limbs with flames),

All previous abilities plus enhanced Fire Manipulation (Axel's flames are now powerful enough to set the ground ablaze and he is capable of manipulating the flames into the shape of a dragon to attack),

Vibration Manipulation (Can hit the ground hard enough to harm nearby foes with Dragon Crush),

Air Manipulation (Can create a tornado of fire with Dragon Burst),

Absorption (Vampiric Instinct causes all attacks to restore health),

Status Effect Inducement (Can stun people by tossing Stun Grenades at them)

Weaknesses: Special moves consume some health when used too frequently.
Cody Travers (Final Fight)


Cody has practiced boxing and martial arts since he was 9, he has a girlfriend who has been his "sweetheart since childhood", Jessica. Cody also took care of his younger brother Kyle, being something of a father figure to him.

Cody teams up with his best friend/rival Guy and the Mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar, to save Jessica (Haggar's daughter) from Belger, the leader of the Mad Gear gang. Cody takes on many of Mad Gear's worst thugs, including Damnd, the first Mad Gear Gang member to kidnap Jessica, and Edi. E, a corrupt police officer who uses a gun and police baton against Cody, making the fight very difficult to win. His penchant for fighting often leaves the others free to pursue the other bosses of Metro City.

In the end, Cody confronted Belger on the top floor of his penthouse, and after a tough battle, Cody was able to use an uppercut to knock Belger through a window, sending Belger plummeting from the top floor to his death on the street below. Cody is then celebrated as the hero of Metro City and Jessica herself wants to celebrate with Cody, but Cody tells Jessica that he can't sit still while evil continues to stalk the streets. After sharing a passionate kiss with Jessica, Cody leaves the city for parts unknown.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Expert Brawler and Martial Artist,


Air Manipulation,

Weapon Mastery (Skilled with knives and able to use pipes, wrenchs and other items he can find around as weapons),

minor Power Nullification (His Criminal Upper cancels out normal projectiles),

Damage Boost (Can perform enhanced versions of his Special Attacks),

Status Effect Inducement (By hitting the opponent repeteadly, without them being able to recover, he can cause them to enter the "Stun" status, which leaves them unable to react),

Same as before to a greater extent:

Enhanced Senses (Was aware that Zeku was following him),

Attack Reflection (Can reflect projectiles with a pipe swing),

further Status Effect Inducement (His Focus Attack causes the opponent to enter a "crumpling" status)

Weaknesses: Can tend to be lazy and bored.
Song: Street Rager

Mayor Cody Travers was currently taking a walk through the city, his mind going back to nostalgic and fond memories of his past as a street fighter who used only his fists to keep the peace. While he was now the mayor of the city and had a litany of bureaucratic duties to tend to, he couldn't help but long for the simple yet fulfilling days when he had been able to fight crime with simply his fists without worrying about all the political red tape.

"Ugh, why does being mayor have to be so boring and stuffy?"

Cody's frustration and annoyance with the political bureaucracy that came with being mayor only grew as his walk continued, his boredom beginning to outweigh his nostalgia. The mayor couldn't help but look up at the sky, his eyes taking in the expansive vista as he expressed a quiet sigh. The clear blue sky was a welcome change from the stuffy atmosphere of the city, its openness and freedom a vast contrast to the political arena he was constantly navigating.

Cody was suddenly drawn out of his own thoughts by the sounds of a commotion emanating from an alleyway close to his position. The mayor glanced down the alley and, to his surprise, was able to discern that there was a man fighting against four thugs in the narrow path, his display of martial prowess quite impressive considering the disadvantage of the outnumbered position. The muscular man's fighting skill and technique allowed him to effectively hold his own against his opponents, seemingly unfazed by the disparity in numbers.

Axel Stone, an ex-cop and detective who was now rough around the edges and on a one-man mission to fix the rise in crime being perpetrated by the Y Twins, was currently fighting off four thugs in a narrow alleyway, his impressive martial skills and technique allowing him to hold his own against the multiple opponents. The ex-cop was no stranger to confronting criminals, his tough and stoic demeanour giving him a unique presence that could be felt even from a distance.

Axel Stone seemed to have finished off the four thugs with little more than a few bruises, his body bearing some battle scars but his overall wellbeing appearing to be in surprisingly good condition. At the sound of light applause, the ex-cop turned his attention towards his onlooker, his body language and demeanor calm yet alert.

"Well done, stranger. Not anyone can take on four chumps like you have and walk out without more than a single bruise."

After observing the mayor, Axel's expression quickly shifted into one of recognition, his voice carrying a sense of familiarity as he responded.

"Mayor Travers? That's you, right?"

"My reputation precedes me, I guess. Yeah, I'm the mayor. And what's a fine fellow like you beating on these poor saps for?"

A slight smile creased the corners of Axel's mouth as he responded to the mayor's question, his body language signaling a sense of relief at being recognized for his actions. The ex-cop's attitude and tone conveyed a certain lightness, despite his previous rough and no-nonsense demeanour.

"These four fellas thought they could push their luck and mug me. I guess they figured wrong, huh?"

"Indeed. However, I recognized a look in your eyes. This wasn't just a random mugging. You're a man on a mission."

Axel's features shifted into a more serious expression at the mayor's observation, his body language and tone taking on a more serious and resolute air.

"You'd be correct in assuming that this wasn't a random mugging. I'm currently on the trail of the Y Twins, those two scoundrels who have started a new crime wave in the city. Apparently they aren't content with just simple petty theft anymore..."

Cody pulled at his tie, before proceeding to unbutton his business jacket.

"I see. Well, as mayor of my fine city, I'm sure I could pull a few strings for you… if you can relief my boredom for the next few minutes."

Axel's expression shifted into a subtle but distinct smirk at the mayor's statement, a slight chuckle emerging from his lips as he responded.

"Relieving your boredom? Well, I suppose I couldn't see that hurting."

"Good, good."

Throwing off his business jacket, Mayor Cody started flexing in his blue button up and purple vest. He set his wristwatch, before getting into a fighting position.

"Three minutes ought to do it. Survive that long, and I'll be satisfied."

Axel couldn't help but be amused by the mayor's sudden display of fighting prowess, the ex-cop's expression shifting into a distinct smile as he observed the politician's preparation for the sparring duel.

"Just three minutes then? I'm sure I can manage that."

"Get ready now."

Axel nodded in response to the mayor's prompt, his body language conveying an almost arrogant confidence as he stepped forward and assumed a fighting stance. The ex-cop was clearly relishing the opportunity to face off against the politician, a slight smirk evident on his face as he stood ready.

"I'll show you how a real fighter does things..."

Axel began the duel with an offensive rush, taking the first step forward and launching a series of left jabs, a right strike followed by two high kicks. However, Cody was a competent street fighter, his technique allowing him to effectively block the strikes that came his way. The ex-cop's display of speed and agility prompted the mayor to step forward in turn, initiating his own attack with a flurry of punches and kicks. The two combatants were now locked in a heated exchange of blows, their respective fighting abilities perfectly matched.

Cody's counterattack was quick and precise, launching a one-two punch combo with a left uppercut, followed a right low sweep and a left reverse roundhouse. Axel's own reaction to the combination was swift and decisive, managing to block the combo, sidestep the uppercut and jump over the low sweep, before moving in to block the roundhouse at the last second with his own. His eyes locked onto his opponent, the ex-cop's body positioning and stance signalling a counterattack.

Axel's quick flurry of punches caught Cody off guard, the flame-imbued fists exploding at contact with his blocking arms, and he took a brief moment to realize the trickery behind the blows. However, in that precious moment of distraction, the ex-cop seized his chance and launched a shoryuken, his flaming fist connecting with the mayor's midsection and sending him flying back a few steps. Cody managed to get up, noticing the dirt and small burns on his shirt, only to dryly chuckle to himself with amusem*nt.

"Hehe, boy is my assistant going to give me a stern reprimanding."

Axel watched as Cody got back on his feet, the mayor displaying a slight chuckle at the tiny burns on his shirt and the prospect of his assistant's potential anger over his actions. The ex-cop decided to take this opportunity to crack a lighthearted joke in response.

"Your assistant is going to give you hell for this?"

"Yeah, but don't worry about it. I regularly annoy Marlowe. Let's stick to the fight."

Axel chuckled at the mayor's dismissal of the potential consequences of the fight with his assistant, the ex-cop now refocused on their fight. He watched as Cody brushed off any concern, the mayor getting back into his fighting stance and assuming a battle-ready position.

Axel's quick right hook was met by an unexpected block from the mayor, followed promptly by a devastating headbut that left the ex-cop stunned for a moment. The politician then took advantage of Axel's surprise, picking the man up and slamming him down onto the hard gravel of the alleyway. Despite the sudden fall, the ex-cop quickly rolled back to his feet, getting back into a fighting stance and taking up a battle-ready position once more.

As the two combatants entered close quarters, Axel managed to get a series of powerful knee strikes into the mayor's gut, delivering three blows before using a jumping split kick to launch him vertically and send him flying. Axel's display of skill and technique was highly impressive, but as he anticipated, Cody was not one to stay down for long.

Axel had just lifted up a lead pipe off the ground as he prepared to strike the mayor using the makeshift weapon, when Cody's quick-witted counterattack took him by surprise. Cody managed to grab hold of a discarded trash can lid, rolling around in time to prevent the pipe from connecting with his body and causing serious damage, the metal clanging loudly with the contact of the two objects smashing against each other.

Cody wasted no time in pressing his advantage, sweeping Axel's feet out from under him and standing back up. The mayor then moved to grab a pipe of his own off the alley wall, quickly tearing it free from the wall so he had a weapon comparable to his opponent. The two combatants were now both armed with makeshift pipes, the mayor and the ex-cop facing off against each other wielding their respective metal pipes.

Both fighters fought in a fierce, vicious contest of skill and brute force using the pipes as their makeshift weapons, the clangs and bangs echoing within the alleyway as their blows collide, striking a rhythmic pace. Despite how evenly matched they were, neither side gave an inch, neither able to break the others' defence and seize the advantage.

Neither side was able to withstand the damage and abuse that the pipes endured during their contest, the makeshift weapons eventually succumbing to the sheer force of the blows exchanged between the two combatants. Both men tossed aside their ruined pipes simultaneously, the ex-cop and the mayor both shrugging in resignation at the fact that the weapons were unusable now. Easy come, easy go, as they figured.

Axel took the opportunity to press his advantage, slamming his fist down on the ground and producing a wave of flame that shrouded his hands as he rose back up to an upright position. The ex-cop then followed up with an uppercut, the punch connecting against the underside of Cody's jaw and sending him flying high into the air.

Axel's attention was momentarily diverted as Cody feigned a punch, leaving an opening that was quickly and expertly exploited by the mayor as he dropped low and delivered a swinging kick to the ex-cop's crotch. This blow landed with a forceful impact, the ex-cop visibly wincing from the pain as he staggered backwards and collapsed to his knees.

As Axel struggled to regain some semblance of composure after the hit to his crotch, he was caught off guard by Cody's subsequent punches of the Zonk Knuckle, first coming from his right and then from his left, both strikes landing with devastating force. The ex-cop's eyes briefly closed in pain after the second punch, before they abruptly opened once more.

Axel's counterattack started with an effective block that caught Cody's third strike, and continued with an elbow strike with his opposite arm that caught the mayor across the face. The ex-cop then continued the attack with a sweep that brought the back of Cody's legs out from underneath him, resulting in the mayor being laid flat against the ground with a grunt.

As Axel attempted to stomp on Cody's groin, the mayor managed to roll out of the way and create some distance between himself and the ex-cop. The frustrated ex-cop glared at the mayor as the two reestablished some breathing room, both men now ready to resume their intense fighting.

Axel took a moment to reach beneath his jacket, promptly withdrawing a sharp-looking blade, a classic all-purpose knife. With a swift motion, the ex-cop threw the weapon at his opponent, only for Cody to use his superior reflexes to execute a smooth Tornado Sweep. The gust of air generated from the sweep was so powerful that it managed to deflect the knife, sending the weapon away and preventing it from striking the mayor.

The battle had now reached its final stage, the two fighters having endured a grueling bout of fighting. Both fighters took a moment to gather themselves, their fatigue and exhaustion beginning to set in as their adrenaline rushes started wearing off. However, neither fighter was willing to back down, both men cracking their knuckles and preparing for one final series of powerful attacks.

The final series of attacks came with a bang, Axel unleashing a mighty uppercut imbued with fire from his fist, while Cody's own attack was fueled by a powerful gale of wind. The two elemental strikes interacted, a whirlwind of flames and wind wrapping around the two combatants as their mighty fists crashed into each other, the ex-cop and mayor both fighting to the apex of their abilities.

As the whirlwind of flames disappeared, the smoke from its passing obscured each Fighter's position and identity, making it difficult to determine who the victor of the battle was. There was a moment of tense silence, the fighters' heavy breathing and exhaustion the only sounds ringing out through the alleyway.

As the smoke finally cleared, it revealed Cody's fist in the process of connecting with Axel's face, only for the timer to sound out at that exact moment. The mayor had ultimately emerged victorious in their fierce battle, his hand almost striking Axel's face but ultimately stopping by a split second. Axel rolled back and onto his back, his breathing laboured and his entire body now sore from the ordeal that had taken place in the last three minutes. As the mayor stood above him, triumphant, the ex-cop could only offer up a smile from his prone position. Cody returned the smile as his fist turned into a helping hand.

"That was a hell of a fight. Need a hand up?"

Axel managed a weak grin as the mayor held out a helping hand, his body now sore and aching from the previous three minutes of intense physical activity. The ex-cop took a moment to gather himself before reaching for the hand and allowing himself to be pulled back up to an upright position.

"Hell of a fight, indeed. You're not so bad yourself. Might've won that if the timer hadn't gone off..."

"Even if you won, I would've been satisfied. Certainly provided the fight I've been looking for that random street thugs can't give."

Cody shrugged as he went to retrieve his business coat he took off before the fight.

"Heh, glad I could deliver a proper fight for you. Most of the thugs on the streets these days can barely offer a decent skirmish, let alone a proper bout of fisticuffs."

Axel chuckled as he started stretching out his shoulders and trying to work out some of the lingering soreness from the intense fighting.

"Now, how about you come with me to my office. I'd be glad to help with your Y twins situation to make the city a better place."

Cody said as he slung his arm around Axel's shoulders, ending their fight with camaraderie. Axel was only too happy to end the fight on an amicable note, the ex-cop's face lighting up at the offer from the mayor to deal with the Y twins and make the city a better place. The former cop then looped his arm around Cody's shoulders, the two men returning to their senses as they walked back to the mayor's office.
Strength: This was a pretty close fight. For strength, both were pretty equal. At best, Axel Stone can potentially bust through a thin metal wall with the force of 48 pounds behind his punches(even if the details are a bit dubious), and withstand the explosion of a rocket launcher, about 10 pounds of TNT. But Cody, is no slouch either, being able to punch through 50 cm of concrete, which would require about 4 tons of punching power to do. That's 166.66X stronger. And Cody has gotten stronger since then.

Speed: Axel is able to dodge pistol gunfire, which would clock him around 342.25 mph in reaction time. However, Cody has been shown to punch faster than bullets can travel, going just slightly higher than the speed of sound. Around twice as fast as Axel.

Skill: Axel would be the more skilled fighter, as he's gone through formal police training to be proficient in martial arts, while Cody is more self-taught right off the streets.

Experience: Both fighters are about equal in the kinds of enemies they've faced against, and how long they've been fighting. The only difference is the scope in power is generally larger in Cody's case.

Powers: While Axel has roughly more numerous abilities than Cody by quantity, they aren't really anything that Cody can't do if he really wanted to. Both could use a type of elemental attack, and enhance their physical capabilities, and while Axel's passive ability to regain health with each attack is helpful, Cody would be striking too hard for that minor healing to matter.

The winner is Cody Travers.
Next time:

"The stronger you become in the Force, the more you can do, the more that's expected of you, and the less your life belongs to you."

"Everyone, don't let your guard down. A large brigade from Rigel is heading our way. Knights to the front; mages fall back. Fortify our defenses. Disperse the enemies and pick them off one by one!"

Chapter 15: Luke Skywalker vs Alm

Chapter Text

Luke Skywalker (Legends, 29 years old)


The son of famous Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, he was left on Tatooine with his aunt and uncle after the fall of the Jedi Order. 19 years later, he encountered former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (Under the alias "Ben Kenobi") and joined the Rebel Alliance to bring down the Galactic Empire. After the fall of the empire, he would go on to establish the New Jedi Order and eventually serve as its Grandmaster.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Enhanced Senses and Perception,


Various lightsaber combat skills,

Skilled Swordsman,

Expert Marksman,

Skilled Unarmed Combatant,





Spatial Manipulation and Teleportation via Fold Space,

Mind and Memory Manipulation,

Illusion Creation (Capable of projecting illusions on a planetary scale as well as dispelling them) and Astral Projection (Cross-dimensional),


Barrier Creation via Force Barrier,

Energy Manipulation (Can reflect, redirect, and absorb energy attacks thrown at him and fire off blasts of Force energy),

Elemental Manipulation and Durability Negation via Electric Judgement,

Regeneration (Mid-Low in short periods of time from even fatal attacks; in the form of Force Healing),

Technology Manipulation via Ionize and Mechu-Deru,

Astral and Soul Manipulation,

able to put others to sleep via Hypnosis,

amazing capacity to learn new techniques within days such as Fold-Space as mentioned,

Incorporeality (Spirit form only),

can also project his Force Spirit/essence into an alternate dimension that causes psychic entropy on the mind and body without any sign of fatigue by the end of his mastery of this technique, despite another being sealing it off as its creator and having greater control of it to prevent said intrusions, can block/hide his psychic presence from others attempting to send or locate him actively or passively,

Resistance to Poison,

Matter Manipulation on a subatomic scale (Creating a Holocron requires one to make numerous precision alterations to it on a subatomic scale),

Light Manipulation via Force Light,

Battle Meditation,

Flow-walking (minor time manipulation),

Force Stealth,

Force Stun (Sensory manipulation),

Weaknesses: Some of his more powerful techniques might end up draining Luke of his stamina or health with repeated uses
Alm (Fire Emblem)


Alm is an idealistic youth hailing from Ram Village under the care of his grandfather, Mycen. As he grew older, he became frustrated with his grandfather's attempts to keep him in the village, later running off to join the Zofian Deliverance along with his best friends, Gray and Tobin to protect his fellows from brigands and liberate Zofia from Chancellor Desaix's control. Throughout his adventures, he discovered that he was not a mere Zofian as he once thought, but was, in fact, the crown prince of Rigel, Albein Alm Rudolf, who possessed the royal blood of the Divine Dragon Duma.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Expert Swordsman and a Skilled Archer,

Regeneration (The Royal Sword passively heals Alm, and healing is capable of mending stab wounds through the torso),

Precognition and Time Manipulation with Mila's Turnwheel,

Extrasensory Perception,

Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm souls),

Can survive without his soul,

Energy Projection,


Power Nullification,

Can restore souls (Restored Celica's soul),

Resistance to Negation (Can attack Duma while Oculus is active)

Weaknesses: Alm can be overly idealistic and attached to the ones he holds dearest, a trait that can be used to manipulate him.
Song: Heroes of Light

The galactic explorer and legendary Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, had set his sights on the Outer Rim regions on his most recent journey, his desire for unexplored territory guiding him into some of the most remote parts of the galaxy. While most would consider such unexplored worlds and uninhabited regions to be nothing more than uninhabitable wastelands, the Jedi Master saw such locations as an exciting unknown, an unvisited frontier of wonders. He enjoyed travelling and exploring the vast and unexplored unknown, the adrenaline rush from discovering something new filling him with a primal sense of wonder and excitement.

R2-D2's complaining was met with an indifferent sigh from Luke, the Jedi Master not allowing his trusty astromech droid's complaints to derail his current venture. The former Rebel Alliance commander was taking a much-needed break from his ongoing involvement in galactic politics and conflicts, the exploration of unexplored territory and planets giving him the respite he needed from the constant chaos of the stars. He turned to R2-D2 and spoke again in response to his complaints, the Jedi Master's tone being firm yet gentle.

"I know, R2, but I told you already that I'm just taking a break. All these wars in the stars can get tiring if one doesn't take a step back every now and then. Just trust me."

Luke guided his X-wing around the planet, soon finding a landing area that would serve as his destination for his current stopover. Landing on the continent of Valentia, the Jedi Master's ship settled down in the vicinity of the prosperous capital in Zofia, the former Rebel Alliance commander emerging from his co*ckpit with confidence and certainty.

The former Rebel Alliance commander couldn't help but smile as he made his way through the streets and markets of the kingdom's capital, the people living in a peaceful and prosperous existence. Despite it being an Outer Rim territory of the galaxy, the region was surprisingly well-developed and organized, and had clearly experienced a strong economic and social boom. Luke felt proud to see the success that came from the demise of the Empire, even if he wasn't completely sure whether or not he had any indirect role to play in its success.

As Luke walked through the kingdom's capital, he caught sight of a training ground of sorts with a figure in royal attire wielding a sword in a practiced manner, showcasing adept skill. The Jedi Master recognized the appearance and garb of the individual as that of a monarch, the former alliance commander concluding that the figure wielding the sword that he didn't know was none other than the king ruling this land. King Albein Alm Rudolf II, or merely Alm. After some time, Alm realized he had an audience, and turned to see Luke. He smiled as he sheathed his sword.

"Hello. Took a fancy with my practicing?"

Luke returned Alm's smile with a friendly one of his own, the Jedi Master looking upon the king with interest in his eyes. The former alliance commander nodded in confirmation, his tone polite and respectful as he spoke.

"I did, your majesty. I am Luke Skywalker, and you seem like a gifted swordsman, judging by your display."

Alm nodded in response, a sense of pride in his voice and a warm smile on his face as he spoke.

"Thank you, Luke. My grandfather taught me the ways of the sword, and I've strived to keep up my skill. Are you perhaps a swordsman yourself?"

Luke chuckled at the king's question, his tone showing a touch of pride in his own skills as he spoke.

"To an extent, your majesty. I've had plenty of practice with a lightsaber, though I can't say I've ever delved into more traditional forms of swordsmanship."

Luke chuckled at the king's question, his tone showing a touch of pride in his own skills as he spoke.

"To an extent, your majesty. I've had plenty of practice with a lightsaber, though I can't say I've ever delved into more traditional forms of swordsmanship."

Alm nodded in understanding, if confused on what a lightsaber is, no doubt aware of the difference in the different fighting styles the two of them utilized. With a smile on his face, the king spoke.

"If you don't mind me asking, would you perchance like to spar? Dummies are fine, but it's always better when you can practice with someone else."

Luke considered the proposition for a moment, his tone becoming enthusiastic as he spoke.

"I would be honored. Just know that I may be passive. I fight for the sake of knowledge and defense. Never to attack unless I have to."

Alm smiled at the former Rebel Alliance commander's response, his tone becoming more casual and informal as he spoke.

"Don't worry, you won't hurt my pride. Just don't hold back. I can take it."

At this, the king drew his sword with a flourish of prowess, his tone and visage both turning more serious.

"Let's begin."

The former Rebel Alliance commander engaged his lightsaber to ignite his own blade, the unique sound of his weapon humming with power as he took a defensive stance, ready to face the king's attack. Alm took a second to observe his opponent's stance, then wasted no time in stepping forward with a downward strike of his blade, his attack aimed directly for the chest.

The former Rebel Alliance commander demonstrated mastery of Form V combat with his defensive parry, his defense remaining strong and firm under the pressure of Alm's strikes. He was surprised to see Alm's Royal Sword wasn't melting from the contact against his lightsaber, but he kept his defensive up anyway. The king himself was not a stranger to various combat forms and techniques, his strikes being executed in a manner that showed he had knowledge of such techniques. However, the king's aggression did not seem to diminish as he pushed forward with his blade.

The two opponents engaged in a series of sword strikes, Luke utilizing his Djem So technique to counterattack with expert precision and skill. Alm was no slouch in the discipline himself, the king's own defensive maneuvers and counters allowing him to hold his own against the former Alliance commander. The two men were locked in an intense clash of steel and plasma, none giving an inch to the other.

Alm's side swipe was evaded by the former Rebel Alliance general, who utilized his control of the Force in order to push the king back with an unseen force. The latter was initially surprised by the fact that he was moved back without contact, though the king's face quickly became determined as he stepped forward to resume his offensive.

Alm continued to press his attack, his blades continuing to fly back and forth and clash with Luke's lightsaber. The king's strikes were initially met with strong parries and counters by the Jedi Master, who soon capitalized on the opportunity provided by an opening and forced Alm back with a powerful Force kick. The king was pushed back initially, though he quickly regained his balance and resumed his offensive, using one of the practice dummies to jump up and attempt a downward strike over Luke.

The former Rebel Alliance general successfully blocked Alm's strike, pushing him back with a Force push before going for a strike of his own which the king himself was able to repel. However, the monarch was momentarily off balance, leaving him briefly vulnerable to a well-crafted maneuver by the Jedi Master. Luke's attack forced the king onto his knee, who was surprised by how the former Rebel Alliance commander managed to find an opening. While Alm was now on the defensive, the king could still turn the tide with a well-placed strike.

With one powerful shove of strength, Alm was able to force Luke's lightsaber out of his grip and push the Jedi Master back, the monarch managing to create space between the two. While Alm now controlled the flow of the fight and held initiative, the king wasn't about to ease up on his attack despite having Luke on the defensive. Taking advantage of his success, Alm then stepped forward and tried to slash his blade across the former Rebel Alliance commander's chest, the king hoping to take advantage of his momentum and his opponent's current vulnerable position.

Luke was able to use the Force to summon his lightsaber back into his hand in the nick of time, preventing Alm's sword from piercing his chest. The Jedi Master then engaged his opponent's blade with own, their blades once again clashing with one another as the battle resumed in full force. While Alm's attack was defended, the king did not hesitate to resume his onslaught, his blade continuing to fly in a flurry of strikes.

One moment, Alm was pressing his assault with a flurry of strikes. The next moment, his attention was successfully distracted by a flying apple, which caused the king to turn his head and take a second to process what just happened. Taking advantage of this moment of distraction, Luke quickly pushed Alm back with a powerful force push, sending the king crashing back into the practice dummies and allowing the Jedi Master to regain initiative and control of the fight.

Alm was only barely able to avoid Luke's impressive leap, his maneuverability allowing him to quickly evade the attack. The Jedi Master's lightsaber sliced cleanly through two practice dummies in the process, the flame catching and setting both ablaze. The former Rebel Alliance commander landed gracefully on the ground, the burning remains of the dummies behind him highlighting the power of his strike.

Luke's power had certainly gained Alm's respect, the king deciding that it was time to raise the stakes as he brandished his legendary blade: the Falchion. From the moment he revealed the weapon, the king's movements becoming a bit more confident and powerful as he prepared to match the lightsaber using his own legendary blade.

The former Rebel Alliance commander immediately noticed the change in Alm's sword, both in the way his opponent wielded the weapon and how hard the attacks now felt like. The light blue glow radiating from the legendary blade of the Falchion now matching the lightsaber in brightness and power, the king was now putting his soul into every strike, his attacks coming in faster and stronger than before.

With a swift backflip, Luke managed to put some distance between him and Alm, giving the Jedi Master the necessary separation he required for his next maneuver. Alm, surprised at how easily the former alliance commander got away from him, was nearly struck by the emerald-charged lightning. Fortunately for the king, he was quick enough to dodge the attack, jumping out of the way at the last second.

Alm's lunge forward with his legendary blade came with a sense of confidence and determination, the king's strikes becoming more persistent and powerful with each blow. What Alm didn't account for, however, was the sudden shift and fold in space created by the Jedi Master, with the king's blade going through empty air where Luke used to be. Alm stumbled as he tried to recover from his miss, feeling his momentum suddenly disrupted by the maneuver.

As Alm was trying to recover from the sudden folding of space, he was suddenly struck from behind by more emerald-charged lightning, being caught off-guard when Luke reappeared behind him using Electric Judgement. The Jedi Master had a grin on his face as he stared down his opponent, clearly having the upper hand at this point in the fight.

Just when it seemed like Alm had no way of making a comeback, the king pulled out Mila's Turnwheel and activated it, setting the flow of time back by only a few seconds. The world seemingly reverted to an earlier moment in the fight, with the Jedi Master once again in front of the king as they both were positioned in the same positions as a few seconds before.

As Alm's lunge forward left him vulnerable to the same Fold Space maneuver, the king was able to easily recognize the same move. This time, with a sly smile and a grin on his face, the monarch turned his mid-lunge into a block against the emerald lightning using his Falchion, his sword successfully deflecting the attack and preventing it from striking him. Alm's smile showed that he was prepared for the move and was now ready for his opponent's next move.

With Alm's block successfully deflecting the emerald-charged lightning, the king was able to advance forward and successfully slash the Jedi Master's lightsaber out of his hand. With Luke momentarily disarmed at the mercy of the Falchion, Alm followed up with a kick that sent his opponent to the ground. The king now had the upper hand in the conflict, and could end the battle at any time with the right move.

As Alm was ready and determined to end the fight, he raised the Falchion with the intention of driving his blade into Luke in a non-vital area, though he was slightly surprised when his blade instead pierced the ground where the Jedi Master was meant to be. A moment of confusion and slight frustration crossed the king's face as he realized his opponent had managed to dodge his attack yet again, the Jedi Master reappearing behind the monarch and ready for the king's counterattack.

Alm suddenly felt the ground and his body become heavier than usual, the king's strength in the Force becoming apparent as he fell to his knees, holding the Falchion for support. The king became aware of the fact that Luke was actively using the Force around him to increase the gravity, with the king experiencing almost eight times as much of the force of gravity than usual. With his weight increased so heavily, Alm's movements were drastically limited.

"Do you surrender? You fought especially well, but without the ways of the Force, you can't win."

Luke stated, not as a brag or arrogant boast, but simply as if it's just fact. Alm was now on his knees, the increased gravity rendering him mostly helpless as he was trapped in the field of influence created by the Jedi Master. The king took a moment to gather himself and catch his breath, realizing there was no longer any escape from defeat and Luke's superior mastery of the Force.

"Your mastery of the Force has proven to be most impressive, and I concede defeat."

Luke stopped using the Force, to let the King stand.

"I must admit, you surprised me with how strong and fast you were. Despite not having the Force, you gave me quite a challenge, compared to most non-sensitives."

With Luke ceasing his use of the Force, Alm was finally able to get back up on his own, his movements being restored back to normal. After taking a few deep breaths to regain his composure, the king would acknowledge the words of his opponent.

"My thanks to you. Your skills in the Force seem second to none, and the way you utilized the abilities to turn the tide of our battle was masterful. I would be honored to spar with you again another time."

Luke smiled, as he walked past the king to restock on supplies, and head back to his X-wing. Summoning his lightsaber back to his hand, Luke replied as he left,

"I look forward to it. May the Force be with you."
Strength: Now, there's some nuance that needs to be said. With the Falchion, Alm is able to put down gods who wield stellar levels of power thanks to his Falchion Sword, the item itself having that kind of power. In the game, Alm and his entire party are able to hurt the dragon god, Duma, but without the Falchion, they wouldn't have been able to win. Whereas Luke is capable of manipulating stars with the Force, though the effort does drain him.

Speed: Now, while Alm is able to dodge lightning, trying to pinpoint the reaction time to it can be a bit dubious, ranging from anywhere as low as Mach 150, to around the middle as Mach 2000, or as high as 1/3 the speed of light, depending on the circ*mstance and what kind of math you use. However, even the highest lightning feat would make Alm a third as fast as Luke, who can react to laser fire within nanoseconds.

Skill: Now, as prodigious as Alm is to become one of the most respected warriors of Valentia, he only learned how to wield a sword for five years, and participated in the Rigel-Zofia war at around the very end of it. In contrast, Luke has only been training for four years across the original movie trilogy, but spent that time to go from farm boy nobody, to fighting on par with Darth Vader. And he still goes on to have more adventures for the next eight years after the second Death Star blew up. And this was before the time skip to where Luke is 64.

Experience: Similarly, despite going up against dread knights, mages and even a dragon, this pales against the kinds of fighters and beasts that Luke has gone up against, the kinds of things that frankly, Fire Emblem as a whole could never stand up against.

Powers: Alm may have the advantage of unbreakable weapons against the lightsaber, his swords having a passive healing factor for Alm, and being able to rewind time with limited uses, but if there was one thing that the king lacked in, it was defenses against magical abilities. Luke had Alm overwhelmed with telekinesis, teleportation, electrical manipulation, and much more reliable precognition, all thanks to the Force.

The winner is Luke Skywalker.
Next time:

"I am the strongest woman in the world!"

"How'd you like a humble Japanese woman who fights? My strength adds to my beauty, you know!"

Chapter 16: Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui Rematch

Chapter Text



At the age of five, Chun-Li saw her first classical Chinese play, Peking Opera, and her first Bruce Lee movie, which fascinated her and also became part of the reasons why she started practicing martial arts.

She began by learning Tai Chi. However, Tai Chi was much different from the gorgeous movements she remembered from Peking Opera. Soon afterwards, her father taught her Hongquan as well as various basic exercises from then on. With that, Chun-Li's skills in Chinese martial arts improved rapidly. Chun-Li used mostly kicks when fighting. This was something she picked up from her father, who was also said to have "legendary legs." Chun-Li continued to develop her kick attacks, embracing techniques from a variety of fighting styles, such as Chinese martial arts, capoeira, battle karate, and taekwondo, thus eventually creating her own style.

Chun-Li would later become a detective at the age of eighteen in hopes of finding her missing father. She later followed in her father's footsteps and become a narcotics investigator at the I.C.P.O (International Criminal Police Organization), also known as Interpol, working as the organization's anti-Shadaloo investigator. Chun-Li was known as the "black sheep of the I.C.P.O.", as she was investigating Shadaloo for the illegal sales of narcotics and weapons when said evil organization got their hold of the high-ups of Interpol.

Chun-Li was then an Interpol investigator who had been searching for clues to the recent disappearance of her father. Getting into a friendly spar with an old teacher of hers and friend of her father, Gen, he gives her a lead into who may have killed her father—the mysterious crime syndicate Shadaloo. Finding its leader, M. Bison, she demands he tell her what happened to her father. To her surprise, Bison attacks and basically makes quick work of her, then retreats to his jet in the sky. Before he leaves, he reveals that he was responsible for her father's death, and if Chun-Li were to come after him, he'll kill her like he did with her father. Finally, the horrible truth that Chun-Li had been searching for has been revealed.

Later, at the China Branch Interpol Headquarters, Chun-Li is appointed Special Investigator of Shadaloo. With tears in her eyes (the last she swore to ever shed), Chun-Li swore vengeance.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts (Expert in Kung-Fu, Kempo, Tai Chi, Hungquan, Hung Ga Kuen, Changquan, Sanda, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Combat Karate and Capoeira, eventually creating her own fighting style),


Chi Manipulation and Projection,

Stealth Mastery (Is a professional detective and managed to infiltrate an S.I.N. laboratory),

Extrasensory Perception (Can sense chi),

Enhanced Senses (Her senses never dulled over time and she could still be aware that Juri was following her),

Forcefield Creation (Via Kikosho),

Statistics Amplification (Via Renkiko),

minor Power Nullification (Via Hakkei, which cancels out normal projectiles),

Damage Boost (Can perform enhanced versions of her Special Attacks),

Status Effect Inducement (By hitting the opponent repeteadly, without them being able to recover, she can cause them to enter the "Stun" status, which leaves them unable to react. Her Focus Attack causes the opponent to enter a "crumpling" status),

Awakened Power (Her determination and emotions allowed her to defeat Vega, who could overcome her not much time before),

limited Resistance to Precognition (Reading the future of fighters such as her is difficult, because they always fight against it)

Weaknesses: None notable
Mai Shiranui


Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, master of Ninjitsu and Koppoken. Mai learned from her grandfather the secrets of Ninjitsu. Mai then had to take alternate courses from her grandfather's friend, Jubei Yamada, in Ninjitsu. While initially uninterested in her grandfather and his teachings, upon defending her grandfather from Jubei in a fight, she grew interested in martial arts and would take them and Hanzo seriously. She would later go on to fight in various King of Fighters tournaments for the next ten years and over.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master of Shiranui-ryu Ninjutsu,

Fan Mastery,

Stealth Mastery (Expert ninja),

Fire Manipulation,

Duplication (Via Kagero no Mai),

Explosion Manipulation (Via Leotard Shinobi Bachi),

Chi Projection (Via Cho Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi),

Damage Boost (Can perform attacks that deal much more damage than normal),

Acrobatics (Can do several types of somersault jumps, flying attacks, acrobatic techniques, handstand kicks, evasive cartwheels, aerial backflips and more. She is also able to alter her direction in mid-air, leap off of walls and backflip on her feet after being hit),

Clothes and Hair Manipulation (Can change her dress and the color of her hair at will)

Weaknesses: None notable
Song: Kick Chicks

The bustling neighborhood was a testament to the rich culture and diverse ethnic identities of Metro City, with the area's Hong Hu Lu Chinatown bustling with activity. As people from various parts of the city gathered and traveled in the market place and central square, the lively atmosphere was alive with the sounds of people conversing, business negotiations, and the sounds of daily transactions as a whole.

Chun-Li, a legendary martial artist at the height of her fame and renown, was teaching her adoptive daughter, Li-Fen, the basics of kung fu in the central square of Chinatown. Chun-Li's teachings and instructions were carefully executed, her expert knowledge and mastery of the art of kung fu evident in her guidance and instruction as she taught Li-Fen several fundamental techniques of the fighting style, ensuring her daughter's form remained flawless and precise.

Despite Chun-Li's masterful instruction and teaching, Li-Fen was far from flawless and precise though, as the young girl lacked the necessary speed and agility to strike her instructor with her attacks. Chun-Li's evasive skills proved too much for the student, who continued to miss strike after strike, despite her best efforts to strike the martial artist, who remained an elusive target. Chun-Li's patience was evident, as she consistently praised and encouraged her apprentice's efforts despite the difficulties she was facing.

After numerous failed attempts to land a strike on Chun-Li, Li-Fen eventually tires out, as the young girl tries for a flying kick before getting countered and tapped on the back of her head by her adoptive mother. With a heavy sigh, the young girl plops onto the ground, being exhausted and tired from the long session. Chun-Li's patience and positivity remained evident, as she knelt down next to her apprentice with a warm smile on her face.

"Li-Fen, I'm disappointed in you."

Chun-Li told her adoptive daughter, not out of harsh criticism, but out of stern love when she's being a teacher.

"It's all that fooling around on that PC."

The young girl was clearly disappointed with her own performance, having failed to even land a single strike on her mother, no matter how hard she tried. However, Chun-Li's words of disappointment brought forth a bit of sadness, as her adoptive daughter was quickly chided for her time spent on her PC.

"I'm not fooling around. You're just way too good."

"Using me to downplay your skills is no excuse. If you practiced half as much as you played around, you might've actually got a hit in."

Chun-Li mischievously remarked as she ruffled Li-Fen's hair affectionately. Li-Fen's disappointment and annoyance gradually gave way to more of an embarrassed smile, as Chun-Li managed to get a chuckle out of her apprentice with her playful comment. The young girl was aware that her adoptive mother was right, and realized she could be working harder to improve her martial arts skills if she prioritized her training over her time spent on her PC.

Chun-Li smiled, before her senses were suddenly alerted by a strong presence of Chi, her expert martial arts training allowing her to pick up on the source of energy. The martial artist stood up straight, her head turned as she glanced around the square, clearly searching for the person she sensed. Her alertness and senses were sharp and tuned, Chun-Li quickly assessing the situation.

"Come on out. You can't hide from me."

Chun-Li called out to the source, her senses trying to pinpoint it.

Chun-Li's summons proved to be effective, as one particular person stepped forward out of the shadows, revealing their location to the martial artist. The presence of Chi grew stronger, as Chun-Li was able to accurately pinpoint where the energy was coming from, the martial artist now aware of her opponent's location. Jumping from the shadows, was the famous Shiranui kunoichi, Mai. Approaching the kung fu artist, the ninja smiled.

"I'm impressed. And here I thought I was going to be able to sneak up on you."

Chun-Li remained unfazed by Mai's sudden jump out of the shadows, her martial arts reflexes and senses keeping her alert and aware of the kunoichi's movements. The martial artist acknowledged Mai's compliment, though she appeared to be focused on their potential conflict rather than the pleasantries.

"You're skilled at hiding your presence, but your chi gave you away before you even tried to sneak up on me. Now, I could only assume you want to fight, unless your intention is purely to compliment me."

Chun-Li's assumption would prove correct, as Mai smiled and nodded in confirmation.

"Quite astute of you. Yes, I came here to battle, but it's nothing too serious. I just came to see if I'd win your self-proclaimed title of "World's strongest woman" for myself."

The Shiranui kunoichi gave a respectful bow to Chun-Li, her smile now turning into a co*cky grin.

Chun-Li grinned back at Mai, her confident expression showing that she was not bothered in the least by the kunoichi's boastful approach to the potential fight. The martial artist's reputation was indeed renowned enough to draw out competitors with aspirations of defeating her and claiming the title of strongest woman, which always made for good matchups.

"Ah, so you want to see if you can defeat me and stake your claim as the world's strongest woman? Well, I can appreciate a challenger with ambition and confidence. Bring it on."

The people in the square quickly gathered with excitement as they saw the two famous combatants take their respective stances, the potential fight being one that has piqued the interest of many throughout Metro City. The two rivals stood on opposite ends of the square, Chun-Li's Kung Fu stance opposed by Mai's signature Shiranui stance, the people onlooking eagerly anticipating the start of the duel.

Mai's initial strike came in swiftly with the use of Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi, the ninja quickly cartwheeling her way close to Chun-Li. However, the martial artist's reflexes and agility were more than enough to allow Chun-Li to catch the elbow strike with her hand, followed up by her counterattack with two kicks in response. The two rivals started off strong, both demonstrating great skill and technique in their initial moves as the spectators watched eagerly.

Mai successfully manages to land a Hishou Ryuuenjin, a back-flip kick imbued with spiritual fire, her attack successfully knocking Chun-Li back as she grunted. However, the experienced martial artist was able to gracefully land back onto her feet in a standing position, managing to avoid any real damage from the fire attack. Chun-Li remains unfazed and unbothered by the attack, as she resumes her kung-fu stance and begins to circle the kunoichi for another counterattack.

Chun-Li's athleticism and proficiency in martial arts allow her to easily leap over Mai's Kokaku no Mai slide kick and high kick, only to launch the kunoichi down to the ground with her Tenshin Shushu kick. The spectators could hear the sound of the Shiranui's back hitting the ground with a resounding THUD and grunt, the crowd of onlookers cheering for Chun-Li's counterattack.

Chun-Li attempts to land a kick with her heel after her cartwheel, only to be thwarted by Mai pulling out her fan to block the attack. Though the fan took the blow of the kick, it was still a skillful counter to the Kung Fu Master's onslaught, the crowd impressed by the agility and quick thinking of both fighters.

Mai uses her ninja agility to circle around Chun-Li, pulling off a low kick into a high kick, then into a hook punch, the kunoichi's attacks coming in quick succession one after the other. Chun-Li manages to dodge the low kick and hook punch, though the sweep kick is what she fails to avoid, and the martial artist's feet lose their footing as she falls down to the ground from the unexpected maneuver with a grunt.

Mai performs an impressive maneuver, running up the wall and diving for a kick, only to run into Chun-Li's stationary high kick, the two fighters meeting each other's attack head-on. The combined force of both attacks resulted in a strong collision, with the fighters ending the clash of force in a stalemate. The onlookers watching the fight could see the incredible power of both combatants, as Chun-Li and Mai appeared to be equally matched by each other.

Chun-Li tries to jump over Mai once she was grounded, attempting to execute a flying spin kick from above. However, the martial artist is caught unawares as Mai quickly ducks under the attack, spinning with her fans out, and manages to strike Chun-Li a succession of four times by spinning with her fans before the former Interpol agent can react or respond.

Mai surprises Chun-Li by jumping onto her shoulders and using her legs to hold the martial artist's head in position, then proceeding to perform a powerful wrestling slam which slams the martial artist down onto the ground with force, eliciting a large "Oof" from the Kung Fu Master.

Chun-Li manages to break free from Mai's grip, backflipping over the kunoichi as she tries to stand up. The martial artist unleashes a barrage of kicks, utilizing incredible speed and power, not giving her opponent a chance to properly defend or react. The kicks rain towards Mai, hitting her body, arms, and face in a continuous stream of relentless blows. Mai cried out from each hit.

After all the kicks, Mai lands onto her feet, taking out three fans and setting them on fire, using her signature Suichou no Mai technique to send them flying towards Chun-Li. The former Interpol agent manages to intercept and block all the projectiles using Hakkei, the flames of the fans being doused as soon as they came in contact with the Hakkei blast, the air around the two combatants growing heavy with the residual heat of the blast.

Chun-Li charges up some blue Chi in her hands, preparing her signature technique, the Kikoken energy blast. However, Mai swiftly counters the attack using her Ryuuenbu spin, dispelling the energy blast with her spin, the flames from the Shiranui's fan sweeping the energy harmlessly apart.

Mai performs an axe kick spin attack, spinning through the air like she is surrounded by flames. However, Chun-Li is ready for this and counters with her "Kikusho" technique, issuing a chi-fueled concussive blast that creates a small wind tunnel between them. The blast from the former Interpol agent's technique knocks Mai back a bit, the strength of the blast seemingly matching the fire around the kunoichi in terms of intensity.

Chun-Li decided to end the fight using her trademark Spinning Bird Kick, the martial artist's spinning kick technique spinning her upside down through the air like a living helicopter. Mai attempts to defend against the unorthodox move, though the sheer speed of the spinning kick is too much to handle, the fighter on the receiving end of the attack crying out painfully, taking the full impact of each hit, the strikes coming in much faster than before, the kunoichi being struck harder than she ever felt in the entire fight.

Despite the multiple broken bones she sustained from the attack, Mai refused to yield, the kunoichi putting her hands together to activate her "Kageru no Mai" technique, an attack that would create a flaming pillar of fire to send Chun-Li soaring into the air, the master yelling in pain from the counter.

"You have been dealt the flame of the Shiranui! Now you will fall! Shiranui-ryu ultimate art; Flowering Bell!"

Mai proclaims her victory, shouting out the name of her ultimate attack, the kunoichi proceeding to become a wheel of fire once more after launching her final blow towards Chun-Li. However, the martial artist is helpless as her opponent proceeds to execute her final attack, the two falling back onto the ground close to one another, the flames of Mai's attack soon engulfing Chun-Li in a fiery explosion, the former Interpol agent forced to concede defeat.


Li-Fen cried out with worry as she ran over to her adoptive mother, who was still alive but heavily burnt from Mai's devastating attack. The crowds of spectators watching the fight were all surprised by the result of the bout, as everyone expected Chun-Li to win the match. However, Mai's skill, grit, and power allowed her to defeat the Kung Fu master, the kunoichi now the holder of the title of World's strongest woman.

Mai leans down to be close to Li-Fen, reassuring the young girl with her words. Though the fighter's injuries were catching up to her, her application of traditional shikon would help to treat the burns that Chun-Li sustained during the fight.

"Don't worry, kiddo. With the traditional shikon I have on me, the burns will heal quickly. Your "Jiejie" will be back to full strength in no time."

Chun-Li smiled back in response to Mai, though she was visibly in pain from the wounds she sustained during the fight. However, the former Interpol agent was gracious in defeat, acknowledging the strength and skill of the new world's strongest woman.

"You deserve to carry the title of strongest woman with pride, and defend it from those who would dare try to take it from you. I'll train harder, and hopefully, the next time we meet, I can be the one to take it back from you."

Chun-Li's words would earn the respect of Mai, who offered a genuine smile in response to her competitor's words. The kunoichi would now carry the title of World's strongest woman with pride, and be prepared to defend it when challenges would inevitably come for her to defend her new title.

"I look forward to it."
Strength: In terms of power, Mai had the advantage, but only marginally. When Chun-Li one time stopped a car, it came to a complete halt thanks to her Kikosho. The impact force of a car going at 60 miles per hour can reach as high as 18.34 tons. Mai meanwhile scales to Cheng Shizan, who could lift and toss a statue at high speed. The statue was mostly sphere shaped and was likely made of basalt. The force required would need to be as high as 32 tons, about twice as strong as Chun-Li's car feat. About 1.77X stronger.

Speed: Now, on a personal level, Chun-Li is faster. She's capable of dodging gunfire which would require a reaction speed at minimum of 500 mph. Mai's never shown reactive speed like that. However, when scaling to their overall worlds, Mai is faster. Mai can be scaled to Geese Howard, whose greatest speed feat measures to 2% light speed, or Mach 17,480. When scaled to her greatest foe, M. Bison, Chun Li can move at similar speeds of Mach 5633. That's 3.1X faster, based on Death Battle's calculations.

Skill: Now, in terms of martial training, Chun-Li is the more better trained, knowing over 10 martial arts, including Interpol training. Mai may be a master of the Shiranui-ryu ninjutsu fighting style, but Chun-Li's more diverse styles kept her from falling behind Mai's superior speed.

Experience: Not counting the amount of fighters each of the women faced, Mai has participated in much more fighting. Both women have trained since early childhood, but only Mai has been to around 15 martial arts tournaments. One could say that Chun-Li has more experience fighting outside the ring where the threat of death is real, but Mai is no stranger to that circ*mstance.

Powers: Mai is the better practitioner of ki control. While Chun-Li may be able to fire energy projectiles and stop incoming attacks, Mai is able to do the same with much more of her moves both offensively and defensively.

The winner is Mai Shiranui.
Next time:

"You're still gonna stand up? Well, it's your choice... but if you stand up, that means you're ready to die."

"I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of the world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction! The end has come!"

Chapter 17: Baiken vs Hakumen

Chapter Text



At the very beginning of the Crusades, the nation of Japan was destroyed by Justice, and those of Japanese descent—amongst whom were Baiken and her parents—were placed in colonies for their protection. However, near the end of the Crusades while she was still a child, Gears raided the institution she was living in. Small and weak, Baiken could do nothing to stop the attack, and could only watch the chaos around her. During the raid, she lost her arm and eye, and witnessed the horrible deaths of her parents, who gave their lives to protect her, as well as her friends.

The massacre was the work of the Gears, but what was etched into Baiken's memory was the image of a man surrounded by dancing flames and his creations. She became acutely aware, even in the absence of evidence, that he was an enemy. With an unfading memory of the event, Baiken vowed to search for the true identity of That Man and exact her revenge.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Weapon Mastery,

Magic as Information Manipulation,

Chi Manipulation,

can summon tatami mats and rope,

Explosion Manipulation with her cannon,

Power Nullification (Can keep the opponent from doing certain things with Baku),

Non-Physical Interaction (Able to hit souls),

Awakened Power (Awakened her power to defeat I-No in her bad ending),

Resistance to Diseases (Unaffected by the effects of an information flare, which normally turns Japanese people into Gears)

and Information Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, and Transmutation (Briefly survived inside of a super-high-density information field, which would rewrite the fundamental data of most people and kill them)

Weaknesses: Has lost the use of her left eye and right arm, although this doesn't seem to greatly impede her in battle.


Hakumen is a samurai-esque warrior wielding a sword around as tall as he is and wearing a mask that completely hides his face. He is an incredibly powerful individual in the BlazBlue universe, so much so that the player is often told to proceed with caution when confronting him, and at times even advised not to do so entirely. His armor (which is the Susanoo Unit) seems to grant him limitless energy and incredible power, and his sword, an Arch-Enemy Event Weapon named Slaying Demon: Ōkami, appears to bear the capability to kill characters that otherwise would be immortal, or have rapid healing properties that would make them difficult or impossible to kill. This makes him an equally dangerous foe to both mortal men as well as more powerful beings.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Acausality (Type 1; Unaffected by Phenomena Intervention, which can reset the timeline)

Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3; Lacks any need for sustenance due to not having an organic body),

Non-Physical Interaction (Can cut through things with no physical form, such as alternate realities),

Enhanced Senses (Can navigate through the boundary, an infinite space of nothing),

Invulnerability (Is a being that exist outside of Logic; the fundamental rules of the world; meaning any abilities/weapons/and powers that are restrained by Logic cannot harm them),

Extrasensory Perception (Can see invisible beings),

Shockwave Generation (Capable of blowing people away by bursting),

Portal Creation,

Forcefield Creation (Anyone taught by the NOL can create barriers),

Soul Manipulation,

Healing and Regeneration Negation (Wounds inflicted by a Nox Nyctores scar the soul, which the victim cannot recover from even through Phenomena Intervention by Amaterasu, Nox Nyctores are also superior to Ars Magus, a weapon capable of killing the Black Beast, a creature that has the ability of Self Observation, which is what Terumi used to regenerate from Hakumen's Time Killer),

Telepathy (Was capable of reading Ragna's memories),

Instinctive Reaction (A Nox Nyctores fights, moves and warns the user without any consent),

Spatial Manipulation (Tore a hole in the fabric of space and time to view an alternate event in the Continuum Shift),

Causality Manipulation (Capable of creating causal drifts with only his ego),

Aura (Merely being in his presence caused Ragna to become paralyzed),

Immortality Negation,

Paralysis Inducement (Can passively paralyze those he sees),

Precognition (Capable of predicting attacks using his mind's eye),

Time Manipulation (The Susanoo Unit slashes time),

Existence Erasure (Time Killer completely erases the target's "time", removing their existence from the past, present and future without causing a paradox),

Immortality (Types 1, 5 and 9; As an "uncertain factor", he is neither alive nor dead, and his true body exists in the Boundary),

Reactive Power Level (The larger the threat to the world becomes, the stronger the Power of Order will make Hakumen),

Power Nullification (Ōkami can nullify abilities),

Light Manipulation (The Susanoo Unit produces light),

Statistics Amplification (Via Overdrive),

Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of other timelines),

Regeneration (Low; Stated to heal at supernatural speeds during the events of Phase Shift),

and Limited Subjective Reality (Power of Order can make something that doesn't exist exist).

Weaknesses: If Hakumen does not stand by his convictions, the Power of Order will see him as weak and not be of use to him.
Song: Samurai Life

Baiken was atop a building in the Colony where she was born, taking some solace in the quiet of the night. Drinking from a sake bottle, she found herself reflecting on her life as she enjoyed the peaceful, starry night, but always looking forward to her next fight, a warrior's thirst for battle never truly quenchable.

Baiken's gaze was caught by the glint of something below her on the ground, causing her to look down further. What she saw caught her attention, as there was a suit of armor casually walking by. Though such a sight would usually elicit nothing more than a raised eyebrow from Baiken, the fact that the walking suit of armor wielded a nodachi sword piqued her interest, as the potential for a good fight made the warrior's heart leap with anticipation.

Taking one last swig of her sake bottle before tossing it away, Baiken had a leap of faith, choosing to jump down multiple stories from the building to land in front of the armored figure. The warrior stood tall and bold in front of the walking suit of armor, making it clear she meant to challenge them to a fight.

"Oi, Tin Man, where you going at such a late hour?"

Baiken addressed the armored figure in front of her in a somewhat derisive manner, calling it "Tin Man" and asking it where it was going at this late hour. She did not know that this particular suit of armor was Hakumen, the leader of the Six Heroes, and that she was now confronting a powerful opponent that was not going to go down easily.

"I'm pressed for time. Unless you want my blade tasting your body, I advise you to not stand before me."

Hakumen's warning went unheeded by Baiken, the warrior standing her ground even after the armor-clad opponent made a clear threat to strike her down if she refused to move out of his way. She made no motion of backing down, instead giving the armored figure a co*cky smirk, her desire for a good fight overruling any notions of self-preservation.

"And I'm pressed for a good scrap. I think I'm gonna be sticking around for a bit. Feel free to give your "blade" a little sip of me if you think you can!

"So be it."

Hakumen drew his nodachi, holding it straight along the side of his body as he readied himself to fight. Baiken responded in kind, getting into a combat stance and preparing herself for battle. As the two fighters got ready to battle, the stars in the night sky above them twinkled faintly in the dim light, their duel now ready to begin.

Baiken lunged across the field with immense speed, preparing to strike with a katana attack in a reverse grip since she was missing her right arm. However, Hakumen was prepared to counter the attack, his own blade moving with incredible speed to meet Baiken's attack with a slash of his own, their swords clashing together with a loud clang that echoed in the night air.

Hakumen unleashed a series of attacks at Baiken, starting with a straight jab with its followed by a high kick, and an attempted downward slash with its nodachi. However, Baiken was able to defend against the initial two attacks, blocking them effectively, and then parrying the nodachi's last strike, using her katana efficiently to deflect the attempt. Now, it was her turn to counterattack the armor-clad opponent.

Baiken stomps her heel down into the ground, causing a tatami mat to materialize under Hakumen's feet and flip the living armor into the air. Without missing a step, the one-armed samurai launches herself into the air, spinning through the air with her katana in hand and sending the armor flying into a nearby tree with a powerful strike, the impact causing the tree to shake from the force of the blow.

Hakumen's grunt of surprise was audible as it gripped its side, the armor itself being indestructible but Hakumen's soul inhabiting the Susanoo unit still feeling the effects of the attack.

"Is she somehow able to attack souls directly?"

The armor-clad warrior muttered to itself, finding Baiken to be more dangerous than initially expected, wondering if she was somehow able to attack souls directly with her attacks. Baiken capitalized on her advantage, charging forward and swiping with a hooked sword coming out of her empty right sleeve. The attack was aimed straight at Hakumen, managing to cut down the tree behind the armor-clad warrior, the falling tree creating a great deal of noise as it crashed to the ground. The Six Heroes leader managed to duck down in time to avoid the falling tree, evading the danger with a quick and graceful move.

Hakumen took advantage of Baiken's overreach, jabbing the hilt of its nodachi sword into her gut and knocking her off balance. With her left foot knocked out from under her, Baiken found herself in a vulnerable position, allowing Hakumen to try and strike her down with a slashing attack. However, the samurai warrior was able to use her imbalance to her advantage, managing to shift her body out of the way of the blade with a quick and nimble move.

Hakumen continued its assault, lunging forward to bash its shoulder into Baiken's endowed chest, followed by a powerful upwards kick that sent the samurai warrior flying through the air. As Baiken was still in the air from the kick, Hakumen proceeded to jab the blunt, flat end of the nodachi into her stomach, pushing her back and sending her skidding backwards across the ground, the armor-clad warrior showing no signs of slowing down in its relentless attacks.

Baiken grunted as each hit landed, but the samurai warrior was able to defend against Hakumen's attacks, deflecting an outward sword swing, a low sweep, a horizontal slash followed by a downward one. The sound of their blades clashing echoed out through the area, sparks flying off with each strike as the two sword wielders continued to battle. Baiken's skills and reflexes were on full display as she continued with her defense, showing no signs of weakening in the face of Hakumen's assault.

Baiken lunged forward, phasing through her opponent and then stamping down onto the ground, creating another tatami mat that flipped Hakumen into the air. Taking advantage of the opening, Baiken swiftly slashed her opponent's armor, inflicting damage to its soul with a spinning sword wheel of five blades unleashed from her empty sleeve. The attack caused the armor-clad warrior to grunt in pain as it was forced back, feeling the effects of the soul damage inflicted by Baiken's attack.

Hakumen grunted from the impact of the sword slashes inflicted by Baiken, its armor absorbing the damage but still feeling the impact. The Six Heroes leader countered with a slash, destroying the weapon. It landed on its feet before delivering a fierce counterattack, bashing its elbow into Baiken's face and pulling her forward to deliver a forceful kick into her back. The attack left the one-armed warrior vulnerable, allowing Hakumen to take advantage of the moment and deliver a powerful thrust into her back with its free hand, creating an explosive blast that sent Baiken stumbling backwards.

Baiken let out a cry of pain as she hit the ground, her kimono ripped and exposing her back, Hakumen standing over her with its nodachi raised, preparing to stab her down. However, the fallen samurai didn't give up and stabbed behind her with her katana, striking the armor at its crotch area without looking. Although the armor lacked any genitalia, the hit still inflicted significant soul damage, causing Hakumen to cry out in pain from the blow to its vulnerable spot.

Baiken reached into her right sleeve with a wicked chuckle, pulling out a powerful blunderbuss-style pistol and yelling at Hakumen,

"Go to hell!"

The shot rang loud and clear, the explosive power of the blast creating a display of fireworks, the force of the attack knocking Hakumen backwards, leaving the armor-clad warrior reeling from the impact, struggling to maintain its balance and composure.

Hakumen groaned as it slowly got up from the ground, now firmly gripping its nodachi tightly with both hands in front of it. The Six Heroes leader began to activate its Overdrive, and as its samurai ponytail floated upwards with power. The armor-clad warrior stood tall in preparation for the upcoming battle, preparing to bring down its full might and power unto the samurai.

"Prepare to face the light of judgment."

Baiken watched as her opponent powered up, her eyes narrowing as she prepared for the impending battle. Despite the armor-clad warrior's power, the one-armed samurai refused to back down.

"Bring it on, Tin Man."

She challenged with a co*cky grin, her resolve and bravery shining through.

"Let's see what you're made of!"

Baiken fired another round from her pistol, the attack streaking through the air directly towards Hakumen. However, the armor-clad warrior was quick on the draw, swiftly moving its nodachi in a way that caused the explosive to slide along the blade and then redirecting the attack into the sky, where it exploded once more into a burst of fireworks. The shot missed its target, and Hakumen remained unscathed for the moment, its power still coursing through its body, and its focus still fixed on the one-armed samurai before it.

Baiken let out a huff of annoyance, tossing her pistol into the air before drawing her katana and leaping up. As she jump in the air, the one-armed samurai stabbed her sword into the pistol behind her, triggering an explosion that propelled her forward with even more speed. She was coming in fast, and as she closed the gap between herself and Hakumen, the armor-clad warrior prepared to defend itself against the incoming attack.

Baiken unleashed her first slash, but Hakumen swiftly evaded the attack by jumping back. Despite his evasive maneuver, the armor-clad warrior was caught off guard by a sudden metal claw on a chain coming from Baiken's right sleeve, pulling him towards the samurai. With a smirk, Baiken used Hakumen as an impromptu paddle ball, slashing at him thrice with her Tsurane Sanzu-Watashi special technique, each blow raining down upon her opponent with precision and power.

Each strike of Baiken's Tsurane Sanzu-Watashi technique inflicted damage upon Hakumen's soul, the armor-clad warrior feeling the impact of each blow. However, Hakumen managed to tear the chain apart, breaking free from being used as a paddle ball. Taking advantage of the opening, the six heroes leader swept out Baiken's feet, sending her flying backwards with two powerful kicks. Despite the blow, the one-armed samurai managed to maintain her balance and landed gracefully on her feet, clearly not ready to give up yet.

Baiken let out a yell as she attempted a decapitation slash, aiming for Hakumen's head, but the armor-clad warrior blocked the attack with ease, anticipating the move. In a quick counterattack, Hakumen gripped Baiken's face, swiftly slamming her down into the ground, the shockwave of the impact powerful enough to shake the surrounding area. Despite the brutal attack, Baiken struggled to push herself back up, determined to keep fighting despite her weakened state.

"I ain't done yet!"

Baiken wasn't done yet and quickly managed to trip Hakumen so she could stand up and push its face into the ground with even greater force, stabbing her katana into the armor's sturdy back for even more soul damage. Finally, she kicked the leader aside, sending it stumbling away.

Hakumen stood up, raising its sword straight up into the air before unleashing an intense shockwave by slashing down with exceptional speed. Baiken attempted to counter by stomping the ground, creating another tatami mat to shield herself from the attack. Despite her efforts, the shield was overpowered, and the samurai was forced to dodge at the last moment, managing to avoid the brunt of the attack but ultimately losing her right sleeve in the process. The loss left her with fewer tricks up her sleeve, her options somewhat limited now.

"Finally, no more tricks. Just this one last attack."

Hakumen declared, holding its Ōkami nodachi in a powerful stance, signaling that the battle would soon come to an end. The armor-clad warrior looked formidable, ready to deliver a final decisive blow to the one-armed samurai. Baiken, not one to be intimidated by Hakumen's declaration, responded with a sly grin.

"You better make it count then."

She said, her words tinged with defiance. She clutched her katana tightly, her long samurai ponytail flapping in the wind, and prepared to face the impending onslaught.

Baiken charged forward, pouring her full intent into the attack, determined to land the finishing blow. Hakumen stood stoically in response, gripping its nodachi tightly as it waited for the opportune moment to defend itself. In an instant, both opponents swung their swords, the clash of steel ringing out through the area as Baiken came to a stop behind Hakumen. For several tense seconds, the two fighters stood motionless, awaiting the outcome of the battle as they each held their ground.

The first sign that the tide had turned in Baiken's favor was Hakumen's groan of pain. Despite its armor being indestructible, the slashing attack had managed to strike the weak spots common to armor, causing significant soul damage. The armor-clad warrior collapsed to its knees, struggling to remain upright under the impact of the attack.

Baiken initially felt a sense of triumph as if she had won the battle, as a smile spread across her face. However, just as quickly as her victory was heralded, her eyepatch fell away, completely split in two. Her long samurai ponytail followed suit, cascading down her body in a heap. The reality of the situation dawned on Baiken moments later, leaving her breathless with the sudden realization that she too had fallen in battle. Her body suddenly fragmented into sixteen distinct pieces, collapsing into a pile of dead meat chunks. Hakumen slowly rose to his feet, sheathing its Ōkami nodachi back in its holder. It surveyed the aftermath of the battle, its gaze lingering on the fallen Baiken.


It muttered under its breath, its tone dripping with disdain. With a weary stride, the leader of the Six Heroes limped away, searching for a place to rest and recover from the previous altercation.
Strength: This was an interesting fight. Let's go into some of the categories on how Baiken had the advantage, but not enough to win. First off, power. Luckily, Hakumen's Power of the Order gives the armor strength proportional to how dangerous its foe is. Since Baiken is not threat at all in her current story, Hakumen would not be able to draw more than 20% power, if at all. Despite having no overly flashy powers, Baiken still possesses enough physical strength to contend with the strongest of her franchise, who can destroy planets with several Yottatons of TNT. This puts her relatively on par with Hakumen at the lower levels of his power up to 20%, which scales to Ragna beating Izanami, a goddess of death who could create a blast that would wipe the Earth and the moon from existence. Such a blast would require 16 Yottatons of TNT, at most 4X stronger than Baiken.

Speed: In terms of speed, Hakumen is quantifiably faster, but Baiken could keep up. The samurai could catch up to I-No, who is a time manipulator, and even managed to surprise her with her speed. However, Hakumen does have reportedly infinite speed to react to anything Baiken could do, it's just she wouldn't be sluggish in comparison.

Skill: While it's unknown how long Baiken has been training as a swordswoman, she does appear to be in her mid 20s, so she might've trained between 10-15 years. At the very least, her onscreen journey lasts for about 6 years. However, Hakumen houses Jin's 90-ish year old soul, who would inhabit the Susanoo armore unit for another 10 years. He certainly has more fighting skill.

Experience: Both are about equal in the kinds of adversaries they face, though Hakumen has likely faced more opponents with broken abilities, since those are focused on more than sheer power.

Powers: Both a powerful warriors who rely more on their physicality then their abilities, though Baiken seems to have the edge in versatility of her tricks, being able to attack Hakumen's soul, and being able to resist the armor's magic nullifying Ōkami nodachi due to having very few abilities that she can't do physically. However, not only does she have have nothing to exploit Hakuman's weakness to land a winning blow, the Susanoo unit's indestructible nature would mean that she doesn't have a reliable way of attacking the soul more than surface level. Not to mention that she has no resistance to Hakumen's Time Killer move, which would kill every second that Baiken is alive through time.

The winner is Hakumen

Next time:

"We all fail. We all make mistakes. It's what makes us human."

"We're not saints. But we are gonna win this f*cking war, and I'd rather have you on the winning side."

Chapter 18: Master Chief vs Marcus Fenix

Chapter Text

Master Chief


Born on March 7, 2511,John lived with his mother and father in Elysium City, on the colony world of Eridanus II. He attended the Elysium City Primary Education Facility Number 119.

At the age of six, John was identified by Dr. Catherine Halsey as one of 150 preliminary candidates for the SPARTAN-II program. John was an ideal physical and mental candidate, standing a head taller than the majority of his schoolmates, having greater physical proportions, possessing greater strength, exhibiting superior reflexes, and having an aggressive drive for success. By the time he was conscripted, he had a string of forty-five victories in what Dr. Halsey referred to as a "brutal version" of King of the Hill, resulting in him having a chipped tooth and his opponents suffering various bone fractures.

John and the rest of the children chosen for the SPARTAN-II program were brought to the Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex, their new home for the next several years. There, Dr. Halsey informed the children of their new purpose: they were destined to become protectors of Earth and all its colonies. The next morning John discovered his service tag, stitched into his training uniform, and his new name: John-117. John began adjusting to his new life.

At the age of 14, John underwent the dangerous SPARTAN-II augmentation procedures. These procedures resulted in the death of thirty trainees, with twelve more physically disabled. John was one of thirty three Spartans who made it through the process unscathed, while the wounded were sent to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Even before his cybernetic and genetic augmentation, at 14 years of age, John had a physical body of an 18-year old Olympic athlete. Far beyond the physical alterations, the enhancements boosted the Spartans reflexes, strength, enhanced eyesight, and rendered their bones nearly unbreakable.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,


Weapon Mastery (Military technology mastery with UNSC and Standard Covenant Weapons, High-Tech weapons mastery with Forerunner Technology and Heavy Covenant Weapons),

Stealth Mastery,

Martial Arts Expert,

Pain Tolerance

All previous plus Adaptability with MJOLNIR Spartan Armor,

Enhanced Senses (Such as Enhanced Awareness, Hearing, Night and Telescopic vision with MJOLNIR Helmet),

Healing (With Spartan Shields, Biofoam, Regenerator and Regeneration Field),

Forcefield Creation with Bubble Shield, Invisibility with Cloaking (Invisibility) and Active Camouflage,

Statistics Amplification with various Boosts and Equipment,

Resistance to Temperature and Radiation,

All previous plus Attack Reflection and Forcefield Creation with Hardlight Shield,

limited Flight with Thruster Pack,

Can see Invisible beings and X-Ray/Thermographic Vision with Promethean Vision,

Resistance to Virtualization (After being imbued with the Genesong, resisted the Composer's effects, which transforms biological lifeforms into computer AI's)


MA5 Assault Rifle,

M6 Magnum pistol,

Energy Sword,

Bubble shield

Weaknesses: If he gets hit with enough force his armor might lock. Shields cannot regenerate while in the middle of rapid-fire attacks. MJOLNIR regenerating shields grant little protection against close-quarters combat attacks.
Marcus Fenix


Sergeant Marcus Michael Fenix (COG tags CSID 293982-3932F-A1) ES is a former retired Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army. A legendary war hero, Marcus served with distinction in the Pendulum Wars, which earned him the Embry Star, the COG's highest military award, for his actions during the Battle of Aspho Fields. He is also a convicted "coward" for his actions at the Battle of Ephyra.

Like the rest of humankind, he saw everything change on Emergence Day. Marcus bravely fought against the Locust for ten years until the Battle of Ephyra, where he abandoned his post to rescue his father, Professor Adam Fenix, but could not reach him in time. With his father presumed dead, Marcus was tried for dereliction of duty and sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. He was incarcerated for four years before being released by his longtime friend Dominic Santiago and reluctantly rejoined the COG army for a mission that could change the course of the war.

Initially a Private, Marcus was quickly promoted to Sergeant to replace Lieutenant Minh Young Kim as squad leader after the later's death. Along with the rest of Delta Squad, he successfully detonated the Lightmass Bomb and destroyed much of the Locust Hollow. With his reputation restored, Marcus continued fighting against the Locust, culminating in the Sinking of Jacinto. After the COG moved to Vectes, Marcus fought against Stranded insurgents and the rising threat of the Lambent.

After the COG collapsed under the constant struggle to survive, Marcus and the rest of Delta banded together with other Gears and civilians aboard the CNV Sovereign, seeking a way to survive in the new world. Eighteen months later, Chairman Prescott returned with the startling news that his father was alive. Marcus led humanity to victory over the Locust and the Lambent, but was at a loss of what to do next after losing both his father and Dom along the way. He was married to Anya Stroud who gave birth to his son James Fenix. Twenty-five years after the end of the Locust War, Marcus came out of retirement when the Locust reemerged as the Swarm. Although briefly an enemy of the state, Marcus is later pardoned and is officially reinstated into the COG army.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Highly Skilled Combatant,

Master of Multiple weapons,

Statistics Amplification via Active Reload,

Explosion Manipulation with Bolo Grenades,

Minor Precognition (caught multiple locust ambushes by merely feeling them coming),

Resistance to Biological Manipulation (Swarm Pods break down victims on the cellular level. Marcus resisted this effect for hours, when most normal people would have long since dissolved)

Explosion Manipulation with various weapons,

Healing and Enhancement of Durability with Stim-gas Grenades,

Resistance to Sleep Manipulation with the Adrenaline Injector (The adrenaline injector injects aerosolized adrenaline directly into the users lungs, forcing them to either stay awake or waking them from even comatose-like sleep),

Resistance to Poison Manipulation with Gas Masks (Cleans the air of molecular particles),

Biological Manipulation with Venom Bomb (The toxic gas produced by this bomb appears to target all organic material, not just Swarm or COG),


Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle,

Gnasher Shotgun,

Bolo Grenades,

Snub Pistol

Weaknesses: Can become extremely angry to the point of irrational action. Active Reloads require perfect timing to pull off. The Fabricator requires power to generate items, which it slowly gathers. He cannot be equipped with all of his weaponry at once.
Song: Gears of Halo

Marcus Fenix, a seasoned COG Gear soldier, stood in a dimly lit underground facility, his eyes scanning the surroundings with a practiced gaze. He had received intel suggesting that this location may hold crucial information needed to turn the tide against the relentless Locusts. Armed with his trusted Lancer rifle and a no-nonsense attitude, he ventured deeper into the dark corridors, prepared to uncover the secrets hidden within.

As Marcus Fenix continued his investigation within the dark facility, he unexpectedly stumbled upon a mysterious figure clad in green full-body armor. The man stood before him, clutching an assault rifle in his hands. Fenix did not recognize this unknown individual, but he noticed a number 117 embroidered on his chest plate. Could this be the legendary Spartan John-117, also known as the Master Chief?

"Stay right there,"

Fenix warned, his Lancer rifle raised and aimed at the mysterious figure.

"Identify yourself."

The air was thick with tension as the COG Gear soldier confronted the enigmatic stranger, his caution and wariness evident in his voice. John's voice was steady and unyielding as he firmly replied,

"Put your weapon down." Despite the tense situation, he refused to be intimidated, the resolve in his eyes unwavering. But Fenix, ever the defiant warrior, met John's stance with equal determination, unwilling to budge.

"I asked you first," He spat back, his grip tightening on his Lancer rifle. The tenuous standstill persisted, but the COG Gear soldier's patience wore thin. In a reckless display of impatience, Fenix opened fire, his shots ricocheting off Master Chief's energy field and barely grazing the Spartan. In a swift maneuver, Master Chief jumped over a barrier and took cover behind a metal crate, avoiding the barrage of bullets.

John, ever vigilant, surveyed his surroundings as he took cover behind the metal crate. Turning his attention to his trustworthy AI partner, a helpful digital copy of Cortana, he posed a question.

"Anything on this guy?" he asked, referring to the COG Gear soldier.

Cortana diligently initiated a scan, searching for any available information that might reveal the soldier's identity or affiliations. Unfortunately, the scans yielded no matches, leaving Cortana with the unfortunate news:

"No, I have no knowledge of this man. Seems pretty trigger happy, though."

As the fragment grenade sailed through the air, Master Chief recognized the impending danger and reacted swiftly. Just as the explosive device landed near his hiding spot, the Spartan leapt out of the way, narrowly avoiding the worst of the shrapnel. With lightning-fast reflexes, he evaded the immediate danger and found momentary refuge behind a nearby wall, narrowly escaping the blast radius.

Master Chief surveyed the battlefield, his analytical gaze assessing the situation. With a calm tone, he addressed his AI companion,

"Just keep an eye out for openings."

Switching to his M6 Magnum pistol for accuracy, Master Chief continued his measured counterattack. From his cover behind the wall, he fired carefully aimed shots over the corner, returning fire to suppress Marcus Fenix's attacks. As Marcus paused to reload his Lancer, taking cover for a fleeting moment, Master Chief seized the opportunity to launch his counterattack. In a swift and calculated move, the Spartan leader charged from his concealed position, intent on engaging the Gear soldier in close combat.

Marcus, realizing Master Chief's intent, quickly prepared himself for the impending confrontation, bracing himself for the ensuing clash. Master Chief swiftly aimed a punch at Marcus' face, but the Gear soldier managed to catch the blow, showcasing his quick reflexes. Without missing a beat, Marcus retaliated by attempting to stab at Master Chief with his combat knife. However, to his disappointment, the steel tip shattered upon impact against the impenetrable armor of the Spartan leader's titanium alloy armor.

The exchange of blows continued to escalate, with Marcus and Master Chief trading blows furiously as they both punch each other's face. Despite the impact, neither combatant would back down. As the Gear soldier threw a punch, Master Chief swiftly blocked it, countering with a powerful kick that sent Fenix crashing backwards against the nearby stone wall.

Marcus Fenix was left momentarily stunned by the impact against the wall, but his agile instincts kicked in, allowing him to roll out of harm's way just in time. As he swiftly regained his composure, he narrowly escaped a devastating punch from Master Chief, who unleashed a powerful blow that completely shattered the concrete wall behind where Fenix had just been moments before. The force of the punch echoed through the surrounding area, indicating the immense strength behind the Spartan's attack.

Refusing to cower before the might of the Spartan, Marcus Fenix mustered his determination and summoned his inner grit for another attack. He launched himself forward with a defiant shoulder tackle, sending Master Chief crashing to the ground. Without missing a beat, Marcus unleashed a flurry of punches, his fists connecting repeatedly with the Spartan leader's helmet-clad face. Despite the sheer force behind each blow, however, the helmet proved to be unyielding, absorbing the impact and leaving no obvious signs of damage. Master Chief, while engaged in the fierce struggle with Marcus, quickly posed a question to his AI companion.

"Any weaknesses?"

The ever-present and resourceful AI, swiftly initiated a rapid analysis of the ongoing battle. Her algorithms and sensors diligently scanned the data, searching for any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the formidable Gear soldier. She noted how he seems to have an anger problem.

"I have identified a noticeable aggression in his fighting style,"

The AI relayed, her voice calm and composed despite the chaos unfolding.

"He seems to be driven by intense anger, which could potentially lead to impulsive decisions. This heightened emotional state might open up opportunities for tactical advantages but also risks recklessness. Use his anger against him if possible."

In the midst of the ongoing skirmish, Marcus Fenix halted his relentless assault for a moment, his attention piqued by the sight of Master Chief seemingly talking to himself. His voice resonated with a mixture of confusion and frustration as he inquired,

"Who are you talking to?"

Seizing the momentary distraction in Marcus' attack, Master Chief swiftly reacted, intercepting his opponent's punch with a fluid motion. Without hesitation, he swiftly countered, forcefully clashing his helmet into the Cog's soldier's face. The collision sent Marcus stumbling backwards, his nose throbbing from the unexpected blow. Master Chief stood tall, his stance assuming a ready position as he addressed Marcus Fenix directly.

"You fight like a mindless brute,"

John observed, a hint of disdain evident in his voice.


The Spartan leader's words were calculated and deliberate, intended to further provoke and enrage his adversary. He banked on the information provided by his AI guide, hoping to exploit the COG soldier's apparent anger issues and reckless tendencies.

"Why you little!"

Marcus Fenix, bristling with anger and frustration, withdrew his Snub pistol and immediately engaged Master Chief in a fierce close-quarters battle. The COG Gear soldier grappled with the Spartan while simultaneously attempting to fire his pistol at point-blank range.

Master Chief's energy shield absorbed most of the fired bullets, cushioning the impact as his armor proved formidable against the onslaught. Undeterred, the Spartan leader reached out to seize the Snub pistol while enduring the hail of gunfire. With a powerful grip, he crushed the weapon in his armored hand, rendering it useless.

Undeterred by the loss of his Snub pistol, Marcus swiftly adapted, using the crushed weapon itself to deliver a powerful pistol whip blow to Master Chief. The impact staggered the Spartan, momentarily leaving him off-balance. Seizing the opportunity, Fenix swiftly produced a pair of Bolo grenades and looped their strings around John's throat, successfully securing the explosives around his enemy's neck.

With his formidable adversary momentarily subdued and vulnerable, Marcus Fenix seized the opportunity to deliver a fierce knee strike to Master Chief's gut. The force of the blow sent the Spartan stumbling backward, creating a small distance between them. Sensing the upper hand, Marcus swiftly pulled out his trusty shotgun and took aim, firing a powerful shot at the grenades encircling Master Chief's head. The explosion unleashed a violent shockwave, hoping to inflict severe damage upon the Spartan leader.

As Fenix unloaded his shotgun shot and the ensuing blast of explosives, Master Chief's energy field absorbed the initial impact, but the strain was too much for it to handle. Sensing the imminent failure of his defenses, Master Chief activated a bubble shield generator, creating a protective barrier that enveloped him just in time to shield him from the shower of bullets fired by Marcus' Lancer rifle.

Marcus, recognizing that his Lancer rifle's bullets were ineffective against the bubble shield, resorted to alternative means. He revved up the chainsaw attachment attached to his rifle, preparing for close-quarters combat. With a determined charge, Marcus lunged at Master Chief, aiming to slash at him with the revved-up chainsaw. But the Spartan leader was no less prepared for the close engagement. In a swift and calculated move, John counteracted Marcus' attack, blocking the chainsaw strike with his Sangheili energy sword. The clash of their weapons sent sparks scattering in all directions.

With a powerful kick to Marcus' chest, Master Chief created some distance between them, allowing him to rise to his feet and ready himself for the continued fight. Their weapons met in a series of wide slashes, the clash of metal and sparks filling the air as their weapons clashed, each hit echoing with a metallic symphony. As the intensity of their combat reached a fever pitch, Master Chief seized the opportunity to taunt Marcus Fenix with a challenging remark.

"That all you got?" the Spartan leader taunted, his voice laced with a hint of co*ckiness. The comment hung in the air, daring Fenix to respond with increased fury. Marcus, fueled by the adrenaline of the fight and further fueled by Master Chief's goading taunt, reacted in a burst of frustration. He leaped at John with a snarl, his chainsaw-equipped weapon poised for a desperate strike. Marcus' attack was driven by raw anger, his actions fueled by the mounting frustration and the desire to prove his own strength and skill in the face of the Spartan's provocation.

John swiftly dodged and parried each of Marcus's frenzied strikes, displaying his impressive reflexes and combat prowess. However, amidst the clash of their weapons, Marcus skillfully took advantage of a brief opportunity to target Master Chief's armored wrist, aiming to disarm him. His aim was true, causing the energy sword to slip out of the Master Chief's grasp and soaring into the air in a graceful arc.

Marcus seized the momentary advantage, lashing out with his chainsaw in a fierce downward swing, aimed directly at Master Chief's chest plate. The attack unleashed a shower of sparks as the chainsaw scraped against the armor, leaving behind evident marks. However, the chain of the chainsaw, although able to inflict some damage, ultimately buckled under the strain and snapped, leaving Marcus without a functioning melee weapon.

Master Chief, in a display of impeccable timing and quick reflexes, caught his energy sword as it descended from the sky, activating the weapon in a smooth motion. With a fluid motion, he plunged the plasma-powered sword into Marcus Fenix' chest armor, the energy blade effortlessly cutting through the metallic defenses and penetrating deep into the COG soldier's chest cavity.

Marcus' agonized cry pierced the air as he glanced down at the energy sword embedded deep within his chest cavity. His body slumped onto the armored Spartan, blood trickling from his mouth, evidence of the fatal blow he had suffered. In a final act of defiance, the COG soldier mustered the strength to spit a mouthful of blood onto Master Chief's visor, the crimson liquid staining the glass-like material.

As the energy sword deactivated with a soft hum, Master Chief displayed no visible reaction to the spitting incident. With a measured and almost gentle gesture, he pushed Marcus Fenix down onto his back, laying the mortally wounded COG soldier onto the floor. The Spartan's stoic expression remained unchanged, devoid of any visible sign of annoyance as he stood over his fallen adversary. As Master Chief stood over the fallen Marcus Fenix, his AI companion spoke up, her voice filled with contemplation.

"Well, that was certainly something,"

The AI remarked, a hint of reflection in her words. She pondered the possibility of a more peaceful resolution, had the two opponents engaged in dialogue instead of violence.

"Shall we continue?"

In response to the AI's question, Master Chief nodded calmly.

"Let's proceed," he intoned, dismissing any contemplations as they moved on.
Strength: Unfortunately, between these two soldiers who can fight swarms of enemies at a time, Master Chief has the advantage in all of the important categories. Fenix may be able to overpower a Locust called Skorge who can cut a tank in half with a chainsaw, but even your average Spartan soldier is capable of delivering a tackle that can shatter boulders that require the equivalent of 644 pounds of TNT being delivered through the shoulder, whereas Gear soldiers are supposedly a 14th of that strength. This includes their lifting strength in which Fenix might be at peak human strength of lifting between .2-.5 metric tons of weight, but Master Chief is that strong even without his Mjolnir armor. Wearing the armor can let him lift up to 5 tons with little effort.

Speed: In terms of movement and reaction speed, both appear to be equal with no significant edge over the other, but Master Chief is the only one to dodge gunfire at point black range, which would require moving at minimum over twice the speed of sound.

Skill: Master Chief has the superior skill in both longevity and combat style, cryosleep aside. Master Chief is relatively ten years older than Marcus, and has been conscripted into the Spartan program at 6, while Marcus enlisted at 17. Not only that, but while both soldiers are deadly in close and long range combat, Fenix is more comfortable shooting behind cover, only resorting to physical when it just happens. John, meanwhile, freely engages in any range at his leisure, moving back to shoot at a distance, and then running, jumping or grapple hooking towards his foes for a high speed knuckle sandwich.

Experience: I consider both combatants to be relatively equal. In terms of the variety of creatures, Fenix has fought more types of creatures that require multiple soldiers along with him to exploit different kinds weaknesses. But John has more experience fighting foes with combat intelligence similar to his own, and is more capable fighting armies on his own with only his AI as a support.

Powers: In terms of equipment, Marcus has more weapons to use, especially if he has the fabricator to be able to use all of it, but not only is Fenix unable to use all of it, it takes times to switch in between them. Not to mention, Master Chief has more advanced weapons, able to use plasma based weapons, which can kill other Spartans. Speaking of, Marcus doesn't really have anything that could get past John's Mjolnir armor made of thick titanium alloy, or his various energy shields to tank most of COG's military grade artillery.

The winner is Master Chief
Next time:

"All living things, kneel before your master!"

"One day, it will be my job to save the world. But I still have a lot left to learn."

Chapter 19: Metal Sonic vs Penny Polendia

Chapter Text

Metal Sonic


Metal Sonic is the secondary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an evil, ultra-high performance, very advanced Badnik version of Sonic the Hedgehog that was created as a secret weapon by Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of destroying the blue hedgehog. Modeled with extreme accuracy after Sonic, Metal Sonic not only resembles his organic doppelgänger, but can also imitate his moves and achieve speeds matching and even exceeding the hedgehog's own. The brainchild of Eggman, he is by far his greatest creation and one of his "magnum opuses". First deployed during the Little Planet incident, Metal Sonic confronted Sonic in battle and lost, though he would repeatedly return to challenge Sonic and his allies as Eggman's "too-sharp sword".

While usually serving as Eggman's obedient and silent enforcer, Metal Sonic is an intelligent robot with a very dark side. A cold-hearted, aggressive, and ruthless killer, he is obsessed with proving his superiority to Sonic and eliminating him for good to the point where he has rebelled against Eggman more than once to achieve his goal. However, he always fails in the end, only to later return more powerful than before. To this day, Metal Sonic remains one of Sonic's most dangerous foes.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Combat Skills,

Small Size (Type 0. 765.4 millimeters/76.5 cm tall),

Flight, Spaceflight,

Inorganic Physiology (robot),

Self-Sustenance (Does not need air, sustenance or test),

Most of Sonic's basic abilities (Homing Attack and Limited Instinctive Reaction, etc.),

Can generate electricity, shields and fire a powerful beam from it's chest cavity,

Can fire plasma beams,

Enhanced Energy Manipulation and Statistics Amplification (With the Lost Labyrinth treasure, Metal Sonic can harness and manipulate different energies while greatly increasing its physical attributes),

Resistance to Extreme Cold,

Cosmic Radiations,

Has the skills of the Sonic the Fighters cast, giving him the abilities of Classic Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Espio, Bark, Bean, Fang, and Amy,

All previous Base abilities including;


Chaos Energy Manipulation, and Forcefield Creation (With the Black Shield),

Enhanced Enhanced Power Mimicry (By copying and using other characters' abilities),

Regeneration (Mid-High; Comparable to Chaos),


Weather Manipulation,

Lightning Manipulation, and Fusionism (By merging the debris of the Final Fortress tower and create his Metal Madness body in order to complete the transformation)

Weaknesses: The V. Maximum Overdrive Attack runs the risk of overheating and disabling Metal Sonic's systems.
Penny Polendia


She is an android created by her father, Pietro Polendina, when he somehow gave her a part of his own Aura to grant her a soul. Upon confiding in Ruby that she was a synthetic being, Penny was worried about how she would take the news. However, after seeing how Ruby took it rather well, she was glad that Ruby didn't care if she was a machine, for what mattered was her heart and soul.

She was destroyed by her own weapons during her fight with Pyrrha Nikos in the Vytal Festival, though was eventually rebuilt by her father in Atlas. At the end of Volume 7, she became the Winter Maiden.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Genius Intelligence,

Inorganic Physiology (android),

Immortality (Type 8; Can be rebuilt so long as her cores remain in-tact),

Aura (Able to use her Aura for numerous purposes),

Forcefield Creation (Aura can be used as a full-body forcefield),

Statistics Amplification (Can use Aura to enhance her striking power),

Enhanced Senses (Can use her Aura to sharpen her senses),

Regeneration (Low),

Extrasensory Perception (Her Aura allows her to sense things around her),

Weapon Mastery (Skilled Swordsman),


Martial Arts (Skilled in hand to hand combat),

Accelerated Development (Training [Physical Statistics and Abilities; Even Huntsmen in Training are able to rapidly develop in short periods of time, becoming significantly stronger and faster and evolving their abilities through short periods of training]),

Flight (Can fly using the thrusters in her boots),

Enhanced Senses (Possesses thermal vision, x-ray vision, night vision, and Aura vision. She can also zoom and enhance her normal vision, see invisible enemies, and hear up to two kilometers away),

Information Analysis (Can automatically detect the threat level of both people and objects),

Hacking (Able to hack various gates around Atlas by matching their frequency),

Weapon Control (Manipulates the various blades of Floating Array via the strings attached to it),

Energy Projection and Heat Manipulation (Via lasers)

Resistance to Extreme Heat and Cold (Aura protects the user from sub-zero temperatures, allowing them to be encased in ice without being cold, walk through a blizzard in casual clothing, and traverse the kingdom of Atlas, which resides in Remnant's North Pole, without wearing any protective gear, as well as extreme heat up to and including the heat of flames, being blasted with steam being struck by lighting for an extended period of time, and being submerged in lava without being burned. Penny was able to pass through an ice vortex, which can instantly burn a person's hand), and Corrosion Inducement (The sealant coating on her prevents rust),

All previous plus Magic, Statistics Amplification (Maiden powers can be used to amplify one's existing abilities. Increased the strength of her thrusters, allowing her to push Amity Colosseum),

Flight (Capable of flight, and can use her powers alongside her thrusters for an additional boost,)

Forcefield Creation,

Fire Manipulation,

Weather Manipulation (Caused storm clouds to appear above her),

Ice Manipulation (Can fire blasts of ice from her hands. Her storm clouds also cause hail to fall),

Air Manipulation (Created a large gust of wind),

Electricity Manipulation,

Absorption (Can absorb electricity to supercharge her lasers),

Earth Manipulation,

Plant Manipulation,

Weapon Creation (Created ice versions of Floating Array),

Weapon Control (Can freely control the ice versions of Floating Array),

Sealing (Only Maidens can open and close the Vaults which house the Relics), and Resistance to Ice Manipulation (Maiden powers can be used to break free from being frozen)

Weaknesses: She is naïve, she hiccups when she's lying, and is vulnerable to magnetism due to her physiology. Continual use of her Aura will cause it to decay to the point where she can be left open to more significant damage. Aura's durability is cumulative; it will deplete with each attack she takes and can be brought down by characters of similar strength. Constant exposure to extreme temperature can drain the user's Aura.
Song: Real Mettle

Metal Sonic, the metallic doppelganger of the blue hedgehog, soared across the landscape of Remnant with a relentless determination. His eyes, burning with a cold, mechanical intensity, scoured the surroundings for any sign of his quarry, Sonic. The engine of his metallic body rumbled with power, propelling him forward on his relentless mission to destroy his organic counterpart.

Penny Polendina, the young android girl, observed the speeding figure from afar. Her synthetic mind calculated the robot's remarkable speed, determining it to be Mach 8.745. Recognizing the potential threat it posed to her friends, Penny resolved to take action.

"Fast little thing, huh? If this thing posses a threat against my friends, I should stop it." She murmured, her eyes narrowing in determination. She prepared herself, ready to confront the metallic doppelganger.

With a determined expression, Penny took a resolute plunge from her elevated vantage point, her rocket boots ignited just in time to arrest her fall and transform it into a swift flight towards Metal Sonic. The wind whipped around her as she propelled forward with a burst of speed, closing the gap between her and the speeding robot.

"Sallll... uuuuu... TATIONS!"

Penny, with a mix of excitement and enthusiasm, commenced her approach and greeting, her words cut short midway as she unleashed her arsenal. Summoning the swords from her backpack, they encircled her, ready to attack or defend on command. With a swift motion, she grasped two swords and swung them towards Metal Sonic's head, expecting a powerful impact. To her disappointment, the robotic entity seemed unfazed by her attack, its speed propelling it forward with her in tow. The flurry of swords quickly caught up, resuming their orbiting motion around her.

Metal Sonic, its expression unwavering beneath the impassive visage, recognized the girl who had dared to launch an attack. Within its internal programming, a shift occurred, and its priorities rearranged. The directive to relentlessly hunt and destroy Sonic momentarily took a backseat as a new primary objective emerged: eliminate the young android girl who had recklessly gotten in its path.

Metal Sonic, with mechanical precision, reared back its fist and slammed it against Penny's form, unleashing a devastating knuckle attack accompanied by an explosive shockwave laden with fire. The forceful impact successfully pushed the android girl back, albeit without causing her harm due to her resilient nature. Undaunted, Penny counterattacked, unleashing a flurry of slashes with her array of floating swords, aiming to target Metal Sonic's vulnerable spots or disrupt its systems.

Within the blink of an eye, the blur of attacks exchanged between the two robotic entities unfolded at blistering speeds, their movements becoming indistinguishable to onlookers. Both Penny and Metal Sonic, displaying incredible reflexes and agility, circled each other, readying themselves for a frontal assault as they smashed their foreheads together. The impact jolted Penny, her expression momentarily conveying a flicker of struggle against the relentless offensive executed by Metal Sonic.

Penny, showcasing her proficiency with her Floating Array arsenal, commanded all of her swords to simultaneously strike Metal Sonic at once. The combined force sent the robot crashing and rolling across the terrain before it regained its footing, sliding along the ground until it finally found purchase and stopped. Metal Sonic stood there, momentarily disheveled and in a brief state of vulnerability.

Taking advantage of Metal Sonic's temporary stillness, Penny spun her Floating Array with incredible speed, unleashing the array of swords towards the robot in a wheel-like formation. As they struck their target, she swiftly followed up with a green laser blast, propelling the robot backward with great force. Even though multiple hits connected, Metal Sonic maintained its composure, skillfully reorienting itself upright and demonstrating remarkable resilience.

Metal Sonic, strategically repositioning itself, activated a plasma pulse ray, releasing a concentrated beam of energy in the direction of Penny. In response, the android girl crossed her arms, using her protective aura as a to deflect the incoming attack. Despite her defensive efforts, the force of the plasma pulse ray pushed her backward, straining her defenses.

With a sharp flick of her wrist, Penny flung two swords back towards a stone wall, creating an anchor point as they implanted themselves into the surface. Utilizing this anchor to her advantage, she let the swords pull her backward, distancing herself from the plasma ray's relentless assault. Drawing the remaining swords of her Floating Arsenal, she carefully arranged them into a cylinder formation, channeling her energy to produce a pulsating green orb. This orb grew in size until the energy reached its peak, and Penny unleashed a powerful beam towards her adversary. In response, Metal Sonic swiftly deployed a prism-shaped Black Shield to encircle itself, skillfully deflecting the energy away.

Metal Sonic, while engaged in defense, seized the moment to conduct a thorough scan of its android opponent. Its eyes flickered with an intensity indicative of its analytical nature as it meticulously studied Penny's composition, taking note of her android nature and the enigmatic aura that surrounded her. Attention then shifted to Penny's Floating Array, scrutinizing its mechanics and tactical intricacies. Through this thorough examination, Metal Sonic assimilated the data, adapting its own combat strategies and seeking potential vulnerabilities to exploit.

Metal Sonic, displaying its remarkable agility, soared above Penny's attack, effortlessly manifesting hard-light construct replicas of the android's swords. Using the data gathered from its analysis, the robot mimicked Penny's big energy blast, producing a significantly stronger beam. As the attack was unleashed, Penny swiftly evaded it with her rocket boots, demonstrating her acrobatic skills. However, the energy beam effortlessly punched through the massive stone formation behind her, sending a shockwave of dust and debris into the air.

"Hey, that's cheating, copycat!"

Penny exclaimed, clearly annoyed by Metal Sonic copying her signature move. Metal Sonic, devoid of any ethical concerns, activated its V. Maximum Overdrive mode, quadrupling its speed to an unprecedented level and executing a devastating spin dash. The sonic impact sent Penny crashing to the ground, her cries echoing through the vicinity. Without giving the android girl a moment's respite, Metal Sonic relentlessly repeated the attack, plowing into her time and again with each powerful ram. The relentless onslaught buried Penny deeper into the soil, each strike further compounding the damage.

Despite the protection provided by her aura, Penny understood the urgency of the situation, recognizing that her defenses were beginning to falter against the relentless onslaught of Metal Sonic's attacks. In a swift motion, she flicked her wrist, effortlessly halting the robot's forward motion, ensnaring it within the near-imperceptible cables that connected her Floating Array swords to her person. Rising to her feet, Penny brushed off the dust, a mixture of weariness and determination evident on her face.

"Whew, I admit, you had me on the ropes." She conceded with a breathless smile. "But now it's my turn!"

Seizing the advantage of pinning down Metal Sonic, Penny wasted no time and began to fiercely pummel the robot with her martial skills. Her fists and feet moved with a combination of speed, dexterity, and finesse, raining a relentless barrage of attacks upon the robot's immobile form. The android girl unleashed a powerful onslaught, hoping to exploit the temporary disadvantage of the mechanical doppelgänger.

Metal Sonic, swiftly calculating its options, identified the remnants of a modern city nearby, recognizing the potential strategic advantage it could provide. With calculated precision, the robot targeted the cables that restrained it with its ESP, cleanly severing them and freeing itself from Penny's hold. Empowered by its V. Maximum Overdrive mode, Metal Sonic propelled forward at a remarkable speed, zooming toward the city at an exhilarating pace, leaving the android girl in its wake.

"Hey! I'm not done with you, yet!"

Penny, determined to continue the fight with Metal Sonic, called out as the robot swiftly sped away. Unleashing her Maiden powers, she materialized dark green swords formed from the earth and combined them with her rocket boots to give chase. The android girl surged forward, matching the robot's speed as she pursued it with relentless determination. Metal Sonic, reaching the top of a colossal building amidst the ruins of the city, declared with cold certainty,

"Your chances of winning are 0%. Witness perfection." The robot stood atop the highest structure, seemingly invincible and ready for the battle to come. With remarkable precision and control, Metal Sonic manifested a storm cloud above, channeling lightning to strike itself and supercharge its systems. Bolts of energy rained down across the city, their intensity illuminating the desolate surroundings. One of these bolts struck Penny, but far from causing harm, the energy was absorbed by the android, energizing her own capabilities. Penny, fueled by determination, challenged Metal Sonic's assertion, declaring,

"Oh yeah? I can do that too!"

With her Maiden powers, she took control of the weather, engaging in a contest of influence against the mechanical being. The forces of nature oscillated between the two entities as they stared down at each other, the struggle manifesting in the tumultuous pull and tug of the elements. Neo Metal Sonic, exuding an aura of dominance, raised its arm and issued a commanding proclamation,

"Kneel before your master!"

Drawing upon its magnetic power, the robot summoned every loose scrap of metal in the vicinity, regardless of size. Penny, with her keen perception, noticed the approaching metallic hazards converging from behind her. Displaying her Maiden abilities, she swiftly sliced through the incoming metal with her Floating Array weaponry, effectively circumventing the impending danger.

A collective gasp escaped Penny's lips as the metal debris gathered around Neo Metal Sonic began to shift, transforming into a colossal being known as Metal Overlord. The metallic mass morphed into a formidable entity adorned with blue and black hues, its back adorned with multiple sharp spikes. The newly formed Metal Overlord unleashed a fearsome screech, its towering presence casting an intimidating shadow over the vicinity.

Metal Overlord, wielding its right arm like a flame-throwing weapon, unleashed a torrent of fire in Penny's direction, engulfing her in a sea of flames. Penny, undeterred by the fire, flew through the inferno, exhibiting remarkable resilience. Armed with her Maiden-made swords, she targeted specific weak spots in the robot's design, aiming precise strikes that sought to exploit any vulnerabilities. Metal Overlord, defiant in the face of resistance, bellowed,


In a metallic roar. With a powerful whip of its tail, the robot unleashed a barrage of spikes, hurling them toward Penny with incredible speed. Undeterred, the android girl responded by summoning her Floating Array swords back to her side, spinning them around at lightning-fast speeds. Skillfully maneuvering the array, she deflected the incoming spikes, redirecting them towards the crumbling buildings below.

"Take this!"

As Metal Overlord unfurled metallic wings and ascended into the air, it launched a flurry of crystalline projectiles at Penny. The android girl, displaying her skill, attempted to intercept and deflect the incoming onslaught, but to no avail. Each sword of her Floating Array was encapsulated in crystalline casing, rendering her defenseless. Caught off guard, she, too, was struck and entombed within the crystal confines, falling to the ground below, seemingly incapacitated.

"No, not yet!"

Despite her temporary incapacitation within the crystalline prison, Penny's resolve burned fiercely. Summoning a bolt of lightning, she shattered her confining crystal tomb and freed herself from its icy embrace. Leveraging her Maiden powers, she orchestrated the storm clouds above, channeling them to unleash a deluge of hail and sleet upon the battlefield. The biting hail and freezing droplets served as a shield against incoming attacks as she soared into the sky, presenting a more elusive target.

Frustrated and determined to strike its elusive target, Metal Overlord unleashed a barrage of missiles, carpet bombing the surroundings with a relentless assault. In the midst of the chaos and destruction, Penny, fueled by her Maiden abilities, skillfully navigated through the onslaught, evading the incoming missiles. Taking advantage of the disruption, she stealthily approached Metal Overlord from behind, employing her wind powers to disperse the missiles that ventured too close to her.

"Now you take this!"

With a swift motion, Penny materialized more swords fashioned from ice, flinging them with precision at Metal Overlord's joints. As the icy blades made contact, they froze and immobilized the mechanical being's movements, encumbering its ability to move and fly. Metal Overlord, its joints frozen and immobilized by Penny's icy attacks, bellowed in frustration, attempting to force its way through the encumbering ice. However, the frigid restraints held strong, confining the robot's movements and diminishing its offensive capabilities, as it fell towards the city below.

Penny couldn't help but smile as she witnessed Metal Overlord plummeting towards the devastated city below. The colossal robot crashed through the ruins, its tremendous mass demolishing numerous buildings in its path. A fierce feeling of triumph and satisfaction welled up within her, but she knew the battle wasn't yet truly over.

Gathering her powers of ice, earth, fire, and air, Penny forged a formidable sword, encircled by a whirlwind of additional elemental swords. Fueled by her determination and her Maiden-empowered abilities, she channeled her energy into a resolute yell as she unleashed a tremendous blast, propelled by the swords in a fierce and unified assault.

"Chaos Control!"

Metal Overlord, desperate to counter the incoming onslaught, invoked the power of Chaos Control, a move borrowed from Shadow the Hedgehog. By manipulating time, the robot managed to slow down the approach of Penny's potent attack, buying itself a precious moment to devise a defense or counterattack.

Laughing, Metal Overlord prepared its final attack with a laser charging in its mouth. However, Metal Overlord, its confidence shattered in an instant, uttered a cry of disbelief. Mid-charge for its final attack, the robot's field of vision was obstructed by an 'Error!' message in its HUD. Frozen in place, the metallic monster realized it had been hacked by Penny, who wore a triumphant smile.


The metallic monster cried out, having been hacked into by Penny with a smile. Even in the slowed time, Penny's voice rang out loudly with a cheerful,


She had successfully hacked into Metal Overlord's system, and her attack found its mark on the robot's chest, making a direct hit on the power core. With that, the metallic monster's internal systems erupted in a spectacular display of mechanical destruction, culminating in its ultimate defeat.


A metallic cry of despair echoed through the air as Metal Overlord succumbed to its impending doom, its demise unfolding slowly due to the distorted time within which it took place. In a spectacular explosion, the mechanical monster was completely obliterated, signaling a decisive victory for Penny. Time resumed its normal course as the echoes of the shattered robot's final defeat dissipated into the air.

With a deep sense of relief, Penny turned her gaze towards the clearing sky, as the storm clouds dispersed, revealing the warm rays of sunlight that bathed her being. A satisfied smile formed on her face as she affirmed,

"Mission accomplished."

Empowered by her Maiden abilities, the android girl took to the skies, soaring towards the reunion with her friends.
Strength: Penny and Metal Sonic were relatively even in power. Penny was able to blast a wall big enough that required around 15 KT of TNT, but when Sonic and his metal counterpart blew apart a giant stalactite that was the size of a large hill, Metal Sonic likely put in half the 200 KT of TNT needed to pull the feat off. That's a 6.66X difference in Metal's favor.

Speed: However, just like Sonic, Metal would have difficulties trying to keep up. Metal can easily keep up with Sonic's average running speed of between Mach 8-10, and especially when he overclocks to Mach 35-40, but Penny is consistent to her friends in RWBY, who can dodge lightning with reaction speeds up to Mach 78. Pretty close, but Metal Sonic risks damaging his circuits by using V. Maximum Overdrive.

Skill: This one is interesting. Metal Sonic is very skilled... at trying to kill Sonic. An exploitable weakness with Metal Sonic is that while it may be an overall danger to the main Sonic cast, due to being able to do what Sonic does but better, but all the other characters have been able to beat him regardless due to his overspecialization. Penny, meanwhile, is capable of fighting those with greater fighting skill and experience, and would have the ability to exploit Metal's weaknesses.

Experience: Again, this is a mix. Metal has fought for a longer time against Sonic and friends time wise, but Penny have fought against a wider variety of opponents, and thus is more capable of adapting to Metal's aggressive fighting style, even if he copied her style.

Powers: Metal and Penny share some of the same abilities, such as augmenting their power, elemental manipulation and attacking from a distance. However, Penny is highly resistant, if not immune to Metal's elemental powers, along with greater utilization of said abilities, can more reliably attack from multiple angles thanks to her powers, and could possibly hack Metal's system, who has never shown any need to defend against hacking attempts.

The winner is Penny.
Next time:

"This is the path I chose, win or lose. This is the only move I can make right now. After 17 years of doing nothing, this is what I must do with my life."

"I just can't stand that there's anyone in the world who's stronger than me."

Chapter 20: Baki Hanma vs Ohma Tokita

Chapter Text

Baki Hanma


Baki Hanma has the goal of surpassing the strongest creature on Earth, his father, Yujiro Hanma with the blood of Baki's mother on his hand. He has settled himself as an incredibly capable combatant with encounters with immensely powerful fighters from a multitude of backgrounds and styles, with Baki himself eventually establishing a clique of these warriors, most notably, men such as Kaoru Hanayama and Doppo Orochi.

With every passing fight he has improved his craft to the point where he has constructed techniques with nothing but the usage of his mind and shadow boxing. Baki once confronted Yujiro, Son of Ogre, putting his strength and will to the test against his father for seemingly the last time but was ultimately incapable of defeating him. Despite this, he was granted the title of 'Strongest' by Yujiro for putting up an intense fight, but as this was a mere bestowal of the title, he did not consider this a victory.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Statistics Amplification (Can release endorphins that increase his pain tolerance and durability),

Master Martial Artist,

Pressure Points,

Enhanced Senses (Could sense Hanayama stalking him),

Extrasensory Perception (Can sense Hanayama's aura),

Afterimage Creation (Dodged around Yuri Chakovsky at blitzing speeds, leaving an afterimage),

Analytical Prediction (Predicts and intercepts a bird's movements to prevent it from flying and predicted a Judo master's fake-out),

Information Analysis (While fighting a Judo master who was attempting to hide his fighting style, Baki was able to instantly tell he was a Judo master, that he was trying to conceal this fact, and what course of action he was about to attempt),

Instinctive Action (Fought Gaia without thinking, dodged a sword faster than he could see on instinct, defeated several opponents on instinct alone, dodged Hanayama's attack by accident),

Willpower Projection (After dying, Baki projected his willpower to bring himself back to life. Baki also replicated this ability again during his fight with his father),

Resistance to Pain (Has always had an extremely high pain tolerance throughout the series, by the climax of Son of Ogre, Baki believes himself to be nearly immune to conventional pain such as muscle fatigue and normal attacks),

Resistance to Telepathy via Instinctive Action (Gaia, who can read people's minds due to Rumination, cannot read Baki's attacks because he is fighting without thinking)

Same as before but including, Power Mimicry (Baki has copied and adopted countless techniques, including but not limited to the Mach Punch, Aiki, Kiai, and even the personal fighting style of someone who doesn't know martial arts, having achieved a "Black Belt" in it in mere moments and surpassing the original fighter by the end of the fight. He has even stated that he can replicate all of the techniques he's seen/fought, though this remains to be seen),

minor Fear Manipulation (When preparing for his fight against Yujiro, Baki's presences while walking around Tokyo caused a storm of hundreds of rats to run from him without him even knowing, when his life was threatened by delinquents with a knife, they felt as though the knife was tiny and they were in a life or death situation, when unconscious in a classroom, his entire class and teacher began to shiver, sweat, and panic, but this subsided after he awoke, created an amalgamation beast of every imaginary creature he's made or shadow boxed that psyched out Sam Pierre Atlas),

Statistics Amplification (Via Demon Back, Mach Punch, co*ckroach Tackle, Endorphins and others),

Limited Durability Negation (Via Cord Cut and Benda Whip),

Limited Pain Manipulation (Via Benda Whip),

Chi Manipulation and Attack Reflection (Via Aiki)

Same as before, but including, Body Control and Blood Manipulation (Baki can relax his muscles, joints, and even his very cells to a point of "Complete Exhausion" and "Absolute Liquidification". He is also capable of inducing hemostasis with Adrenaline, Baki escaped from thumbcuffs locked behind his back),

Status Effect Inducement (Can blind people by severing their optical nerves and can sever the nerves responsible for the use of limbs),

Limited Perception Manipulation (Created a triceratops that felt so real that Nomi no Sukune II believe he was actually fighting one, and even asked if Baki was a sorcerer, and when performed on Yujiro, a crowd of several thousand people could all perceive it as though it were real); limited Subjective Reality (Can shadow box against beings he's imagined so intensely that he suffers actual physical damage from their attacks),

Sense Manipulation (Could make people perceive sounds, smells, lights, and even impacts with his illusions),

Instinctive Action (Dodged a surprise attack, is stated by Yujiro to react on instinct),

Enhanced Senses (Could tell Yujiro was walking down his street, can hear the heartbeat of Musashi while underground many miles away and differentiate it from everyone else's heartbeat he knows),

Extrasensory Perception (Baki can sense this about his opponent, can feel Musashi's presence in another room, and stopped being bored just because of Musashi's heartbeat),

Limited Invisibility (With his Instinctive Action, Baki is able to dodge someone's line of sight, making him invisible to them),

Resistance to Electricity and Poison (Baki has a physiology similar to Yujiro's, where he can resist both electric and poison effects),

Resistance to Status Effect Inducement (Baki uses Adrenaline to induce Hemostasis, which counters the bleeding and blinding effects Yujiro's strike induced)

Weaknesses: None notable
Tokita Ohma


Tokita Ohma, having grown up in the lawless territory known as The Inside, the young Ohma was found and adopted by Tokita Niko, who taught him his style of martial arts; the Niko Style.

Later in his life, Ohma leaves The Inside to seek powerful opponents. In this quest, he eventually joins the Kengan Association as a fighter for the Nogi Group, and later, Yamash*ta Trading Co. with his friend and manager Yamash*ta Kazuo.

Ohma uses the "Niko Style", a relatively unique martial art that utilizes his body control to it's maximum while having a variety of useful techniques to use in dire situations. There are four Katas of techniques at his disposal: Water, Flame, Redirection and Adamantine. Water Katas consist of grappling and soft locks, Flame Katas relies on dexterity and speed, Redirection Katas is for diverting and controlling the flow of power and Adamantine Katas enhances his attacks as well as his defensive capabilities.

Ohma also possesses the ability to take out an "advance" on his life to enhance his physical capabilities by accelerating his velocity, thus allowing him to increase his damage output, along with his ferocity, by overclocking his heart at the cost of reducing his life span.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Adept Knife-Wielder (Ohma was shown to predominantly use knives in his childhood),

Fear Inducement (Put fear into a Yakuza),

Supernatural Willpower (By secreting endorphins with an analgesic effect five or six times that of morphine, he was able to move no differently than when he was healthy),

Accelerated Development (After figuring out proper posture, Ohma was capable of striking Niko despite having extreme injuries and barely enough energy to even stand),

Pain Manipulation (Even though he was injured from head to toe with broken ribs, not feeling any pain, barely able to stand with a chill feeling over his body. Niko calls it "standing with your bones"),

Enhanced Senses and Analytical Prediction (His mind exhibited an extraordinary level of concentration from the accumulated damage, thermal nutrition, and extreme fatigue. All 5 of his senses were boosted and he could sense Niko's movements),

Resistance to Information Analysis and Analytical Prediction (With Demonsbane, Ohma can channel the energy of his opponent's attack and immediately send it back to the enemy in an instantaneous counter, adding his own strength on top of it. Due to being a Formless ability grants it resistance to Predictions and pin point information analysis),

Berserk Mode and Statistics Amplification via Possessing Spirit (He can drastically increase his heart rate to overclock his body's functions, greatly increasing the speed of his movement and strikes, and thus increasing his attack power)

All previous abilities/resistances to a far greater extent, Martial Arts,

Higher Fear Inducement Aura (Ohma's bloodlust is so powerful that it caused a man's primal survival instincts to overpower his mind and senses),

Enhanced Senses (Ohma has extremely sharp senses of hearing and smell, with his sense of hearing being able to pick up the faintest of sounds over the screams of the crowd. After his fight with Kaburagi, he learned to tune-out the overwhelming noise of a stadium and pick out only the sound of his opponent's breathing and could hear the sound of teeth flying towards him,)

Extrasensory Perception (Due to being born in the Inside, he developed an ability to pick up minute changes in the environment. He can also gauge an opponent's power level just by looking at them),

Information Analysis (Analyzed the "new sound" of Medicine Man's teeth bullets and created an imagined visual of the ring and attack trajectory. Figured out the timing of Inaba's movements mid-fight through counting it with his tongue clicks. Analyzed the sound of Kaburagi's heartbeat, breathing and moving joints),

Analytical Prediction (Capable of using Flowing Edge, which relies on analyzing and predicting the trajectory of attacks to deflect them. Outpredicted Cosmo, predicted Inaba's movements by clicking his tongue to figure out his timing and by listening to his breath patterns. Predicted Niko's Knock out move),

Statistics Amplification (Can increase his speed with Flame Kata and his attacking power/durability with Adamantine Kata),

Damage Boost (Adamantine Kata halted Kiryu from twisting his muscles and flesh),

Limited Illusion Creation (Via Phantom Pace & Earth-Shrinking, can trick opponents who possess precognition into thinking they've attacked Ohma as opposed to just his after image. Earth-Shrinking gives off illusions),

Afterimage Creation (With the Fire Kata),

Berserk Mode and Statistics Amplification (With the Advance, he can drastically increase his heart rate to overclock his body's functions, greatly increasing the speed of his movement and strikes, and thus increasing his attack power),

Body Control (Can manipulate individual muscles with Adamantine Kata and drastically increase or decrease heart rate at will with the Advance),

Damage Reduction (Capable of immensely reducing damage with Indestructible, disperse force and energy with the Redirection Kata, and go limp with the Water Kata to mitigate damage),

Limited Momentum Manipulation and Limited Attack Reflection (With Redirection Kata, he can control the flow of energy, momentum and force of the opponent and himself, and send the force of attacks back at the aggressor; such as when he casually redirected the power of a vastly larger opponent's punch back through their arm and into their joints, dislocating their elbow and shoulder), and Instinctive Reaction (Through image training and rote learning during sleep, Ohma's brain has developed the ability to "act without thinking" by the experiences gained from having fought over 40,000 imaginary battles in his mind),

Pressure Points (Ohma can attack several vital points and pressure points.),

Resistance to Analytical Prediction (Swimming Swallow is stated to be unpredictable due to its ever changing trajectory. Trained by Tokita Niko to change his rhythm so they aren't predictable),

Durability Negation (Stopped Kiryu from twisting his muscles and flesh with Indestructible)

All previous abilities/resistances to a far greater extent, Biological Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Statistics Reduction, Perception Manipulation and/or Memory Manipulation and Possible Chi Manipulation (with Chi Blockage, Ohma can paralyze others, weaken them drastically, as well as suppress their autonomous nervous system, manipulating unconscious bodily functions such as memory, heart rate, and even neurological conditions to change a target's perception of time),

Attack Reflection,

All previous abilities/resistances including Technique Mimicry (Can copy Techniques via Kure Clan Tradition: Copy and copy movements of his opponent via Kure Family Tradition: Silhouette),

Status Effect Inducement (Can cause blindness via Avdia),

Enhanced Body Control (Via bone consumption, Ohma can cause his joints go limp to avoid damage and is capable of loosening his joints to increase his striking range),

Accelerated Development (Progressively got stronger after fighting multiple matches with Raian, going from Raian having a one sided score to being nearly dead even with him)

Weaknesses: The Advance hampers his fine motor control while also causing severe damage to his blood vessels. Due to the increased heart rate and blood flow, wounds tend to bleed out significantly faster. Extended use can result in temporary memory loss, hallucinations, and even death. Prior to regaining his memories, Ohma had a tendency to recklessly use the Advance at maximum output with every use, instead of optimizing the output for the right situations, as he does after regaining his memories. While minimized due to his new control over its output, the Advance still damages Ohma's blood vessels with extended use. Demonsbane is risky, in that if Ohma screws up in utilizing the Water Kata's role in the attack, he can sustain severe internal damage due to the force of his opponent's blow exploding outwards while still within his body.
Song: Eternal Demons

Ohma Tokita, a powerful and skilled fighter associated with the Kengan Association, strode confidently through the dimly lit parking garage. Taking a shortcut to reach his destination, he moved with a focused determination, his eyes scanning the surrounding shadows with a mix of vigilance and ease.

As Ohma continued through the parking garage, rounding a corner, he was abruptly met by the unexpected sight of Baki Hanma, one of the world's most remarkable fighters, who had sought him out with clear intent. Ohma's eyes widened momentarily, taking in the sheer presence that emanated from the young fighter, the weight of his reputation and strength being undeniable. Baki's amused expression widened into a grin as he addressed Ohma directly, his curiosity piqued.

"Are you the one known as 'The Ashura'?" He queried, his voice filled with intrigue and a hint of anticipation. Ohma's expression remained impassive, but his eyes flared briefly in recognition. He had heard that name before, whispered amongst fighters and fans alike, always in regard to exceptional strength and skill. He responded in a neutral tone,

"I have. Hanma, the son of Yujiro. He bestowed you the title of the world's strongest man, despite losing, right?"

The smirk on Baki's face disappeared, being reminded of that. He confirmed,

"That's right, he did. But he just gave it to me. I don't feel like I've really earned it. Despite holding the title, I still need to get stronger. And when I heard of this 'Ashura', master of the Niko style, I knew I had to win. Fight me."

Ohma's eyes narrowed, his expression turning to a more serious one. The challenge in Baki's voice was not unexpected. He had encountered many fighters seeking to test their strength against him, and most ended up losing.

"You want to fight me too, eh?"

He mused, his voice becoming interested.

"Don't think you'll win just because your pops gave you the title as the strongest."

Baki laughed, his expression and tone conveying his eagerness.

"Of course not. I won't underestimate you."

He said, his voice still holding excitement, proceeding to remove his clothes to reveal his fighting shorts, his toned body, and many scars across his body.

"I only want to push myself as far as I can go."

Ohma observed Baki's preparations, his own expression calm and focused. Seeing the scars that littered the younger fighter's body, he couldn't help but notice their similarities with his own. A fighter's life was filled with battles, victories, and the scars that came with it.

"A fair enough reason."

Ohma responded, watching as Baki readied himself, throwing off his own clothes to show off his own body, 6 inches taller, 19 pounds heavier in muscle, and just as battle scarred.

"Just be warned. I'm not holding back either."

"Neither am I."

Baki replied with a determined look. The tension in the parking garage was thick as both fighters stripped down to their fighting shorts, their bodies displaying the results of their intense training and battles. The surrounding area was still, the only sound being the hum of the fluorescent lights overhead. Baki cracked his knuckles, preparing himself for the clash that was about to occur.

Baki swiftly launched into action, leaping forward with a powerful head kick, aiming to catch Ohma off guard. However, Ohma reacted with lightning-quick reflexes, employing the Adamantine form of his Niko Style, tensing his muscles just in time to absorb and somewhat soften the impact. As the kick connected with his face, Baki immediately winced, as if he had kicked a solid steel pole, his shin feeling the reverberations of the impact.

Ohma didn't give Baki time to recover from the effects of the kick, swiftly throwing a series of punches at the younger fighter, catching him off guard. Baki did his best to defend himself, holding up his arms as shields against the onslaught, the force of each blow causing him grimace slightly as the impacts reverberated through his arms.

Baki unleashed a powerful right hook, aiming for Ohma's chest, and hit its mark perfectly. Despite the impact, Ohma stood unwavering, his body seemingly like a pillar of steel due to the defense offered by his Adamantine form. Baki realized that his attacks were not having the usual effect he was expecting, and a grim understanding dawned on him.

Baki internally mused to himself as he continued exchanging blows with Ohma. He had observed the effectiveness of the older fighter's Adamantine technique, realizing that Ohma managed to tense all his muscles at the precise moment of impact, exponentially increasing the density of his body and rendering his attacks mostly ineffective. A sense of determination welled up in the younger fighter; if he wanted to make any progress in this fight, he needed to step up his game.

Hanma put every ounce of his strength into his next attack, spinning around and launching a powerful kick at Ohma using the edge of his heel. The force of the blow was immense, fueled by Baki's entire body weight. Despite Ohma's defensive technique, the kick connected solidly, sending the older fighter crashing into a concrete wall, the impact hard enough to crack the solid material. Ohma winced in pain as he dropped to one knee, recovering from the powerful blow.

Baki was relentless, quickly closing in on Ohma and throwing a follow-up punch, this time aiming for his face. However, Ohma demonstrated his agility and reflexes once more, dodging the incoming blow and rolling away just in time. The impact of the punch on the wall was powerful, creating a complex web of cracks in the concrete and dislodging several pieces, revealing the reinforced steel of the rebar beneath.

Baki swiftly pivoted, attempting a surprise reverse roundhouse kick, aiming to catch Ohma off guard as the older fighter stood up. However, Ohma's reflexes and adaptability were unmatched, as he quickly caught the incoming kick and used the fluid movements of the Willow Form to seamlessly transition the momentum of the kick into a fluid motion. With expert control, he swung Baki around and slammed him against the cracked concrete wall, the impact further damaging the already weakened surface.

Baki found himself in an unfavorable position as he fell to the floor, his right leg still caught in Ohma's grip. Seeing the opportunity, Ohma moved to stomp on Baki's ribs, seeking to capitalize on the momentary weakness. However, Baki's quick reflexes and flexible body allowed him to contort himself away using the techniques of the Whip Strike. By relaxing his muscles, he coiled the energy of his whole body, and jammed his foot into Ohma's armpit with a powerful blow.

Ohma let out a cry of pain as Baki's strike connected with a nerve-filled weak spot in his armpit, almost causing his shoulder to dislocate. Despite the intense pain, Ohma gritted his teeth and endured it, quickly grabbing hold of Baki's other leg. With a determined expression, he used the leg as a pivot point, spinning around while still holding onto it and effectively twisting Baki's body in a circular motion.

As Ohma spun him around at incredible speeds, Baki felt his senses starting to reel, momentarily losing his bearings. Finally, Ohma released his hold, and Baki flew through the air before crashing into the trunk of a nearby car. The impact was forceful and powerful, crumpling the car and causing Baki to let out a guttural groan of pain.

Despite the pain from the hard impact, Baki quickly regained his composure and rose to his feet. Sensing Ohma approaching, he moved with unparalleled fluidity, mimicking Ohma's Willow Form in an impressive display of mimicry. With lightning-fast reflexes, Baki spun around and unleashed a powerful strike to Ohma's vulnerable back, his knee connecting with precision.

Despite the pain, Ohma responded with a powerful counterattack of his own, drawing upon Baki's style and integrating it seamlessly into his own Niko Style. His fist clenched and his muscles tensed in the Adamantine Form, he unleashed a devastating Ironbreaker punch, imbued with the force and density of his body.

Baki swiftly recovered from the impact, flipping back onto his feet and unleashing a series of lightning-fast punches, utilizing the Mach Punch technique to generate a shockwave that raced towards Ohma. Realizing the danger, Ohma quickly leaped over the shockwave with remarkable agility. Thinking to capitalize on this moment, he attempted a shoulder flip, only to find himself suddenly halted by Baki, who had stopped his own momentum by grounding himself. In a swift and unexpected countermove, Baki took hold of Ohma's shoulders, mirroring the technique and flinging him away with a powerful push.

Ohma was able to land on his feet and knees, before looking up at Baki. He impressed and somewhat unsettled by Baki's ability to quickly grasp and counter his Adamantine Form and learn Willow Form. The young fighter's adaptability and fighting instincts were nothing short of remarkable. As he pondered his next move, he considered the possibility of using Flame and Water Form techniques, only to hesitate, fearing that Baki might once again copy his techniques and gain an advantage. The realization dawned upon Ohma that Baki's proficiency in the fight styles of Aikido and Jujitsu might be equal to his own, complicating the battle further.

Ohma chose to tap into the Niko Style's secret technique, a powerful burst of energy that increased his heart rate by a factor of five, causing his skin to acquire a darker red hue as an intense wave of adrenaline surged through his body. His eyes took on a crazed, violent glint, and a fearsome smile spread across his face, lending him a possessed and fearsome aura.

Baki observed the transformation in Ohma, noticing the intense change in his appearance and demeanor. He could distinctly hear the rapid, forceful beating of his heart and the increased vascularity of his skin, now tinged with a deep red hue. Despite the fearsome display, Baki found himself smiling as he sprinted towards Ohma, fully intent on testing the limits of the possessed warrior.

Ohma charged towards Baki, but at the last moment, he appeared to step back to dodge a punch from the younger fighter. However, Baki was quick to react, raising his knee instinctively to block an unexpected strike. In a cunning move, Ohma had feigned a step back to deceive Baki, only to suddenly launch an uppercut, catching him off guard.

Baki felt a sharp pain as Ohma's Earth-Shrinking technique landed a blow just below his kneecap, targeting his Patellar Ligament. Unable to maintain his balance, he was sent flying through the air and crashed into the concrete wall above a car, landing in a tangled heap on the ground.

Baki, using his acute ability to sense the vibrations through the concrete floor, quickly planted his foot against the bumper of the car and pushed, sending it rolling towards Ohma. The older fighter met the oncoming vehicle head-on, delivering a powerful downward strike with his fist. With a single blow, he slammed his fist straight through the car's engine, effectively stopping the vehicle's momentum in its tracks.

As Ohma leaped over the mangled wreckage of the car, Baki launched another Mach Punch to keep the older fighter at bay. However, Ohma swiftly twisted around the sonic attack, evading the blow. Taking advantage of the opening, he quickly latched onto Baki's arm, grappling the younger combatant and using the limb against him while standing behind.

Baki desperately attempted to escape the unyielding grapple, struggling to break free, but Ohma's grip was unwavering. With a brutal tug, he jerked Baki's arm with such force that it caused the young fighter's shoulder to dislocate and his wrist to snap from the strain.

Baki let out a fierce yell, a mix of pain and determination, as he channeled the famed Hanma bloodline powers through a formidable contortion of his back muscles. The technique took the form of a fearsome demonic face, and the force unleashed was so powerful it sent Ohma crashing into the nearby wall, causing it to crack under the impact.

Ohma remained unfazed by the display of the demonic face, instead reveling in the intensity of the ongoing battle. Despite Baki's compromised arm, he admirably held his own, matching Ohma's power and speed in their continued clash.

Both Ohma and Baki channeled their might, drawing back their fists to prepare for a devastating strike. With Ohma wielding the Demonbane technique and Baki mimicking his form to execute a similar attack, their blows collided with unparalleled power against their fists. The impact was so immense that the entire parking garage shattered in a colossal explosion of pure physical force, causing the complex structure to crumble and collapse upon them.

The scene appeared dire, as it seemed as if both fighters were buried under the crushing weight of the collapsed parking garage. Yet, with remarkable determination, Baki slowly struggled to push aside the rubble and debris that surrounded him. Eventually, he managed to free himself and, surprisingly, carefully hoisted the unconscious Ohma onto his shoulders. Baki let out a deep sigh, catching his breath as the adrenaline slowly subsided.

"Whew, that was one hell of a fight,"

He remarked, a hint of satisfaction in his voice. As his gaze lowered to Ohma's twisted, skinless arm, a pang of concern shot through him.

"Looks like we both gave it our all, huh? Let's get ya to a hospital."

With a determined expression, Baki hoisted Tokita more firmly onto his shoulders and slowly began making his way out of the scene of destruction they had both caused.


Strength: Both fighters were strong enough to be one of the pinnacles of strength of their respective universes, but one was exponentially stronger. Ohma may have been strong enough to shake a forest with Demonbane was able to shake a forest with the equivalent of 500 tons of TNT, but Baki is comparable to his father, who once stopped an earthquake with just a punch. Such a feat would require 15.25 KT. Now, it's debatable how strong Baki is exactly to his father, but even if we assume Baki's best is only 10% of Yujiro's, that would still make Baki 3X stronger than Ohma.

Speed: Unlike strength, this was is a considerably closer gap. When Tokita uses his advanced technique, he's faster than the speed of sound, but there's no indication that he goes much faster than that. When deflecting a kick that was aiming right for his face, Ohma was able to react in the time necessary at Mach 6. However, when stopping a knife that was traveling much faster, Baki reacted at Mach 18, and he could react much faster with the Demon's back if he chose to.

Skill: I'd say that both are equal. Both are masters of the same martial arts as each other, and even though Baki may not know Niko Style, there's no doubt he could copy it for his own.

Experience: Both should also be equal to each other. For one character in Baki, there's a rough equal in Kengan Ashura, so there's nothing the other could surprise each other with for long.

Powers: Like skill and experience, they're mostly the same, with mastered martial arts, instinctive reaction, analytical prediction, debilitating moves, it seems neither seems to outmatch each other... except for Baki's superior mimicry skills, able to copy any martial art, and could even master it over a short time.

The winner is Baki Hanma.

Chapter 21: Bell Cranel vs Goblin Slayer

Chapter Text

Bell Cranel


Bell was born as a result of the union between a member of the Zeus Familia and Meteria of the Hera Familia, sometime after the defeat of both Familias by the One Eyed Black Dragon. Before dying, his mother gave him to Zeus so that he can take care of him, who took him to raise him as his grandson in a rural village deep in the mountains. As he grew up, Bell heard and read many stories about heroes from his grandfather, forming his dream of aspiring to be a mighty one himself.

In the past, Bell was almost killed by a goblin and was saved by his grandfather. After his grandfather's presumed death, he took it upon himself to leave the village, traveling to the land of Orario to fulfill his dreams. Upon his arrival in the city, Bell attempted to enter numerous Familia, but was rejected by each one. Hestia, a Goddess, unable to find members willing to join her Familia, asked him if he'd like to become the first member of her Familia. Bell gladly accepted, and so started his new life, finally with a Goddess' blessing.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Enhanced Senses (The falna significantly enhances a person's senses. Even the weakest adventurer can see in environments that are pitch black for normal people for example. Bell can also sense people's gaze; he is so sensitive to them that he can locate and fight someone even if they are invisible),

Skilled Knife User,

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant,

Fire Manipulation and Electricity Manipulation via Firebolt,

Resistance to Status Effect Inducement,

Energy Projection with Argonaut,

Limited Resistance to Empathic Manipulation (Due to his Liaris Freese skill, he was able to shrug off the effects of Ishtar's Charm ability, which renders even Gods hopelessly lustful for her),

Extrasensory Perception (Bell can sense the size of a person's spiritual "container" for their Status, allowing him to gauge how strong they are),

Statistics Amplification and Damage Boost via Chain Attack (The ability increases the power of attacks he delivers continuously)

Weaknesses: Argonaut's charge will still disperse if struck or he loses concentration.
Goblin Slayer


Goblin Slayer is an experienced Silver-ranked adventurer whose only concern is hunting goblins. He doesn't take any other jobs unless they involve goblins. After a traumatic incident he witnessed as a child because of them, he vowed to kill all goblins off the face of the planet.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Swordsman and Marksman,

Enhanced Senses,

Healing (With healing potions),

Portal Creation (With Gate Scroll),

Resistance to Poison (With antidote. Likely only works on poison used by goblins)

Weaknesses: Over-specialized in Goblin slaying
Song: Is It Wrong To Pick On Goblin Slayers?

Bell Cranel, an aspiring adventurer from the Hestia Familia, found himself engaged in a solo mission, tasked with clearing out a dungeon inhabited by goblins. The young boy navigated through the labyrinthine passages, encountering and dispatching the numerous goblin adversaries that crossed his path with remarkable skill and finesse.

With the goblins defeated in the immediate vicinity, Bell allowed himself a moment of respite and released a deep sigh, infused with a hint of contentment. He mused aloud, his voice carrying a note of satisfaction.

"I needed this. A bit of solitude and a break from the hustle and bustle. It does wonders for one's mental wellbeing."

As Bell stood near a dark tunnel, the ominous cries of goblins echoed through the air. The pitiful wails of terror indicated that the diminutive monsters were being subjected to a brutal onslaught. The chilling sounds of metal slicing through flesh and bones being violently shattered filled the atmosphere, each goblin cry abruptly silenced.

Bell, drawn by curiosity and concern, cautiously approached the source of the guttural and ominous sounds. As he stepped closer, the echoes of the brutal battle reverberated throughout the winding tunnels. Shadows danced upon the walls, the faint illumination revealing a harrowing scene of carnage and destruction. It became evident that something or someone was systematically tearing through the goblin horde with ruthless efficiency, leaving a trail of lifeless goblin corpses in its wake.

"Wh-What could this be?"

Bell's eyes widened in shock and horror as he stepped into the goblin's nest, the grotesque scene unfolding before him. The room was filled with the lifeless bodies of goblins, their weapons scattered across the ground, and blood staining every inch of the grimy space. Standing tall among the carnage was an imposing figure, clad in armor soaked with the dark crimson liquid, his chainmail and leather undershirt bearing testament to the bloodbath. The dripping sword in his hand spoke of the carnage he had unleashed, and the helmet concealing his facial features only added to the air of mystery surrounding him.

Goblin Slayer, still drenched in the dark sanguine of his recent battle, turned his attention towards Bell, his heightened senses immediately detecting the young adventurer's presence. From Bell's perspective, this mysterious figure appeared more like a menacing undead knight, his aura exuding a sense of tremendous power as he stood amidst the slain goblins. The deliberate and malevolent nature of the goblin carnage around them further intensified the ominous atmosphere surrounding Goblin Slayer.

Bell, trying to assess Goblin Slayer's strength and power, found himself unable to get a clear reading on the enigmatic figure. Despite the lack of clarity, the young adventurer understood the potential danger in leaving such a powerful and malevolent entity free to roam about. Reluctantly, Bell gripped his weapon tightly, preparing himself for a possible confrontation.


With a swift movement, Bell unleashed a Firebolt spell, sending a spiral of flames hurtling towards Goblin Slayer. Caught off guard, the goblin slaying hero leapt out of the way, avoiding the brunt of the magical attack as it blasted the area behind him. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Goblin Slayer hastily retreated, seeking space to reassess and devise a tactical plan for retaliation against Bell's unexpected magical assault.

Maintaining a state of heightened vigilance, Bell clutched his daggers in a reverse grip, his eyes fixated on Goblin Slayer as he cautiously advanced. With each step, he carefully measured his movements, determined not to lose his grip on the unfolding situation. The tension in the air hung thick, as both the young adventurer and the silver ranked goblin slayer stood poised, assessing each other's strength and preparing for the inevitable clash.

As Bell glanced down at his feet, he spotted several round orbs rolling towards him. Before he could react further, the orbs detonated in a barrage of smoke bombs, filling the area with a dense cloud of obscuring smoke. Coughing as he inhaled the acrid smoke, Bell hastily stepped back to escape the billowing smoke, momentarily losing concentration.

Brushing off the momentary dazed state, Bell swiftly maneuvered to the side, narrowly evading Goblin Slayer's short sword. However, the blade still managed to lodge itself into the rocky wall, mere inches from Bell's abdomen. The young adventurer gasped, the realization of the close call sending a jolt of adrenaline through his veins.

The clash between Bell and Goblin Slayer grew more intense as they traded blows. Bell unleashed a series of relentless strikes with his daggers, targeting the shield carried by Goblin Slayer, aiming to find any opening in its defenses. However, the seasoned adventurer proved to be a challenging adversary, adept at counterattacking and defending against each of Bell's attacks. Despite the swift and accurate defenses, Bell managed to skillfully evade each counterstrike, showcasing his agility and reflexes in the heat of battle.

As the fierce exchange of blows continued, Bell prepared to unleash his potent Argonaut skill, one hand glowing with the building energy. Sensing the imminent threat, Goblin Slayer opted for a strategic approach, executing a broad swing with his sword, aiming at Bell's armored chest. Despite successfully landing a glancing hit that left a cut line on the armor, the weapon failed to fully penetrate.

Seizing the momentary advantage, Bell launched a powerful punch with a defiant yell. Although Goblin Slayer tried to block Argonaut with his shield, the sheer force of Bell's attack shattered the shield, sending the Silver ranked adventurer flying backward. The impact slammed him against the rocky wall with such force that a circular impact crater formed around his body, leaving him temporarily stunned as he slumped to the ground.

Blood seeped from beneath Goblin Slayer's face guard, dripping down his helmet and staining the ground. Groaning loudly, the silver ranked adventurer slumped onto his knees, his left forearm clearly broken and his entire left arm now rendered numb and aching with agony. As the pain consumed his senses, it became clear that he was in no condition to continue the fight, at least for the moment.

Despite the severe pain and injuries, Goblin Slayer was determined to continue the fight. With a swift motion, he reached into his inventory and retrieved a precious healing potion. Through the face guard of his helmet, he consumed the elixir, feeling the rejuvenating effects start to take hold. The broken bones within his arm began to mend, the sound of healing filling the air as the fractures slowly fused back together. Within moments, the bones had been restored, and Goblin Slayer regained full functionality of his previously broken limb, ready to continue the battle.

As Bell watched Goblin Slayer utilize a healing potion, his confusion deepened. Before he could fully process the implications, the silver ranked adventurer took out a gate scroll and activated it, creating a portal to the depths of the ocean on the cavern floor. Immediately, a powerful torrent of frigid ocean water surged through the portal, shooting towards Bell with tremendous force. Caught off guard, the young adventurer struggled to prepare himself against the onslaught of icy water.

Startled by the impending deluge, Bell quickly activated his Escape skill, effectively enhancing his speed and enabling him to outpace the rushing water. As the icy cold liquid surged through the dungeon tunnels, it swept away any monsters unfortunate enough to be caught in it's path. The once-quiet corridor became a swirling maelstrom of icy water, creating a chaotic and treacherous environment.

As Bell raced through the dungeon tunnels, he swiftly maneuvered up scaffolding along the cavern wall, utilizing his agility and strength to climb. In his haste, he pushed past the lingering monsters, their weak forms easily falling into the water below. As the ice-cold ocean water rushed through the cavern, it extinguished the flickering torches that lined the walls, leaving the lowest levels steeped in darkness.

With a huff, Bell paused at the edge of the underground cliff, leaning forward and resting his hands on his knees. He took a momentary respite from the tumultuous events, seeking to catch his breath before continuing. Turning his gaze towards the ominous abyss, he stepped towards the edge, peering into the dark depths below.

At first, there was only silence, the sounds of ocean water echoing from the depths below. However, Bell's senses went on high alert as something suddenly surged upward from the darkness in a flash of motion. Quickly, he dodged back, narrowly avoiding an arrow that sliced through the air a mere inch from his head, embedding itself into the cavern ceiling above.

With a stumble, Bell landed awkwardly on his hands and buttocks, desperately trying to steady himself. However, his moment of disorientation was immediately shattered as he glanced up to see a lit bomb attached to the arrow, sparks flying as flames ignited the fuse. There was barely time to react before the explosive detonated. The cavern erupted in a massive blast of fire and force, sending rocks, debris, and dust flying in all directions. The impact shook the entire vicinity, causing a deafening roar that echoed through the tunnels, temporarily disorienting Bell and leaving him partially buried under a shower of rubble.

As Bell attempted to rise to his feet amidst the chaos, coughing and attempting to clear the dust from his vision, Goblin Slayer suddenly made his reappearance. With a swift and deadly aim, he loosed an arrow from his longbow, which pierced through Bell's left shoulder, eliciting a cry of pain from the young adventurer.

Goblin Slayer advanced on the retreating Bell with a deliberate and purposeful gait, his gaze fixed on the young adventurer as he gripped a dagger. Raising the dagger above his head, he prepared to deliver a lethal strike to his opponent, driven by his relentless pursuit of goblins. Though Bell was wounded and in pain, he desperately tried to retreat, the fear of the impending attack evident in his whimpering cries.

As Goblin Slayer poised to strike his decisive blow, Bell acted on instinct, hurling his backup dagger in a desperate bid to fend off the attack. With precise aim, the blade slipped through the narrow slits of Goblin Slayer's face guard, landing a painful strike. He winced in pain, dropping his own dagger as he stumbled backward, grasping at his helmet in a futile attempt to stem the flow of blood seeping through its openings.

Reeling in pain and disoriented, Goblin Slayer stumbled backwards and, without realizing it, found himself teetering on the edge of the vertical drop. In a last-ditch effort, he managed to fire an arrow upwards just before losing his balance, attaching it to a rope above. The rope tightened as the arrow lodged itself into the cliff top, stopping Goblin Slayer from falling, although he did slam heavily into the rock face, clinging to the thin lifeline.

With a grim determination, Goblin Slayer fought against the pain and disorientation, attempting to stay focused despite the dire situation. Gritting his teeth, he reached up and gripped the dagger that was lodged in his helmet, the metal stained with his blood. With a firm pull, he wrenched the blade free, the sharp edge scraping against the metallic surface as it came loose. The wound continued to bleed, blood trickling down his body, but Goblin Slayer refused to let it hinder him.

Goblin Slayer gritted his teeth as he began the arduous task of scaling the rope, pulling himself upwards inch by inch, despite the pain and exhaustion. Meanwhile, Bell, having watched Goblin Slayer's seemingly fatal fall into the abyss, grew increasingly suspicious and wary. Instinctively, he prepared himself for the possibility of a return from the silver ranked adventurer, charging his Argonaut skill with the help of Hestia's enchanted dagger.

Goblin Slayer, now safely back on the cliff, reached for a gate scroll with a determined expression. He activated the scroll, causing a portal to open and a torrent of pressurized ocean water to shoot forth, aiming to overpower and push back Bell once again. However, instead of retreating, Bell pressed forward, dashing along the edges of the watery torrent with remarkable speed, weaving past the stray droplets that ripped through his clothing and closing the distance rapidly. Goblin Slayer's eyes widened in disbelief as Bell rushed past him with a single, powerful strike of his enchanted weapon.

"Argo Vesta!"
Echoed through the cavern. The force of the attack caused Goblin Slayer's body to heat up rapidly, consumed by the fire. Within moments, he was reduced to nothing more than embers and dust, the silver ranked adventurer's existence vanishing before Bell's very eyes.

Bell exhaled deeply, his panting filled the air as he clutched his wounded shoulder, the arrow still embedded deeply. With the immediate threat now eliminated, the young adventurer mustered what strength remained in him and slowly made his way towards the nearest exit of the dungeon. He knew he desperately needed medical attention, but for now, his priority was to escape the treacherous catacombs and seek refuge above ground.
Strength: So, each adventurer had pros and cons with their strongest attacks. Goblin Slayer's gate scroll could pour out water from the bottom of an ocean, effectively carrying a portable water jet cutter. At 4000 meters below the surface, that pressure is as high as 11,000 psi. That's basically the weight of a heavier African Forest Elephant standing on every square inch of your body. And considering it only takes 100 psi to puncture human skin, Bell would be destroyed if it hit. But, physically speaking, Goblin Slayer was only about peak human in strength. Bell, meanwhile, is capable of physically going toe to toe with a Minotaur named Asterius, who pushed him through several buildings which would need about 50-100 tons of force to do. Their ultimate attacks also have different execution times, with the gate scroll being a surprise attack, while Argonaut required charging up.

Speed: Goblin Slayer is marginally faster, being able to dodge an arrow point blank, which would require moving at Mach 0.66, and the gate scroll, if scaling down from jet cutters, can pour water out at as much as 300 mph. However, Bell has displayed similar speed feats, so it'd be hard pressed for him to be overwhelmed, and Escape can help him evade anything lethal if he really needed to haul out of the way.

Skill: This one is also tricky. Goblin Slayer is the better expert... at killing goblins. He is much less skilled at fighting anything else if they're not killed within the first few strikes. Bell meanwhile has passive skills that let him far exceed the skills of most of the people he fights, letting him outpace more skillful combatants, if needing help or thinking creatively to win.

Experience: With the exception of humans and ogres here and there, Goblin Slayer has been slaying as his name suggests; goblins. Bell has effectively fought against the majority of your classic mythical and medieval monsters, along with humans with greater martial or magical prowess, giving him clear experience.

Powers: Goblin Slayer has the wider arsenal of bombs, various blades, a bow and his gate scroll, he's more adept at using them for guerrilla fighting and ambush tactics. Bell meanwhile has the power needed to blast through Goblin Slayer's cheap armor, and had the skills needed to force Goblin Slayer into a real fight, which he's not good at if he doesn't have the clear advantage.

The winner is Bell Cranel

Chapter 22: Link vs Marth

Chapter Text

Link (Composite)


The simplest way to describe Link is that he's an everyman peasant boy who discovers he is The Chosen One, a hero preordained by the gods to save the kingdom of Hyrule (and frequently, its Princess) from the forces of evil. This quest usually involves him proving himself worthy of a Master Sword and using it to save a group of Barrier Maidens and/or securing a few artifacts.

As one would expect of the Hero of Hyrule he tends to be virtuous, selfless, and determined. Along with Zelda and Ganondorf, Link is one of the predesignated three wielders of the pieces of the Triforce, the Triforce of Courage, and he is often associated with the goddess Farore, who among other domains created the forest and the wind. Link's connection with the Triforce of Courage is due to his Heroic Spirit that has allowed his various incarnations to overcome innumerable dangers to save Hyrule no matter how badly the odds are stacked against him.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Genius Intelligence,

Unconventional Immortality (Type 4; Link's spirit is constantly reborn into new incarnations to face any threats to Hyrule,

Enhanced Senses (All Hylians have heightened senses),

Power Nullification (Of dark magic with the Master Sword),

Surface Scaling (Is a very good climber, and can naturally climb walls and trees, however, Link is still affected by gravity and falls when losing stamina),

Vehicular Mastery (Is proficient at riding on Horses, Deer, Bears, and Motorbikes),

Acrobatics (Does multiple flips and acrobatics when avoiding or using attacks),

Stealth Mastery (Can sneak up on enemies without them noticing),

Perception Manipulation (He can slow down his perception of time),

Attack Reflection (Reflected a Guardian's laser with a pot lid),


Daruk's Protection: Creates a glowing barrier around himself that allows him to protect himself against three attacks, no matter how powerful they are. Can reflect Guardian lasers.

Urbosa's Fury: Summons thunderbolts from the sky to cause heavy damage to foes.

Mipha's Grace: Revives himself when he loses all his Hearts. Refills all his Hearts and gives him five Bonus Hearts.

Revali's Gale: Summons a vertical wind shaft and uses it to fly upwards with his Paraglider.

Flurry Rush: After dodging an attack with the right timing, Link will speed up dramatically and launch a swift barrage of attacks at his opponent.

Bullet Time: Upon drawing his bow in air, Link's surroundings slow down in front of him, which allows him to fit in a far greater number of, and far more precise, arrow shots.


Master Sword,

Hylian Shield


Bow and Arrow (Fire, ice, electric, light and ancient arrows),

Elemental Rods,

The Four Swords,

Titans Mitts (Lift over 10,000 tons of stone),

Ocarina of Time (Summon storms, teleport to locations, travel through time),

Sheikah Slate (Set remote bombs, move objects magnetically, and stop time. And it can summon his Master Cycle Zero.),


Magic cape (Invisibility)

Pegasus Boots,

Paraglider (For gliding)

Mipha's Grace,

Fierce Deity Mask,

Triforce of Courage

Weaknesses: Has a limited pool of magic, but can recover with potions.


Hundreds of years had passed since Medeus was slain in Archanea. Once Medeus is resurrected, he rebuilds his land of Dolhr, ready to invade Archanea once again. After an attack from Dolhr, Marth is forced into exile in the island nation of Talys and home of his childhood friend, the princess Caeda. His father, Cornelius, is killed due to a betrayal by his ally Jiol, the King of Gra; the sword Falchion is taken by Gharnef, and Marth's elder sister Elice is taken hostage. With the help of the Altean knight Jagen, Caeda, Aurelian commander Hardin, Red Dragon Princess Minerva, and others, Marth embarks on a quest to defeat Medeus, reclaim the kingdom of Altea, and rescue his sister.

Marth meets Nyna, the princess of Archanea — the most prominent kingdom — who gives him her country's national treasure, the Fire Emblem. After Gharnef is defeated by one of Marth's allies, Marth obtains Falchion which he uses to defeat Medeus. Afterwards, he proposes to Caeda.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Swordsman,

Extrasensory Perception,

Non-physical interaction (Can see, attack, and kill ghosts),

Accelerated Development (Training/Leveling: Abilities, due to having Naga Holy Blood, can learn Light Magic at a heightened rate),

Electricity Manipulation with Levin Sword,

Regeneration (Low-Mid. The Lifesphere passively heals Marth, and healing is capable of mending stab wounds through the torso),

Earth Manipulation with Geosphere,

Statistics Amplification with Starsphere,

Resistance to Mind Manipulation with Lightsphere (Lightsphere cancels out Darksphere)

All Previous plus Sealing (Shield of Seals can seal several Earth Dragons simultaneously),

Passive Mind Manipulation (Contains the Darksphere which can passively possess the mind to negate attacks),

And can dispel illusions (Was able to see through Gharnef's illusions),

Immortality Negation (Type 8. The Shield of Seals can prevent Medeus from resurrecting)

All previous plus Healing (Can heal himself with Falchion), and effective against Dragons

Weaknesses: None notable
Song: Heroes of Legends

Marth, the venerable Hero-King of Altea, ventured through the kingdom on horseback, his royal presence commanding attention as he approached the scene of reported trouble. He had been notified of an individual causing a disturbance on his figurative doorstep, and the royal guard had been struggling to apprehend them. Determined to settle the matter personally, Marth rode towards the source of the disruption, his regal bearing conveying a sense of authority and purpose.

As Marth drew nearer, his gaze rested upon the young adventurer, whom he failed to recognize at first glance. It was Link, the Hero of Hyrule, on one of his endeavors beyond the borders of his home kingdom. As Link diligently cut grass and smashed pottery in search of valuable currency or loot, the spectators around him watched in a mix of awe and annoyance, their confusion and irritation mounting with each smashed pot.

"Hey! Stop right there!"

Marth's authoritative voice rang out, cutting through the commotion. He dismounted from his horse with a flourish.

"I don't take kindly to vandalism in my town. Either come peacefully or face dire consequences."

The surrounding townsfolk watched the unfolding scene with a mix of curiosity and apprehension, awaiting how the Hero of Hyrule would respond. As Link turned towards Marth, hindered by his muteness, their communication was limited. Undeterred, however, the courageous hero swiftly unsheathed his Master Sword and readied his Hylian Shield in the other hand, preparing for the confrontation. The townsfolk around them watched with tension, wondering how Marth would respond to the unexpected challenge from the renowned Hero of Hyrule.

Marth, recognizing Link's intent, announced firmly, "Alright, the hard way then. Everyone, stand back." He unsheathed his formidable Falchion, the honed blade glinting in the light. The two legendary heroes began to circle each other cautiously, their movements filled with anticipation and determination. The crowd that had gathered around them heeded the Hero-King's command, hastily retreating to a safer distance to witness the impending clash of these legendary swords.

Marth, driven by his unwavering resolve, made the first move, charging towards Link and leapt to strike. Link swiftly raised his shield, intercepting the attack with practiced ease. The collision of the Falchion against the Hylian Shield produced a resounding 'clang' that resonated through the air, signaling the beginning of the thrilling duel between two masters of their craft.

Link deftly pushed Marth back with his shield, launching into a series of powerful and agile slashes that displayed his exceptional swordsmanship. Marth, displaying equal mastery of the blade, met each strike with grace and strength, parrying and countering them with the finesse that came with his experience and training. The clash of blades formed a symphony of steel, each metallic collision punctuating the air with a resounding 'clang'.

Link held his Master Sword aloft, the blade radiating with a charged energy, and executed a powerful, full circle swing. Marth, determined to withstand the onslaught, raised his Falchion to block the impact. The force of the collision sent Marth back, his feet skidding across the ground, but the Hero-King held his ground with remarkable poise and fortitude, refusing to yield to the Hero of Hyrule's intimidating display.

Marth, determined to make a statement, stepped forward and launched into a series of precise stabs with his Falchion, quickly followed by a flurry of sharp slashes. He culminated his onslaught with a mighty thrust that sent Link stumbling back with great force. Despite Link's valiant efforts to block the blows using his sturdy Hylian Shield, the sheer power and finesse behind Marth's advances still caused the hero to grit his teeth and groan under the pressure, straining under the intensity of the Hero-King's martial prowess.

In a swift move, Link unleashed the power of his Master Sword, launching a quick light projectile towards Marth. Quick to react, Marth displayed remarkable agility by jumping over the oncoming attack, closing the distance between them. Not wasting a beat, Link hurled his trusty boomerang into the air, seamlessly resuming his defense against Marth's formidable Falchion with his sturdy Hylian Shield.

Growing impatient with Link's unrelenting defense, Marth cleverly devised a strategic counterstrike. The Hero-King swiftly aimed a low, sweeping kick, successfully catching Link off guard and disrupting his equilibrium. Without hesitation, Marth swiftly followed up with a powerful kick against Link's shield, the impact propelling the Hero of Hyrule flying backwards and crashing into a nearby home's wall with a grunt. Link, still catching his breath from the impact, attempted to lift his Master Sword, but Marth swiftly disarmed him with a precise slash from his Falchion. The Hero-King stood before him, his gaze firm and determined.

"You've fought with honor and skill, fellow warrior, but this duel has reached its conclusion."

Link only smirked in response, though. Marth, his guard slightly lowered after disarming Link, suddenly felt a sting as Link's boomerang made a swift return, striking the back of his head. The unexpected impact jarred the Hero-King, causing him to momentarily stagger. He quickly regained his composure, rubbing the back of his head, a bewildered expression on his face.

Sensing an opening, Link cleverly used his hookshot to create distance between them, stealthily leaving a bomb in his place. Taking cover, Link swiftly drew his bow and launched an expertly aimed shock arrow in Marth's direction. The arrow struck true, the electrical energy surging through the Hero-King, successfully stunning him and causing him to convulse involuntarily.

Marth, caught off guard by the explosion, was hurled back by the force, his form briefly obscured by a cloud of dust and debris. However, the Hero-King steeled his resolve and swiftly shook off the impact, regaining his bearings and launching back into the fray with renewed vigor. He immediately pressed the offensive, raining a flurry of attacks on Link.

Link, caught completely off guard by Marth's prompt recovery from the explosion, struggled to react in time. However, the Hero of Hyrule quickly rallied, parrying the initial attack with his trusty Hylian Shield, then swiftly blocking the subsequent blow with remarkable dexterity with his Four Swords blade. The clash of blades echoed through the air, a testament to the warriors' unyielding tenacity.

Marth's eyes widened in surprise as Link, now armed with the Four Swords, swiftly separated into four distinct counterparts, each sporting a unique attire of green, blue, red, and purple. Confronted by the sudden surge of combatants, Marth leaped backwards, his Falchion dancing through the air to fend off the multiple copies of the Hero of Hyrule. The Hero-King's expression turned one of astonishment and slight disbelief, as he struggled to contain the unexpected onslaught.

Recognizing the uphill battle, Marth made a resolute decision to level the playing field. He swiftly withdrew his renowned Mercurius sword, gripping it tightly in his free hand. While not particularly skilled in dual-wielding, Marth's weapons' unique abilities offered a vital advantage - his swords restoring his health passively and amplifying his physical capabilities, granting him the means to withstand the onslaught of the four clones.

Recognizing the need for evasion, Link swiftly exchanged his Four Swords, causing his clones to dissolve away. With remarkable speed, he donned his magical cape, rendering himself invisible and intangible, skillfully avoiding Marth's relentless onslaught entirely. This clever maneuver allowed Link to evade Marth's relentless onslaught effortlessly, becoming ephemeral and imperceivable to the Hero-King's senses.

Marth, now on high alert, swiftly surveyed his surroundings with a mixture of concern and perplexity, keenly searching for any signs of the elusive Hero of Hyrule. It was then, amid the confusion, that the unmistakable sound of an ocarina began to reverberate in the air, its melody carrying an otherworldly echo. The Hero-King, perplexed, struggled to pinpoint the origin of the instrument, his gaze shifting warily in search of the source of the mysterious music.

The once calm skies darkened rapidly, swiftly morphing into a raging storm, as Link skillfully played the Song of Storms on his ocarina. With dramatic flair, he unveiled himself from the cloak of invisibility, standing proudly amidst the tumultuous weather his melody had invoked. The downpour intensified, the rain droplets cascading around the valiant hero, adding an epic backdrop to the ongoing battle.

Marth, pivoting on his heel, witnessed Link raising his Master Sword and invoking Urbosa's Fury, summoning forth a cascading shower of lightning bolts. However, Marth's quick reflexes allowed him to nimbly sidestep the bolts, skillfully weaving through the torrent. The Hero-King's eyes widened with surprise, as the bolts struck the Master Sword instead, infusing it with a surge of power. Reacting swiftly, Marth raced towards Link, seeking to capitalize on this unexpected turn of events.

Bracing for the intense clash, Link channeled his power into a Skyward Strike, infusing it with the potent forces of electricity. However, Marth, true to form, fearlessly confronted the assault, slicing cleanly through the energy with a determined cry. Sensing the imminent impact, Link swiftly manifested Daruk's Protection, enveloping himself in a shield of impenetrable defense. In a seamless display of speed, the shield absorbed Marth's subsequent assault, protecting Link from the full brunt of the Hero-King's attack.

Recognizing the necessity for a strategic retreat, Link swiftly invoked Revali's Gale, summoning an upward draft of wind and skillfully capturing it with his paraglider. Yet, Marth's unyielding spirit would not allow him to let his adversary escape. The Hero-King, with remarkable dexterity, sheathed his spare blade and sprang into the air, grasping hold of Link's leg mid-flight. As Marth struck once more, his attack collided against the shield, the impact further straining the barrier's defenses.

In a desperate situation, the paraglider, overtaxed by the combined weight of two warriors, suddenly shattered, sending both Link and Marth plummeting towards the unforgiving ground below. As they hurtled toward the earth, Marth continued his relentless onslaught, striking the barrier with undiminished determination. The impact of his attack, coupled with the stress already inflicted by previous clashes, eventually overpowered Daruk's Protection, breaking through the defensive shield's limited endurance.

In a chaotic whirlwind of clashing blades, fists flailing in a desperate struggle, Link and Marth's descent toward the ground turned into a fierce melee in mid-air. As they made contact with the hard earth, their impact sent a cloud of dust and debris billowing skyward, their bodies temporarily obscured in the turbulent aftermath. The battle had reached its climax, leaving the ultimate outcome uncertain as the dust slowly settled around the fallen warriors.

As the dust slowly began to settle, all eyes were fixed with bated breath, awaiting the outcome of this legendary duel. To the spectators' astonishment, Marth emerged victorious, standing tall with his Falchion in hand, its blade drenched in blood. A look of solemnity crossed Marth's face, and he approached Link's fallen form with a hint of remorse.

"My apologies." The Hero-King softly spoke, his words carrying a heartfelt sincerity. Without hesitation, Marth stepped away from Link's motionless body, the weight of his victory heavy upon his shoulders. The celebration of Marth's supposed victory was cut short by an uncanny, ethereal voice that suddenly reverberated through the air.

"Now is your chance." Echoed the voice, offering a glimmer of hope. To everyone's astonishment, Link, enveloped in a blue aura of Mipha's Grace, miraculously rose from his fallen state. He seized the opportunity, donning his fearsome Fierce Deity Mask, unleashing the magical transformation that consumed him.

Marth, struck by a newfound sense of awe and apprehension, backed away cautiously, his eyes widening at the sight of the colossal warrior before him. Link, now transformed into a towering juggernaut by the power of the Fierce Deity Mask, stood confidently with his double helix-shaped sword in hand, his expression unreadable behind the fearsome mask.

Marth, filled with unwavering determination, charged forth with a defiant cry, displaying a remarkable display of resilience and strength as he stood his ground against the formidable foe. Despite being significantly smaller in stature compared to the colossal Link, Marth's courage and agility allowed him to hold his own against the fearsome warrior's rapid, albeit cumbersome, attacks. The clash between the diminutive Hero-King and the massive Fierce Deity Link filled the air with an epic intensity.

In a heart-pounding finale, the two warriors found themselves locked in a tense blade lock. Marth, facing the immense downward force of Link's colossal blow, stood steadfast, his feet firmly planted as he fiercely blocked the strike. Refusing to yield, Marth channeled the power of his sacred Falchion, imbuing it with a radiant glow reflecting his indomitable spirit. With a single, resolute motion, Marth sliced through the double helix-shaped sword, severing it in two.

With Link caught off guard by the double helix weapon's sudden destruction, he found himself unable to react in time to Marth's quick pounce. The Hero-King leaped up, using Link's knee as a foothold, and successfully sliced through the fearsome Fierce Deity Mask, shattering it into pieces. The fractured mask clattered to the ground as Link reverted to his normal form, dropping onto his front, the weight of defeat evident in his exhausted pose.

Gathering the remnants of his strength, Marth surged forward, his eyes fixed on delivering the final strike to conclude the fierce battle. However, just as he sprung into the air, poised to land his ultimate blow, he found himself ensnared by a web of golden energy chains, abruptly halting his momentum. Immobilized in mid-air, Marth was caught completely off guard by this unexpected intervention. Link, with desperate resolve, had used his Sheikah Slate to cast a spell, freezing the Hero-King in place.

Gaining newfound strength and resolve, the Hero of Hyrule, panting heavily, forced himself back onto his feet. Summoning every ounce of his remaining energy, Link charged forward, leaping high into the air and slashing forcefully at Marth with the Master Sword. Though not a fatal blow, it dealt significant damage to the Hero-King. When the spell restraining him wore off, Marth collapsed onto the ground, utterly defeated. Link, standing victorious, surveyed the aftermath of this intense, epic clash.

With a respectful nod of acknowledgment, Link turned and limped away, leaving the arena behind while the townsfolk rushed to Marth's side. They surrounded the fallen Hero-King, their faces filled with a mix of shock and disbelief over the outcome of the battle. Yet, among the stunned expressions, a sense of relief spread through the crowd as they realized that Marth had survived the epic confrontation.
Strength: Okay, so here's where things get tricky. In terms of just their physical strength, both are about roughly the same in superhuman feats, though Link having Golden or Titan mitts does give him the advantage of withstanding the pressure of lifting 10,000 tons does give him a higher advantage, but that doesn't mean he's stronger in every situation. Just better at withstanding lifting pressure. Link's best durability feat was when the moon landed in Termina, a catastrophe that would result in an explosion of 67.55 Exatons. But heroes like Marth, Alm, Chrom and all the Falchion sword users are known to harm dragons with stellar level feats. Approximately, with the Falchion, Marth is 4.25 Undecillion times stronger than Link with the Master Sword. Not even the Master Sword could likely survive the blow if it came to a full on clash, and only the Hylian Shield could survive such a thing. Even if its full capabilities couldn't be brought out since Link isn't a dragon, even a fraction of a fraction of a fraction would still overwhelm him.

Speed: However, he'd be hard pressed to actually land any meaningful blows. Link has dodged beams of light at 10% the speed of light, or Mach 87,410 Marth has only reacted to bolts of lightning, as high as Mach 223. This makes Link 391X faster.

Skill: I'd say that Link is more overall skilled. While both are masters on the battlefield, Link is more adept at adapting to the situation, and figuring out ways to opponents that are stronger than him.

Experience: While Marth does have more experience than any singular Link time wise, Link has fought against way more than what Marth has fought before. Land, air and water based creatures and machines, fighters, wizards, fighter wizards, and yes, including dragons.

Powers: Marth had no chance in this. While Marth had means of recovery and magic to try and even the fight, Link had too much items to use, and too much magical abilities to let Marth win. Heck, even just the Breath of the Wild continuity would be too much.

The winner is Link of Hyrule.
Next Time:

"I pity you. You just don't get it at all. There's not a thing I don't cherish!"

"The Force seeks balance. Always."

Chapter 23: Cloud Strife vs Darth Revan

Chapter Text

Cloud Strife


Cold, unfriendly and simply focused on getting the job done, Cloud is a former 1st Class member of SOLDIER, the elite paramilitary unit of the Shinra Electric Power Company. After having quit Shinra for unknown reasons, Cloud, thanks to recommendations from an old friend, Tifa Lockhart, began working as a mercenary in the city of Migar, where he would end up working for the anti-Shinra extremist group, Avalanche, led by Barret Wallace.

After a successful mission, Cloud moved to Sector 7 where Avalanche had its headquarters and with the help with Tifa, little by little, Cloud would start taking small jobs to build up his reputation and connections as a mercenary to eventually reach greater objectives. However, after being dismissed from another job by Barret, a large amalgamation of ghostly figures suddenly attacked Avalanche's headquarters, injuring one of their members, leaving Barret with no other choice but to hire Cloud's services once again.

This, however, was just one of many episodes of something not being quite right in Cloud's world. The same entities had appeared before to him when he tried to help a florist girl, panicking in the streets of Midgar and Cloud has been experiencing strange migraines and visions of a figure of his past, the man who took his home and his family, who now appears to him to taunt him over his loss and his failures.

As Cloud moves forward, mysteries only seem to become more numerous. His own identity suddenly becomes an inconsistency, with his hardened and professional image of a warrior clashing with an insecure and awkward boy at loss at the world around him. The mysterious man called Sephiroth, the specters and himself. It was just the beginning of a long journey of revelations.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Swordsman and Skilled Marksman (is a former Shinra Infantryman),

Vehicular Mastery (of Motorcycles, as seen with Hardy-Daytona and the Fenrir in later installments),

Enhanced Awareness and Reflexes,


Energy Manipulation (can empower his attacks with his Spirit Energy when using Limit Breaks for greater power and different effects),

Energy Projection (via Blade Beam and Meteorain),

Attack Boost in the form of raw damage boost (via Limit Breaks, which are stated to reach power much greater than the usual capabilities of the user) and additional effects: Paralysis Inducement (via Cross Slash),

Homing Attack (Blade Beam scatters into smaller, weaker beams that home on remaining enemies) and Instant Death (via Finishing Touch),

Non-Physical Interaction (Able to hurt and defeat the ghost and souls of the fallen Gi Tribe),

minor Soul Manipulation (disembodied souls struck down by Cloud don't pass away but are destroyed instead. Additionally, Cloud's disembodied spirit can attack and hurt other souls) and minor Astral Projection (can send his spirit into astral planes such as the Lifestream),

Regeneration Negation (Up to Low-High, the pieces of Jenova, even cells, destroyed by the party are gone for good and can't be used for the Reunion to rebuild Jenova's body) and Immortality Negation (Types 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8. Can permanently kill Jenova and her pieces, who aside from being extremely durable is able to regenerate from single cells, as well as survive as long as just her cells remain, through which she can enforce her will, even through other people injected with them. Additionally, can permanently finish off the souls and spectres of the Gi Tribe),

Resistance to Banishment (despite entering the Planet's Core within the Lifestream itself, Cloud was not taken forcefully taken from the living world. Later, his spirit followed Sephiroth's deeper into the Lifestream without being reclaimed),

Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (his mind has grown strong enough to not collapse nor be eroded under the weight of the Spirit Energy of the Lifestream),

Soul Manipulation,

Soul Absorption and Empathic Manipulation (his spirit was not forcefully diffused nor reabsorbed by the Lifestream),

Biological Absorption,

Deconstruction and Matter Manipulation (his physical body wasn't absorbed nor was dissolved by the Lifestream to retake his Spirit Energy),

Corruption (Types 1 and 2, despite immense exposure to Spirit Energy, on several occasions, he never became a Makonoid. Additionally, was unaffected by Jenova's Virus despite confronting her directly),

Extreme Heat and Extreme Radiation (withstood Sephiroth's Supernova),

Mind Reading,

Perception Manipulation,

Illusion Creation,

Telekinesis and Possession (by the time of their spiritual battle, he had grown strong enough to resist Sephiroth's mental abilities and defeat him),

Power Mimicry and Power Absorption (Limit Breaks are born from the user's Spirit Energy, which shapes their mind and soul, and cannot be copied or imitated, the sole exception being Zack who is acknowledged as an unusual case, and even then creates a variant of the original move),

All previous abilities, plus: Dual Wielding, stronger Energy Manipulation and Attack Boost (his stronger Limit Breaks, with a single use, can defeat enemies who can shrug off his regular attacks),

Limited Flight and Afterimage Creation (via Omnislash Versions 5 and 6), and Self-Duplication (via Omnislash Version 6),

Regeneration Negation (up to Mid-Godly, killed Sephiroth for good, who came back despite the death of his body and destruction of his spirit, which contains the mind, consciousness, memories and self of a person. After his defeat, Sephiroth was no longer active as a separate entity from the Lifestream and his influence was gone for good, allowing Aerith to cleanse Geostigma from the city of Edge by using Great Gospel) and Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. When he killed Sephiroth, he also put an end to Jenova who, despite her previous physical death at the Planet's Core, lived on through her parasitic presence in the Lifestream and whose existence was described by Hojo as having already merged with the Lifestream itself to the point all souls would eventually become part of her, making the destruction of her body and spirit meaningless. Even if tainted Lifestream remained, Jenova, like Sephiroth, was no longer an active presence enforcing and spreading her will),

Resistance to Fear Manipulation (was unaffected by Advent Children Sephiroth's presence, which is terrifying enough to make Yuffie panic)

Statistics Amplification (with the Ultima Weapon, which increases Cloud's physical attack several times the closer he is to full health).

Resistance to Poison Manipulation (which also protects Cloud from Acid Manipulation),

Paralysis Inducement,

Sleep Inducement,


Silence Inducement,


Curse Manipulation,

Power Nullification (of magical, spiritual, physical and mental abilities),


Size Manipulation,

Madness Manipulation,

Berserk Inducement, plus additional resistance to Empathic Manipulation (thanks to the Ribbon he wears in honor to Aerith, Cloud is protected from most Status Ailments)


Summoning (of small meteorites via the Comet Spells),

Elemental Manipulation (of the Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth and Gravity variety),

Healing (via the Cure spells and FullCure),

Purification (Type 3, via Poisona and Esuna) and Regeneration (Mid-Low via Regen),

Time Manipulation (via Haste, Slow and Stop),

Dimensional Banishment (via Remove)

Resistance to: Healing and Regeneration Negation (By the time of their final battle, his Healing Magic works despite Sephiroth's Nullification).

Additionally, can grant himself resistance to all the Status Ailments he can resist via equipment and Materia combinations (via Resist, though this spell prevents the user from healing negative conditions already inflicted on them), as well as to the Elemental Damage he can access through Materia and Physical Damage (of slashing, piercing, blunt force and gunfire kind, via Shield, however, the spell will prevent the user from healing themselves outside of regeneration). Several of his spells cannot be reflected by shields or barriers.

Information Analysis (via Sense),

Additionally, can attack from two to four times almost simultaneously (via 2x-Cut and 4x-Cut) or attack a wide area beyond his normal reach (via Slash-All), can cast two different Spells or Summons simultaneously (via W-Magic and W-Summon, respectively)

Attack Boost of two kinds: additional effects via Elemental Attacks of the Fire, Absolute Zero Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Water, Gravity and Holy variety (via the Elemental Materia, which grants the user different attributes when linked with different Magic and Summon Materia in their weapons), and Status Effect Inducement of the Poison Manipulation, Sleep Inducement, Berserk Inducement, Limited Madness Manipulation, Petrification, Transmutation into Frogs, Size Minimization, Silence Inducement, Time Slowdown, Time Stop and Instant Death variety (via the Added Effect Materia, which allows the user to inflict several Status Ailments when linked with different Magic and Summon Materia in their weapons), and raw power boost via Magic Attack Boost (via MP Turbo),

Life Absorption (via HP Absorb) and Energy Absorption (via MP Absorb),

Instinctive Reaction of different varieties: Counterattacking (via Counter Attack or Counter, Magic Counter and Final Attack linked with certain offensive Materia),

Automatic Healing (via Magic Counter or Final Attack linked with a healing Materia, or the Life or Phoenix Materia to save the user from near death),

Automatic Follow-Up (via Added Cut) and Instinctive Initiative (via First Strike),

Enhanced Awareness and Stealth (via Pre-Emptive, which allows to sneak on and attack enemies by surpise and prevents the user from being ambushed or being caught off-guard),

Self-Sustenance (Type 1),

Enhanced Vision and Underwater Breathing (via Underwater, which lets the user survive and fight with no problem at the bottom of the ocean).

Additionally, can use the same Spell or Summon four times at once at half power (via Quadra Magic, except for Knights of the Round), can turn the single-targeting of several of Commands and Spells into an Area of Effect (via the All and Mega All Materia), regular attacks can reach a few meters beyond their actual physical reach (via the Long Range Materia).

Weaknesses: Cloud must be pressed in a battle to use his Limit Breaks, so most of the time he can't use them right away or in succession.


Revan—renowned as the Revanchist, honored as the Revan, reviled as Revan the Butcher, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan, and praised as the Prodigal Knight—was a Human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War.

Believed to have been born in the Outer Rim Territories, the man later known as Revan was born around the year 3994 BBY and studied under a number of different Jedi Masters as a Padawan of the Jedi Order. Becoming fast friends with a fellow student named Alek, the young man became a Jedi Knight and was a vocal and charismatic critic of the Order's inactivity in the ongoing Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior clans. Leading the Revanchist movement in defiance of the Jedi Council's wishes and taking on the name of Revan, the Knight donned the mask of a fallen Mandalorian as he joined the Republic Military's fight and was appointed Supreme Commander.

However, when Revan defeated the Mandalorian leader Mandalore the Ultimate at the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 BBY, Revan and his friend Alek, by then known as Malak, followed the trail of a mysterious Sith influence on the Mandalorian Wars to the Unknown Regions, where the two discovered a reconstituted Sith Empire and were turned to the dark side of the Force by the Sith Emperor. Sent back to the Republic as advance agents, the newly anointed Dark Lords of the Sith Darth Revan and Darth Malak broke free of the Emperor's mental control and established their own empire with the Star Forge, an ancient space station of great power that had been built by the Rakata species. Taking Malak as his Sith apprentice and using the Star Forge to construct a military fleet and weapons, Revan waged war against the Republic in the resultant Jedi Civil War. However, Revan was betrayed by Malak and was captured by the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, who saved Revan and formed a Force bond with her captive.

With his mind wiped, Revan was given a new identity as a Republic soldier by the Jedi Council and stationed aboard the Republic warship Endar Spire. However, when Malak attacked the Spire above the planet Taris in a failed attempt to capture Shan, Revan joined forces with the Republic officer Carth Onasi and a number of other individuals on Taris to locate Shan and escape the world before Malak destroyed the planet's surface. Revan and his friends traveled to the planet Dantooine's Jedi Enclave, where he was retrained as a Jedi Padawan. Sent on a mission to locate the Star Maps, Rakatan artifacts that would lead the way to the Star Forge, Revan gained new allies and grew close with Shan during their travels. However, when the group was captured by Malak, Revan's true identity was revealed and Shan was captured, forcing him and his crew to find the final Map and locate the Star Forge on their own. Aboard the Star Forge, Revan brought a fallen Shan back to the light side of the Force with his love and defeated Malak, earning the Cross of Glory and the title of Prodigal Knight.

Revan married Shan and sank into obscurity for several years until his resurfacing memories led him to leave his wife and unborn child behind in a search for answers in the Unknown Regions. Captured by the Sith, he was imprisoned for three years until a former lieutenant of his named Meetra Surik rescued him with the help of the Sith Lord Scourge. The trio's attempt to eliminate the Sith Emperor failed, and Revan was held captive by the Emperor for three hundred years until he was finally freed by Republic forces. Taking control of the Rakatan Foundry, Revan attempted to construct an army of extermination droids to destroy the Empire, but the Jedi Master died when he was defeated by an Imperial strike team.

However, the torture that he experienced at the hands of the Emperor had splintered Revan's mind, and while part of him attempted to become one with the Force, the rest rejected death and clung to life, embracing the dark side. Taking control of the fanatical Order of Revan, he sought to destroy the Sith Emperor once and for all by bringing the Sith ruler back to a physical form and killing him, but both the Empire and the Republic joined together in an effort to stop him. Revan's light side was unable to pass on and aided the coalition in defeating the dark Revan, and although the Emperor was able to regain his strength, the two halves of Revan merged and were able to die a final death. Revan's spirit went on to aid the heroes of the galaxy in defeating the Sith Emperor once and for all, and with his task completed, he became one with the Force. His legacy, however, would live on: the Sith Lord Darth Rivan, who lived during the thousand-year-conflict known as the New Sith Wars, chose his Sith name after reading a damaged manuscript about Revan, and the Sith Lord Darth Bane discovered Revan's Sith holocron on the planet Lehon and used Revan's teachings to develop the Rule of Two philosophy.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,


Force-enhanced reflexes/reactions,






Illusion Creation,

telekinetic blasts and shields,

Aura sensing,

Mind and Memory Manipulation (Has ripped from and implanted an entire language into the remnants of the Rakatan species to communicate with them),

Regeneration (Mid-Low via Force Healing),

Weapon Mastery (Highly skilled in lightsaber combat and with regular swords and blasters),

Martial Arts knowledge,

Energy Manipulation (Can reflect, redirect, and absorb energy attacks thrown at him),

Absorption via Force Drain,

Electricity Manipulation via Force Lightning,

Matter Manipulation on a subatomic scale (Creating a Holocron requires one to make numerous precision alterations to it on a subatomic scale), capable of using both the Dark and Light Sides of the Force, predicting attacks through muscle memory, extremely skilled military leader (Conquered most of the galaxy less than two full years after defeating the Neo-Mandalorian Crusaders).

Weaknesses: Driven insane after 300 years of combating Vitiate's mental assault and power draining.
Song: Forces of Fantasy

Revan, the enigmatic knight known as the Prodigal, traversed through the forest, sensing a spiritual presence nearby. The Force, however, was unrecognizable from this energy, replaced by a different yet eerily familiar power. As this sensation piqued Revan's curiosity, it fueled his determination to unravel its nature.

Revan entered a quiet, circular clearing and stumbled upon an unusual sight. There, in the midst of the tranquil surroundings, a warrior trained meticulously with an exceptionally large metallic sword. Fascinated by the sight, Revan observed him closely, completely unaware that he had encountered the ex-SOLDIER, Cloud Strife, practicing with his formidable fusion sword.

As Cloud caught sight of Revan, he abruptly halted his training, his expression turning guarded. Planting his sword firmly in the ground as a symbol of his irritation, Cloud addressed Revan, his tone harboring a hint of annoyance.

"What do you want?"

He inquired, his gaze fixated on the stranger who disturbed his solitude. Revan spoke with cold awe, his voice carrying a subdued hint of admiration.

"Your energy is strong, undeniable. I am curious to test the limits of your strength."

Revan ignited his lightsaber, the red plasma blade casting a sinister glow in the dim light.

"Prepare to engage."

The Prodigal Knight declared, his mask illuminated by the red blade. As Revan ignited his lightsaber, the crimson blade illuminating his mask in the dim surroundings, Cloud responded in kind by drawing his own sword. The fusion sword, its blade glowing with an otherworldly aura, stood ready in his hands. Cloud warned,

"You're in for a disappointment if you're looking for an easy fight. I'll give you the challenge you crave. Let's see who's really powerful here."

Cloud, resolute, began closing the distance between himself and Revan. With unyielding determination, he stood before the mysterious warrior. As Cloud approached, Revan summoned his own powers through the Force, levitating boulders and trees from the area. With calculated intent, Revan hurled the objects in succession toward Cloud, each attack carrying substantial force. Undeterred, Cloud demonstrated his battle prowess, swiftly slicing through the trees and effortlessly dispatching the boulders. Without pausing, he continued his approach, unaffected by the onslaught.

Quick as lightning, Cloud leapt forward and swung his fusion sword downward at Revan. With a skilled movement, Revan swiftly parried the strike aside, their blades clashing in a fiery embrace. Though Revan's crimson blade radiated intense heat, Cloud's fusion sword, imbued with his indomitable fighting spirit, remained unscathed. The clash of their swords sent sparks flying, igniting the air in a display of their immense power.

Cloud, fueled by the determination burning within him, relentlessly attacked Revan with unwavering force behind each strike. The sheer power of his attacks pressed Revan, forcing him to dig deep for his own reserves of strength to withstand the onslaught. Despite the colossal size of the fusion sword, Revan managed to hold his ground against the barrage, refusing to bow even an inch. With each clash, the duo engaged in a fierce duel, their swords colliding with a resounding 'Kksssshhhh!'

In the midst of their intense duel, Cloud seized an opportunity and landed a powerful punch to Revan's helmet, momentarily stunning the Dark Lord. However, Revan, undeterred by the blow, swiftly regained his composure and retaliated with a quick, calculated move. Seizing momentum, Revan spun around and delivered a fierce kick to Cloud's head, swiftly turning the tables amidst the ongoing conflict.

Cloud, shrugging off the sting from Revan's well-placed kick, continued his relentless offensive. Pushed slightly back, Revan found himself taking a few steps backward, forced on the defensive. But rather than falter, Revan met each blow head-on, his determination matching Cloud's in the ongoing duel.

Cloud wielded his heavy fusion sword, delivering a forceful overhead strike that pushed Revan down to one knee, the pressure building with each hit, Revan struggling to hold his ground. Sensing a critical moment, Revan seized an opportunity to counterattack. Utilizing the Force, the Prodigal Knight targeted a massive tree nearby, crushing its base. With a swift movement, Revan used the distraction to slip away, hoping that the tree would crash down on Cloud.

Cloud's senses suddenly alerted him to the tree's impending collapse from behind. He reacted with exceptional reflexes, quickly pivoting to perform a powerful overhead strike that cleaved the tree in half. The two halves came crashing down beside him, but Cloud stood unfazed, unharmed and ready for the ongoing battle.

"Nice try."

Cloud replied, a hint of sarcastic respect in his voice for Revan's strategic thinking. Looking to gain the upper hand, Revan executed a daring acrobatic leap, attempting to pass over Cloud and strike from above. However, his move was swiftly countered as Cloud intercepted him with a well-timed block. Changing tactics, Revan sought to incapacitate Cloud by targeting his knees, but the agile Cloud adeptly dodged the maneuver with a quick jump, retaliating with a forceful kick to Revan's helmet, knocking him back.

Revan grunted as he stumbled to a halt, having narrowly evaded Cloud's attack. However, before he could recover, Cloud leaped forward, aiming to land another blow from above. Anticipating the strike, Revan executed a swift roll, managing to slip under Cloud's leap. Seizing the moment, Revan made to counterattack, but before he could react, Cloud swiftly disarmed him, leaving Revan weaponless.

Cloud, intent on delivering a decisive strike, brought his fusion sword down in a powerful downward motion, aiming to bifurcate Revan. However, Revan, acting quickly, raised his empty hands and exerted his power through the Force, effectively arresting the descent of Cloud's sword. Though Revan struggled against the immense pressure of the blade, he managed to keep it at bay, separated from his hands by a mere half-inch of distance.

Caught off guard by Revan's counterattack, Cloud was abruptly hurled backward by a jolt of intense Force lightning, the electrical energy crackling around him. Although Cloud's armor, fortified with the Lightning Materia, offered some resistance, the shock still left him immobilized by the uncomfortable pain. Reeling from the abrupt onslaught, Cloud struggled to react, caught in the incapacitating grip of the electrical surge.

As Revan called his lightsaber back into his grasp, igniting the crimson blade once more, he reached out with the Force to pull Cloud towards him. With a swift and calculated movement, Revan prepared to strike, aiming to inflict a fatal or incapacitating blow on his immobilized foe.

Even under the debilitating effects of the Force lightning, Cloud managed to exhibit a remarkable level of control over his body. Sensing the dire situation, he managed to contort himself slightly out of the lightsaber's path, feeling the intense heat across his chest and face as the blade swept past. With a surge of determination, Cloud mustered the strength to barrel into Revan's chest, his armored shoulder colliding forcefully with the dark warrior's chest.

Both Revan and Cloud stumbled and groaned as they came to a halt on the ground, their breath coming in short gasps. After a momentary pause, Cloud managed to rise first, leaning on his fusion sword for support, while Revan followed suit. The intensity of their battle had taken its toll, leaving them momentarily winded, yet still ready to continue the fiercely competitive clash.

Keenly sensing the imminent threat, Revan executed a nimble back somersault, narrowly evading Cloud's low sword swipe. However, the onslaught continued as Cloud unleashed a relentless barrage of side cuts, forcing Revan to keep backing up. With a well-timed kick, Cloud swiftly following it up with a Limit Break that unleashed a powerful beam slash, propelling Revan forcefully backward through the air and crashing him through a nearby tree.

In spite of the pain and discomfort, Revan gritted his teeth and rallied, making a determined effort to rise and face Cloud's unrelenting attacks once more. As Cloud pressed forward with forceful overheads and wide cross cuts, Revan stood steadfast, meeting each strike defensively, parrying and blocking each blow as he fought to regain his composure.

Realizing the necessity of a strategic shift, Revan adopted a more deceptive approach. Utilizing feints and clever misdirection, he carefully waited for an opportune moment, biding his time patiently while studying Cloud's patterns and reactions.

Seizing the moment, Revan spotted an opening and acted decisively. Unleashing a powerful kick, he delivered a forceful blow to Cloud's chest, propelling him backward through the air. Cloud, demonstrating his exceptional agility, executed a nimble backflip, landing gracefully on his feet and sliding across the ground with his free hand. Though he had absorbed the brunt of the impact, Cloud remained undeterred, ready to continue the fierce exchange.

Revan, adapting his approach, reached for his belt and drew a second lightsaber. Igniting the lightsaber brought forth a shorter, vivid purple blade, signaling a shift in tactics. Grasping a massive rock with the Force, Revan hurled it at Cloud, charging forward with a leap, his dual blades ready for action.

Cloud, his precision and skill on full display, effortlessly sliced through the hurled rock, seamlessly transitioning to defend against Revan's dual blades. However, Revan pressed on, attempting to maneuver Cloud's fusion sword to gain an advantage. In an attempt to counter, Cloud grasped Revan's neck and forcefully slammed him into a nearby boulder, momentarily gaining the upper hand in the ongoing struggle.

Revan, seeking to create a moment of respite, struck the side of his main lightsaber against Cloud's temple, momentarily disorienting the ex-SOLDIER. With a quick follow-up movement, Revan delivered a firm strike to Cloud's nose with the other end of his saber, causing a brief moment of pain and frustration. Quickly capitalizing on the opportunity, Revan attempted a pincer slash across Cloud's sides, yet Cloud remained undeterred, swiftly backing away and parrying the attack with a powerful upward cut, deflecting the dual sabers with a calculated precision.

Revan, seizing a moment of opportunity, forcefully extended his arms, unleashing a powerful push through the air and propelling Cloud backward, causing him to crash into the side of a nearby cliff face. Though Cloud emitted a pained grunt upon impact, he remained largely unshaken, quickly recovering and preparing to continue the fray. Cloud, his expression hardening, made his irritation clear as he voiced his frustration.

"I'm getting tired of being pushed around,"

He stated matter-of-factly. With determined resolve, he commenced walking toward Revan, undeterred by the Dark Lord's efforts to restrain him using the Force. Revan, caught off guard by Cloud's resilience, swiftly stored away his lightsabers to redirect all his attention and focus towards pushing the former SOLDIER back. Though Cloud was briefly halted by the intensified pressure, his surroundings getting disrupted by the maneuver, he quickly shook it off and continued his steady approach, seemingly undeterred by Revan's attempts to impede his progress. Revan, astonished by the strength and determination displayed by Cloud, gasped out in disbelief.


He muttered under his breath. In all his experience, Revan had never encountered a non-Force sensitive individual who possessed the sheer power and resolute will to resist the Force with such raw physical might.

Revan, determined to gain the upper hand, unleashed a crackling jolt of Force lightning, aiming to incapacitate Cloud once more. However, Cloud acted swiftly, thrusting his fusion sword into the ground just as the lightning reached him, effectively grounding it and neutralizing its effects. Revan, in a last-ditch attempt to end the fight quickly, lunged forward with lightsabers drawn, aiming to blitz Cloud and catch him off guard. However, Cloud swiftly activated a Materia and commanded,

"Stop." The Time Materia took effect, seizing control of the situation and trapping Revan in a frozen time bubble while leaving Cloud unaffected. Cloud, determined to conclude the conflict with a decisive move, separated his fusion sword into its distinct pieces and hurled them into the air, preparing to unleash a powerful Limit Break. With a determined expression, he gathered his strength to execute the devastating Omnislash, unleashing a flurry of lightning-fast strikes upon Revan.

Cloud, executing a powerful kick and launching Revan into the air, followed up by leaping upward and unleashing a relentless barrage of attacks from multiple directions, each strike too quick for Revan to react. As Cloud continued his onslaught, he finally concluded the final blow, slicing through Revan and destroying him. The defeated warrior's body fell in numerous pieces, signaling the end of the fierce duel. Cloud, with a nonchalant shrug, proclaimed,

"Nothin' to it," as he casually twirled his sword before resting it on his shoulder. The scattered pieces of his fusion sword lay strewn about him, and he crouched down to collect the now-masterless lightsabers. He mused aloud,

"I bet Yuffie would love these."

Cloud knew all too well about Yuffie's penchant for anything distinctly unique, her curiosity often getting the better of her with her insatiable desire to explore and possess unusual treasures.

With the dual lightsabers safely stored away, Cloud seamlessly reassembled his fusion sword back into its original form, ready for the journey ahead. As he prepared to depart, the ex-soldier made the decision to head back to Sector 7 in Midgar to reunite with his trusted companions. It was time to reunite with his friends and allies, to share tales of his victory and to catch up on the latest happenings within their close-knit circle.
Strength: Despite Revan being one of the best Force users of the overall Old Republic era, Cloud Strife was on another league. It's difficult to say how powerful he was aside from scaling to other characters around him, but even if we say he's as strong as Darth Vader, who wielded the Force up to 12 septillion TONS of TNT(24 zeroes), enough to blow up a large planet, Cloud is able to survive blows and harm those on the level of supernovas, which is about, at minimum, 350 septillion GIGATONS of TNT(33 zeroes). That's 29.16 billion times more powerful than Revan, or anyone who can use the Force, can do.

Speed: Not to mention, Revan is much slower than Cloud. Force users can react to light, and battle precognition can certainly let them know ahead of time of anything an opponent can pull off, but Cloud can keep up with Bahamut Fury, who can fly around 1,200X light speed.

Skill: Now in terms of pure skill, Revan is the better battle tactician. Whereas Cloud prefers to steamroll his opponents with power and speed, Revan rarely attacked so straightforwardly. He's the more versatile in how to approach a target, using unorthodox and surprise tactics to defeat his enemies. While Cloud isn't an idiot at tactics, he's more of a hammer while Revan is a surgical knife.

Experience: Revan is technically more experienced in that he's been learning and fighting practically all his life into his mid forties before his 300 year nap, while Cloud more has around ten years of training and combat experience, both should be equal in the types of enemies they've fought, human and monster wise. If I'm being honest though, Revan feels like a low-rent Sephiroth if I have to compare characters.

Powers: While the Force is a powerful and versatile tool, Revan has to concentrate on mainly one ability at a time, and it's mainly physical enhancement, telekinesis, Force lightning and Force drain, Cloud not only has resistances to all of that, but he has more abilities than those, like half a dozen more elemental damage, active and passing healing, revival upon death, dimensional banishment and time manipulation. And that's just the more well known abilities.

The winner is Cloud Strife
Next time:

"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!"

"I'm a ghost now... a spectre of the moon... the Moon's knight of vengeance-and I've got work to do."

Chapter 24: Batman vs Moon Knight

Chapter Text



Bruce Wayne was the son of wealthy philanthropists Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane-Wayne and seemed destined for a life of idle decadence and opulence among the elite of the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City.

But his life was irrevocably changed when his parents were murdered by a common thug while walking home. Mentally scarred by the loss, Bruce used his family's wealth to travel the world and acquire the skills, training, and technology he needed to begin his one-man war on the crime of Gotham City.

Adopting the terrifying visage of a bat, Bruce became Batman, a caped vigilante who crusades against the scum and filth of his home city's underworld. After becoming a founding member of the Justice League, Batman quickly became known as one of the most feared individuals in the DC Universe, holding his own against superpowered criminals, monsters, and gods to protect the innocent from those who would do them harm.

Powers and Abilities:

Genius Intelligence,

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts,

Stealth Mastery (Regularly disappears on members of the league, even those with senses as powerful as Superman. Can disappear even when people are looking at him. Can disguise himself as people of different ethnicities or age ranges, regularly bypasses Oracle's security, which uses air pressure change detection and state of the art systems. Superman can't see his actions),

Weapon Mastery & Marksmanship (Has mastered all weapons. Can easily hit foes at multiple angles and directions in a single throw),

Extrasensory Perception (Can sense Chi. Can sense the presence of Deadman, who is a invisible spirit),

Limited Information Analysis (Is a master detective, Can visualize entire sequences of events and plots in his head and analyze them in the middle of combat. Easily figured out what was really causing disturbances across Earth, and saw through the methods Wonder Woman used to fight the Flash),

Instinctive Reaction and Precognition (Has a sixth sense that allows him to instinctively dodge attacks without knowing about them, warns him of danger, and allows him to easily anticipate the attacks of multiple foes. Can predict someone's movement based on speed and momentum),

Body Control and Pressure Points (has methods that allow for self-induced comas and nerve attacks, can loosen muscles, slow blood flow, and control his adrenaline),

Self-Perception Manipulation (Can manipulate his own perception of time),

Enhanced Senses (Disarmed a foe on a shot described by Deathstroke as impossible. Smelled a fire in Gotham while he was underground outside the city. Smells well enough to identify chemicals. Can literally smell emotion. Described as having superior vision to Eagles, and easily saw Robin spy on him. Hears a dying man's speech while at the top of a building and a alarm from three blocks away),

Electricity Manipulation with Batsuit and Batarangs (Can run up to 200,000 volts through his suit),

Status Effect Inducement and Paralysis Inducement with tranquilizer darts,


cape and taser gun,

Explosion Manipulation with Batarangs,

Animal Manipulation (Can summon bats that jam detection),

Light Manipulation (Via Flashbombs),

Smoke Manipulation (Uses smoke bombs which can mimic his shape and cause pain),

Restraint Pellets,

Has Syringe Batarangs to deliver chemicals and toxins,

Poison Manipulation (Via various poisons and nerve toxins),

Sound Manipulation (Via sonic Batarangs and hypersonic attacks,

Technology Manipulation (Via EMPs.)

has a fake circulatory system to deceive foes,

Camouflage (His suit can camouflage him),

Illusion Creation (Can create the illusion of a giant bat),

Extrasensory Perception (Can see in multiple wavelengths with his cowl. Can see invisible things),

Information Analysis (His cowl automatically identifies people, has gadgets that can identify radiation and blood.),

Fire Manipulation (Via Firebombs),

has a gadget that hides his heartbeat,

Resistances to:

Sleep Manipulation (Was not affected by sleep inducement),

Pain Manipulation (Claims pain only motivates him. Overcame two years of torture at the hands of Desaad, who inflicted on him the pain of this he had tortured before him),

Fire Manipulation (Unhindered by fire. Survived Etrigan's hellfire. His suit has internal cooling systems),

Poison Manipulation (Is immune to most forms of poison. Survived direct injections of Crystal Meth and Heroin),

Fear Manipulation (Has gained an immunity to fear toxin. Phobos, the God of Fear, couldn't put fear in him),

Electricity Manipulation (Was only slightly dazed by 10,000 volts of electricity. Can insulate his suit from the power of Gotham's grid, and can safely run 200,000 volts through his suit),

Acid Manipulation (Tanked acid using his cape),

Ice Manipulation (Unharmed by Mr. Freeze's ice),

Radiation Manipulation (His suit is insulated from radiation),

Body Puppetry and Biological Manipulation (Somewhat resists the powers of a meta human that controls flesh),

Perception Manipulation (Able to act relatively well while affected by hallucinations, even escaping bondage. Broke through a illusion with sheer force of will),

Empathic Manipulation (Unharmed by Ivy's pheromones. Has will comparable to a Green Lantern),

Absorption (Somewhat resists assimilation from Tharok),

Illusion Creation (Saw through Circe's Illusion),

Mind Manipulation (Has a backup mind. Overpowered a powerful mental entity. Broke free of a mental cage. When attempting to break into Batman's mind, the Synaptic Kid was entrapped within and eventually believed himself to be Bruce Wayne, and fell into a coma),

Sound Manipulation (Via Sonic Dampners),

Electromagnetic Pulses (Unaffected by his own EMPs),

Possession (Yurrd couldn't possess him),

Telepathy (His mind can't be read),

Soul Manipulation and Deconstruction (Broke through this).

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses but has survived situations which would kill an average human, refuses to kill.
Moon Knight


While on a mission in Sudan, mercenary Marc Spector was left for dead in the desert by Raul Bushman, a ruthless African general, but was afterwards resurrected by the ancient Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu in exchange for being his avatar on Earth. Marc would later return to New York City and become the vigilante known as Moon Knight. Marc Spector possesses multiple personalities, such as the millionaire entrepreneur Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley, and suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which causes great mental stress and instability that has made him an unstable and volatile person.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics & Genius Intelligence,

Self-Sustenance (Type 1 - Can survive on the moon),

Enhanced Senses,

Master Martial Artist & Pressure Points (Stated to be versatile in all martial arts, he's capable of using pressure points to put others to sleep or knock them out),

Weapon Mastery (Has enough ability to use every weapon that exists; His staff doesn't even need to connect with a target to harm it if used properly),

Marksmanship (Capable of making his baton ricochet on walls to hit his enemies; of throwing his baton to disarm gunmen and make it ricochet back into his hand),

Magic (Basic - Fists of Khonshu can access Khonshu's magic by praying to him),

Blessed, Self-Resurrection & Immortality (Type 2, Low-Mid - Stabbed in both the neck and heart, Moon Knight was still alive even when left to bleed for "half a day", leaving an injury stated to show his heart. Type 4 - Khonshu always resurrects his fist, Moon Knight. Every time he dies, he comes back to life, thanks to Khonshu's blessing.),

Statistics Amplification (Fists of Khonshu can directly ask for Khonshu to increase their strength.),

Portal Creation & Limited Dimensional Travel (By praying, they can open up portals leading to Khonshu's own pocket dimension. Moon Knight and Tigra used so they can travel across the country to defeat Zodiac.),


Telepathy (Fists of Khonshu can communicate telepathically with Khonshu and the God, in turn, can sense the thoughts of those around his Fist.),

Regeneration (Low - Requires moon light)

Multiple Selves (Split personality disorder.)

Social Influencing

Instigating Fear & Reputation (His mere presence makes criminals missfire their shots and even pushes them to commit suicide. Traumatized Taskmaster to the point that he refuses to fight Moon Knight, instead, choosing to help in the hopes that Moon Knight won't hunt him down.)

Charisma (Convinced the House of Shadows to free its victims and to join his "Midnight Mission", becoming his new base of operations. After rescuing a suicidal woman, his presence gave her hope and made her realize "there's pure white within us all".),

Acrobatics (Highly acrobatic; Can jump several meters high due to his super strength.),

Stealth Mastery (Follows Nick Fury without being noticed.),

Supernatural Willpower (After the banishment of the first Necromancer, Moon Knight's mind and will become even stronger. This is also because his spirit harbors that of an ancient priest of Khonshu. Strange claims that Moon Knight's willpower, even subconsciously, is so powerful that even he would not be able to break through to hypnotize him.),

Limited Acausality (Just like Khonshu, he can also remember those who have ceased existing.),

Mind Manipulation (Anyone who enters in contact with his mind, he's capable of stealing a portion of their mind, leaving them catatonic; It's hinted that Mister Knight is capable of opening people's mind.),

Resistance to:

Magic (Basic - Since the Fists of Khonshu can use magic, they should also be capable of resisting its basic powers.),

Electricity Manipulation (His boots and suit are insulated, making him able to move through Fixer's electric hall unharmed.),

Fire Manipulation,

Poison Manipulation (The mask built into his uniform allows him to filter harmful gases for a short period of time. Naturally resisted an unspecified poison.),

Status Effect Inducement (Resisted Black Panther's "Panther Webs", a vibranium-based foam incapacitant.),

limited Pain Manipulation (Unable to feel physical pain.),

Possibly Diseases (Ate a dolphin with rabies and was not affected by it.),

With Standard Equipment:

Durability Negation with Adamantium darts

Flight (Gliding)

Electricity Manipulation (His truncheon is capable of unleashing electrical charges)

With Holy Artefacts:

Precognition (Ankh which glow up in the face of imminent danger)

Weakness: Mentally unstable.
Song: Lunar Knights

In the depths of the night, Batman, the protector of Gotham, stood atop a rooftop, gazing down upon the crime-ridden city that lay beneath him. His relentless dedication to safeguarding his home remained steadfast, as he persisted in his tireless crusade against the malevolent forces that sought to sow chaos and discord within Gotham's streets.

The cries of anguish and fear in the alleyway caught Batman's acute senses, prompting him to spread his cape and take to the air with a mighty glide. The full moon above provided illumination in the darkened night as he moved swiftly and silently, swiftly reaching the source of the disturbance.

As he observed the scene unfolding, Batman could see a man in white with a cape viciously assaulting the thugs below. While excessive force was not uncharted territory for Batman, even leaving criminals with broken bones and missing teeth, it was the severity of the beatings being administered that caught his attention. Recognizing the potential dire consequences, he knew he needed to step in and stop the violence before the situation escalated any further.

Batman, with a deliberate and graceful descent, landed with precision upon the ground, his cape billowing around him theatrically as he rose to his full stature. The sudden arrival of the Caped Crusader immediately captured the attention of Moon Knight, his current target momentarily forgotten as he turned to face the newcomer. Batman, his gaze sharp and unwavering, posed a question in a firm and stern tone.

"What are you doing in Gotham?"

His eyes narrowed, exuding an intimidating aura that demanded an explanation. Moon Knight, undeterred by the presence of the Caped Crusader, promptly dropped the criminal he had been beating and turned to face Batman, his demeanor betraying no hint of fear. Moon Knight, his voice conveying a mixture of defiance and confidence, replied to the Caped Crusader, asserting that he was in the city to follow a lead.

"I'm following a lead," he stated, a hint of defiance in his tone. "And they were being difficult, but that's none of your business." He added, indicating that the criminals' obstruction had warranted his aggressive response. However, Moon Knight made it clear that his actions were not subject to Batman's scrutiny, asserting that his business was none of the Caped Crusader's concern. Batman, his expression still guarded and resolute, responded to Moon Knight's statement with a firm and determined tone,

"Your actions are my business. Gotham is my city. I won't tolerate this unchecked violence."

The Caped Crusader stood his ground, his voice laden with conviction and a hint of authority, asserting that the preservation and protection of the city was his duty, and therefore the actions of Moon Knight within its borders fell under his purview. Moon Knight, his eyes narrowing at Batman's words, retorted back with an air of defiance,

"I won't let you stop me on my mission. I'm the moon's knight of vengeance, and I've got work to do. Stay out of my way."

His words carried a warning, telling the Dark Knight that he won't hold back if he doesn't back off. Batman, his stance unflinching, stood his ground,

"I won't allow your quest for vengeance to endanger lives in Gotham. Stand down."

The Caped Crusader's tone left no room for negotiation, his unwavering determination evident as he asserted that he would not tolerate any harm coming to Gotham or its citizens.

"Your funeral."

Moon Knight, unintimidated by Batman's warning, charged forward with a determined expression and launched a powerful punch at the Caped Crusader. However, Batman swiftly countered the attack by blocking the punch with his forearm, swiftly retaliating with a well-executed kick to the sides that caught Moon Knight off guard. Despite Batman's counterattack, Moon Knight appeared unfazed and unhindered by the impact, showcasing his resilience and formidable strength.

In the ensuing exchange, both Batman and Moon Knight showcased their exceptional mastery of martial arts, effortlessly defending against each other's attacks and struggling to land a significant blow on their rival's guard. However, in an unexpected move, Moon Knight managed to connect a powerful punch to Batman's face, causing him to recoil momentarily before quickly regaining his composure. Despite the momentary setback, Batman's determination and resilience allowed him to push through the pain and continue the fierce battle.

Moon Knight, recognizing an opportunity to gain the upper hand, leaped back and hurled a barrage of six crescent-shaped darts toward Batman. The Caped Crusader quickly countered with his signature batarangs, attempting to deflect the incoming projectiles. However, the darts proved to be more potent than expected, slicing through the batarangs and forcing Batman to swiftly evade them. Despite his best efforts, Batman was struck in the shoulder and chest, his Kevlar suit pierced and blood spilling from his wounds.

Batman, fueled by both anger and determination, let out a fierce growl as he charged forward with a powerful knee strike aimed at Moon Knight's face. The impact forced Moon Knight back, but he quickly regained his composure, retaliating with a forceful headbutt to Batman's forehead. Despite the jarring blow, Batman wasted no time in responding, delivering a resounding kick to Moon Knight's chest, sending them both stumbling backward as the intense exchange continued to unfold.

Batman, ever the strategist, seized an opportunity to turn the tides of the battle. As Moon Knight deflected the batarang, narrowly avoiding its explosion, Batman vanished into the shadows of the alleyway, taking advantage of the momentary distraction caused by the chaotic aftermath. Moon Knight, clearing the smoke and remaining vigilant, braced himself for another attack, eager to face Batman head-on once again.

Armed with a pair of metal batons, Moon Knight's focus intensified as he sought out Batman's location, refusing to let the momentary setback discourage him. Closing his eyes, he relied on his heightened senses and intuition, attempting to sense his elusive adversary's proximity within the shadows of the alleyway. As he immersed himself in a state of heightened awareness, Moon Knight prepared himself mentally and physically for the impending clash.

Sensing the imminent danger through the glow of his ankh amulet, Moon Knight opened his eyes and swiftly pivoted on his heels to deflect an incoming barrage of batarangs that came hurtling out of the darkness towards him. Undeterred by the onslaught of projectiles, he confidently retorted with a smug question,

"Is that all you've got?"


Batman, seizing the moment, pressed a button on his suit, triggering an unexpected maneuver. The deflected batarangs suddenly detonated, catching Moon Knight off-guard and causing a momentary explosion. The lunar-based hero, momentarily disoriented by the unforeseen development, struggled to maintain his composure amidst the chaos. It was clear that Batman's ingenious tactics and resourcefulness were making the fight increasingly challenging for Moon Knight.

Batman, seizing a strategic opportunity, swiftly descended upon Moon Knight, gripping his shoulders firmly and forcing their combined trajectory through a nearby window and into a building. The two landed on the floor in a chaotic display of movement, rolling across the ground in a tangled mess. Batman, demonstrating his expert fighting skills, swiftly followed up by delivering a powerful kick that sent Moon Knight crashing into a sturdy support beam, the impact resonating loud and clear throughout the space.

Both fighters rapidly regained their footing, the tension in the air palpable. Moon Knight seized the initiative, launching a flurry of precise and relentless baton strikes toward Batman's defensive stance. Batman, skilled and experienced, countered each attack with finesse and dexterity, seamlessly parrying the incoming blows, his defensive prowess on full display as his armor resisted their electrical shocks.

As the battle waged on, Batman identified the opportune moment to strike. He unleashed a double chop on Moon Knight's trapezius muscles, skillfully targeting a weak spot and forcing the lunar-based hero to his knees. However, rather than succumbing to the pain, Moon Knight responded with a cunning move, swiftly sweeping Batman's feet out from under him, leaving the Caped Crusader momentarily vulnerable and unbalanced.

Despite a momentary loss of balance, Batman reacted swiftly, catching himself mid-fall and retaliating with a powerful uppercut to the underside of Moon Knight's chin. The strike landed with precision, forcing the lunar-based hero to become airborne. Before Moon Knight could regain his bearings, Batman followed up with a strong kick, propelling him further away and creating some much-needed distance between the two combatants.

Moon Knight, displaying impressive dexterity, landed on his hands and swiftly pushed himself upright to stand tall once more. As Batman hurled bola towards his target, Moon Knight reacted with remarkable speed, drawing a sharp crescent blade with precision. In a swift and calculated move, he sliced through the incoming bola, severing it effortlessly. The severed bola flew past him, while Moon Knight remained steady and ready to continue the intense encounter.

Batman, quick on his feet, tossed some firebombs toward Moon Knight, aiming to ignite the area and gain an upper hand. Moon Knight, reacting with extraordinary reflexes, leaped above the fire, exploiting the sudden updraft to gain height. He skillfully used his cape to ascend, smashing through the skylight above. In pursuit, Batman swiftly deployed his grappling hook, swiftly closing the gap. The battle moved to the building's rooftop, the fight continuing with relentless determination.

Upon reaching the rooftop, Moon Knight unleashed a swift pounce at Batman, only to find his adversary swiftly leaping over him. Moon Knight narrowly missed his mark, but swiftly regrouped for a powerful dropkick. Batman, ever prepared, swiftly evaded the attack and retaliated with a punch of his own, but Moon Knight countered just as quickly, retaliating with a high kick straight to Batman's face. In a fast-paced exchange, Moon Knight relentlessly unleashed a series of quick punches at Batman, but the Caped Crusader skillfully countered each blow. The encounter continued to escalate as Batman detonated a smoke bomb.

Moon Knight, momentarily disoriented by the lingering smoke, hastily attempted to survey the chaotic scene. Batman, seizing the opening, acted swiftly, employing his grappling gun to ensnare Moon Knight and forcefully slam him against the wall of the building's stairwell. Though clearly rattled, Moon Knight displayed impressive resilience, swiftly leaping back and resuming the fierce combat exchange. The clash evolved into an intense dance of skilled martial arts, with both combatants demonstrating impressive feats of counters and strikes. Eventually, Moon Knight secured a decisive advantage, landing a powerful kick that sent Batman hurtling into the same wall. Blood now trickled from Batman's wounded lip.

Despite the impact of the kick, Batman firmly wiped away the blood from his face, a look of determination in his eyes. With calculated precision, he hurled a barrage of batarangs towards Moon Knight. The lunar-based hero deftly deflected the projectiles with his mystical shielding, showcasing his formidable abilities. However, Batman's tactic proved ingenious. Pressing another button, he activated the batarangs to emit a high-pitched noise, overwhelming Moon Knight with the cacophony. The lunar warrior grimaced in pain, instinctively covering his ears to mute the distressing sound.

With a determined charge, Batman delivered a powerful punch to Moon Knight's face, followed by a forceful shove that sent him hurtling off the rooftop. Utilizing his own grappling hook, Batman navigated safely to the building opposite, while Moon Knight plummeted to the roof of a car, crumpling it slightly upon impact before bouncing off and landing harshly on the street below.

With a graceful descent, Batman hovered downward, landing alongside Moon Knight. Astonishingly, despite the fall and impact on the vehicle and street below, Moon Knight quickly sprang back to his feet and forcefully pushed Batman against another car. Batman's suit, equipped with an electrical network, attempted to deliver a 200,000 volt shock, but Moon Knight's insulated suit effectively neutralized the electricity, showcasing the importance of strategic protection in a battle against such powerful adversaries. Moon Knight, filled with unyielding confidence, proclaimed,

"You don't understand, do you? You can never overcome the might of the Knight of the Moon. With Khonshu's blessings, I shall always triumph. Even death cannot halt my vengeance."

The lunar-based hero stood resolute, convinced of his invulnerability under the divine protection of the Egyptian god. Moon Knight, revealing that his invulnerability even extended to temporary death, sparked a hint of a smirk on Batman's face.

"Thsnks for the tip."

Batman wasted no time in exploiting this revelation, quickly pressing a button that summoned his iconic Batmobile. As the vehicle roared down the street at 120 mph, it slammed into Moon Knight with immense force, sending the lunar-based hero skyrocketing across the street. Moon Knight, battered and bruised after a series of bone-crushing impacts, finally skidded to a halt with a painful groan. Surprisingly, despite the excruciating injuries he had sustained, he felt no pain. Nonetheless, the toll on his body was evident as he struggled to regain his breath and gather the strength to rise, proving that even a seemingly superhuman figure like him had his limits.

Batman swiftly entered the Batmobile and locked onto Moon Knight's location with precision. Without hesitation, he unleashed two missiles, their explosive impact completely obliterating the lunar-based hero. The force of the blast scattered Moon Knight's body parts in all directions, leaving nothing intact except for his disfigured head, which came crashing down from the sky and landed on the ground. Batman, his voice echoing through the comm device, informed Alfred,

"I'm heading back to the Batcave; repairs are in order."

Without further ado, he revved up the Batmobile and rode away, the powerful vehicle effortlessly crushing Moon Knight's decapitated head beneath its wheels.
Strength: Okay, so when it comes to pure strength, they're both about equal. Moon Knight losing his ability to become stronger depending on the moon phase hurts, but even if he did have that ability, Batman's gone against stronger adversaries like Bane. And given that Bruce is considered peak human, he wouldn't be that far off from Moon Knight's typical strength.

Speed: Both seem to be mostly equal in speed. Moon Knight was able to intercept a bullet coming at him within around 20 feet away from him, at most, which would require reacting at around Mach 5. However, Batman is faster than the reaction speed of his bat-family member, Cassandra Cain, who can casually react up to Mach 16.

Skill: I consider these two equal in skill. While Batman is more well rounded than Moon Knight, being a master at 127 different martial arts, Marc's training in the marines means that he'd be able to match a lot of Bruce's martial arts, such as wrestling based arts, Judo, Sambo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Krav Maga and Kendo. Also, Batman had the added benefit of not being so mentally unstable that it could get in the way of him.

Experience: It's difficult to wage who has more experience. Batman may have a slightly older advantage, but Batman's more used to common thugs and superhumans, while Moon Knight is more familiar with the supernatural, though is by means no stranger to the more normal. It might be safe to say that they mostly even out.

Powers: While Moon Knight has some interesting set of powers, most of them aren't really any that Batman hasn't dealt with before, so he could perfectly adapt to Moon Knight's arsenal, while he could use his more varied tool belt and even his Batmobile to take the win.

The winner is Batman.
Next time:

"The truth is, I ain't no hero of justice or anything else like that. But anyone who tries to hurt my friends... is GONNA PAAAAAYYYYYY!"

"There is something eternal within me as well! Burning our Cosmos, we can acquire infinite power. That way, we Saints become one with the universe and become endlessly stronger and closer to eternity!"

Chapter 25: Goku vs Pegasus Seiya

Chapter Text

Son Goku


He is a Saiyan sent to Earth as a baby by his father Bardock to escape the destruction of the planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race. Adopted by Grandpa Gohan, he became a kind-hearted boy after he bumped his head, starting his great adventures. After defeating Kid Buu, Goku works as a radish farmer before learning of the existence of the phenomenally powerful God of Destruction Beerus and seeks to fight and surpass him. In the process, he is introduced to the universes that exist beyond his own, and the amazing warriors that they contain.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Martial Artist,

Limited Longevity (Known intergalactically as the "warrior race of the universe", Saiyans have evolved to remain in their physical prime for a long period of time. Their bodies remain child-like for several years before rapidly growing into their adult bodies, and they age slowly after reaching their prime in order to remain young and battle-ready for decades; after reaching a certain age, however, they rapidly grow frail. Additionally, Saiyans have a longer lifespan than humans),

Ki Manipulation (Master Level),

Ki Sensing (Can locate others by reading their Ki, detect malicious intent, differences in power levels, and beings in different dimensions),

Damage Boost (Can increase the power of his attacks by concentrating his Ki into a single point to do more damage),

Enhanced Senses (Saiyans have exceptional senses, allowing them to locate small, distant objects by tracking their smell and see clearly over long distances. Track the movements of others even in pitch black conditions by feeling vibrations in the air.),

Supernatural Willpower (Able to endure poison that takes immense will and spirit to survive. Being able to use Kaioken far beyond King Kai's capability which can heavily damage and destroy the user's body.),

Enhanced Analytical Prediction (Can predict opponents based on movement, sense malicious intent, and feel small current of air.),

Shockwaves Generation (Can create powerful shockwaves via Kiai that can also cancel out Ki attacks),

Information Analysis (Capable of analyzing his opponent's fighting styles, habits and techniques allowing him to adapt, predict and react accordingly.),



Afterimage Creation,

Power Mimicry (Can easily replicate other fighting techniques after seeing them once.),

Light Manipulation (Can create flashes of light via Solar flare to blind opponents and Super Saiyan forms can glow in pitch-black conditions.),

Minor Electricity Generation (As a Super Saiyan 2 and 3, he releases electric bolts around his body.),

Stealth Mastery and Limited Perception Manipulation (With his sharpened spirit, Goku mastered the ability of "crouching as quiet as the sky and striking quick than lightning", dampening his presence completely including scant air movements and his footsteps and erasing his own Ki; thus, allowing him to optimize his movements and elude the senses of opponents completely.),

Teleportation, Dimensional Travel and BFR (Via Instant Transmission),

Status Effect Inducement (Via Blindness, Solar Flare is a technique that causes blindness with flashes of light),

Accelerated Development (Training, Battle; Physical Stats, Abilities - As a Saiyan, Goku grows stronger every time he fights and can become stronger in the midst of combat, vastly increasing in strength whenever he is mortally injured),

Statistics Amplification (Goku can greatly enhance his capabilities with Kaio-ken, potentially by up to twenty times),

Pressure Point Strikes,

Transformation (Can transform into a Super Saiyan 1, 2 & 3, increasing his capabilities drastically),

Energy/Ki Absorption (Can absorb Ki through Spirit Bomb, absorbed God Ki into his base, and then during the Tournament of Power saga, he absorbed the energy of the Spirit Bomb and used it as a temporary energy battery to fight.),

Heat Manipulation (His power, along with Beerus', was stated to scorch the air by Piccolo and overheated Bulma's ship. Contributed half of the energy that created the Beerus Ball),

Adaptation (Can adapt to Gravity),

Limited Instinctive Action (Instinctively avoided Beerus who was about to attack, surprising Beerus. Instinctively avoided Bulma's attack.),

Dimensional Travel, Sound Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation and Portal Creation (At this level of power he can create dimensional rifts and destroy space-time and pocket dimensions with his energy.),

Resistance to:

Poison Manipulation (Survived after drinking the Water of the Gods),

Paralysis Inducement (Could escape Frieza's Imprisonment Ball at the last moment),

Harsh Temperatures (Can fight in the upper atmosphere where the temperature is extremely cold. Survived and trained extensively for three years within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which has temperatures that range from -40F to 248F. Survived re-entry into Earth's atmosphere while unconscious),

Extreme Heat (Endured the heat of the Beerus Ball, which was stated to be capable of evaporating anything in its vicinity),

Disease Manipulation (Saiyans are immune to the Extinction Bomb, which releases a planet-wide supervirus aimed at extinguishing the targeted population and has been stated to work on other alien planets in the past.),

Radiations (Can fight in the upper atmosphere where radiation levels are exceedingly high.),

All previous abilities massively enhanced.

Enhanced Ki Sensing (Can sense God Ki)

Regeneration (Low-Mid; Was stabbed through the stomach and left on the verge of bleeding out, before healing the wound over once revivified)

Resistance to:

Extrasensory Perception (Cannot be sensed by beings lesser than a God)

All previous abilities from Base.

Enhanced Ki Sensing (After his training with Whis, he can now sense God Ki in his base form)

More Transformations (Can transform into a Super Saiyan God & Super Saiyan Blue, increasing his capabilities astronomically)

Greater Analytical Prediction (During his fight against Hit, he managed to predict his movements after he skipped time by 0.1 seconds, allowing Goku to counter Hit's Time-Skip ability. Eventually, Hit improved his Time-Skip and Goku's analytical prediction didn't work. In the middle of the fight, Goku's analytical prediction got better as he used the Kaioken to intercept Hit's Time-Skip. However, Hit improved his Time Skip to the point where even that failed. In their second fight, Goku tells Hit that his Time-Skip will no longer work on him, despite the fact that he knows that Hit can improve his Time-Skip.),

Limited Weather Manipulation (Creates stormy weather when turning on his Super Saiyan form),

Space-Time Manipulation (Was able to destroy Hit's pocket dimension),

Resistance to:

Electricity Manipulation (Unaffected by Fusion Zamasu's Lightning of Absolution after he and Vegeta powered up further in Super Saiyan Blue),

Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers that can keep out Poisons),

Healing (Restarted his heart when it was "crushed" by Hit),

Explosion Manipulation (Via Ki made land mines),

Non-Physical Interaction (Caused a ripple effect on Infinite Zamasu via a Ki blast and blocked intangible Ki blasts from Hit),

Resistance to:

Void Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Soul Destruction and Limited Spatial Manipulation (Withstood the Destruction Energy Ball of a God of Destruction, which could erase beings, objects, energy blasts and even souls from existence, and warped the World of Void.)

Empathic Manipulation (Was unaffected by Ribrianne's Light of Love, which causes anyone who smells the aroma released by the attack to become infatuated with her and the other Kamikaze Fireballs.),

All previous abilities massively enhanced.

Paralysis Inducement (Via God Bind, which allows him to paralyze an opponent in place from a distance)

Resistance to:

Magma Manipulation (Flew through lava as a Super Saiyan Blue in the Broly Saga)

All previous abilities greatly enhanced.

Greater Accelerated Development (Constantly evolved while fighting. Piccolo stated that with every strike Goku became stronger and faster)

Ultra Instinct

Limited Air Manipulation (Goku can launch a barrage of air attacks)

Limited Power Nullification (Nullified Jiren's Ki blast)

Weaknesses: Goku seeks strong opponents and will, therefore allowing his opponents to reach their full power for the sake of a good fight. Kaio-ken strains his body, causing him intense pain and exhaustion if he overuses it. He often drops his guard and leaves openings for his opponents whenever he gets distracted, lowering his durability.
Pegasus Seiya:

Seiya is one of the Goddess Athena's eighty-eight mythical warriors known as Saints, who have served their goddess throughout the ages, protecting justice and peace on Earth. Being the one chosen by the Pegasus Constellation in the 20th Century, Seiya is among the 52 Bronze Saints.

Seiya is a person of burning blood and a fiery heart, often acting in impulsive and daring ways. However, he is brave, kind-hearted, and selfless, always willing to sacrifice himself for justice, his friends, and Athena. Ultimately, his most notable characteristic is his absolute determination and refusal to ever give up, even when faced with impossible odds.

Pegasus Seiya is the reincarnation of the previous Pegasus Saint, Tenma. He is also the First Pegasus Saint, who fought alongside Athena at the end of the Mythological Era and was the first human to ever harm Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Matter Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Atomic destruction, The cloth armor of the saints it endowed with the power of Cosmo. Their every attack is also imbued with the power Cosmo, which not only destroys atoms, but also harms the soul),

Energy Manipulation,

Aura, and Heat Manipulation (Upon powering up their Cosmo they cause the area around them to burn up with intense heat, and their attacks are also imbued with heat),

Extrasensory Perception (Under the 6th sense),

Enhanced Senses (They are capable of tracking events taking place over a large distance including other realms. Can also hear bones breaking from a distance away. In addition, the Saints also have an additional sense known as the 6th sense),

Reactive Power Level (The skills of the Saints continues to improve throughout their fights, and they continue to get stronger every time they get knocked down),

Reactive Evolution (Can analyze and comprehend the components of an enemy's attack after seeing it once, and adapt to it),


Pressure Points (The Star Life Points are pressure points on the body),

Probability Manipulation, and Statistics Amplification (Through the Power of Miracles impossibilities can be turned into certain possibilities, as well as increase their stats such as speed, and power),

Summoning (Saints can summon their cloths),

Danmaku (When using Pegasus Ryusei Ken),

Supernatural Willpower,

Attack Reflection (Reflected the Marble Tripper Back at Lizard Misty. Reflected the Great Horn back at Taurus Aldebaran),

Resistance to Heat Manipulation,

Soul Manipulation, and Matter Manipulation (All attacks are imbued with the power of Cosmo, and as such, they have taken many attacks from other Cosmo users which consist of high temperatures, atomic destruction, and soul destruction),

Illusions (The 6th Sense allows someone to see through external illusions),

Cold Energy Manipulation (The Bronze Saints freeze at temperatures of -240 Degrees Fahrenheit),

Perception Manipulation,

Electricity Manipulation (Cosmo users can withstand 10,000 volts)

All previous abilities, Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, and Temperature Manipulation (7th sense users can cause destroy matter down the level below Quarks. Causing damage to a Gold Cloth requires a power that can break apart matter that exist below Quarks. Gold Saints have fought each other, and those equal or above them causing damage to their Gold Cloths. Gold Saints such as Capricorn Shura cut twenty billion souls at once and Cancer Deathmask (Saint Seiya) can destroy twenty billion souls all at once. The power of Ohm could also affect twenty billion souls. Gold Saints can reach temperatures of over a million degrees when focusing their attacks),

Extrasensory Perception (By having an additional sense above the five basic senses and the sixth known as the "7th sense"),

Regeneration (Low-Mid)

All previous resistances, and Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Temperature Manipulation, and Matter Manipulation (The power of the 7th sense allows someone to become comparable to the Gold Saints. The Main five bronze saints used the 7th sense to overcome the Gold Saints),

Illusions (The 7th sense allows the users to perfectly see the environment around them),

Dream Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Perception Manipulation (Via the 7th. Which allows the user to be aware of their surroundings even when the 5 basic senses, and the mind, has been shut off),

Cold Energy Manipulation (Gold cloths, and 7th Sense Users, freeze at -459 degrees fahrenheit),

Improved resistance to Electricity Manipulation (7th sense are not affected by 10,000 volts),

Existence Erasure,

Void Manipulation,

All previous abilities, Resurrection, and Immortality (Type 4 - After obtaining the 8th sense, he gained absolute control of his own soul and can resurrect himself),

Incorporeality (exist without a body, as a soul),

Regeneration (Low Godly Regeneration - Users of the 8th Sense and create a new body for themselves after it has been wholly destroyed),

Extrasensory Perception (With the "8th Sense" which exist beyond the five basic senses, the sixth, and the seventh),

All previous resistances, and Resistance to Death Manipulation and Law Manipulation (The Underworld kills anyone that is "Alive" when entering into it, but 8th sense users can enter it alive. The 8th sense allows the user to overcome the laws that Hades had created),

Acausality (Through Athena's Divine Ichor),

Space-Time Manipulation (Through Athena's divine ichor)

All previous abilities,

Holy Manipulation, and Flight

All previous resistances, and Resistance to Absolute Zero (God Cloths require temperature hundreds of times colder than Absolute Zero to freeze them)

Weaknesses: Very impulsive and brash.
Song: God Saints?

Under the vast open sky of the Lookout, Goku stood at the center of the platform, a determined look on his face. He held the seven mythical Dragon Balls, their radiant power a testament to their mystical might. Carefully, he placed the Dragon Balls into position, their formation complete for the summoning of a wish. Goku's anticipation and excitement grew as he prepared to make his heartfelt wish upon the legendary orbs of the Dragon.

"Eternal Shenron! By your name, I summon you forth!"

The skies above the Lookout rumbled with a low, ominous sound as Goku's voice echoed throughout the heavens, invoking the name of the Eternal Shenron. The ground beneath them trembled, and a brilliant pillar of light burst forth from the gathered Dragon Balls, reaching out to the skies. The transformation into the colossal, serpentine figure was imminent, and the air became charged with a sense of otherworldly energy.

As the pillar of light reached its zenith, the sky suddenly darkened, and a colossal, serpentine figure began to take shape. It was the Eternal Dragon himself, the majestic Shenron, appearing before Goku with an aura of immense power. The atmosphere crackled with otherworldly energy as Shenron declared,

"I am Shenron, the eternal guardian of the Dragon Balls. I shall grant you any wish that lies within the bounds of my power."

Goku's face lit up with excitement and anticipation at the grand entrance of the Eternal Dragon, Shenron. He took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for the momentous moment. With a steady yet determined voice, Goku called out,

"Eternal Shenron, my first wish is to have someone around my level to spar with. It doesn't have to be right this instant, but when I make my three wishes clear, that's when you can bring them here."

Shenron, the eternal Dragon, listened closely to Goku's first wish. He nodded gently, understanding the earnest desire for a sparring partner of equal strength.

"Your first wish to have someone around your level to spar with. Fear not, Saiyan warrior. I shall grant your wish, and when the time comes for your next two wishes, I will summon a worthy opponent to test your skills." Shenron echoed, his voice carrying with it the weight of cosmic power.

Goku's gaze remained fixed on Shenron, his anticipation growing with each passing second. As the enormous dragon granted his first wish, a smile spread across the Saiyan's face. Knowing that he would soon have a sparring partner of equal strength filled him with excitement.

"Thank you, Eternal Shenron."

He replied, offering the Dragon a respectful nod.

"I can't wait to test my skills against someone who can truly push me to my limits. Now, my second wish is that when the battle is over, I want any damage and possible loss of life to be restored to before our fight. I don't want anything to irreversibly suffer just because of our match."

Shenron, the enormous dragon, acknowledged Goku's second wish, his eyes glowing with mysterious fire as he listened intently. With a solemn nod, he agreed to the terms.

"So it shall be, Saiyan warrior. When the time of battle has passed, I shall ensure that the damage and loss of life shall be restored, returning all to how it was before the clash. Such is my power and the task you have laid upon me."

Goku's face glowed with satisfaction as Shenron confirmed his second wish. He felt proud and confident that when the time came for his sparring match with his equal, there would be no unintended consequences. With a newfound sense of purpose, the Saiyan turned to the eternal dragon, preparing for his final wish.

"Eternal Shenron, last wish is when the battle ends, whoever I face is returned to wherever they were before I summoned them."

Goku declared. Shenron, the ancient guardian dragon, nodded in agreement as Goku expressed his last wish, his eyes burning with the intensity of his ancient power.

"Your final wish, Saiyan warrior, is indeed within my power to grant. When the time comes for the battle to end, I shall return your opponent to the place they were before your summons."

Shenron replied, the very air around them filling with the sense of promise and finality.

"Your wishes shall be granted." Using its power, it started to summon Goku's greatest match yet. Goku's heart raced with anticipation and excitement as he listened to Shenron's response, knowing that the time had finally come to meet his greatest opponent yet. He could hardly wait for the imminent arrival of this legendary foe, whose strength would surely match his own. As Shenron departed, and the Dragon Balls split up across the sky, a brilliant light shined, before standing before Goku was the Broze Saint, Pegasus Seiya.

The Bronze Saint stood before Goku, who was confused by his unexpected supernatural summons. Goku couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement as he lay eyes on the legendary Warrior of Athena. With a hint of curiosity in his voice, he called out,

"Alright! It's an honor to meet you."

Seiya stared back at Goku, his eyes sharp. He doesn't know where he is, or who his opponent is, so the Bronze Saint of Athena asks,

"Who are you? And how did I get here?"

Goku's smile widened upon hearing Seiya's question, understanding the Bronze Saint's confusion.

"My name's Goku!"

He replied, excitement ringing through his voice.

"But more importantly, I'm a warrior just like you. Oh, and I used the Dragon Balls to bring you here! I wanted to test my skills against someone extraordinary like you!"

Seiya's eyes widened as Goku answered his questions, the realization setting in that he had been transported to another world through the power of the Dragon Balls. His curiosity piqued, the Bronze Saint of Athena stated,

"Alright then, Goku. You went through the trouble of bringing me here. Let's see what you've got."

Goku could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins, his competitive spirit igniting as Seiya accepted his challenge. A wide smile spread across his face as he readied himself for their epic contest.

"Let's begin!"

Goku cried out, his voice echoing through the air as he prepared to clash with the legendary Bronze Saint of Athena.

Goku stood ready, his body poised for action. In a split second, he dug his foot into the ground and pushed up a bit of dirt. With eyes firmly locked on Seiya, he readied himself for a swift strike, mentally preparing for the Bronze Saint's potential counterattack. The wind danced around them, causing their hair to flutter gently. Seiya too, eyed Goku with an intense gaze and exhaled deeply, his breath steady, waiting for the perfect moment to make his move.

The air seemed to crackle with energy as Goku and Seiya charged toward one another, an explosion of mighty force and intensity erupting with their every movement. In a moment of perfect synchronization, they withdrew their arms and then, with a burst of strength and speed, unleashed a powerful punch with their right fists, aiming straight for each other. The two attacks connected in a colossal collision, sending a powerful shockwave coursing through the air, ripping apart the ground beneath them and knocking them apart in a flash of speed. The sheer force of their collision left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Goku swiftly raised his hands, funneling his inner energy, known as Ki, into them with practiced ease. The golden Ki energy coalesced between his palms, before he unleashed a barrage of powerful ki shots that spiraled through the air in all different directions, swirling around Seiya in a dizzying dance. With incredible agility and precision, the Bronze Saint skillfully dodged and neutralized most of the ki blasts, save for the final one that came hurtling back toward him. Goku, anticipating the counterattack, nimbly blocked it with a swift swipe of his arm.

Goku leaped into the air with unparalleled agility and charged towards Seiya, his movement swift and determined, throwing a powerful punch with immense force. Seiya countered quickly, catching Goku's punch with his own hands, but he wasn't prepared for Goku's next move. Taking advantage of the caught punch, Goku grabbed onto Seiya's arm and hurled him toward the ground with impressive strength. Seiya landed on his feet, the impact of the throw causing the floor of the Lookout to crack beneath him, the sheer force of the attack resonating throughout the area.

As Seiya stood on the cracked ground of the Lookout, he tilted his head upwards, locking his eyes onto Goku, who hovered tantalizingly out of reach in the air. Recognizing the need to reach him, Seiya pushed himself off the ground with all his might, launching himself into the sky. On his back, the Pegasus Cloth responded to his call, materializing a pair of metal wings that unfurled with a metallic gleam, granting him the power of flight. Seiya propelled himself upwards, narrowing the distance between him and Goku in the boundless sky above.

Goku propelled himself forward through the sky, leaving a trail of transparent ki behind him as he circled around Seiya, gaining more and more speed. Swiftly closing the gap, Goku unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick aimed at Seiya's side. But in a feat of remarkable reflexes and defensive prowess, Seiya swiftly braced his shoulder to intercept the attack, neutralizing Goku's attempt with a well-timed block.

In a sudden shift of the battle, Seiya seized Goku's leg with impressive speed and commenced spinning him around in the air, exerting tremendous force to expel Goku from his grip. Seiya swiftly pursued Goku, closing the distance between them in a flurry of evasive maneuvering. Once within range, Seiya unleashed a powerful right hook, which Goku deftly parried. Seiya, however, displayed remarkable agility and swiftly circumvented Goku's defense, launching a swift left punch into Goku's chest. The punch connected with a resounding impact.

While reeling from the powerful blow unleashed upon him, Goku swiftly countered with a one-two punch combo, a swift right kick, and finally, an unexpected left uppercut that sent Seiya spiraling through the air, temporarily stunned. Seiya's wings briefly flapped, attempting to stabilize his flight. However, Goku seized the opportunity to intercept Seiya's descent, delivering a forceful sledgehammer blow to his back, plunging him back towards the earth. Despite the onslaught, Seiya displayed remarkable resilience, quickly regaining control and hovering mid-air. With impressive focus, Goku gathered ki within his hands, preparing to unleash his signature technique, the Kamehameha. With a fierce cry of echoing through the air, he yelled,


Goku released an intense beam of blue energy toward Seiya. However, the Bronze Saint's quick reflexes came into play as he managed to deflect the attack back at Goku, redirecting the powerful Kamehameha toward the Saiyan warrior. Goku, caught off guard for a moment, swiftly recovered and blocked his own attack, defending himself against the redirected energy. As the explosion subsided, Goku couldn't help but let out a playful chuckle, impressed by Seiya's ability to deflect his attack. With a gleeful tone, Goku proclaimed,

"Hehe, you were able to deflect that so easily! But how about this?! Solar Flare!"

In an instant, Goku emitted a blindingly brilliant light, rivaling the intensity of the sun itself. This unexpected offensive maneuver overwhelmed Seiya's vision, causing him to squint and shield his eyes from the intense glare. Seiya groaned loudly, his vision temporarily disoriented by the overpowering light. Taking advantage of Seiya's momentary disorientation, Goku seized the opportunity to prepare an even more powerful version of his signature attack, the Kamehameha. Gathering an immense amount of energy within his hands, Goku shouted out,

"Kaaaaaa... mee...haaaaaa...meeeeee...haaaaaa!"

In a burst of raw power, the attack surged forward in a torrent of intense blue energy, pushing Seiya relentlessly further back. The sheer force of the blast sent shockwaves rippling through the air, the impact of the attack showcasing the immense power contained within it. With a determined grit, Seiya pushed himself in a powerful slide, escaping the intense assault of Goku's Kamehameha. Filled with relentless determination, Seiya swiftly propelled himself towards Goku at incredible speed, reeling back a formidable punch.

"Pegasus Ryusei Ken!" Seiya unleashed a flurry of 100 consecutive cosmic speed punches, each one landing with an immense force that sent shockwaves rippling through Goku's body. The barrage of punches, delivered at an astonishing pace, inflicted a succession of powerful impacts, each one sending shockwaves echoing through the fight scene.

As the relentless barrage of Seiya's Pegasus Ryusei Ken punches continued, a sudden surge of golden aura enveloped Goku's fist, making a powerful impact with Seiya's face that knocked the Saint backwards. It was at this moment that Goku's body began to swell with an overwhelming energy. Then, in a dazzling transformation, his body burst into a vibrant golden aura, showcasing his ascension into the legendary Super Saiyan form. His hair now shone with an intense golden glow, standing straight up like a testament to the immense power now surging within him. As Goku observed the remarkable speed of Seiya's attack, he smiled confidently and remarked,

"Man, talk about fast. I better step things up a notch."

Goku's aura intensified, radiating an even more intense golden glow. With a burst of speed, Goku darted through the air like a golden streak, appearing in front of Seiya in a blindingly rapid motion. Seiya managed to raise his guard just in time, barely blocking the punch with his own. The force of the impact sent them rocketing through the sky in a blur of movement, the whirlwind of their fight continuing at breakneck speed.

Goku swirled gracefully in the air, delivering a powerful shoulder strike that knocked Seiya back, temporarily stunning the Bronze Saint. Without a moment's pause, Goku swiftly unleashed a rapid flurry of lightning-fast kicks, targeting Seiya with relentless precision. Initially overwhelmed by the onslaught, Seiya struggled to keep up with the unrelenting barrage of attacks. However, as the fight progressed, Seiya gradually adapted and began to counter some of the kicks, demonstrating his quick reflexes and fighting prowess against Goku's aggressive assault.

As Seiya began to adjust to the rhythm of Goku's kicks, Goku executed a sudden move, throwing a powerful punch that landed squarely in Seiya's gut. The impact sent Seiya reeling, but Goku didn't slow down. With lightning-fast precision, Goku swiftly ascended above Seiya and brought his hands together, charging up his formidable signature technique once more. The energy crackled around him as he roared,


Goku unleashed a powerful Kamehameha, his attack taking the form of a vibrant blue beam of energy. The beam propelled Seiya downward, crashing into the ground and triggering an explosion upon impact. Goku swiftly followed after, dropping from the sky and using his golden aura to disperse the surrounding dust, exposing Seiya's figure in the clearing air. With his back turned to Goku, Seiya stood up, preparing for the next challenge in the ongoing battle.

Demonstrating his impressive agility, Goku hurled a rapid ki shot toward Seiya, expecting a direct collision. Surprisingly, Seiya effortlessly evaded the incoming ki bullet with a swift sidestep, showcasing his sharp reflexes, even with his back turned. In response, Goku launched a powerful punch, but before it could connect, Seiya deftly ducked beneath the attack and unleashed a quick rising kick, striking Goku in the chin. The impact startled Goku, leaving him momentarily disoriented. With a fierce cry, Seiya called out,

"Pegasus Ryusei Ken!" Unleashing another onslaught of powerful punches, Seiya rained down a multitude of strikes upon Goku. The relentless barrage caught the Super Saiyan off guard, propelling him higher into the air with each successive hit. The intensity behind the blows created a whirlwind of wind and force that continued to push Goku further upwards.

In a blur of speed and precision, Goku swiftly appeared behind Seiya, launching a sharp left jab that the Bronze Saints managed to block just in time. In a split second, Seiya retaliated with formidable punching speed, nearly connecting with Goku's head. The ensuing exchange transformed into an almost too fast to follow flurry of blows and blocks, with each punch countered with lightning-fast reflexes. Their silhouettes became a whirlwind of motion, the air around them alive with the whirlwind of their perfectly timed attacks and defenses, like a meticulously choreographed dance of power and skill.

With a well-executed dodge, Seiya seized the opportunity to land a powerful punch into Goku's gut. Not wasting a second, he seized Goku's blue undershirt and soared into the air at incredible speed, pulling Goku along. Reaching soaring heights, Seiya swiftly executed the Pegasus Rolling Crush, forcefully slamming Goku straight down into the ground. Goku's body sank into the Earth, causing the ground to tremble from the impact. Seiya, with unparalleled agility, leaped back, observing Goku's efforts to rise once more.

"Hehe, alright. You've earned it."

Goku's chuckle echoed through the air, acknowledging Seiya's impressive display of power. With an increasing glow of his ki, the golden hue shifted to a fiery red, signaling his transformation into the powerful Super Saiyan God form. A fierce roar tore through the battle, a testament to the immense power surging within Goku. The transformation surged through his body, exponentially amplifying his strength and capabilities.

Seiya, fueled by determination, swooped towards Goku, hoping to connect a powerful punch. However, Goku, now in Super Saiyan God form, moved with blinding speed, striking before Seiya could even register the attack. Goku's punch hurled Seiya backwards with stunning force, propelling him upward into the sky. Utilizing the instant transmission technique, Goku teleported to where Seiya would be, unleashing a potent kick that sent the Bronze Saint crashing back into the ground. Seiya managed to land gracefully on one hand and foot, but the impact created a deep crater where he stood. Seiya, reeling from the impact of Goku's attacks, gasped in astonishment,

"What kind of transformation is this?"

The pain radiating from the points where he had been hit served as a stark reminder of the raw power Goku now wielded. As the battle intensified, the two combatants traded fierce blows, their fists meeting with incredible force. Despite his resilience, Seiya found himself gradually being overpowered by Goku's newfound strength. A barrage of well-placed punches and kicks landed on the Bronze Saint, culminating in a powerful kick that sent him soaring upward into the sky.

Recovering his bearings with the help of his metallic wings, Seiya poised himself to meet the oncoming challenge. As Goku approached, Seiya responded with a well-timed punch of his own, colliding forcefully with the Saiyan's advance. The speed of their attacks rapidly accelerated, rendering their movements almost imperceptible to the naked eye, save for the telltale shockwaves generated by each impact. The whirlwind of blows intensified, creating a spectacle of power and skill that seemed to defy the very laws of physics.

As the rapid exchange of blows continued, Goku swiftly employed the instant transmission technique, materializing behind Seiya. With a powerful kick, Goku sent the Bronze Saint careening through multiple hills, ultimately coming to a halt at the base of a mountain. The force of the blow created a second impact crater, the ground and rocks around them disturbed by the sheer intensity of the collision.

Seiya, though visibly worn and battered, gritted his teeth and mustered the strength to rise, his determination unwavering. With a defiant flight, he soared back towards Goku, now showing remarkable adaptability in keeping pace with the Saiyan's overwhelming power. Their exchange of blows intensified, with an astounding dozen attacks happening every second, each delivered with fearsome speed and precision.

Seiya's relentless pursuit was met with a swift countermove from Goku, who executed a quick backflip, thrusting his arms forward with an unyielding force. With a surge of divine power, Goku enveloped Seiya in a similar red aura, effectively restraining the Bronze Saint with the powerful God Bind technique. But Seiya's resolve burned bright, his words filled with determination as he declared,

"You think this can stop me? Once I break free, you won't restrain me again!"

Seiya channeled an immense surge of cosmo energy within himself, fueling a powerful escalation in strength. Slowly but steadily, the Bronze Saint began to overcome the stifling grip of the God Bind, inching closer to liberation.

As Seiya continued to struggle and resist, straining against the God Bind, Goku could sense that the Bronze Saint was nearing the breaking point. With a swift motion, Goku retracted his hand, preparing to unleash a Full Power Energy Wave. The attack burst forth, surging forcefully towards Seiya. Though the Bronze Saint managed to intercept and block the intense blast, the sheer might of the energy wave pushed him back, showcasing the immense power behind Goku's onslaught.

Seiya strained with every ounce of strength, forcibly diverting the Full Power Energy Wave into the sky, creating a formidable display of force. In response, Goku grinned and surged ahead once more, closing the distance between them in an instant. Seiya, this time opting for a defensive stance, successfully blocked Goku's incoming strike. The impact reverberated through the air, propelling Seiya backward and carving a path of disturbance in the dusty ground.

As Seiya attempted to stabilize himself, Goku swiftly closed the gap between them, catching his arm and spinning him in a dizzying whirlwind. In a seamless move, Goku executed a Dragonthrow grapple, forcefully hurling Seiya across the field. Despite Seiya's efforts to regain balance using his wings, the momentum proved overpowering, resulting in a heavy impact on the ground. Resolute, Seiya pushed through the pain, pulling himself back onto his feet, stretching and contorting his body to alleviate any strain or discomfort from the punishing assault.

With remarkable speed and precision, Goku glided along the ground in a swift motion, misleading Seiya with what appeared to be a kick. However, in a cunning maneuver, Goku abruptly shifted his technique and delivered a powerful knee strike directly to Seiya's face, catching the Bronze Saint off guard.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Goku utilized his high-speed movement to swiftly warp to Seiya's other side, delivering a well-aimed kick that sent the Bronze Saint hurtling through the air. Without missing a beat, Goku teleported once more, appearing in front of Seiya to land a powerful swinging kick. As Goku continued his assault, he kicked Seiya backwards before materializing behind him, crafting a potent Ki blast in his hands. Goku released the energy sphere just as Seiya's body collided with it, launching both Seiya and the blast into the depths of a nearby forest.

Goku pursued Seiya into the forest, watching as Seiya's wings extended and he deftly countered an incoming attack. The two adversaries swiftly separated, weaving through the trees as the Bronze Saint unleashed waves of cosmo-powered blows, slicing through the foliage around them. Despite his best attempts, Seiya's attacks failed to find their mark, as Goku agilely evaded each strike. Seizing the opening, Goku retaliated with a powerful punch, landing a massive hit on Seiya's face with uncanny precision.

Seiya retreated, rubbing his face where Goku's punch had landed, before unleashing another Pegasus Ryusei Ken. The intensity of the attack heightened, with its speed and power increasing since the last time Seiya had employed it. Goku, caught off guard momentarily, swiftly regained his composure and diligently navigated his way through the onslaught of energy-infused attacks.

With a surprising leg sweep, Goku managed to disrupt Seiya's equilibrium, following up with a powerful backhand to the Saint's chest. The force of the hit cracked Seiya's Pegasus Cloth, sending him stumbling backward. As Seiya tried to catch his breath, he beheld Goku persistently advancing towards him.

In the midst of the intense battle, a divine intervention took place. A radiant golden light filled the sky as the barriers between dimensions crumbled. A golden box materialized in the air right above the battlefield, shattering and releasing the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. The shattered remnants of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth dispersed on the ground, making way for the gleaming gold armor of the Sagittarius Cloth to encapsulate a sense of awe, Goku remarked,

"Whoa, that armor is truly something! Looks like nothing I've ever seen before. What kind of armor is that?"

The gleaming gold armor of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth adorned Seiya, its impressive appearance leaving a lasting impression on Goku. In response, Seiya replied confidently,

"This is the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, an upgraded armor in my possession. Whenever I need it, it'll come to my aid."

The sheer power and authority emanated from the golden armor, its luster reflecting Seiya's determination and formidable presence. Goku's interest piqued as he inquired,

"Alright, I gotta admit, that's impressive. Now I'm even more excited to see what you can do."

The prospect of facing the ultimate armor ignited a sense of challenge and curiosity within Goku. As the conversation subsided, the battle resumed. With Seiya donning the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, the fight was going to intensify. Goku's enthusiasm heightened, fueled by the opportunity to clash against this new armor in Seiya's arsenal.

The confrontation escalated, with Seiya swiftly vanishing and reappearing behind Goku in a brilliant flash of golden light. He unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick, which Goku adeptly blocked using both hands. In a swift move, Goku countered with the Dragonthrow grapple, spinning Seiya around before hurling him into the sky. Seiya halted his momentum with his wings and discharged a thin beam of light that detonated upon impact, prompting Goku to leap up and engage in fervent aerial combat.

Seiya's speed had now reached new heights, matching Goku's velocity and even turning the tide from defense to offense. Each strike from the Bronze Saint carried a subtle electrical charge, intensifying with every blow. As the exchange continued, Goku forcefully pushed Seiya back, retaliating with a flurry of yellow ki spheres. Undeterred, Seiya swiftly deflected the assault, maintaining his defense and demonstrating the effectiveness of his gold armor.

Seiya deftly dodged a jab from Goku before delivering a powerful surprise punch, followed by a quick succession of attacks aimed at Goku's arms as he struggled to block. However, as Seiya persisted with his aggressive onslaught, Goku seized an opportunity to create some distance, swiftly ducking and employing a used trick.

"Solar Flare!"

With the invocation of his technique, the brilliant light unleashed by Goku momentarily obscured the battlefield, Seiya reflexively clapped his hands to shield his eyes from the intense glare. In an ironic twist, the glare from his shining gold armor reflected the Solar Flare light back at Goku, inadvertently blinding him.

Seiya, propelled by his momentum, attempted a flying punch at Goku, but found the task unexpectedly challenging. Despite Goku's temporary blindness, the Saiyan adeptly dodged every strike, effortlessly parrying each blow. Undeterred, Seiya persisted, employing a series of rapid punches and kicks, but even these failed to land, as Goku's sensory abilities quickly returned, allowing him to evade the onslaught.

Goku, driven by determination, swiftly employed Instant Transmission to warp behind Seiya and ensnared him in a headlock. However, as his hands made contact with the Gold Cloth, Goku was met with a scorching heat emanating from Seiya's body. In a swift response, Seiya shook off Goku, turning to face him and unleashing a devastating Pegasus Ryusei Ken. The attack, characterized by its extreme velocity and power, inflicted millions of rapid strikes, each punch traveling at lightspeed, upon Goku's figure.

Goku valiantly attempted to shield himself from the relentless onslaught, but the barrage proved overpowering. Continuously struck by the staggering assaults, he found himself struggling to maintain his guard. However, as Seiya concluded the attack with a final, surging punch, Goku, leaning forward in pain, miraculously intercepted the punch with a defiant clench of his fist.

With a surge of energy that seemed to set the very air ablaze, Goku's energy exploded forth from within, transforming the fiery red aura into a fiercer blue. His hair, previously lying flat against his head, suddenly surged upwards into a series of spiky locks, mirroring the blue energy. Goku's power scaled to new heights as he ascended to the legendary Super Saiyan Blue state, marking a significant shift in the balance of the fight.

Goku swiftly lifted his fist, aiming it directly at Seiya's chest, and unleashed a forceful one-inch punch. The impact resonated with such intensity that it caused a fracture in the Bronze Saint's chestplate armor, sending him stumbling backward in pain. Goku wasted no time, seizing the opportunity for a rapid follow-up. Unleashing a fast and precise helicopter kick, both of his legs connected squarely with Seiya's body, furthering the onslaught.

Goku's relentless onslaught continued, but Seiya displayed resilience, valiantly defending himself despite the pain he felt. As the fight escalated, the Bronze Saint leaped back, channeling both his energy and the powers of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. A bolt of cosmic-powered lightning surged forth from his extended hand, colliding with an energy wave discharged by Goku, sending shockwaves through the air as the two opposing forces struggled against one another. In an explosive finale, the beams unleashed a colossal impact, and a vast dust cloud rose from the ground, obscuring the combatants' view of each other.

A fleeting instant of stillness enveloped the surroundings before Goku burst through the dust cloud, aiming a Super God Fist strike. However, Seiya evaded the attack effortlessly, demonstrating an acute awareness of his surroundings. As Goku sailed past, Seiya channeled a rush of cosmic-powered lightning through his hands, unleashing a whirlwind of infinite punches at an unfathomable speed. The Lighting Plasma attack surpassed the speed of light, overwhelming Goku with an relentless barrage of cosmic energy-infused strikes.

Initially, Goku demonstrated remarkable agility, deftly evading the first few hundred punches with ease. However, upon closer observation, he discerned the stark difference between this attack and the Pegasus Ryusei Ken he had faced earlier. The Lighting Plasma technique, unlike its predecessor, possessed an unlimited supply, making dodging increasingly challenging. Goku's defensive strategy shifted from dodging to guarding, until eventually, his guard crumbled, and Seiya continued the onslaught, ripping apart Goku's orange gi and delivering a forceful punch that connected with Goku's face.

Despite the relentless onslaught of Lighting Plasma, Goku meticulously observed the assault and spotted an opportunity. Swiftly forming a finger gun with his right hand, he aimed and fired a shot with remarkable precision, disrupting Seiya's equilibrium. The Saint hastily shifted his focus from his attack to blocking the incoming shot, preventing himself from being severely knocked back, thereby ceasing the relentless barrage of infinite punches.

The dynamic between Goku and Seiya shifted as Goku discarded the remnants of his gi's orange top, revealing the blue undershirt beneath. Leaping into action, Goku hurled a fierce punch toward Seiya's face, but the Bronze Saint swiftly shattered the attack with a powerful strike of his own. This counter caused Goku to stumble backward, gasping from the impact. Seiya seized the opportunity to unleash a potent surge of cosmically charged lightning upon Goku, causing him to cry out in pain from the assault.

Seiya's voice resonated with a mix of confidence and determination as he spoke,

"Don't you get it? Repetitive tactics won't work against me."

As Goku swiftly rebounded, launching another assault, Seiya adeptly parried the attack with remarkable ease. In response, the Bronze Saint drew back his hand, his gaze filled with a resolute smirk, and unleashed the power of Pegasus Ryusei Ken merged with the incredible might of the Sagittarius Cloth. An intense outburst of energy, known as the Atomic Thunderbolt, surged forth.

"Atomic Thunderbolt!"

Goku found himself on the receiving end of an unforgiving stream of punishing attacks, helpless to defend against the relentless barrage. The force behind the onslaught caused the ground to explode, leaving a trail of craters in its wake as the sheer power impacted the planet's surface. Seiya continued to release the Atomic Thunderbolt with unwavering determination, until finally, he ceased the assault for a brief respite, gasping for air to catch his breath from the sheer energy expended in the attack.

The aftermath of Seiya's Atomic Thunderbolt attack materialized as dust and debris settled, revealing a defeated Goku, sprawled on the ground in Super Saiyan Blue form. Though he remained transformed, the fatigue in his expression betrayed the immense effort he had exerted during their intense confrontation.

Recovering from the devastating blows, Goku pushed himself back onto his feet, brushed off the dust, and took a deep breath to stabilize his body. A momentary serenity swept over the battlefield, punctuated only by the sound of Goku's voice as he declared,

"Kaio-ken times twenty! Ahhhhhh!"

With this invocation, the tranquil atmosphere shattered, giving way to an eruption of pulsating energy that radiated from the Saiyan's body. The tranquility of the battlefield was shattered as a crimson aura radiated from Goku's body, interlaying with the existing blue aura unleashed by his transformation to Super Saiyan Blue. A burst of intense scarlet light accompanied the escalation, and in an instant, Goku propelled himself forward with a swift series of attacks, throwing off Seiya with their unexpected velocity. Despite his efforts to block and evade, Seiya found himself on the defensive, straining to react to the relentless barrage. As Goku pressed on, closing the gap between them, the tension in the air grew palpable.

As Goku's relentless barrage continued, one of his strikes managed to slip past Seiya's guard, landing a critical blow to the Saint's chest. The impact left Seiya gasping, his breath involuntarily knocked out of him. Utilizing this fleeting opportunity, Goku let out a primal roar and surged forward, poised to capitalize further on the temporary vulnerability.

Exploiting the openings created by his precise flurry of strikes, Goku targeted the pressure points on Seiya's body with uncanny accuracy, delivering a series of devastating blows to his torso. The force of each impact left Seiya reeling, ultimately propelling him into the air. Recognizing this opportunity, Goku shifted his focus, channeling all of his ki into a massive Kamehameha energy wave.


Goku's roar echoed through the expanse, heralding the unleashing of his colossal Kamehameha, infused with the raw power of his Kaio-Ken transformation. The explosive wave of energy erupted from his fingertips, tearing through the air with an almost cataclysmic force. Seiya hastily extended his hand in a desperate attempt to parry the onslaught, but his defense was quickly overwhelmed by the overwhelming power behind the attack. With each passing second, the impact of the Kamehameha intensified, leaving Seiya exposed and defenseless. Adding to the barrage, Goku soared upward within the very confines of the Kamehameha wave, determined to press the attack further.

"Dragon Fist!"

With a surge of concentrated energy, Goku mustered all his might and delivered a mighty punch, slamming it straight into the center of Seiya's abdomen. The impact resonated with an intense shockwave that echoed throughout the universe, reverberating through the very fabric of existence. In the aftermath, Goku morphed into a dazzling display, surrounded by a radiant golden aura that took the form of a fearsome, roaring dragon. Unleashing the Dragon Fist technique, Goku's powerful attack surged forward, effortlessly passing through Seiya without making physical contact.

Seiya plummeted through the Earth's upper atmosphere, his falling form igniting with flames. Just as the ground loomed dangerously near, the Bronze Saint managed to recover, unfurling his gleaming golden wings to slow his descent until he finally touched down on the surface with a gentle landing. Panting heavily, Seiya gripped his aching abdomen, the intensity of the previous onslaught leaving its mark.

Goku touched down on the ground, gradually deactivating his Kaio-Ken multiplier as the intense auras surrounding him fizzled out. A chuckle escaped his lips, and he glanced over at Seiya, commenting on the intensity of their recent exchange.

"I have to admit, those last moves were pretty wild. Did I go a bit overboard there?"

Goku replied with a grin. Seiya, recovering from the overwhelming onslaught, managed to muster a weary smile.

"Yeah, those moves were definitely a bit much."

He admitted, his exhaustion evident in his voice.

"I'm not used to fighting someone with the kind of power and speed you possess."

Goku chuckled understandingly, a hint of humor in his response.

"Well, I'll admit, I tend to get a bit carried away during a fight."

He confessed, his tone filled with a mixture of pride and humility.

"I just figured you could handle me not holding back. But here."

Taking out a bag, he pulled out a Senzu Bean, and tossed it to Seiya. The Broze Saint seemed unfamiliar with what the bean was.

"Try eating that. It should help you recover faster from our little scuffle."

Seiya caught the bean with a puzzled expression, eyeing the unfamiliar Senzu Bean.

"What is this?"

Goku chuckled, amused by Seiya's curiosity.

"It's called a Senzu Bean. It's a small bean that has incredible healing properties. Just eat it, and you'll feel back to your old self in no time."

Seiya's eyes widened in surprise, impressed by the Senzu Bean's purported abilities. He gingerly took a bite, and as the flavor of fish filled his mouth, Goku watched as Seiya's injuries began to heal at an accelerated rate. The Bronze Saint couldn't help but marvel at the bean's rejuvenating powers, feeling his energy and strength swiftly returning.


Seiya gasped, his voice filled with awe and gratitude. He saw Goku also eating one. Goku smiled, seeing Seiya's astonishment as the Senzu Bean worked its magic.

"That's the power of the Senzu Bean,"

He explained, his tone filled with a blend of pride and satisfaction as he ate one himself.

"It's a rare and valuable item that can accelerate the healing process significantly."

As the effects of the bean took hold, Goku and Seiya, both rejuvenated, stood across each other, their strength and energy restored.

"Now, you ready for some more?"

Goku asked with vigor, getting back into his fighting position. Seiya, now fully rejuvenated and recharged thanks to the Senzu Bean's healing properties, couldn't help but chuckle at Goku's relentless spirit. He flexed his muscles and took a fighting stance, preparing himself for another round.

"Ready as you are."

He replied, a confident smile playing on his lips. Goku unleashed four potent shockwaves at Seiya, generated solely by the pressure of his punches against the air. But, the Bronze Saint effortlessly deflected each one. Seizing his opportunity, Seiya swiftly caught Goku from behind and countered with another Pegasus Ryusei Ken, showering him with an infinite number of punches within a single second. The force of the attack sent Goku hurtling through a mountain, reducing it to smoldering rubble beneath his impact.

Goku, harnessing the power of Instant Transmission, teleported behind Seiya, aiming to land a powerful kick on the Bronze Saint. However, Seiya reacted quickly, blocking the attack with his hand, averting the imminent damage. In a show of sheer determination and strength, Goku and Seiya stood locked in a grueling stand-off, their fists colliding with a force that sent shockwaves radiating through the air.

Goku attempted to gain the upper hand with a series of lightning-fast kicks, but the first one was blocked by Seiya's skilled defense. However, rather than backing down, Goku swiftly pivoted, catching Seiya off guard with a powerful knee strike to the gut, momentarily destabilizing his balance. Seiya was sent hurtling through the air as the impact of Goku's kick forcibly propelled him back, creating a gust of wind swirling in his wake.

Seiya, displaying remarkable resilience, managed to stabilize himself in mid-air, regaining his composure and bolstering his defense. As Goku continued his onslaught of kicks, aiming to break through Seiya's Golden Armor, the Bronze Saint remained steadfast and unyielding. Despite the barrage of blows, the armor proved more than capable of withstanding the onslaught, showcasing Seiya's impressive defensive prowess. Goku, employing the afterimage technique, created multiple blurred copies of himself, attempting to bewilder Seiya. However, the experienced Bronze Saint was not deceived.

"I see right through your tricks." Seiya retorted.

In a swift and coordinated counterattack, they launched a simultaneous punch at each other, crashing their fists against one another's faces with uncanny synchronicity, sending shockwaves rippling through the air as they were both involuntarily propelled backward.

Goku roared in determination, his azure aura flaring ablaze as he reactivated his Kaio-Ken 20X multiplier. A blazing red layer wrapped itself around the blue aura, intensifying the power radiating from the Saiyan. With a defiant war cry, he charged directly towards Seiya, his approach exuding an indomitable resolve.

Goku executed a powerful kick that sent Seoya flying away, before swiftly following up with a knee strike to propel him higher into the air. As Seiya hung suspended in midair, Goku unleashed a devastating punch from above, sending him crashing straight back down onto the hard ground, creating another impact crater in the earth.

Goku positioned himself directly before Seiya, the air crackling with the energy he channeled. Swiftly gathering his ki, he unleashed a colossal Kaio-Ken God Kamehameha, firing the powerful beam at point-blank range. But Seiya refused to let himself be overpowered once more. He valiantly stood his ground against the onslaught of the godly ki blast, his determination shining through as he fought to overcome its overwhelming force.

Seiya, demonstrating his unwavering determination, defied the odds and reached through the ongoing stream of ki, landing a powerful punch right into Goku's face with precise aim. The blow temporarily disoriented the Saiyan, interrupting the release of the Kamehameha and forcing him to momentarily pause.

Seiya swiftly seized the opportunity to position himself behind Goku, embracing him from behind and initiating a high-velocity spin maneuver, encircling them in a whirlwind of energy. With seamless execution, he channeled his powers to release the Pegasus Rolling Crush technique, propelling them both skyward at a dizzying speed. As they ascended, the force of the technique grew stronger, culminating in a cataclysmic crash as they were hurled back down towards the earth. Upon impact, the force unleashed was sufficient to tremble the very ground beneath them, creating a colossal impact crater that extended for hundreds of feet in all directions.

Goku managed to kick Seiya out of the crater, immediately following him out and closing the distance between them. Their hands intertwined in a firm grip, creating an intense grapple between the two combatants. As they pushed against each other with tremendous force, the ground beneath them began to buckle and collapse, forming concaving craters at an alarming rate. This intense struggle continued, the pressure so immense that the ground continued to sink deeper with every few seconds, a testament to the sheer strength they were exerting against one another. Seiya observed with sharp insight, his understanding of the Kaio-Ken's mechanics becoming apparent.

"You know, I can tell that your Kaio-Ken is putting a strain on you. It takes immense focus and stamina to maintain that kind of multiplier."

Seiya's keen observation highlighted the drawback of Goku's technique. While it offered impressive power, its maintenance required a significant drain on his energy and concentration.

"Heh, you're right. Guess it's time to finally stop holding back."

Goku recognized the truth in Seiya's words and acknowledged it with a smirk, acknowledging the need to release his full capabilities. In a fluid motion, he executed a backflip, gracefully breaking away from the standstill, and deactivated the Kaio-Ken and Super Saiyan Blue, swiftly reverting to his base form. He stood there, gathering his energy and mental focus, preparing for an even greater challenge ahead.

As Goku summoned his Mastered Ultra Instinct form, his entire aura shimmered with a silvery luster. His hair flowed magnificently, returning to its original pitch black and defying gravity in the still air as it undulated without any wind to guide it. His eyes opened, revealing silver pupils that fixated intently upon Seiya. This was the pinnacle of Goku's martial arts journey, a manifestation of his relentless pursuit of mastery and the embodiment of his fighting spirit.

Seiya's eyes widened in genuine astonishment, his body betraying the shock he felt. The divine energy that surged forth from Goku's being was both breathtaking and intimidating. Even in his stillness, Goku exuded such overwhelming power that Seiya had little doubt he could effortlessly shatter any tangible object in existence. What Seiya witnessed was not merely the representation of a fighter empowered by the universe; it was a glimpse into the sheer force of creation materialized within an entity. No, it was like a billion Big Bangs making up Goku's body.

Seiya stood firm and defiant, ready to face the challenge head-on. In a defiant cry, he commanded his armor to release him, and the majestic Sagittarius Gold Armor shot off his body, returning to its rightful place. With a surge of power, Seiya summoned back his original armor, which now gleamed brilliantly, having transformed into the final and most elevated state; the Pegasus God Cloth.

The battlefield fell silent, a moment of tense anticipation suspended in the air, before a colossal shockwave rocked the universe as Goku suddenly materialized in front of Seiya, executing a lightning-fast jab straight to the Bronze Saint's chest. With pinpoint accuracy and incredible speed, Goku's attack found its mark, targeting a vulnerable spot in the gap of Seiya's defense. The impact sent Seiya stumbling back, stunned by the unexpected and perfectly timed strike.

The silver gleam in Goku's eyes intensified as he took off, his form becoming a focused and determined force, darting through the air with efficiency and purpose. He closed in on Seiya with calculated precision, his body moving like a heat-seeking missile, devoid of superfluous movement. As he prepared to deliver a punch to Seiya's right flank, the Godly Saint's instincts kicked into overdrive. With extraordinary reaction time, Seiya countered the incoming attack with a well-timed kick, successfully deflecting the punch. The resulting impact unleashed another shockwave, resonating powerfully throughout the universe, evidence of the incredible force behind their clash.

Goku, harnessing his incredible instincts, disappeared in a frenzy of light, launching a barrage of instantaneous attacks aimed directly at Seiya. Yet, Seiya's skill and focus were on par with Goku's offensive onslaught, as he efficiently repelled each incoming assault with a steady defense. In turn, Goku defended against Seiya's attacks just enough to prevent major injury. The two warriors fought intensely, their abilities and speed remarkably equal.

Seiya displayed an impressive ability to fend off Goku's offensive assaults, effectively countering jabs and sweeps with expert precision. Yet, he remained keenly aware that a single slip-up would spell immediate defeat against Goku's overwhelming strength propelled by Ultra Instinct. Despite his best efforts, the mere thought of a single blow from Goku could result in his instant defeat.

Seiya swiftly seized the opportunity to unleash the Pegasus Ryusei Ken, a technique that unleashed countless, nigh-instantaneous punches aimed directly at Goku. However, each and every punch proved ineffective as Goku expertly avoided them all. With a fluid motion, he glided past the barrage, evading every strike with incredible agility before reappearing behind Seiya, their backs now facing each other once again.

Goku executed a flawless backflip, seamlessly maneuvering so their heads were aligned perfectly. With impeccable timing, he swiftly swung his legs, delivering a powerful flying roundhouse kick directly aimed at Seiya's face, intending to completely incapacitate the Saint with a single, sweeping motion.

Seiya ducked under the kick, readying a powerful cosmo-infused punch aimed straight for Goku's face. Their fists were mere inches apart when suddenly Goku vanished, leaving Seiya in momentary surprise. A shock wave burst past him, followed by the force of a tsunami that shook his immediate vicinity. Seiya turned to face Goku once more, only to discover the Saiyan now holding a sphere of what was undoubtedly Seiya's cosmo. Goku proceeded to dissolve the sphere into harmless particles before he turned to confront Seiya again.

Seiya charged forward with a flying punch, which Goku adeptly evaded, only to counter with a chop aimed at Seiya's back. However, the attack passed right through an afterimage, leaving the Saiyan momentarily perplexed. Seiya swiftly capitalized on the distraction and unleashed a powerful elbow strike towards Goku's face. Surprisingly, the Saiyan managed to catch the elbow effortlessly in the palm of his hand, displaying his exceptional reflexes and skill.

Taking advantage of the disrupted balance, Goku unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks aimed at Seiya, attempting to overwhelm the Saint. However, the God Saint skillfully parried each blow, demonstrating the effectiveness of his armor in counteracting the assault. Despite the onslaught, Seiya remained steadfast, his armor protecting him from Goku's powerful strikes.

In a flash, Goku vanished from Seiya's field of vision, seeking to catch the Saint off guard. However, Seiya's instincts and divine senses allowed him to react just in time, thrusting his right elbow back to counter a well-aimed kick aimed at his blind spot. Despite the surprise, Seiya's quick reflexes enabled him to defend against the sneak attack.

Seiya, executing a backflip mid-air, launched a mighty Cosmo bullet aimed at Goku. Despite the deceptively small size, the sphere of energy surged forward with considerable force, effortlessly piercing right through the Moon and devastating the celestial body's interior in its wake. Seiya's eyes widened in astonishment, a hint of remorse in his tone as he muttered,


"Don't worry."

Goku nonchalantly assured Seiya with a chuckle.

"The Moon gets destroyed on the regular. Besides, I made a wish that everything will be restored once our battle ends. So you don't need to restrain yourself over possible damage."

Goku's words were filled with confidence and determination, his unwavering belief in the outcome of their battle evident in his voice. Seiya nodded, relieved by Goku's assurance.

"Well, in that case, let's go all out."

With renewed determination, Seiya prepared for the next stage of their intense battle. Goku's unwavering focus enabled him to generate a flurry of seemingly still punches, serving as a dual offense and defense. The relentless onslaught of attacks, numbering in the millions, pressed upon Seiya. In response, the God Saint ignited his Cosmo, skillfully parrying and evading the incoming barrage while executing his own Pegasus Ryusei Ken. Despite their stationary stances, the intensity of their clash reverberated through the vast expanse of the universe, leaving an unmistakable mark on the cosmic landscape.

Seiya unleashed a torrent of energy blasts from his fist, but they seemed to hit only empty space. In a sudden realization, Seiya understood that Goku had teleported behind him. With a swift counterattack, Goku materialized just behind Seiya, holding an energy blast poised to strike. Seiya's instincts kicked in, and he executed a flawless somersault, propelling himself over Goku and kicking away the potent energy blast, sending it hurtling deeper into the abyss of space.

Goku swiftly returned to the fray, conjuring multiple spheres of Ki in his hands. As he approached Seiya, the ki spheres encircled the Saint before exploding into beams of light that converged in a mesmerizing display. Anticipating this move, Seiya swiftly dropped to the ground, evading the attack and showcasing his sharp instincts. He skillfully navigated the flurry of Ki assaults without sustaining significant damage, proving his adaptability and ability to strategize against formidable adversaries.

Seiya countered with a sweeping kick, gracefully leaping over Goku's first attack. Capitalizing on the momentum, he transitioned into a quick headstand, launching a pair of kick strikes in rapid succession. Goku swiftly evaded the first kick but found himself face-to-face with the second, as Seiya's extended leg stood between them. To Seiya's surprise, Goku vanished and materialized atop the Saint's outstretched leg, his piercing gaze fixed upon Seiya. The atmosphere between them crackled with a mix of anticipation and intensity.

Caught off guard, Seiya somersaulted backward to regain his footing, leaving Goku hovering in mid-air without support. Sensing an advantage, Seiya deployed the divine wings of his Cloth to safeguard himself against Goku's swift hail of yellow ki blasts, successfully repelling each and every one. Yet, in his defensive maneuver, Seiya's vision was momentarily obstructed, allowing Goku a brief window of opportunity. Utilizing this fleeting instant, Goku teleported directly behind Seiya, already in the process of charging up another devastating Kamehameha wave.

Seiya swiftly spun around and hurled a powerful double-handed punch, unleashing an enormous burst of Cosmo that emanated from his being. However, Goku responded with a calculated maneuver. By flipping himself upside down, he effortlessly grounded the immense blast of energy using the ever-expanding sphere of his own Kamehameha wave. Despite the overwhelming force that Seiya unleashed, Goku maintained his balance and remained unaffected, successfully redirecting the energy stream without taking any damage.

With a flurry of energy and sheer determination, the fighters engaged in a fierce point-blank beam struggle. The Kamehameha unleashed by Goku collided forcefully with Seiya's own Cosmo blast, giving birth to a miniature beam struggle that sent flashes of both ki and cosmo flying in all directions. As the combatants pushed their attacks to their respective limits, an explosion of incredible power rocked the battlefield, hurtling both fighters in opposite directions, leaving them both momentarily disoriented.

With a firm stance, Seiya steadied himself in preparation for the confrontation, his honed senses on full alert. In that intense moment, he stood motionless, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Suddenly, a powerful shockwave struck the ground beside him, jolting him. Looking upward, Seiya spotted Goku above him, raining down a barrage of fearsome shockwave-infused punches aimed directly at him. In a display of incredible agility, Seiya dodged each strike, swiftly maneuvering out of the way as the impact spots on the battlefield began to crack and splinter under the tremendous force.

Unleashing his remarkable skills and agility, Seiya skyrocketed into the heavens like a blazing meteor, soaring towards Goku with explosive power. With a determined trajectory, Seiya approached the Saiyan as a potential force of cosmic destruction, intending to land a devastating kick. However, Goku showcased his extraordinary reflexes, gracefully leaping around and executing a backflip over the incoming attack. In that brief interlude, their gazes locked for a fleeting instant before Seiya swiftly spun around to face Goku once again. Goku, his breath labored and his form strained from exerting Mastered Ultra Instinct, addressed Seiya with a sincere expression.

"Listen, Seiya, I don't want to end this prematurely, but I'm nearing the limits of this form. If it times out and overtaxes my body, it could lead to some serious repercussions. So, let's finish this with our next attacks."

Goku's voice betrayed an underlying hint of caution, reflecting the immense strain of the ongoing battle. Seiya, in turn, showed a nod of understanding and determination, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. He silently prepared himself for the upcoming clash, his eyes locking onto Goku with unwavering focus. He knew that this was the moment that would determine the outcome of their epic confrontation. Without wasting a single moment, Seiya propelled himself upwards into the sky, poised to make it count in the final exchange with Goku.

A soft chuckle escaped Goku's lips as he glanced upward, anticipating Seiya's next move. As he began to charge his iconic technique, Goku spoke the familiar incantation with unwavering conviction.

"Kaaaaaa... meeeeee... haaaaaa… meeeeee…"

Every syllable echoed through the air, building anticipation and tension as the gathering energy intensified, creating an almost palpable sense of suspense around them both.

Seiya, hovering in the upper reaches of the sky, concentrated his formidable power into his clenched fist, amassing the collective force of his Pegasus Ryusei Ken for a singular, devastating attack. As he hurtled downward, a radiant glow enveloped his outstretched fist, a celestial star-like brilliance. With resolute determination, Seiya unleashed his attack, his voice ringing out as he announced it.

"Pegasus Suisei Ken!"


Goku's voice echoed with unwavering determination as he released the colossal beam of his Kamehameha wave. The massive blast, the size of a continent, surged through the air, colliding with the descending Seiya and his Pegasus Suisei Ken. Seiya could feel the intense heat and power radiating from the incoming energy wave, its devastating force closing in rapidly.


Goku roared, amplifying his power beyond his limits as he invoked the legendary technique. The planet beneath his feet erupted into a maelstrom of fiery destruction, unable to withstand the overwhelming force unleashed. The Kamehameha wave expanded to planetary proportions, its sheer size and scope breathtaking yet devastating. Despite the surge in power, Seiya stood steadfast, refusing to succumb to the overwhelming might. His God Cloth, however, strained under the immense pressure, its surface now fracturing from the titanic struggle between the two warriors.

Disbelief washed over Goku's face as he spotted the halo hovering above his head, a familiar signal that he had passed on to the afterlife. With a heavy sigh, he acknowledged his demise once more.

"Aw, darn it."

Goku exclaimed, his voice tinged with disappointment at having met his end again in battle.

Goku, still grappling with his own fate, shifted his gaze to Seiya, noticing the absence of a halo above his head. Seiya, surveying the endless void around them, let out a sigh of exhaustion and remarked,

"Whew, that was intense. I haven't faced such an overwhelming challenge since my battle against Hades in my own universe. To say your strength rivals that of gods is an understatement."

Goku nodded in agreement, acknowledging the immense power Seiya displayed.

"Yeah, you're truly extraordinary. Your strength is nothing short of astounding. Even when I unleashed the full potential of Ultra Instinct, your power continued to grow and surpass my expectations."

He chuckled softly, accepting his defeat with a mix of admiration and acceptance.

"You've pushed me to my limits and beyond. Just what I was looking for in someone like you."

Seiya smiled, a mix of pride and humility crossing his features.

"Thank you, Goku. Your power is no less remarkable. The way you wield Ultra Instinct is a sight to behold. Our clash was one for the ages, a battle I'll remember for eternity."

With a friendly shrug, he added,

"So, you mentioned that everything will be restored, right? Based on some wish?"

His voice carried a hint of curiosity, acknowledging the outcome of their epic confrontation. Goku nodded, confirming Seiya's understanding.

"Yeah, that's right. Our battle caused the destruction of the universe, so the dragon balls will eventually come into play to restore everything, just as you said."

A wry smile tugged at Goku's lips.

"But just you wait. If we ever meet again, I'll be stronger than before. And maybe I'll beat you."

Seiya couldn't help but chuckle.

"Haha! That's the spirit, Goku! I wouldn't expect anything less from you. And don't worry, I'm always training and improving too. If we cross paths again in the future, we're bound to have another legendary battle."

As the dragon balls started to fix everything back to the way they were, Goku hastily asked,

"Oh wait! I don't think you told me your name! What's your name?"

Seiya smiled, realizing the oversight in their conversation.

"Ah, fair point. My apologies for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Seiya. It's a pleasure to meet you, Goku." He extended a hand, offering a fist bump. Goku responded with a grin, his eyes glinting with excitement.

"Seiya, huh? It suits you, buddy. And the pleasure is all mine."

He accepted the offered fist bump, their knuckles connecting with a satisfying thump. With a sense of finality, the dragon balls worked their magic, undoing the damage inflicted upon the universe during the monumental battle. Goku and Seiya, now returned to their respective realms, carried the memories of their extraordinary encounter forever etched in their hearts. This titanic clash between mortals who possessed powers rivaling the gods would undoubtedly stand as an unparalleled masterpiece in the annals of time, a testament to their incredible strength and indomitable spirits.
Strength: Now this was truly a battle of the gods. Goku had the majority of power at his advantage. Ever since the power of Super Saiyan God remained attached to his base form, he could destroy 240 million universes. While the power multiplier of SSG or Ultra Instinct may not be officially stated, people seem to agree to a minimum of a 160,000X multiplier, since Goku's SS3 is 400X his base, and Vegito at a hypothetical SS3 is another 400X. Using this as a basis for every transformation stacked on top of SSG, the Ultra Instinct multiplier would be 512 trillion times his base. This would make Goku being able to destroy 770.5 quadrillion of our universes. 15.41 quintillion if he stacked Kaio-Ken on it. However, what gave Seiya the advantage is that like a certain legendary Super Saiyan, his power grew constantly, adapting to any power difference his opponent may have. While any quantifiable number is difficult to gauge for the Saint Seiya franchise, or if any individual Saint can even reach this kind of power, Seiya was able to literally raise his power to infinity, supported by Athena. This is further supported when he managed to hurt Hades, who created three separate realms of likely infinite size. This may seem like a repeat of Goku vs Superman, but while he has infinite potential with an unknown finite limit dependent on sunlight, Seiya is literally, canonically infinite, at least with his God Cloth.

Speed: Goku and Seiya likely tie in speed. Goku's speed is immeasurable, and Seiya's speed is likely around infinite as well, so while he may quantifiably faster, Goku's Ultra Instinct and Instant Transmission can let him keep up.

Skill: Goku's definitely the more skilled. Seiya is only 13, or 17 in whichever story that is, while Goku is a mid 40s martial arts master.

Experience: Goku also has much more experience. The Saiyan has fought all his life against various foes with different abilities, while Seiya has only fought against his own kind and Gods which don't really work like Dragon Ball gods.

Powers: Hakai, Spirit Bomb, Mafūba, Instant Transmission, God ki, God Bind, it does seem like that Goku has much more to throw at Seiya, but the thing is that Seiya is capable enough in that whatever trick Goku may try to pull, he can't successfully use it twice. Seiya has resisted existence erasure, the spirit bomb and mafūba would take too long, and God ki is not something the Saint is unfamiliar with.

The winner is Pegasus Seiya.
Next time:

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

"We fought once tonight. You lost. If we fight again, you'll lose again. This time, you might not get up. If you raise your weapon, I'll break your arm before you can trigger it."

Chapter 26: Spider-Man vs Azrael

Chapter Text



Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens to CIA agents Richard and Mary Parker, who were killed by the communist Red Skull and framed for treason during a mission. Following his parents' death, a young Parker was adopted by his uncle and aunt, Ben and May Parker, moving in with them at their residence in Forest Hills, New York. After their adopting of him, they became his surrogate parents and raised him as if he were their own son. Over the years into being a teenager, Parker grew to be a prodigy in multiple scholastic subjects at Midtown High School and achieving high honors among his classmates. However, his reserved nature and enthusiasm for knowledge often made him a target for bullying, primarily football star Eugene "Flash" Thompson.

When Peter was 15 years old, he attended the public exhibition of a device called the Isotope Genome Accelerator. A spider on the scene was irradiated by the accelerator during its demonstration. In sudden shock, the arachnid landed on the hand of the oblivious student and bit him before dying from the exposure to radiation. Initially malaised by the incident, Peter left the venue. He was almost hit by a car until he instinctively leapt out of the way, clinging to the side of a building a couple of meters high. Peter discovered that he had somehow gained superhuman powers that he immediately associated with the bite at the demonstration: the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider, as well as surface scaling, and a precognitive ability to detect and avoid danger that he dubbed "spider-sense."

Encountering an ad offering a cash prize for lasting three minutes in the ring with Joseph "Crusher" Hogan, Peter decided this would be a good way to test his powers. Wearing a mask to avoid humiliation in case of defeat, Peter used his powers and easily defeated his opponent. TV producer Maxwell Shiffman observed his performance and convinced him to go on television with his 'act.' Designing a full costume and fabricating synthetic spider's web and wrist-mounted web-shooters, Peter debuted as "Spider-Man" to become an immediate sensation.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Genius Intelligence,

Regeneration (Mid-Low; can regenerate broken bones in hours),

Acrobatics (Can easily leap several stories high. States he can achieve perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable and that he's without peers when it comes to any acrobatic acts. Unaffected by a nausea-inducing blast from Vertigo),

Martial Arts Master (Has trained under the likes of Captain America and Shang Chi, and has a fighting style specifically tailored towards his abilities using his training),

Stealth Proficiency (Capable of sneaking into Latveria undetected. Daredevil describes him as impossibly quiet, and has used his abilities to sneak up on his enemies),

Enhanced Senses (Much better than a normal human's. Can detect radio frequencies and radiation trails. Can sense dangerous people. His Spider-Sense is heightened when he's blind, allowing him to "see" danger rather than sense it. Can sense disturbances in Space-Time. Can vaguely sense how many people are coming, how fast, and how close they are),

Precognition and Instinctive Reaction (His Spider-Sense alerts him and works as an instinctive response to danger),

Extrasensory Perception (Can sense presences and how they feel compared to each other. Can sense and dodge invisible attacks. Senses Morwen manifesting in the city. Can use his Spider Sense in reverse to find the most danger),

Perception Manipulation (His Spider Sense slows action down to a crawl and says it allows him to think of jokes for what feels like hours),

Web Creation (Can use his webbing in a variety of ways, ranging from enhancing his mobility in several ways to using it as several forms of projectiles),

Surface Scaling (Can cling to and climb nearly any surface. Strong enough to overpower the momentum of a giant flying robot, being yanked by Colossus, and holding onto a space shuttle. Can also use it to throw opponents or rip off skin from somebody's face),

Paralysis Inducement (After his training with Shang-Chi, Spider-Man has shown knowledge of attacking nerve clusters and using pressure points),

Afterimage Creation (Can consistently move fast enough to create several afterimages of himself),

Pseudo-Flight (Can create wings made of webbing to replicate flight),

Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation and Fear Manipulation (Capable of resisting the mind control of the Hypno-Hustler, who controlled an entire night club full of people. Fought against and overcame Helminth's empathic control) Managed to resist and fight back against Psycho-Man's emotional control, which caused self-doubt, fear, and self-hate throughout all of the Avengers Academy students),

Telepathy (His next move is unable to be read telepathically due to relying on instinct and acting before he thinks),

Illusion Creation (Capable of freeing himself from Mysterio's illusions),

Petrification (Recovered from Grey Gargoyle's touch within moments),

Body Swapping (Implanted a chip in his body to prevent body swaps),

Paralysis Inducement (Can receive a nerve pinch from Iron Fist and quickly recover due to his Spider-Sense warning him. Resists the effects of venom darts that should've left him paralyzed for hours),

Biological Manipulation (His metabolism fought back against a drug that should've given him heart failure),

Electricity Manipulation (Capable of taking electricity from Dr. Doom's suit, which is stated to have 100,000 Megavolts of energy. His webbing insulates electricity and leaves Spider-Man unaffected by it),

Fire Manipulation (Spider-Man's webs are unaffected by flames and can withstand the fire from an angered Human Torch),

Acid Manipulation (Can survive being submerged in acid that could dissolve a man in seconds. His webs can withstand it as well),

Extreme Cold and Radiations (Can survive for a limited time in the vacuum of space. Has survived an explosion from a missile that had enough toxins to kill the entire city for several minutes, although he would've died if he wasn't treated),

Earthly Poisons and Diseases (Can even recover from vampirism), possible Resistance to Antimatter Manipulation (Is unaffected by contact with with Anti-matter spheres),

Limited Resistance to Possession and Memory Manipulation (Managed to hold back Mosaic's takeover, which is described as rewriting biochemical systems. While his mind fights against it to protect his memories and keep control of his body, he ultimately fails),

Weaknesses: None applicable
Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)


Jean-Paul Valley, better known as Azrael, is a vigilante who formerly operated out of Gotham City. At one point taking the mantle of Batman when the original was broken by Bane, he was forcibly fired from the role and returned to his position as Azrael. Named after the Angel of Death, most of his extraordinary abilities come from severe amounts of subconscious training and conditioning he was put through during his youth, unaware that he was being controlled by a 500-year old devout religious sect called the Order of St. Dumas that his ancestors had belonged to for generations.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts (Has centuries of martial arts experience installed into him, Ra's Al Ghul considers his skill to be comparable to that of Batman),

Acrobatics (Consistently performs complex acrobatic maneuvers, often utilizing them in combat),

Stealth Mastery (Snuck up on Tim Drake),

Weapon Mastery (Accurately hits targets with his gauntlet guns from 10 feet (3.05 m) away, precisely calculates the trajectory of his shots to tag a foe ),

Enhanced Senses (Directly notes he has those, the system tells him if his foes are lying or not, can warn him before he eats poisoned food),

Self-Sustenance (Doesn't need sleep or food while under the System's influence),

Instinctive Action (Can fight without thought or awareness),

Analytical Prediction (The System can analyze greater threats and make him react as needed),

Fire Manipulation (His sword and gauntlet blades can light themselves on fire, can shoot blasts of fire),

Rage Power (The system can take control of him and direct his anger to take down a physically superior foe)

Pain and Magnetism Manipulation (His gauntlets can fire augmented magnetic fields that disrupt the nervous system and temporarily knock people out),

Supernatural Willpower (Overcame his addiction to an enhanced version of venom overnight. This version of venom was said to make heroin and cocaine look like chewing gum in comparison, in terms of addiction. It took Bruce Wayne a month to overcome his addiction to the prototype of venom, in comparison),

Regeneration (Low-Mid, his body can heal from significant injuries with no help, healed several bullet wounds in an extremely short timeframe)

Weaknesses: His mental stability is not always great.
Song: Webbed Justice

Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, gracefully traversed the city skyline of New York, propelled by his web-filled swings, he engaged in a patrol, vigilant for any signs of crime. Ready to intervene and deliver his signature blend of witty remarks, Spider-Man navigated the city's heights with a sense of purpose and charm.

As he swung through the city, Spider-Man suddenly felt a familiar sensation at the back of his head; the ever-present tingling of his spider-sense, warning him of a disturbance ahead. The sound of gunshots and shouting reached his acute senses, emanating from a nearby rooftop.

Spider-Man swiftly swung towards the rooftop, his eyes locking onto a vigilante unlike any he had encountered before – Jean-Paul Valley's Azrael. As the scene unfolded before him, Spider-Man witnessed, with growing unease, as the vigilante delivered ruthless justice to the criminals. The realization hit him hard, and he knew he had to intervene.

Spider-Man's voice cut through the air as he called out, a note of caution in his tone, "Whoa, whoa! Hold on, tall, dark, and serious. There's no need to take it that far."

As his words reached Azrael, the vigilante halted momentarily, as if considering the weight of the masked hero's intervention. The rooftop fell eerily quiet. Azrael turned slowly to face the newcomer, a mixture of surprise and annoyance on his featureless face.

"What is it, Spider? I'd appreciate if you didn't get in my way."

His voice was cold and calculated, tinged with a hint of frustration at being interrupted. Spider-Man, undeterred by Azrael's dismissive tone, stood his ground, his masked face meeting the blank gaze of the ruthless vigilante.

"I couldn't just stand by and watch."

He responded firmly, the determination in his voice evident.

"There are better ways to handle things than resorting to lethal force. We're here to save lives, not end them."

Azrael's face contorted in disgust at Spider-Man's idealistic words.

"You heroes and your codes. You think I care about saving some worthless criminals? You think you're better because of your 'Thou shalt not kill' shtick?"

Azrael crossed his arms in annoyance. Spider-Man stood firm, his resolve unwavering in the face of Azrael's cynicism.

"It's not about being better," he reasoned, his voice steady and composed.

"It's about doing what's right. No matter how flawed they may be, these criminals still have a chance to change their ways. And as long as there's a chance, we have to fight for it."

Azrael let out a scoff.

"Spare me the sermons, Spider. You have your methods, and I have mine. If you value your life, I suggest you stay out of mine."

Azrael extended his wrist mounted blades, a clear indication that things could turn ugly if Spider-Man persisted. The air crackled with tension as Spider-Man squared off against the armed Azrael. Despite the danger, the web-slinger stood his ground.

"I can't just let you continue down this path. Violence shouldn't be the answer."

His voice held a hint of determination and compassion, hoping to reach the troubled man before him.

"You can't stop me."

Azrael spat, his voice filled with a chilling conviction.

"I am justice. And if you're going to stand in my way, you will share the same fate as these criminals."

His cold and remorseless tone sent a shiver down Spider-Man's spine. He would need all his wits to handle this encounter. Spider-Man, ever quick on his feet, swiftly shot out two web lines, trying to ensnare the formidable Azrael. However, to his surprise, Azrael didn't even need his weapons to intercept the webs. With a swift and effortless movement, the enigmatic vigilante caught the webs in his bare hands, his grip firm and unwavering. Spider-Man's eyes widened beneath his mask, caught off guard by this unexpected display of power and agility.

In an instant, Azrael unleashed his strength, pulling Spider-Man towards him with a swift tug and delivering a powerful clothesline that landed squarely across his neck. Despite the pain, Spider-Man's agility and reflexes allowed him to somersault onto his feet, regaining his footing in a flash. Shaking his head to clear the temporary disorientation, Spider-Man braced himself for the next move, his senses on high alert.

Brushing off the brief disorientation, Spider-Man muttered to himself, his keen mind already strategizing his next move. He whispered,

"Okay, okay. Strong and fast. Gonna have to be smart about this."

Suddenly, his spider-sense tingled, and as if on instinct, he dodged Azrael's incoming attack with incredible agility. Jean-Paul's onslaught continued as he attempted a flurry of strikes; a punch, a high kick, and a knee aimed at Spider-Man's gut. However, with his enhanced senses and agility, the arachnid hero effortlessly dodged and blocked each attack, leaving Jean-Paul seething in frustration. Caught in the heat of the moment, Jean-Paul's frustration boiled over. With a burst of anger, he roared,

"Stay still and fight me, you coward!"

Undeterred by the outburst, Spider-Man couldn't help but chuckle, his agile body gracefully dodging and weaving around each attack. His witty nature and quick-witted responses stood as a stark contrast to Azrael's relentless aggression. As the confrontation intensified, Spider-Man continued to dance around Azrael's relentless barrage, his agile body dodging and deflecting each attack with remarkable grace. Despite the dangerous situation, he couldn't help but keep up the banter.

"You know, you could ease up a bit."

Spider-Man quipped.

"Maybe grab a cup of coffee to calm down those nerves?"

Despite Spidey's clever quips, Azrael was a force to be reckoned with. When the web-slinger attempted to land some counterattacks, Jean-Paul seized the opportunity, catching one of Spider-Man's punches and retaliating with a powerful headbutt that sent the hero stumbling backward. With a menacing tone, Jean-Paul warned,

"Keep joking. We'll see if you can stay funny when I break your jaw."

Acting on instinct, Jean-Paul crashed into Spider-Man, sending them both plummeting off the edge of the rooftop. With a quick reflexes, Spidey shot out a web line that snagged onto the edge of the roof just in time, pulling them up with a swing that sent them crashing into the building. The shattering of glass echoed through the room as they rolled into an office floor, causing panicked employees to flee from the area frantically. Spider-Man stood amidst the shattered glass, his suit slightly torn from the impact. With a wry smile behind his mask, he quipped to himself,

"Well, at least there are no workers in danger now."

He then leaped across the cubicle walls, using his agility and quick thinking to reposition himself strategically within the new environment, hoping to gain an advantage on his formidable adversary. Spider-Man sprinted through the maze of toppled desks and cubicle walls, deftly dodging the slashes from Azrael's wrist-mounted blades as they tore through the office space with alarming precision. As the pursuit continued, Azrael declared with a chilling resolve,

"Don't think you'll get away so easily. I am Death's Dark Knight, and I am coming for you."

Spider-Man's heart raced with a mixture of excitement and urgency, the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he navigated the chaotic office surroundings. As Spider-Man spoke, his voice filled with a hint of mockery,

"Let me guess, you're one of those religious fanatics, right? A carrier of divine justice in human hands? I've faced plenty of lunatics before, religious or not, so don't think you're so special."

Azrael's response was as quick as his blade, slicing through the flying debris with ruthless precision, refusing to be disheartened by Spider-Man's taunts. The clash between the two heroes intensified as they engaged in a relentless battle of wits and strength.

"You talk too much."

Azrael's voice cut through the air like razor sharp, his resolve unwavering. Jean-Paul's projectile blade sliced through the air with lethal precision, poised to find its mark. But Spider-Man's reflexes were quicker, catching the cable attached to the blade in his hand. With a witty quip, he retorted,

"What goes around comes around."

In a split second, he yanked on the cable, pulling Azrael towards him and delivering a powerful punch that connected with his adversary's face. The force of the blow sent Azrael crashing into a wall, a satisfying payback for the earlier clothesline.

Azrael, landing gracefully on his feet, retracted his blade back into his wrist before unleashing a plume of fiery flames from his wrist-mounted flamethrowers. Spider-Man narrowly evaded the onslaught with a quick cartwheel maneuver, the scorching heat singeing his senses as he narrowly dodged the attack. The force of the flames shattered the office windows, sending shards of glass flying as the fire spread within the office space.

Despite the sprinklers activating in response to the intense heat, Azrael continued to spew flames, filling the office space with a fiery inferno. The relentless blaze consumed the surroundings, creating a thick haze of smoke that threatened to choke Spider-Man as he maneuvered through the chaotic environment. The flickering flames danced along the walls, casting an eerie glow in the smoky surroundings, and forcing Spider-Man to act quickly to evade the encroaching blaze.

Peter's spider-sense tingled with a sense of impending danger. He turned his gaze towards where the intuition led him, his eyes widening in surprise as he saw Azrael leap through the fire, his costume engulfed in flames, resembling a sinister angel of death ready to strike.

As the relentless assault continued, Jean-Paul delivered a powerful punch that shattered one of Spider-Man's mirrored lenses, revealing his hazel-colored left eye beneath the mask. Spider-Man was then propelled through several office walls, with Azrael's enhanced strength demolishing the obstacles in their path, including a window that sent them crashing out onto another rooftop of a lower building. The impact on the rooftop created a brief moment of disorientation, the force of the collision sending a shockwave through the arachnid hero's body.

As Azrael attempted to land some attacks, his blows met the sturdy defenses of Spider-Man, who blocked each move with precise timing and skill. But as he pushed the arachnid hero against the wall, he lunged with his bladed arm, aiming to catch his adversary off guard. But Peter's quick reflexes allowed him to backflip away, effortlessly evading the strike and gaining a moment's distance from his formidable opponent.

With a quick and tactical move, Spider-Man shot two web lines at the wall where Azrael was pinned, intending to bring it crashing down to potentially incapacitate him. However, despite the momentary advantage, Jean-Paul demonstrated his immense strength, catching the wall and forcefully hurling it through the air toward Spider-Man. Acting swiftly, the arachnid hero ducked beneath the flying debris, narrowly avoiding being crushed by the hefty wall.

As Azrael expertly wielded his blades, which were now engulfed in flames for added force, Spider-Man deftly evaded every swing with a mixture of acrobatic finesse and agility. The arachnid hero swiftly hit him hard in the back, following it up with a daring somersault that allowed him to land a powerful punch on Jean-Paul's face. The impact staggered the vigilante, leaving him momentarily disoriented as he reeled from the surprise assault.

In a split second, Jean-Paul's finely honed instincts and martial arts training kicked in, guiding his actions as he countered the incoming fist with practiced ease. Seizing the opening, he swiftly pressed a hand against Spider-Man's chest, unleashing the scorching flames from his palm in an explosive burst known as the "Angel's Wrath." The fiery inferno engulfed the web-slinger, propelling him backward with an intense force. The spider emblem on his chest was scorched and blackened, marking the impact of the powerful attack. With a pained groan, Spider-Man slowly raised his gaze to meet the impending threat of the approaching Azrael, who cracked his knuckles ominously, extending one of his wrist blades with a deadly grace. The tension hung thick in the air as the vengeful vigilante declared his intent, his voice cold and laced with determination.

"End of the road, itsy bitsy Spider,"

Azrael declared, his eyes fixated on his adversary as he prepared to strike the final blow. In the heat of the moment, as the vengeful Azrael lunged forward with a lethal stab, Peter swiftly rolled to the side to gain momentum for a well-placed kick. His foot connected with Azrael's elbow, targeting the vulnerable joint with surgical precision. A satisfied smile tugged at the corners of Spider-Man's lips as he quipped,

"That's what you think, Stabby!"

The blow delivered a devastating impact, effectively incapacitating the villain's arm. In a moment of vulnerability, a cry of pain escaped Jean-Paul's lips as he clutched his injured arm. But fueled by anger and determination, he tried to compensate by firing his extendable blade from his undamaged limb. However, Spider-Man swiftly intervened, seizing the blade mid-air and tugging Azrael towards him. With a calculated strike, he targeted the villain's other elbow, snapping it with a powerful punch. The breaking of the joint sent shockwaves of pain through Azrael's body, leaving him doubly incapacitated.

Despite the incapacitation of both his arms, Jean-Paul's indomitable spirit remained undeterred. With unwavering resolve, he declared,

"You think I need my arms? I can easily crush a bug like you under my feet."

Spider-Man couldn't help but chuckle at the villain's defiant remarks, amused by the tenacity in the face of obvious defeat. With a playful chuckle, Spider-Man responded,

"Alright, first off, spiders are arachnids. Second, you mean these feet?"

With a quick and strategic move, he used his webs to ensnare Azrael's feet, yanking them out from under him. The sudden loss of balance sent the villain crashing to the ground, where Spider-Man swiftly subdued him with multiple layers of thick webbing, effectively immobilizing the defeated foe. With a victorious smirk beneath his mask, Spider-Man quipped,

"Stay there while I alert the authorities. Just another day for the amazing, the spectacular, the ultimate Spider-Man."

With a graceful leap, he launched himself into the air with a powerful web-sling, disappearing into the urban skyline, leaving the defeated Azrael helplessly tangled in his webbing.
Strength: Now, unlike most of the bat family, Jean-Paul did happen to have enhanced strength, keeping him from being overwhelmed. Without his costume, Valley was able to lift a tree off the road and toss it aside. Assuming it's a common pine and given the overall dimensions, Jean-Paul likely lifted a 20.5 ton tree. And his costume likely made him stronger. However, even if the tree was heavier, or the suit doubled, or even tripled his strength, Peter is known for having strength feats between 60 tons to 130 tons. And he's faced physically superior foes like the Lizard, Rhino, Sandman, and Venom. While Peter may normally need an exuberant amount of motivation to perform his strongest strength feats, it's safe to say that Spider-Man's always going to be between 1.2-2X stronger than Azrael at minimum.

Speed: Thanks to Azrael's enhancements, their bullet dodging feats are quick similar, and he even has a variation of his own spider-sense, where both can fight and react without active thought. However, while Jean-Paul is able to react to bullets and explosions, Spider-Man has been able to outpace those with analytical predictions, like Daredevil, Captain America and Black Panther, the first former stating he can barely keep track of him. It's doubtful that Azrael would be any different.

Skill: Jean-Paul is the obviously more skilled in martial capability, but Spider-Man has learned some fighting techniques from Captain America and Shang-Chi, so he had some martial skill and has mastered his techniques of Spider style fighting. Still, Peter falls short in this category.

Experience: Unfortunately for Jean-Paul, he does not have Spider-Man's 12 year repertoire of fighting against villains, the latter having faced villains more powerful and dangerous than Azrael could ever hope to be.

Powers: Having a Kevlar suit does give Azrael better armor, and the swords does give Valley some range and the ability to cut through webs as strong as steel, but Spider-Man's spider-sense just negates any advantage Jean-Paul would have. And despite having the ability to attack Peter's nervous system directly, he's powered through attacks like that before, and functions similarly to the Shocker's concussive blasts, which enough webbing could take out both. This is actually why I didn't pit him up against the more thematically appropriate choice of Daredevil. To avoid another Daredevil vs Nightwing thing.
Next time:

"Enough prattle! You'll both bend a knee to Outworld's new emperor."

"I am the Shadow Lord! You have no power over me!"

Chapter 27: Shao Kahn vs Gargos

Chapter Text

Shao Kahn


Long ago, Shao Kahn once served as the adviser to Onaga when the latter ruled Outworld as the Dragon King. Onaga's Empire had become the most powerful among all of the realms, and so he began searching for a way to become immortal. Before this goal could be realized, Shao Kahn made his move by poisoning Onaga and taking his kingdom. Upon assuming the emperor's throne, Shao Khan began to drain the vegetation energies of Outworld and turned it into a barren wasteland. From then on, Shao Kahn continued many of the former emperor's plans to conquer all. He continued to add lesser realms to Outworld, either through direct conquest or through Mortal Kombat.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Martial Arts (Despite being known as a brutish fighter, Shao Kahn seems to have some form of footwork while fighting with his hammer, implying that he has a degree of fighting skills. Also uses wrestling techniques),

Weapon Mastery (Skilled in wielding his hammer and spear),

Acrobatics (Can leap forward for several meters),

Magic (Implied to have great knowledge on sorcery, including Skarlet's blood magik, but he isn't seen using them as he usually prefers hand-to-hand combat),

Longevity (Outworlders have naturally long lifespans),

Regeneration (Low-Mid over time. Healed from Liu Kang's fist going through his chest but needed Quan Chi to accelerate his recovery),

Energy Manipulation (Most of his attacks possess a green colored aura, which is the magic that he uses to boost the speed of his attacks [and in turn increase their impact]. He can also shoot scorching, energy beams from his hands),

Soul Manipulation (Shao Kahn is an unparalleled master of soul magic, even the likes of Shang Tsung hoped to surpass his emperor's magic with his own. Besides draining and consuming many souls at once while receiving their benefits (bonus strength, memories/knowledge, health replenishment, etc.), he can fuse the souls of others to create a singular being that's under his control),

Weapon Creation (Can create energy spears out of thin air),

Weapon Control (Can summon the Wrath Hammer out of thin air. As of MK11, he summons his spear [which is now a physical weapon] rather than creating it),

Telekinesis (Likely a side effect of him gaining so much souls, Shao Kahn has the ability to manipulate opponents and objects from a short distance),

Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (Trapped inside him are the many souls that he has consumed, likely numbering in the millions or billions. Ermac, who has a larger amount of souls in him, was able to resist Takeda's attempts to read his mind due to the latter being unable to telepathically read all of them at once, so Shao Kahn should scale to this feat)

Weaknesses: Shao Kahn is prone to bragging, humiliating and mocking his opponents, but sometimes he may simply set these aside to kill them personally.


There is another dimension; the Astral Plane. It is ruled by the evil tyrant Gargos. Long ago the other Astral beings resisted this Shadow Lord, but he slew them all and stole their powers. Good creatures known as Guardians fled from Gargos and his minions, escaping to other dimensions, and they sealed the Astral Plane behind them so that the corruption of Gargos could never taint another world until the sorcerer Kan-Ra re-opened that door, manipulated by Gargos' powerful mind control. Now Gargos is invading the Earth with his army of duplicate fighters called Mimics. This twisted demigod must be stopped, or he will enslave the human race forever...

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Incorporeality (In his true form),

Immortality (Type 1; Time is meaningless to him),

Hand-to-Hand Combat,


Bodily Weaponry (Sharp claws, horns and wings. His third body has long blades on the forearms),

Flight and Spaceflight,

Shadow Energy Manipulation,

Damage Boost (Can use Shadow Energy to enhance the properties of his special attacks),

Corruption (Non-physically),


Portal Creation,

Dimensional Travel,




Subjective Reality and Creation,

Duplication (Can create Mimics),

Reactive Evolution,

Power Nullification (Is the only one who can bypass Tusk's invulnerability and kill him),

possibly Invulnerability (Stole the same powers that made Tusk invulnerable and only few weapons, such as Warg-gram, are able to actually damage him),

Electricity Manipulation and Matter Manipulation (His lightnings alter matter and corrupt it, by breaking down its molecular structure),

Mind Manipulation and Telepathy (Used his telepathic abilities to control Kan-Ra),

Soul Manipulation and Non-Physical Interaction (Could capture Eyedol's soul),

Telekinesis (Choked Jago without touching him),

Empathic Manipulation (His power was pushing Jago towards deep violent tendencies),

Astral Projection (Visited Jago in the guise of the Tiger Spirit. Projected his emblem over the sky),

Extrasensory Perception (Sensed the Guardians upon their arrival in the Astral Plane),

Sealing (Sealed the Guardians inside a flesh construct, severing the bond with their owners. Imprisoned Aganos within the Eye of the Ancients),

Necromancy (His corruption causes spirits to become restless),

Energy Projection (Via Insolence),

Body Control,

Damage Reduction and self-Statistics Reduction (Via Stoneskin),

Resistance to Heat (Wasn't burned by Jago's Endokuken)

Likely all the powers of the beings they copy, Immortality (Ageless), limited Reactive Power Level, Extrasensory Perception, Power Nullification, Teleportation, Petrification, Immunity to Soul Manipulation,



Statistics Amplification,

Weaknesses: His true form may be unable to interact with physical beings in a conventional way, and it might be impossible for him to either maintain an incorporeal form in the Mundane Plane or enter it at all. Warg-gram is one of the only weapons capable of causing him mortal damage.
Song: Mortal Instinct

The fearsome ruler of Outworld, Shao Kahn, sat on his throne, his eyes glinting with sad*stic delight as he observed the unfolding carnage within the tournament grounds. His demonic visage exuded power and menace, his presence casting a dark shadow over the arena of bloodshed.

The abrupt arrival of a dark portal shattered the tension as it materialized within the arena, interrupting the tournament in progress. Two diminutive figures emerged from the portal: Izzik wielded its trident with lethal intent, swiftly incapacitating one fighter, while Dretch dashed toward the other, brutally beating them to death. Shao Kahn's eyes flashed with irritation as he rose from his throne, his patience tested by the sudden intrusion into his tournament. The towering and fearsome Ichorien demon, Gargos, emerged from the portal, his presence commanding respect and fear. With a wicked laugh that echoed through the arena, he declared,

"Begin the invasion! Kneel before your god!" He commanded his army to storm Outworld, their formidable forces launching a coordinated assault upon the realm.

As the invasion escalated, most individuals scurried to safety or met their demise within the chaos of the onslaught. Shao Kahn, with a fierce resolve, summoned a powerful hammer into his grasp, effortlessly dispatching any demons within proximity. With anger and indignation coursing through his veins, he roared,

"Who dares invade my domain?!"

The demon warlord Gargos, unfazed by the challenge, chuckled menacingly.

"Your domain will soon be mine. Your throne, your subjects, everything will be under my command. Accept your fate, mortal. Opposing me is futile."

Shao Kahn's eyes gleamed with a mix of fury and determination.

"You will rue the day you dared to challenge me. Your arrogance blinds you to the futility of your endeavor."

Gargos surged forward with a reckless charge, aiming to overpower Shao Kahn. However, the Outworld ruler was swift and precise in his countermeasures. With a series of well-executed moves, Kahn halted Gargos' advance. A swift kick to the stomach, followed by a stomp on the demon's foot, continued with a powerful shoulder ram to the chest, culminating in an airborne uppercut that sent Gargos soaring. Finally, the mighty Wrath Hammer delivered a final crushing blow, driving the Ichorien backward with tremendous force.

Gargos, his wings stabilizing him mid-air, unleashed a primal roar, propelling himself back towards Shao Kahn. He retaliated with a clawed uppercut that sent the Outworld ruler soaring into the air. Gargos followed up with a powerful stomp, driving him forcefully back to the ground. A forceful kick launched the Kahn into the direction of his throne, completely shattering it. The demon warlord reveled in his momentary triumph, a guttural laugh escaping his lips.

Despite the initial impact, Shao Kahn stood his ground, his resilience unbroken. With a swift recovery, he rolled his head to alleviate any stiffness, readying himself for further confrontation. Undeterred by the earlier assault, he defiantly taunted Gargos, his voice dripping with disdain.

"Is that your best?"

Shao Kahn challenged, his grip tightening around the mighty Wrath Hammer. With a sinister chuckle, Gargos responded in a mocking tone,

"Not impressed? How about this?"

Without warning, the demon warlord opened a series of portals, transforming the battlefield into a chaotic symphony of surprise attacks. Quick and relentless punches came from different directions, each hit striking Shao Kahn at unpredictable moments. The Outworld emperor, caught off guard by the sudden barrage of punches, struggled to anticipate the next strike, leaving him at a momentary disadvantage. With a swift and precise maneuver, Shao Kahn grasped one of the punches coming through a portal, halting the relentless assault and trapping Gargos's arm within the portal. His frustration and irritation evident, he stated in a resolute tone,

"Nothing but annoying cheap shots!"

Seizing the opportunity, Shao Kahn began squeezing Gargos's arm, attempting to cause pain and potentially force the demon to capitulate. Gargos desperately attempted to fly away, trying to escape Shao Kahn's ironclad grip. However, the Outworld emperor was determined to end the confrontation, yanking him back through the tiny portal and forcefully striking his knee into Gargos's face. With a devastating impact, Shao Kahn's knee smashed into the Ichorien's nose, causing immediate pain and disorienting him.

With a decisive motion, Shao Kahn withdrew his wrath hammer, rearing back for a lethal strike. Swinging the massive weapon with full force, he unleashed a devastating blow that connected squarely with Gargos's face, driving the shadow lord backward with a powerful impact. Gargos crashed to the ground on his back, dazed and in disorientation. Though still conscious, the force of the attack left him nursing a severe headache and a prominent blunt injury on his head.

As Gargos lay recovering from the powerful attack, Shao Kahn could not help but chuckle, relishing in the successful strike against his adversary. However, his moment of triumph was abruptly interrupted by the unexpected and unwelcome intrusion of Izzik and Dretch. With a mischievous jab, Izzik drove its pitch fork into Kahn's back, eliciting a mix of pain and irritation. Dretch followed suit, attempting to attack the Outworld ruler, adding further minor annoyances to the fray. The relentless barrage of minor attacks resembled the persistent annoyance of being flicked hard and stabbed by splinters.

With a swift and forceful stomp, Shao Kahn brought his foot down upon Dretch, effectively reducing the small demon to a bloodied stain on the ground. A quick shift of his attention followed as he easily wrenched Izzik from his back, tearing the diminutive demon apart with an effortless motion. As the defeated assailants dissolved into shadow, Shao Kahn expressed his disdainful assessment, uttering a single word,


Caught off guard by the fierce wind that sent him hurtling backward with considerable force, Shao Kahn crashed into a sturdy colosseum wall, the impact causing the robust stone structure to crack. Taking advantage of the brief distraction, Gargos managed to regain his composure, using his powerful wings to conjure a strong gust of wind. With a decisive jump, the demon warlord leaped through a portal and descended forcefully upon the disoriented ruler of Outworld, seizing the opportunity to deliver a powerful tackle.

With a swift and calculated motion, Gargos seized his opportunity, gripping Shao Kahn's body with firm resolve. In a powerful display of strength, the shadow lord hurled the emperor into the air above him, conjuring a towering geyser of shadow energy, which erupted beneath his fallen adversary. The blast sent Kahn soaring higher into the sky, caught in the relentless force of the shadowy geyser, unable to resist the overwhelming power that propelled him upward.

As the tumultuous onslaught subsided and Shao Kahn began to descend, the master of Outworld quickly seized the opportunity to launch a counterattack. Timing his strike carefully, he raised his mighty wrath hammer high and brought it crashing down upon Gargos as he fell. The devastating blow forced the Ichorien down into the sandy ground below, sending shockwaves through the arena and leaving the demon warlord momentarily reeling in pain. In a show of dominance, Shao Kahn proclaimed with authority,

"Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn!"

In a seamless display of strength and skill, Kahn picked up the injured Gargos, slamming him onto his shoulders, further damaging the demon's spine. Following this move, he dropped the demon to the ground and swiftly stomped hard on his neck, causing significant pain. The final blow came in the form of a powerful headbut, cracking the demon's skull with considerable force.

Even though he was severely wounded, Gargos mustered the strength for a defiant roar, unleashing a powerful uppercut that sent Shao Kahn soaring into the air. The demon warlord then took to the skies with a forceful beat of his wings, generating a powerful gust to drive his adversary backward and displace him across the sandy landscape.

With a casual gesture of his hands, Gargos summoned Izzik and Dretch back from the realm of the deceased, infusing them with life once more. Despite their initial defeat, they leapt back into action, determined to continue their assault on the downed Shao Kahn. Although their attacks did not inflict substantial damage, they remained a nuisance, dealing painful yet ultimately ineffective blows to the Outworld ruler. With a mix of annoyance and frustration, Shao Kahn muttered under his breath,

"Just stay dead!"

In an display of his sheer strength, he effortlessly plucked Izzik and Dretch from the ground and forcefully smashed their heads together. The impact was so fierce that it instantly crushed their skulls into a gory mess. Releasing his grip, Kahn allowed their lifeless bodies to fall limply to the sandy arena floor, dissolving into shadowy remnants. In a strategic maneuver, Gargos seized the moment of the distraction, activating his Stone Skin ability. A fortified layer of organic rock surged over his body, augmenting his defenses and bolstering his confidence with its protective covering. A deep, sinister laughter echoed through the battlefield as the demon warlord perceived the advantage now seemingly shifting in his favor.

Shao Kahn, keenly observing Gargos's fortified state, made a calculated decision. Switching his wrath hammer for a spear, he charged forward with determination, aiming to pierce through the demon's rock-like defense. However, as the spear met the Stone Skin, a resounding metallic clang echoed through the arena, followed by the sound of the spear tip breaking upon impact. A minuscule dent marked the spot where the spear had collided, while Gargos continued to chuckle confidently.

Frustrated and determined, Shao Kahn promptly materialized his wrath hammer once more, his grip firm as he swung the formidable weapon towards the side of Gargos's head. The impact landed, causing the shadow lord's head to budge from the force, and hairline fractures formed within the rocky armor. Undeterred, Gargos continued to laugh heartily, mocking the Outworld ruler with his taunting derision.

In his attempt to attack again with the wrath hammer, Kahn aimed for another strike, only to be thwarted by Gargos's stone-covered wing, which intercepted and dislodged the hammer from his grip. The Ichorien took advantage of the opportunity, thrusting his fist forward and knocking the Kahn into the air. With a swift and calculated maneuver, Gargos grabbed hold of the airborne Kahn's ankle, his grip tight. With a powerful swing, he forcefully slammed the Outworld ruler back down to the ground, the impact creating a resounding thud.

Gargos seized control of the situation, closing in and firmly gripping Shao Kahn by the neck. Without mercy, the demon delivered a powerful knee to the belly, followed by a crushing thrust of his fist into the chest, shattering the sternum with a sickening crunch. Relentlessly, Gargos continued his onslaught, slicing across Kahn's face with such force that the royal helmet was knocked off, exposing the deep lacerations now marring the Outworld ruler's visage.

With a brutal move, Gargos opened a portal, disappearing from sight before leaping through it and reemerging from another portal positioned high above. The demon warrior landed heavy onto the prone figure of Shao Kahn, the impact causing a deep imprint in the sandy ground beneath. Without hesitation, Gargos quickly detonated his Stone Skin, causing the rocky armor to explode off of him in a shower of jagged, sharp stone shards. The force of the explosion propelled Shao Kahn forcefully into the sandy arena floor, embedding numerous sharp stone fragments into the Outworld ruler's powerful physique, which started to bleed all over. With a resounding chuckle, Gargos approached the fallen and struggling Shao Kahn, his steps slow and deliberate.

"I warned you to kneel before your new god." The Ichorien exclaimed, a hint of mockery and superiority in his voice. Gargos, soaring through the air in a looping motion, prepared to deliver the final blow to his weakened adversary, only to be met with unexpected resistance. At the last moment, Shao Kahn materialized his wrath hammer and countered with a powerful backhand swing, sending the demon warlord careening away from a firm and defiant tone, Kahn proclaimed,

"I kneel to no one, especially not to gods."

As Gargos struggled to rise from the ground, Shao Kahn stood tall and clenched his free fist, causing four spears to materialized over the prone demon. With a swift downward motion, the spears shot down, impaling Gargos's hands and wings, pinning him firmly to the dirt and eliciting a pained howl of rage from the shadow lord. With confidence and resolve, Shao Kahn confidently brandished his wrath hammer, a stern expression on his face. His tone was calm yet authoritative as he declared,

"Gods are the ones to kneel. Kneel before the might of Shao Kahn!"

Swinging the mighty hammer with tremendous force, he delivered a devastating blow to the head of Gargos, driving the shockwave straight through the demon's cranium and exploding out of his lower back, spine and all. The impact sent the remains flying back several meters, a testament to the strength and might of the Outworld ruler's attack.

Shao Kahn, weary yet confident, rested the Wrath Hammer upon his shoulders, savoring his apparent victory. However, his moment of triumph was abruptly interrupted as the fallen Gargos suddenly reanimated, ripping itself free from the spears pinning it down. Gripping Kahn's neck, the shadow lord's body began to regenerate back to good as new, its wings flapping powerfully as they ascended into the air. With a mix of disbelief and indignation, Kahn exclaimed,


"Nothing is impossible for a god, mortal,"

Gargos proclaimed with arrogant confidence, as he hurled Shao Kahn forcefully towards the ground, creating a massive crater upon impact. With a wave of his hand, the demon warlord summoned lightning to crackle and thunder down upon the Outworld ruler, the bright flashes illuminating the arena and sending bolts of electricity crashing into his adversary.

As the lightning bolts struck his body, Shao Kahn could feel the alarming, uncomfortable sensation that something was seriously wrong. The electric discharges were not mere physical assaults; they were affecting him on a molecular level, causing negative and detrimental changes to his very essence. With a horrified scream, Kahn cried out


He writhed in agony, the corruption spreading through his body like a toxic, dark cancer.

Taking advantage of the crackling energy surrounding him, Gargos concentrated and captured a bolt of lightning in his hand, before divebombing towards the stricken Shao Kahn. Roaring with feral rage, the demon warlord unleashed a powerful punch into the Outworld ruler's chest, his fist infused with the electric force of the lighting. A loud explosion echoed throughout the arena, the deafening crack of thunder and a brilliant flash of light accompanying the impact. Shao Kahn's body was violently ripped apart, the electrical energy tearing through him like a living hurricane.

As the dust and smoke slowly began to settle, the shadow lord ascended into the air, floating high above the devastated battlefield. A sad*stic chuckle escaped his lips as he gazed down upon the realm of Outworld, witnessing firsthand the slow and inevitable takeover of the realm under his rule.
Strength: In terms of pure, physical stats, Gargos was not going to win this. Shao Kahn is powerful enough to be able to overwhelm Earth's gravitational binding energy, which is 47.8 Zettatons of TNT. Gargos may be strong enough to shake the world with his lightning, but that blast only accounts for 13.4 Petatons. That's a 3.55 million times power gap in between.

Speed: Shao Kahn was definitely much faster, able to move and react at 2% the speed of light, while Gargos isn't even half that. Gargos may be fast enough to outpace Kim Wu's Mach 121 nun-chuck bullet deflecting feat, but even if we say he's 8 times faster to be around Mach 1000, that would still make Shao Kahn 17.5X faster than him.

Skill: Martial wise, Shao Kahn wins here as well, being well versed in two Chinese martial arts, while Gargos more relies on overwhelming his foes with portals and minions. Gargos may rely on (killer) instinct, but that doesn't make up for actual skill.

Experience: When it comes to longevity, this grants Gargos having dealt with things far longer than Shao Kahn's millennia long life, being so old that he was around the age of the dinosaurs.

Powers: This is Gargos's biggest advantage. Both are resistant to soul manipulation, so any of their usual tricks aside from pure brawn wasn't going to work out. And unfortunately for the conquerer, brute strength was not going to net him the win due to Gargos needing to be dealt with an enchanted weapon like Tusk's Warg-Gram to deal lethal damage, which Shao Kahn does not possess. Even if he did, the Ichorien has the ability to resurrect themselves, and could counter before or after then with his Stone Skin, matter corrupting lightning, and endless supply of portals and minions to keep Shao Kahn on his toes.

The winner is Gargos.

Chapter 28: M. Bison vs Rugal Bernstein

Chapter Text

M. Bison


Almost nothing is known about M. Bison's past prior to his appearance in the mainline games and his country of origin is unknown. The only known details of his past is that he was at one point nothing more than a young martial artist like any other but with overwhelming ambitions. He originally wielded Soul Power and passed down his knowledge onto Rose who was his only disciple. However, in order to be the best in the world of martial arts, M. Bison murdered his own master before giving in to complete chaos. M. Bison's master was said to be the only known person in the world who could manipulate the evil power known as "Psycho Power" at the time and it is also said that, before his death, M. Bison's master passed the power to only three other students, M. Bison himself being one of them.

Shortly afterwards, hoping to seek both knowledge and strength to become the strongest in the world, Bison sought out many practitioners of other fighting styles to defeat and learn of their techniques, in the pursuit of being able to reinforce and keep his title as the strongest martial artist in the world. Later on, Bison would somehow come into power over his syndicate of Shadaloo.

At some point, M. Bison heard rumors of an assassins fist, and tracked down Gouken, the heir of the Ansatsuken. Gouken expected that M. Bison would eventually come to him. However, he faced M. Bison with only his fists, not relying on moves such as Hadoken and Shoryuken which resulted in his defeat. M. Bison noticed this and curses Gouken for not showing his true power, he then comments on his students being more willing to show Ansatsuken's true power and leaves.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Martial Artist,

Acrobatics (Superhumanly agile and able to perform a number of acrobatic techniques and several jumping attacks. Moreover, he utilizes such skills to nullify throws, maintain his balance in mid-air and regain his footing after a knock down.),

Genius Intelligence,

Immortality (Soul transfer between bodies),

Possession (Can transfer his soul into the body of other people, effectively possessing them, although such power is bound to certain conditions. Planned to take over Ryu's body, before moving on to the development of Seth and his replicas, meant to be artificial hosts to inhabit. Clones of M. Bison such as Cammy, or modified humans such as Ed and Falke have specifically been engineered to act as spare bodies for him. After his first death in SF Alpha 3, M. Bison survived by entering Rose's body and utilizing it until his scientists completed a new body. Temporarily inhabited a machine meant to contain his spirit. M. Bison's very will exists within Psycho Power itself, which grabs a hold of its users' mind and gradually eats away at it until their personally fades away and is replaced with M. Bison's, thus grantim him a new body. This was experienced first-hand by Ed, who had to wrest control of his own body after the events of A Shadow Fall multiple times),

Incorporeality (As Phantom Bison, the form he takes while lacking a physical body),

Enhanced Senses (Spotted C. Viper hiding behind a container while no other could),

Chi Manipulation, Projection and Aura (Can manipulate and project his Psycho Power, as well as using it in several other ways),

Flight (Used to hover above the ground instead of walking and demonstrated the ability to levitate freely. Psycho Crusher and similar techniques show his ability to soar through the air at high speed)

Mind Manipulation (Brainwashed Ken by infusing him with Psycho Power [although whether or not this happened in canon is questionable]. Hypnosis is one of his special abilities. Cammy, the Dolls and Ryu [the latter in an alternate ending] have been subjected to mental conditioning through the usage of Psycho Power. Successfull experiments have had their personality completely replaced with fervent loyalty and reversing the process is extremely difficult. Bestowing Psycho Power upon individuals unable to control it inexorably drives them to insanity and possibly even death. One of Shadaloo's test subjects has been left victim of continuous mental disorders, hallucinations, panic attacks and more, while others have been brainwashed to such a point of being turned into hollow husks beyond salvation. Triggering the Psycho Power or increasing its effects into unsuited individuals will force them into a berserk state. Psycho Power users who aren't strong enough to control it will eventually lose their free will and become mindless fighting machine),

Supernatural Willpower & limited Corruption (Type 2. Psycho Power is influenced by one's psyche and a strong mind is required in order to control it. Very few individuals can wield it without having their mind broken or even perish, and even less can undergo the training necessary to master it. Furthermore, it gives M. Bison's willpower and dark ambition the power to instill themselves into others, corrupting and controlling people's minds. After being exerted upon the world, they linger and keep spreading even after M. Bison's death, though they require a long time to infect the entire world, ranging from months to possibly came close to achieving it, but his plans was averted in yet unknown ways),

Fire Manipulation: (His Psycho Power should have the same properties as Ed's due to visually behaving in the same way when striking the opponent and through techniques such as Psycho Inferno),

Paralysis Inducement (Can stop others in place with his forcefields and aura),

Empowerment (Becomes stronger by absorbing the opponent's hatred, fear and anger),

Fear Manipulation (Emits a bluish-white light that instills fear and takes away one's ability to stay rational),

Portal Creation (Can open portals to seemingly any place in the world),

Clairvoyance (Has show several times to be aware of other people's location, reason why he can always open portals right before them. Was aware that Ryu had defeated Necalli),

Astral Projection (Can project a phantom of himself to other locations, using it to talk and even cause damage to his victims),

Healing (Psycho Power can be used to rejuvenate others, removing weariness and pain),

Extrasensory Perception (Should be able to sense chi, just like other expert chi users),

Teleportation (Via Bison Warp, Hell's Warp and other techniques),

Telekinesis (Via Psycho Impact),

Energy Absorption (Via Psycho Drain and Psycho Reflect),

Energy Reflection (Via Psycho Sever and Psycho Reflect),

Explosion Manipulation (Via Psycho Blast, Psycho Crusher Omega and Psycho Nightmare),

Forcefield Creation (Can create forcefields around him.),

Damage Boost (Can perform enhanced versions of his Special Attacks. The Psycho Power V-Technique enhances his Special Attacks and teleportation abilities),

Status Effect Inducement (By hitting the opponent repeatedly, without them being able to recover, he can cause them to enter the "Stun" status, which leaves them unable to react. His Focus Attack causes the opponent to enter a "crumpling" status),

Resistance to

Sealing (Rose couldn't seal his power for long),

Poison and Acid (F.A.N.G's poison didn't work on him),

Precognition (Limited; Reading the future of fighters such as him is difficult, because they always fight against it),

Mind Manipulation (Possesses the psychic fortitude required to not have his mind and heart crushed by the grievous effects of Psycho Power),

Empowerment and Absorption (Increases the potency of M. Bison's Psycho Power by absorbing human hatred and fear, then directing them into him. Can also absorb the energy of those imprisoned in it, save for M. Bison himself and the Dolls),

Energy Projection (Can fire the stored energy),

Healing (Can heal M. Bison indefinitely, even from a distance),

Weather Manipulation (While powered by the Psycho Drive, M. Bison was able to generate a storm around the Shadaloo base)

Magnetism Manipulation (Can release powerful EMP waves),

Self-Destruction (Can crash into the ground and cause mass destruction as a last resort),

Weaknesses: Highly arrogant. His Psycho Power at a point started to become too great for his body to handle (Hence his desire to find a stronger one). He seemingly cannot possess anyone at will, as the host needs to be either infused first with Psycho Power and brainwashed (Ryu), be specifically engineered for it (Seth and other spare bodies), be a clone of M. Bison himself (Cammy, Decapre, Ed and Falke) or possess his same soul (Rose)
Rugal Bernstein


Feared throughout the political and fighting world, Rugal was an influential arms dealer who operated aboard his aircraft carrier, the Black Noah. To those who would oppose him, he would defeat them and later preserve their bodies in liquid metal to add to his grisly trophy room. He used to work with his younger brother, but they separated over conflicting interests.

When Rugal was about 25 years old, an 18-year-old Goenitz took out his eye with one strike and gave him a small portion of Orochi's power for surviving the attack. Since then, he has a bionic eye to replace the one he lost. At some point, he had a son and a daughter with an unnamed woman, as well as a panther named Rodem.

Sometime in 1986, Rugal wanted to demonstrate his power in a base at Brazil and murdered everyone he found inside. The sole survivor of the fifty man massacre was Heidern, who lost his right eye during the attack. At the time, he was too displeased with his victim to add him to his "collection" so he deprived the man of his wife and child as compensation. Heidern would spend nearly a decade filled with hatred and rage against Rugal.

Before 1994, he recruited two secretaries: Mature and Vice (both of who were secretly assigned by Goenitz to observe Rugal, believing that he could be a suitable host for Orochi). Rugal, wanting to expand his "collection", decides to host The King of Fighters in 1994, with an additional twist; fighters must form a team of 3 to compete and represent a country. Now he awaits on his battleship, the Black Noah, waiting to see the teams that will participate.

During the invitation phase, Saisyu Kusanagi came to the Black Noah and challenged Rugal. Although Rugal won the battle, he did not subject him to his metal bath. The winner of the tournament was Saisyu's son, Kyo Kusanagi, and his two teammates, Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon, who arrived shortly after Saishu's defeat.

Rugal is happy that the Hero Team won, as they can be added to his "collection", which are former fighters turned into living trophies, with Rugal pointing out that he did not turn Saisyu into a trophy because he felt that he was unfitting. Kyo and his teammates fight Rugal, who would end up being one of the hardest fight of their lives. Unwilling to accept defeat, Rugal attempted to blow up his ship along with the Hero Team. While the Hero Team escaped, Rugal's fate was unknown.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Barrier Creation,

Elemental Manipulation,

Energy Manipulation,

Power and Energy Absorption,

Power Mimicry

As Omega Rugal: All previous abilities to a greater extent, Gravity Manipulation,

Light Manipulation (via his cybernetic eye),

minor Levitation

Weaknesses: Highly overconfident Using the Orochi power can consume him. However, it is unknown if he still has this weakness as of XV.
Song: Soul-Destructive Dictators

M. Bison, the formidable leader of Shadaloo, fixated on an array of video screen feeds displaying footage from his expansive surveillance network. His face was a mask of stoicism, his eyes constantly searching for any sign of weakness or opportunity. With an unwavering gaze, Bison maintained his stern expression, embodying the relentless pursuit of his ultimate goal – world domination.

The blaring alarms shattered the silence, announcing an intrusion in Shadaloo's base. M. Bison's annoyance quickly turned to anger as he recognized the breach. The leader rose from his seat, determination etched across his face. He moved swiftly through the dimly lit corridors, heading towards the source of the disturbance.

M. Bison marched into a spacious dome-shaped room furnished with cutting-edge computer systems and technological equipment. His steps echoed in the chamber as he spotted a figure in a red garb, waiting silently in the center of the room. With a commanding voice, Bison addressed the intruder, his tone laced with annoyance.

"Who are you, and what is the meaning of this intrusion?"

Rugal Bernstein turned his attention towards M. Bison, a malicious grin curling across his face.

"Your associates, the pompous Spaniard with the claw and the idiot boxer, tried flexing their muscles in my territory. I put them in their place and they gladly gave away your base's location in exchange for sparing their lives."

He explained, his voice laced with arrogance. M. Bison's expression darkened, his arms folding across his chest in displeasure.

"Vega and Balrog have once again proven their inadequacies. Don't mistake my subordinates' failures as an indication of my own weakness. You will kneel before my Psycho Power."

Rugal's confident smile widened as he dismissed Bison's Psycho Power.

"Psycho Power? Ha, mere shadows compared to the might of Orochi."

He declared, mockingly. He positioned himself, preparing for the imminent battle.


Rugal released a swift wave of ki, which raced along the ground, but M. Bison swiftly countered with a Scissor Kick, launching himself into the air and effortlessly flipping over the attack. Bison swiftly landed a powerful double kick, striking against Bernstein's body.

Despite the force of Bison's kicks, Rugal managed to retaliate, landing a powerful punch to the leader's stomach that sent him stumbling backwards. However, Bison was not one to be deterred and quickly retaliated, using his Psycho Power to levitate his opponent and then slamming him back into the wall with a powerful impact.

As M. Bison was readying a follow-up attack with a clenched fist, the tables suddenly turned as Rugal retaliated with a powerful kick to Bison's chin, defending himself with a Genocide Cutter.

"Genocide Cutter!"

The attack sent Bison flying backward, momentarily disoriented. He was further blasted back by a Kaiser Wave ki blast, causing him to crash to the ground, rolling across the floor with some grunts.


Rugal unleashed another barrage of ki waves, aimed at covering the floor. However, M. Bison swiftly teleported, reappearing before Bernstein to deliver a powerful punch to his jaw and a knee to the gut. The double attack propelled Rugal backward, slamming him against the metal wall. With a sinister grip around his throat, Bison lifted his opponent off the floor, holding him captive.

M. Bison channeled his Psycho Power, unleashing it upon Rugal in a brief but intense surge. The leader then hurled his opponent onto the metal floor with brute force, causing him to crash onto the cold surface face-first. M. Bison released a battle cry as he invoked,

"Psycho Crusher!"

Launching himself in a powerful charge, he lunged towards Rugal with a surge of Psycho Power. The impact was true, striking his opponent square in the chest and slamming him into the ground beneath Bison. The leader let out a sinister laugh, poised to continue his assault, when suddenly he was taken aback by Rugal's unexpected counterattack – the infusion of ki and electrifying energy into Bison's body. The electrical jolt forced the dictator backward.

M. Bison landed on his feet, his annoyance evident as he was pushed away by Rugal's electrical counterattack. Undeterred, the leader pressed on, immediately launching a head stomp attack, only to be frustrated once again when Betnstein to defend himself with a ki shield, effectively blocking the offensive maneuver.

M. Bison leaped backward, preparing to descend with a Psycho Power-enhanced Skull Crusher Dive. However, his attack was intercepted by Rugal's swift Genocide Cutter kick, which skillfully diverted Bison away from his intended target.

M. Bison swiftly teleported away to reclaim the advantage, swiftly executing a slide kick to throw Rugal's footing off balance. With a surge of Psycho Power once again, Bison unleashed a crushing attack, sending his opponent stumbling backward. In a display of precision and aggression, Bison teleported above Betnstein, and delivered a powerful stomp, driving him down into the floor with formidable force.

"Nightmare Booster! This place shall become your grave!"

Bison declared, his voice filled with menace. M. Bison reveled in his triumph as he unleashed a barrage of punches infused with Psycho Power, delivering them to Rugal's face repeatedly, each blow cracking the metal floor beneath them. Unrelenting in his aggression, Bison sought to overwhelm his opponent. However, Rugal retaliated swiftly, extending his hand forward to shock Bison's face with a powerful surge of electrical ki, forcibly pushing the dictator away. M. Bison seethed with frustration, bellowing,

"Just stay down!"

Unleashing his Psycho Cannon, he fired a barrage of dark energy blasts. However, with unwavering determination, Rugal stood up and formed a ki force field, deflecting the attacks, sending them hurtling back at the dictator. The reflected energy exploded upon impact, further adding to Bison's disorientation within the battle. M. Bison roared with determination, his voice filled with conviction,

"My Psycho Power knows no limits!"

With an explosive burst, he cleared the debris, revealing his new and fearsome form. The violet flames of his Psycho Power aura danced around him, signifying his transition to his Final Bison state. His once red attire had now turned an ominous black, a representation of his unleashed full potential. Rugal shot back defiantly,

"Fool! You underestimate the power of a god!"

In response, purple energy burst from him, surging outward in all directions as he hovered several feet off the ground. Flickers of energy danced upon his body as his blonde hair turned stark white and his cybernetic eye glowed fiercely red. He now embodied the form of Omega Rugal, embodying godlike essence.

"Gigantic Pressure!"

Omega Rugal launched the first attack, using Gigantic Pressure to propel Final Bison into a wall with immense force, causing a massive explosion. However, the dictator swiftly teleported out of the debris, appearing behind his foe. Capitalizing on the opportunity, he seized Omega Rugal and hurled him overhead with impressive strength.

Omega Rugal managed to land on his feet after being thrown, effortlessly deflecting away any incoming Psycho Cannons. However, Final Bison employed his teleportation to its full extent, attacking with lightning-fast punches and kicks, teleporting at such speed that Omega Rugal found himself under attack from multiple angles simultaneously, as if facing four opponents at once.

Omega Rugal's frustration grew evident as he let out a growl of irritation, pivoting swiftly to fire a laser burst from his cybernetic eye. Final Bison swiftly retaliated by teleporting away and shielding himself with a Psycho Power barrier, intercepting the intense beam.

With blinding speed, Omega Rugal surged forward, catching Final Bison off guard, swiftly gripping his throat and unleashing a devastating attack. Without a moment's thought, he drove his other hand, filled with crackling energy, into the dictator's body. As Final Bison cried out in pain, Rugal concluded the brutal assault by stomping down forcefully with both feet, causing a tremendous explosion that inflicted catastrophic damage.

Despite the overwhelming power displayed and the explosion that followed, Final Bison unleashed a defiant cry, utilizing Nightmare Booster to propel both himself and Rugal into the air. With unshakeable determination, he sought to seize the upper hand in the deadly confrontation.

"Death awaits you!"

His voice echoed with confidence, the promise of impending fate adding to the intensity of the battle. With a burst of speed, Final Bison teleported above Rugal, delivering a powerful stomp that drove him into the ground. Omega Rugal gasped from the impact and the display of sheer strength, only to find himself in a state of alarm and anticipation.

"Psycho Booster!"

The words rang out, signaling the commencement of a devastating attack. Final Bison descended upon his fallen foe with the force of a fiery purple asteroid, his energy surging with an apocalyptic intensity.

Final Bison's unstoppable force collided with Omega Rugal's chest with overwhelming power, driving them through the floor and tearing through layers of steel infrastructure within the Shadaloo base. In the process, Rugal's body bore the brunt of the impact, tearing him apart. They landed on a floor below with a sickening thud, blood and body parts cascading around them. Omega Rugal's body was left in a torn and brutalized state, his once intimidating presence reduced to scattered remnants.

M. Bison, exhausted from expending such immense Psycho Power, found himself struggling to stand upright, his once black attire transforming back to its original red. The recoil from the overwhelming power usage forced him to kneel, his body strained and weakened by the tremendous effort. Despite the fatigue, Bison managed to muster a dismissive remark, his arrogance still present.

"Hmph. He might have made an inferior vessel for transferring my spirit into anyway."
Strength: So, compared to Rugal going up against Akuma, this was much closer. Both fighters were able to create storms to showcase their power, but while Rugal with additional power was able to create a storm with energy equivalent of 5 MT of TNT, M. Bison, on his own, was able to create one that required at least 70 MT of TNT to make it skull shaped. Which is 14X stronger, and Final Bison is stronger than that.

Speed: As established in my Akuma vs Rugal match in chapter two, Rugal is about 40X faster than Bison. However, Bison's teleportation skills would allow him to keep pace with Rugal, giving him better arena control.

Skill: Even if we assume that both fighters treat combat as beneath them, only using it to dominate their enemy underfoot, I'd say that Bison is a more skilled martial artist thanks to being about 15 years older, giving him more time to fight and utilize his Psycho Power.

Experience: Like Akuma, M. Bison has faced more than the likes of Rugal Bernstein, even facing against Ryu because his use of the Satsui no Hado seemed to make him a viable vessel, which would work similarly to Rugal's Omega form.

Powers: While they both possessed similarly fighting styles and some similar moves, M. Bison had a more diverse moveset than Rugal's elemental ki. While M. Bison needs his opponent weakened for his mind and soul manipulation to work. Telekinesis, teleportation, energy absorption, this gave Bison enough diversity to overcome Rugal.

The winner is M. Bison.
Next time:

"Nothing can hinder my spirit! Nothing!"

"Do what must be done. I will live by these words, as my master does."

Chapter 29: Ryu Hayabusa vs Sekiro (Wolf)

Chapter Text

Ryu Hayasusa


The son of Jô Hayabusa, Ryu was born into the Dragon Lineage legacy; as required, he would be trained from childhood to walk the path of a ninja, a way of life plagued with danger, pain and sorrow.

As a child Ryu learned many crucial survival skills under the guidance and watchful eye of Omitsu, the caretaker of the Hayabusa clan's children. Under Omitsu's care Ryu quickly befriended Kureha and the two became inseparable. Training intensified as he grew older, adapting to these difficulties, Ryu quickly excelled among his peers, becoming one of the clan's top students. His skill would earn him the right to bear the name Hayabusa as his own, mastering many ninja skills, to the delight of his father.

As Ryu grew into a strong young ninja, his best friend Kureha became a Shrine Maiden. Growing up, he befriended many other members of his clan, including the veteran who fought beside his father Genjiro, Kureha's younger sister Momiji (who later becomes Ryu's apprentice), and his uncle from his mother's side Murai, who left the clan under unknown circ*mstances to establish his own rogue ninja clan.

Ryu also finds himself in good terms with the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, especially with the young Ayane, Kasumi (who later becomes a runaway ninja) and their current leader, Hayate, who he considers a close friend. This also expands the Hayabusa clan own relations, meaning they can count on the Mugen Tenshin members for help and vice versa.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Enhanced Senses (Can use a 6th sense to sense new enemies, incoming attacks and directions for him to reach his goal. Has sharpened senses and thought process),

Regeneration (Mid-Low; Healed slashes that critically harmed him by the Hayabusa Spirit. However, he cannot heal all his wounds and need to rest in order to happen),

Teleportation (Can teleport short distances via Blink),

Weapon Mastery (Is a master swordfighter and archer. Is a master of virtually every type of weapon),

Stealth Mastery,

Martial Arts,


Surface Scaling (Can cling, climb on and run up walls),

Magic (Is a master level in the art of ninja magic, also known as Ninpo),

Projectile Reflection (When carefully timed, Ryu can deflect projectiles back at enemies with a sword slash),

Invisibility (Can turn himself invisible in a smoke-filled area),

Elemental Manipulation (Ryu learned to channel his inner body heat into a fireball projectile, he can gather the cold elements of the air creating big tornadoes of ice, summon huge fireballs or magnify his own bio-electricity and shoot outward towards surrounding targets),

Fire Manipulation,

Ice Manipulation,

Electricity Manipulation,

Telekinesis (Used to lift a platform),


Healing (Can summon several blue healing essence orbs in order to heal himself),

Air Manipulation (Can summon tornadoes and swing his sword fast enough to produce vacuum wave cuts),

Time Stop (Can use a hourglass that stops time around him. Lasts for 5 seconds),

Duplication (Can summon a phantom double of himself, which will follow all of his movements and mimic his actions as a result),

Illusion Creation (Via Art of Substitution),

Power Mimicry (Ryu has also gained the ability to assume the powers, abilities, and form of anyone he sees, these are some of the arts of Ninpo that Ryu has mastered completely, Ryu is able to make himself immune to everything whilst casting Ninpo),

Smoke Manipulation (Via Smoke Bomb),

Transformation/Shapeshifting (Can transform into a tornado or a falcon, enabling him to travel anywhere around the world),

Resurrection (Is able to tap into his guardian animal spirit "Hayabusa Spirit", that resurrects Ryu after he dies. Via Talisman of Rebirth),

Statistics Amplification (Can increase his attack power and defence via Armlets),

Resistance to Life-Force Absorption (Was still fine when the Sword of Chaos attacked him. The Sword of Chaos has been stated to suck up the life force),

Black Hole Creation (Is capable of creating small-scale black holes that quickly dissipate),

Weaknesses: Needs spirit points for some of his weapons, cannot spam his ninpo, healing takes time for him
Wolf (Sekiro)

Some two decades before the game's main event, Sekiro was found by Owl in the calmed battlefield, seemingly orphaned from Isshin Ashina's coup and reclamation of his clan's homeland. Owl dubbed him "Wolf" and took the boy in as a foster son while having him trained (with the help of several co-mentors such as Lady Butterfly) to become a Shinobi.

Sekiro was at one time, appointed as Shinobi of the Divine Heir, which bound him to a lifetime duty of protecting his young lord. This responsibility took Sekiro under difficult times when Hirata Estate fell under a very timely attack by a bandit group under Juzou the Drunkard which unbeknownst to many, had the backing of Interior Ministry's agents and Sekiro's own traitorous father. The exact thing that transpired that night is unknown since Sekiro's memory of the event itself was gone from him, but it can be accepted that Sekiro was fooled by his foster father to think that he was about to pass away from wounds and was tasked with a "dying wish" to retrieve the Divine Heir, Kuro, from the hidden shrine beneath Hirata Estate's main building. For whatever reason, Sekiro was antagonistically greeted by Lady Butterfly, who does not seem to be content with Sekiro getting away with Kuro, and was forced to kill his former mentor. Victorious, Sekiro was somehow stabbed from the behind by a large Odachi and he fell to a near-death state. It was at this time, Kuro gave him his oath-bound immortality, allowing Sekiro to survive the harrowing event.

With no recollection of that night, Sekiro was left with no purpose to live. He was branded a rogue by the Ashina military, possibly due to accusations of betrayal involving Hirata's destruction that wasn't his doing. For an unknown amount of time, Sekiro spent his time in a well not far from Ashina Reservoir, wasting his life away in solitude. The soldiers and guards who came to know his presence went as far as to tolerate him, believing he lost his will to live. Yet, a letter from a tenant of Ashina Castle made its way into the well one day, informing Sekiro that his master is alive and needs saving, from which point the game unfolds.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Resurrection and Immortality (Types 4 and 8: Bound by the Dragon's Heritage and will resurrect if he is killed. If he were to be killed several times, the Dragon's Heritage would steal another person's life-force in order for him to resurrect without using too much of the Dragon's Blood, though this would result in them being afflicted with Dragonrot, a lethal disease which causes wheezing, coughing of blood, and eventual death),

Stealth Mastery,

Martial Arts,

Pressure Points with Deathblows (They target particularly weak and vital areas of the opponent, such as the neck, armpit, and solar plexus of humanoid opponents, and the ear canal or eye of massive opponents. Taking advantage of these pressure points allows him to seriously injure opponents much stronger than himself and finish off comparable opponents with one or two strikes when left exposed),

Partial Cyborgization (After he lost his arm, Sekiro possesses a rudimentary prosthetic arm that allows him to use his Prosthetic Skills),

Weapon Mastery (Katana/shurikens/firecrackers/axe/knives/umbrella/whistle),

Enhanced Senses (Can see unusually well in the dark and hear conversations from a distance. Could easily notice Owl trying to attack him from behind, and deflect his attack),


Genius Intelligence (In combat),

Power Mimicry (Can copy techniques, even those of master martial artists such as Isshin Ashina, in this way learning Dragon Flash and One Mind),

Information Analysis (Despite never seeing her fight, Wolf could tell that Emma was an expert swordswoman),

Limited Electricity Manipulation and Attack Reflection (Can redirect lightning by jumping into the air),

Non-Physical Interaction (Can deflect shockwaves, wind, and various incorporeal enemies),

Fire Manipulation (with Flame Vent and other Shinobi tools derived from it),

Poison Manipulation (with Sabimaru),

Air Manipulation (with Divine Abduction; Gathers and releases a gust of wind, forcing enemies to turn around if they are caught by it. Those who are caught by it are said to be "spirited away" and never return),

Sound Manipulation (with Finger Whistle),

Explosion Manipulation (with Firecrackers),

Summoning and Homing Attack (Phantom Kunai summons phantom butterflies when thrown),

Illusion Nullification (Can nullify illusions with Lazulite Axe),

Teleportation (Using the Mist Raven's Feathers, Wolf can teleport at a short distance and leave behind crow feathers),

Use of consumable items, which grants additional abilities and buffs such as:

Healing (Low-Mid with Healing Gourd and Pellets),

Statistics Amplification (Buddhist candies and Spiritfalls, which can amplify both durability and attack power. One Mind increases Wolf's latent speed, allowing him to perform multiple slashes while seemingly not unsheathing his weapon. Can also increase his attack power with the Mortal Draw which also extends the range of his slices),

Limited Invisibility (with Gaachin's Sugar/Spiritfall),

Blessed (With Mibu balloons, Unseen Aid, and Divine Confetti. Divine Confetti blesses Wolf's blade, which increases physical damage on top of granting the ability to harm apparition-type foes),

Illusion Nullification (Can nullify illusions with Snap Seeds),

Resistance to:


Fear Manipulation,

Fire Manipulation,

Poison Manipulation (Can increase his resistance to these effects with various items),

Immense Pain Tolerance (Can endure serious injuries and continue fighting such as deep lacerations, being burned alive, and electrocuted),

All previous, but now with:

Shockwave Generation (Can create offensive shockwave slashes with Dragon Flash, Sakura Dance, and Floating Spiral Passage),

Speed Amplification and Afterimage Creation (The One Mind is a combat art which delivers a storm of slashes in burst of speed),

Underwater Breathing (Type 2 with Mibu Breathing technique),

All previous, but now with:

Holy Manipulation (with Lazulite Sacred Flame and Lazulite Axe, which is divine and blessed with the Fountainhead Lapis Lazuli. The Lazulite Sacred Flame burns apparition-type enemies),

Limited Smoke Manipulation and Damage Boost (with Purple Fume Spark, can create blue smoke right before the firecrackers explode. If an opponent is blinded with Purple Fume Spark, for some time they will take a bit more damage from the attacks),

Weaknesses: Dying repeatedly exhausts Wolf's resurrective power which leads to temporary unconsciousness, and if the process is repeated, the resurrection eventually gets powered through absorbing the life force of others, spreading a lethal disease known as Dragonrot which causes coughing of blood and eventual death.
Song: Ninjas die Twice

Ryu Hayabusa stood on top of a traditional Japanese torii gate, the night sky above him casting a gentle glow. The surroundings were quiet, the only sound the occasional rustle of leaves carried by the gentle breeze. He waited patiently, his senses alert for any signs of fiendish activity or imminent danger.

Sekiro the Wolf, a formidable shinobi, hid stealthily in the branches above, his gaze fixed upon Ryu. Perched high above, he observed his target, his dark eyes filled with determination and a burning desire to eliminate Ryu. Sekiro's mind was set upon the same path he had traveled before—to eradicate this warrior as a means to strengthen himself, as he had done with countless others.

Sekiro, as silent as the night itself, dropped from the leaves and swiftly lunged forward, his sword aimed downward, poised for a fatal blow. But Ryu, his senses finely attuned, perceived the incoming threat and promptly drew his Dragon Sword to deflect the lethal strike. The two men landed gracefully on their feet on opposite sides of the torii gate, their battle now officially underway.

The two skilled shinobi charged towards each other, their blades meeting in a graceful yet intense clash. In an instant, Ryu retreated and hurled 7 shuriken at Sekiro, the lethal projectiles flying towards the Wolf. With remarkable speed and precision, Sekiro deflected each of the shuriken with a series of quick sword swings, their metallic chime resounding through the night air.

Sekiro attempted a swift strike, but Ryu, nimble and quick, managed to evade the blow with ease. In a swift counter, he kicked Sekiro, throwing the Wolf off balance. Capturing the opportunity, Ryu seized the moment and executed an Izuna Drop, the powerful aerial maneuver sending the Wolf plummeting to the ground.

Despite the impact from the Izuna Drop, Sekiro managed to regain his composure and roll away just in time, evading the Dragon Sword as it stabbed into the ground with remarkable precision. The stone terrain yielded easily under the formidable blade, the ground pierced by the powerful strike.

Sekiro unleashed a Whirlwind Slash, launching a swift double attack towards Ryu. While Ryu managed to block the initial assault, Sekiro followed up by launching the Ichimonji Double, two consecutive powerful slashes. The first one staggered Ryu, but he recovered quickly to parry the second one, demonstrating his own skill and reflexes.

Ryu attempted to capitalize on Sekiro's momentary loss of balance, launching a slashing attack. However, to his surprise, Sekiro vanished in a burst of blackness, leaving only raven feathers behind. The shinobi had made use of the Mist Raven technique, vanishing like a specter and evading Ryu's attack with incredible agility.

Despite his initial surprise, Ryu swiftly regained his composure and pinpointed Sekiro's location. Using his Violent Wind technique, he executed a lightning-fast ninja dash, launching a flurry of swift slashes at his adversary. Sekiro, displaying impressive agility, reacted by stepping to the side and deflecting the attack with precise movements, preventing any harm. Without wasting a moment, he retaliated by unleashing his Loaded Spear, striking back at Ryu.

Ryu effortlessly leaped over the spear, launching a kick at Sekiro. However, Sekiro swiftly countered, blocking the kick with his prosthetic arm. Despite the block, the kick managed to push the Wolf back, causing him to stumble slightly.

In a swift succession of precise slashes, Ryu unleashed the Art of the Wind Blades technique, creating three sharp waves of vacuum pressure that sliced through the air. Sekiro agilely dodged each one, avoiding the devastating strikes. In retaliation, he performed a swift Nightjar Slash to close the distance gap between them, causing his blade to grind against Ryu's as the ninja blocked it with expert skill.

Sekiro took advantage of smoke he conjured, vanishing from sight, leaving Ryu momentarily disoriented. Coughing at the sudden obstruction, Ryu peered through the mist, just in time to catch a glimpse of something hurtling toward him. Reacting quickly, he deflected the approaching shuriken, only to find Sekiro bursting out of the mist and launching the Ashina Cross. The powerful iaijutsu attack sent Ryu skidding backwards as he struggled to block it with his Dragon Sword.

Sekiro pursued Ryu after the Ashina Cross, and launched the Shadowrush, swiftly pursuing his opponent as they moved backwards. Despite the backward motion, Ryu managed to deflect the attack, causing Sekiro to leap off of his defense and soar into the air with impressive agility.

Sekiro, mid-air, unleashed a grappling hook to attach himself to a tall tree and effortlessly pulled himself into the branches. Ryu swiftly followed suit in a similar maneuver. The battle took to the trees, their clash transforming into an aerial dance as they engaged in a swift exchange of slashes while leaping from tree to tree. The metallic clang of their swords echoed through the night air, each strike reflecting their honed skills.

In an instant, Ryu deftly tossed a smoke bomb to Sekiro's left, taking the Wolf by surprise as it exploded with a startling noise. Distracted, Sekiro dropped to the ground and attempted to maintain his guard. Sensing the moment, Ryu seized the opportunity, landing on Sekiro's head with one hand before swiftly moving behind him. With precision and lethality, Ryu fatally stabbed Sekiro from behind, the battle swiftly coming to an end.

With a thud, Sekiro collapsed to the front, the ground beneath him stained with blood as it poured from the fatal wound. Ryu stoically turned away, flicking the blood off his sword before a peculiar whisper of the Divine Heir echoed through the air.

"Loyal Wolf...Take my blood and live again…"

A surge of red energy pulsed from Sekiro as he slowly stood up, rising behind Ryu who turned back in sheer surprise. Empowered by the revitalizing energy, Sekiro armed himself with the Loaded Axe, launching an overhead cleave aimed at Ryu. However, the ninja swiftly leaped back, evading the devastating strike. The axe head hit the ground with tremendous force, causing it to split and create a powerful tremor where Ryu had been moments ago.

Recognizing the need for a change in strategy, Ryu swiftly sheathed his Dragon Sword and opted to equip himself with the formidable Eclipse Scythe. This massive, powerful blade from the Lycanthrope clan was a sight to behold, its fearsome, curved blade gleaming reflectively in the soft moonlight.

Sekiro surged forward, his axe tainted with poison poised to strike at Ryu. Although the ninja managed to deflect some of the attacks, he couldn't prevent everything, enduring several glancing blows. Surprisingly, the poison seemed to have minimal effect on him. In response, Ryu unleashed a series of rotational attacks with his scythe, forcing Sekiro to retreat, his chest narrowly avoiding critical damage.

In a swift switch, Ryu exchanged the Scythe for his Bow and swiftly fired an explosive arrow. Sekiro, quick to react, blocked the arrow with his axe, but the weapon itself sustained significant damage, partially destroyed by the impact. The force of the explosion sent Sekiro momentarily stumbling backward. Undeterred, he quickly brandished the Finger Whistle and blew into it, summoning three massive black dogs. The barks echoed through the woods and signaled the arrival of the trio of canine companions, their eyes filled with a murderous intent. Ryu, caught off guard, was compelled to shift his focus to these new adversaries.

Ryu swiftly recovered his Eclipse Scythe and lunged at the dogs. Despite their formidable presence, composed of size, numbers, and ferocity, Ryu proved to be nimble and agile enough to skillfully evade their assaults. With unparalleled precision, he landed targeted slashes at their vulnerable spots, strategically cutting through their defenses until the wolves were weakened and ultimately succumbed from excessive bleeding.

Sekiro, prepared with his Prosthetic Arm, unleashed the Flame Vent, releasing a colossal wave of fire towards Ryu. The ninja quickly rolled away, extinguishing the ignited embers on his body. However, his brief respite was short-lived as Sekiro burst through the flames, his sword engulfed in the fiery blaze.

Ryu discarded his scythe on the ground and drew his iconic Dragon Sword in a defensive stance, ready to counteract Sekiro's strike. Meanwhile, the weather darkened as a storm blanketed the surroundings, lightning bolts illuminating the darkened sky during the intense sword clash between the two adversaries. The clash of blades created sparks and trails of fire, their combined power transforming the air with an electric and fiery spectacle.

As the fire faded from Sekiro's sword, the shinobi sheathed his weapon and prepared to execute the iaijutsu technique, One Mind. With astonishing speed, he unleashed a swift slash, which Ryu was able to block. However, he was caught off guard by the subsequent barrage of faster-than-eye slashes that materialized across his body. Ryu grunted and clenched his teeth as the attacks landed, his defense overwhelmed by the sudden quickness of Sekiro's technique.

Ryu promptly retreated from Sekiro, utilizing the cover of a smoke bomb to conceal himself among the trees, vanishing from the Wolf's field of vision. He then placed his hands together in a ninja sign and began to glow a subtle blue, harnessing his ninpo to heal the injuries inflicted by Sekiro's One Mind attack.

Sekiro deployed the Divine Abduction technique, blowing away the surrounding smoke and found himself facing a barrage of fireballs. With remarkable dexterity, he sliced through each projectile, extinguishing the fire. However, Sekiro was caught off guard by Ryu's stealthy approach. The ninja had snuck past his defenses and delivered a swift, lethal slash with his Dragon Sword, cutting clean through Sekiro's waist.

At that moment, it seemed as though Sekiro's fate was sealed, doomed to fall from the precise cut delivered by Ryu. However, the power of resurrection from the Shinobi Resurrection, fueled by the deaths of his black dogs at Ryu's hands, came into play. The bisected body of the Wolf miraculously fused back together, restoring him to his former vitality before he could collapse.

Frustrated by Sekiro's persistent immortality, Ryu channeled the electrical energies within his body, rapidly building up a powerful charge. Harnessing the power of the Art of the Inazuma, he unleashed a devastating bolt of lightning at Sekiro. Sekiro leaped back, effectively parrying the electrical strike. Demonstrating reflexes of his own, Sekiro countered immediately, sending the lightning back towards Ryu. Surprisingly, despite being caught off guard, Ryu exhibited remarkable skill in deflecting the lightning bolt, splitting it in half, causing it to explode harmlessly behind him.

Ryu employed the enigmatic Doppelgänger technique, conjuring a shadow clone of himself to join the fray. The clone flawlessly mimicked Ryu's movements with a slight delay, adding an element of confusion to the battle. Initially, Sekiro was caught off guard by the solidity of the illusion, allowing the phantom and Ryu to strike. However, the adaptable shinobi quickly equipped his prosthetic arm with the formidable Lazulite Axe, slicing through the phantom and successfully dispelling it.

In a swift motion, Ryu swung his Dragon Sword, severing the axe from the prosthetic arm. Just as he was about to advance further, Sekiro intervened by flinging out a series of fire crackers. The loud and blinding explosions caused Ryu to falter momentarily, disoriented by the sudden blast of light and sound.

Sekiro pounced upon the opportune moment, using Ryu's momentary lapse to finally deliver a critical hit that left a deep, bleeding gash across the ninja's chest. The impact sent Ryu reeling backward, gasping in pain as he was forced to his knees. Unable to withstand the assault, Ryu collapsed onto the ground with a resounding thud, defeated in the intense battle.

Sekiro calmly wiped the blood from his blade before sheathing it, preparing to retreat from the scene. However, just as he was about to leave, he suddenly sensed an overwhelming spiritual presence behind him. Turning around, he found Ryu rising to his feet, having recomposed himself despite the hit, Sekiro addressed him with an air of grimness in his voice, inquiring,

"You, too, are immortal?"

Ryu retrieved his Dragon Sword and activated the Eye of the Dragon, causing it to glow an otherworldly blue as the divine powers of the Dragons imbued his blade. With a confident voice, he answered Sekiro's query, saying,

"No, it's not immortality that blesses me. The spirit of the Hayabusa runs deep in my bloodline, stronger than death itself."

Sekiro took a moment to regain his strength and vitality by sipping from his gourd, allowing the healing effects to mend his accumulating injuries. In response, Ryu showcased his mastery over ninpo, unleashing the formidable Art of the True Inferno. His body transformed into a massive dragon blazing with fiery energy, towering over the Wolf and roaring with ferocious intensity.

Although taken aback by the awe-inspiring sight, Sekiro remained undaunted. He quickly drank from another gourd, bolstering his resistance to fire and heat. With a fierce yell, the determined Wolf jumped up, aiming to meet the fiery dragon's lunge, allowing himself to be swallowed by the blazing creature.

The fiery dragon's fearsome roar echoed through the tumultuous sky, only to be cleaved in half lengthways. The transformation ended, leaving Ryu and Sekiro to plummet back towards the ground. Sekiro landed with his characteristic grace, while Ryu descended with significantly more difficulty, having been conquered from within by the powerful Wolf

Sekiro, determined to deliver the coup de grâce, leaped forward, ready to inflict the fatal blow. However, in an unexpected turn of events, he was suddenly impaled through the stomach by Ryu's True Dragon Sword, the blade piercing him from Hayabusa who didn't turn around to face him. Sekiro let out a pained cry as he found himself skewered by the ninja's weapon, his path of retribution halted in its tracks. Ryu, exhausted but resolute, declared with grim finality,

"Resurrect from this."

As he invoked a final ninpo, Sekiro suddenly felt an oppressive force exerting pressure in his stomach. The pain forced a cry from the Wolf's lips, and in desperation, his prosthetic arm reached out towards Ryu. However, the irresistible pull of the black hole conjured by the Art of the Piercing Void quickly enveloped Sekiro, pulling him into the dark abyss.

With the completion of the battle, Ryu sheathed his Dragon Sword and invoked a teleportation technique, vanishing from the forest. The area was left momentarily still after the epic confrontation, the air heavy with the lingering echoes of their clash. Ryu, battered from the fight, made his way to tend to his injuries, having emerged victorious in the intense battle with Sekiro.
Strength: This was a surprisingly close fight. They were nearly equal in pure strength. Hax strength aside like with the True Dragon Sword, Ryu was able to use the Izuna Drop on Yaiba, who was able to collapse an underground system underneath, which would require about 20 KT of TNT. Meanwhile, Sekiro is able to parry sword strikes with the skyscraper sized Divine Dragon, enduring 15 KT of strength. Which would be a 1.33X strength difference for Hayabusa. However, not only is that a generous lowball for Ryu since it could be much higher, Sekiro would have trouble landing that blow deep enough since Ryu has withstood a point blank explosion that consumed the majority of Mt. Fuji. Such an explosion on the surface would be like dropping the Ivy Mike Hydrogen Bomb on the mountain which was about 10.4 MT. That makes Ryu 693X more durable than Sekiro.

Speed: Sekiro is fast enough to dodge natural lightning at ground level, which would put him at Mach 352. But Ryu's best lightning feat puts him at Mach 1015, which makes Ryu 2.88X faster.

Skill: I would say that Ryu has the better skill, despite both being masters of the ninja, because Hayabusa has mastered a more varied arsenal of weaponry compared to Sekiro.

Experience: I would say that they're both equal in experience. Time wise aside, they've both fought against some of the best ninja of both their worlds, and have fought giant sized foes before.

Powers: At first, Ryu would be hard pressed by Sekiro's fire crackers, similarly various weapons, and especially the resurrective immortality, which would get to him if he killed Sekiro too many times and waste Ryu's time stop ability, Wolf would eventually get overwhelmed by Ryu's varied elemental ninpo, his other unique abilities like Doppelgänger, and especially the black hole move, since Sekiro has never shown to revive from being completely atomized by a point of singularity.

The winner is Ryu Hayabusa.

Chapter 30: Strider Hiryu vs Joe Musashi

Chapter Text

Strider Hiryu


Nothing is known about Hiryu's past, outside the fact that he's an orphan of Asian heritage, with him claiming at one point a Japanese identity while in disguise. He took the Striders' training program alongside Kain, Sheena, and Kubira, and became a close friend of the former two. During training, Hiryu's excellence in every category and incredible displays of skill at such a young age gained him a reputation among other Striders for his inhuman strength and mastery of the Cypher.

Together with him in the Striders was his sister, Mariya, a person he respected and loved dearly. One fateful day, however, Mariya suddenly went insane and murdered ten Strider trainees. As she was a very skilled agent on her own, Director Kuramoto decided to assign the mission to stop her to her brother, a decision he came to regret later. Hiryu desperately fought his mad sister while trying to reason with her, but was finally forced to kill her in self-defense. This incident would weigh heavily on Hiryu's mind. Carrying the burden of her murder, Hiryu lost the will to live and became increasingly reckless and careless during missions, becoming a "demon of destruction" who simply sought to die on the battlefield.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,


Sword Master,

Ninja Skills,

Stealth Mastery,

Sixth Sense,

Plasma Energy Manipulation, which allows him to generate an electromagnetic field capable of repelling enemy bullets and enhance his Cypher with Fire or Ice with Absolute Zero properties,

Can summon a Glider,

Can spawn intangible duplicates of himself,

Temporary Invincibility (via Bunshin),

Can slow time,

Explosion Manipulation,

Statistics Amplification (Can double his jump height for 10 seconds via Jump),

Surface Scaling (Can walk on glowing walls via Magnetic Boots),

Homing Attack (Can launch homing blades of plasma via boost function),

Electricity Manipulation (Can unleash a massive amount of electricity and send out electrical sparks),

Earth Manipulation (Can create a powerful earthquake to kill every enemy on-screen),

Healing (Can heal himself via Medical)

Weaknesses: None notable
Joe Musashi


Orphaned at a young age, Joe was adopted by the chief of the Oboro clan, a superlative ninja clan that descended from the famed ninja of Iga, who have worked in the shadows to protect the peace for generations. The chief raised Joe along with the other young Oboro ninja and had him enrolled in the Oboro School. Like many other great ninja warriors, Joe started out as the weakest of his classmates. As he grew, however, he became the best in class, and by the time he was in his twenties, Joe became a master ninja in less than ten years, a rarity seen once in a century. He received Oborozuki (朧月 Hazy Moon), a coveted katana that was passed down to only the best ninja of the Oboro clan for centuries. Soon after he completed his training, Joe worked for the Japanese government, and on the occasion that he found himself with some free time, he met with his fiancée, Naoko, who was the Oboro chief's daughter.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Weapon Mastery (Via his Hazy Moon sword and shurikens),

Stealth Mastery,

Martial Arts,

Enhanced Senses (Has a ninja-trained 'sixth sense' technique),


Magic (Using ninjutsu),

Poison Manipulation (His blowpipe contains a poison gas),

Status Effect Inducement (In Nightshade, his shurikens can paralyze enemies),

Elemental Manipulation,

Fire Manipulation and Creation (Via Jutsu of Karyu),

Electricity Manipulation and Forcefield Creation (Via Jutsu of Ikazuchi),

Air Manipulation (Via Jutsu of Tatsumaki and wind blades),

Weather Manipulation (Via Jutsu of Inazuma),

Duplication (Via Jutsu of Bunshin),

Illusion Creation (Can project illusions that can kill/damage enemies within radius),

Statistics Amplification and Afterimage Creation (Can increase damage of his fire-wreathed shurikens/conjured wind blades and by using Jutsu of Fushin),

Explosion Manipulation and Self-Destruction (Via Jutsu of Mijin)

Weaknesses: Ninjutsu lasts only for a short period of time.
Song: Striding Shinobi

Strider Hiryu, silent and swift as the shadows, traversed the snowy mountainside of Siberia, his strides effortlessly covering the distance among the snow-blanketed trees. The night was cold and calm, the only sound being the soft crunch of his footsteps against the white powder.

Unaware of his pursuer's presence, Hiryu continued his stealthy trek through the snowy landscape. However, nearby, a ninja skillfully concealed within the pristine white snow awaited silently, the figure belonging to Joe Musashi, a shinobi on a mission that would inevitably lead to a confrontation with the Strider.

Hiryu, sensing the danger, dropped to the ground and swiftly slid through the snow, dodging a hail of shuriken launched from the concealed enemy. In a swift lunge, he attempted to strike at his adversary with his Cypher, but Joe evaded the attack effortlessly. Instead, it was a nearby tree that suffered the impact, the trunk being cleanly sliced in half and collapsing to the ground.

Musashi made an attempt to attack Strider, but found his blade intercepted by Hiryu's Cypher. To his surprise, the plasma blade effortlessly sliced through the steel weapon, leaving him weaponless and taken aback by the unexpected turn of events. However, he managed to jump back just in time, narrowly avoiding receiving the same fate as his damaged sword.

Musashi, seeking to maintain a safe distance from his adversary, employed his ninjutsu to generate four dragon-shaped columns of flames to assault Hiryu. In response, Strider nimbly leaped up onto the tree branches, swiftly climbing upwards to evade the approaching fiery onslaught.

Strider Hiryu, having reached the top of the tree, leapt off and aimed to dive directly at Joe Musashi. However, to his surprise, he found himself passing through a deceptive illusion of the ninja, his blade instead plunging into the solid ground beneath.

Strider quickly looked up, locking onto Joe's position, and prepared to launch a strong lunge, swinging his Cypher to slash at his enemy. However, Musashi utilized his Jutsu of Ikazuchi, enveloping himself in a protective forcefield of electricity that jolted Hiryu upon contact. Taking advantage of this, Joe executed several well-placed electrified strikes against the A-Class ninja.

As the electrical forcefield subsided and the strikes resumed to normal, Strider opted to create a strategic distance by teleporting a short distance away with a distinctive warping sound. In response, he deployed Option A, sending an attack drone straight at Joe.

Musashi reacted quickly, hurling a kunai at the drone and successfully destroying it. Following up, he attempted to throw nightshade shuriken towards the Strider, aiming to impair his movements. However, Hiryu outsmarted the ninja's attack by summoning a robotic cat using Option B, which took the blow instead. The metallic animal was incapacitated by the shuriken, ultimately exploding.

Assuming Joe Musashi's inability to effectively battle multiple enemies simultaneously, Hiryu once again employed Option B, sending an army of robotic cats and falcons to besiege the skilled ninja. However, Musashi cleverly countered this strategy with the Jutsu of Tatsumaki, creating a whirlwind around himself with wind blades that not only lifted the robotic animals, but swiftly demolished them in rapid succession.

Recognizing that he had underestimated his opponent, Strider Hiryu swung his Cypher, launching a series of consecutive plasma energy arcs in Musashi's direction. Joe, displaying remarkable agility, nimbly leaped back into the sheltering protection of the nearby trees, skillfully dodging each incoming attack.

Hiryu forcefully slammed his Cypher into the ground, generating a localized earthquake that caused the ground to tremble. The shaken ground caused Joe to lose balance, toppling out of the trees. Despite his momentary fall, Musashi quickly reacted, flinging a barrage of incendiary shuriken in retaliation.

As Hiryu adroitly dodged the shuriken by swiftly teleporting around the area, he was poised to launch another attack against Joe. However, realizing the ninja's intention to swiftly bridge the distance, Musashi took out a blowpipe and blew a concoction of poisonous gas directly into Hiryu's face.

Gasping for air from the poisonous fumes now filling his lungs, Strider Hiryu leaped back, activating the Uroboros system to deploy two encircling drones beside him. The drones began unleashing consecutive blasts of energy, creating a barrage meant to keep Joe Musashi at a distance.

Joe Musashi endeavored to dodge the barrage of energy blasts, but the sheer number proved overwhelming, resulting in him being forcefully pushed back and stumbling into the snowy terrain. Regaining his composure, Musashi swiftly performed the Jutsu of Inazuma, calling forth storm clouds that filled the night sky, followed by a colossal bolt of lightning directly striking Hiryu. The drones accompanying the Strider promptly exploded in the aftermath of the intense electrical charge.

Strider, wincing in pain, painstakingly pushed himself up from the snowy ground. Feeling the lingering aftermath of the powerful lightning strike, he used a medical technique to gradually rejuvenate some of his energy and alleviate his injuries.

Joe Musashi, recognizing that Strider was on the verge of defeat, rapidly charged forward in a swift ninja sprint. He then unleashed the Jutsu of Mijin, triggering a colossal explosion to obliterate his foe. However, to his astonishment, Strider Hiryu responded by employing the Bunshin technique, which enveloped his body in a protective aura of invulnerability, momentarily shielding him from the explosive impact. In a decisive moment, Hiryu declared,

"Time to end this. Ragnarok!"

In a flash, he sped around the immobilized Musashi, leaving an impressive blur in his wake. Finally, he delivered the finishing blow, striking down upon his adversary with lethal precision. Joe Musashi stood there for several moments, before his body disintegrated into scattered remnants, marking his ultimate defeat at the hands of the Strider.

With a sense of triumph coursing through him, Strider savored what seemed to be a flawless victory, only to feel a sudden and stinging pain in his back by several nightshade shuriken. As his temporary invulnerability faded, he realized too late that the defeated shinobi he had vanquished was a mere conjuring, an illusion. Turning his head to face the truth, Strider found the real Joe Musashi standing behind him, having strategically taken advantage of his vulnerable moment. Joe Musashi delivered a cold statement to Strider,

"Had you payed better attention, you would have noticed I used a clone to fight for me while you healed yourself from the poison and lightning strike. You underestimated my cunning, and now it's too late. Farewell."

With a precise and lethal maneuver, Musashi swiftly grabbed Strider's head and executed a fatal neck snap. The defeated A-class ninja slumped to the ground, vanquished by the cunning shinobi.
Strength: So, while it's debatable how strong Strider Hiryu is, given most of his offensive feats are with a plasma blade than physical might with a metal sword, Joe Musashi has him beat by contending with Hiruko Ubusuna, who was able to conjure approximately a 500 KT storm over Tokyo, which is 33.33X stronger than the Hiroshima bomb.

Speed: The two are relatively closer to speed. Strider Hiryu is able to dodge anti aircraft bullets, some of the fastest approaching 2900 ft/s, or 2.5 times the speed of sound. However, Joe is fast enough to out speed explosions. Taking into account the average explosion speed of TNT, that's 6900 ft/s, or 6.13 times the speed of sound. That's 2.45X faster.

Skill: I'd say that Joe Musashi more skilled, since he's mastered both martial skill and ninjutsu magic, while Strider more used technology to aid his superhuman feats.

Experience: Strider isn't even 20 years old, while Joe is 26. Musashi has the more experience longevity wise.

Powers: I'd say that they're mostly equal in versatility. Strider may have the ability to temporarily catch up with slowing time, or tanking powerful attacks with invulnerability, but Joe could match Strider blow for blow with special attacks, and keep away from Hiryu's Cypher.

The winner is Joe Musashi.


Next time:

"For years I was the little thief pretending to be a socialite. But this... This is new. I'm done pretending. This cat's going to be a queen. Queen of thieves. Queen of crime. Queen of this whole town! And nothing and no one are going to get in my way!"

"I'm a thief – and stealing is what I do. Not so much for the prize or the possession or even the profit… but for the art of doing it… because I can… and because I'm good."

Chapter 31: Catwoman vs Black Cat

Chapter Text

Black Cat


Felicia Hardy's father Walter Hardy was a world-renowned cat burglar who, before his arrest, encouraged her to never settle for second best. For example, if she loved basketball, she should work to become a basketball player and not just a cheerleader.

During her freshman year in college, she had gone to a party and was nearly raped by a drunken student in a bathroom, when she was saved by another student, named Ryan. Felicia and Ryan became close friends, spending most of their time together until one night Ryan demanded that it was time for their relationship to become physical. Felicia's protests were in vain. Hating the idea of being a victim, she decided that she would murder her rapist despite the consequences. She put aside her studies and began training in various fighting styles and acrobatics. After months of preparing, she set out for revenge, but before she could find him, Ryan was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Furious that she was denied the chance to steal the life of the man who had stolen hers, and feeling reckless, Hardy decided to utilize her new skills to follow in the footsteps of her father. After having been arrested, Felicia was freed from prison by the Black Fox, her father's mentor, who took Felicia as his new pupil. She was trained by Black Fox alongside fellow thief Tamara Blake and although the latter was better than Felicia, Black Fox favoured Hardy due to her having genuine joy in theft and not being in it for just the money. After amassing a fortune in stolen items, Felicia chose to adopt a costume identity. She first donned the Black Cat costume in order to break her father out of prison. On the same night, she met Spider-Man. Despite her antipathy towards men, Felicia felt a kinship with this lone hero. Spider-Man was the first man she felt she could trust, and she grew to love him.

Felicia looked for a way to earn his trust and continued with the Black Cat persona as a misguided attempt to attract his affection. However, she was still cunning enough to fake mental instability when captured, ensuring she was housed in a less secure she was released, Felicia initially agreed to go straight for Spider-Man, and the web-slinger even had his friend on the force Captain DeWolff begin drawing up amnesty papers. The Black Cat decided to pull one last big score, however, and attempted to manipulate Spider-Man into joining her life of crime. He tried to capture her again, but Felicia seemingly flung herself to her death rather than go back to jail. Captain DeWolff ironically arrived with the now useless amnesty papers shortly after.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Enhanced Senses (Via earrings and her electromagnetic contact lenses),


Expert Martial Artist,

Probability Manipulation,

Cybernetic implants (And no, not those kind of implants. They're ballasts.)

Weaknesses: None noticeable


Selina Kyle's early life was defined by tragedy. When she was just a girl, her brutalized mother Maria committed suicide and her violent father Brian drank himself to death soon after. Selina was separated from her younger sister Maggie when remanded to the Sprang Hall Juvenile Detention Center, an abusive state home for orphaned or delinquent girls. Eventually, she escaped the Center and tried pickpocketing the crowd at a carnival outside Gotham City but failed. She was caught by the man who ran the place and he offered her to join the carnival. Selina agreed and soon she learned the art of contortionism, gymnastics, magic and trickery. Using her new learned skills, Selina also improved her pickpocketing skills. When the owner of the carnival died in a tragic accident, Selina decided to take her chances on the streets of Gotham, surviving as a petty thief.

Selina began working as a prostitute in the East End to get by. She watched over an underage girl named Holly Robinson while working for their abusive pimp Stan. After a particularly aggressive beating from Stan, Selina passed out near the Immaculate Virgin Mission, a nunnery where her sister Maggie served as a nun. She was sent to the hospital, where she was visited by Detective George Flannery. He took pity on her and told her of Ted Grant, a man who could teach her how to fight and defend herself. She met with Ted and he agreed to train her. Selina first met Bruce Wayne when he was walking through the East End and solicited by Holly. He rejected her advances and Stan berated Holly, causing Bruce to attack him. Fearing for Holly's safety, Selina approached and fought Bruce, but was knocked out. Later, she returned to Ted and asked him to train her in the use of the bullwhip.

One night, Selina was woken up by the news that the Batman was being cornered by police in Robinson Park. She and Holly decided to see for themselves, and Selina saw firsthand Batman making his escape. Seeing Batman in action gave her the idea that she could become a creature of the night like him. Selina returned the beating Stan gave her and left him, taking Holly with her and declaring that she was changing her line of work. She fashioned her own costume, inspired by her love of cats, and began operating as a cat burglar: the Catwoman. On one of her first heists she robbed the home of mob boss Carmine Falcone and decided that, to distinguish herself, she would claw the faces of her victims, starting with Falcone.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant,


Stealth Mastery,

Surface Scaling,

Weapon Mastery (highly proficient in the use of the bullwhip and various gadgetry)

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, but has survived situations that would kill an average human.
Song: Cat Fight

The quiet Gotham night enveloped the city, and the Museum of Art was shrouded in silence. A lone security guard patrolled through the dim, empty halls, illuminating his path with a beam of light from his flashlight. Numerous protected exhibits, carefully enclosed behind layers of display glass, adorned the museum's walls, including a striking jade lion under vigilant watch.

Unnoticed by the security guard, a skylight high above allowed a sliver of the night's soft moonlight to pour into the museum. In a display of remarkable precision, a set of steel tipped claws silently sliced through the glass, cutting out a perfect circle. Without a sound, a figure gracefully slithered through the opening, revealing the renowned and notorious thief, Black Cat.

The security guard, still on edge, spun around in response to a suspicious noise echoing through the hallway. However, no sign of the noise's source was visible in the dimly lit corridor. Taking a moment to steady himself, the guard prepared to continue his patrol when, without warning, the renowned Catwoman materialized behind him. With a quick and expert move, she delivered a nerve pinch to his neck, swiftly rendering him unconscious.

"Sshh, sshh, easy there, big boy."

Catwoman cooed quietly. Catwoman quietly and discreetly tucked the unconscious security guard in a nearby closet before pivoting her attention towards the prized jade statue. Her eyes shimmered with anticipation, the thrill of the thieving hunt coursing through her veins. Unbeknownst to her, however, Black Cat was stealthily making her way towards the same statue, mirroring the same eagerness and intent.

Both women had silently slunk towards the same pedestal adorned with the coveted jade lion, their stealthy approach going unnoticed. But when they both rose to their feet simultaneously, facing the statue from opposite sides, Selina Kyle and Felicia Hardy were astonished to find each other standing there, almost like mirror images of one another. Selina attempted to conceal her surprise with a scoff, attempting to maintain the upper hand with a witty retort.

"Oh, what do we have here? A literal copycat? I'd be flattered, if you weren't trying so hard to copy my style."

She said, her words laced with a hint of sass and irony. Felicia took offense to Selena's comment, pointing to herself with a defiant expression. She protested,

"Excuse me? I'm the Black Cat. I'm following in my father's footsteps, not yours. Don't flatter yourself."

Selina chuckled, a smirk playing on her lips.

"Ah, so you're a daddy's girl, huh? Well, I do hope you're not trying to copy my whole cat burglar routine. That would just be sad. In any case, stealing cat themed artifacts are my thing as well, so you may want to leave before you get hurt, kitty cat."

Felicia bristled at the remark, her eyes narrowing. She growled, her voice laced with irritation.

"Don't you dare call me that. And who do you think you are, claiming sole ownership of cat themed artifacts? Sounds like someone's afraid of a little competition."

Selina chuckled once more, her smirk widening.

"Competition? Oh, honey, you're adorable. But let's be real, I've been doing this whole cat burglar shtick way longer than you. And trust me, kitty cat, I don't think you're anywhere close to my calibre."

Frustration etched across her face, Felicia clenched her jaw.

"Don't you dare call me 'kitty cat' again, or I'll really show you my claws."

Selina feigned a pout, her tone mockingly sweet.

"Oh, what's the matter, little kitty? Did I hit a nerve? I must say, you're quite adorable when you're grumpy."

"That's it!"

Black Cat exclaimed, flipping over the statue in fury and launching a barrage of acrobatic martial arts attacks. However, Catwoman proved to be more than ready to counteract the younger woman's advances, displaying her ability to deftly defend against the onslaught. Catwoman delivered a few quick strikes, but Black Cat skillfully evaded them. However, Selina managed to land a firm kick to Felicia's stomach, causing her to stumble back momentarily.

Selina continued with a low sweeping kick, but Black Cat adeptly vaulted over it. Catwoman unleashed a high kick, only for Felicia to counter by swiftly raise her arm to block it. Black Cat seized the opportunity to retaliate with a strong punch aimed at Catwoman's side, and followed up with a couple of punches to the face. Selina was jolted by the attacks and quickly somersaulted away to create a gap between them.

Catwoman retrieved her whip and showcased her remarkable proficiency in wielding it as she snapped it towards Black Cat. However, the younger woman proved nimble and elegant as she deftly avoided the whipping lashes. In a moment of bad fortune, one of Catwoman's whip lashes accidentally made contact with the protective glass covering the jade lion, shattering it into many broken shards, triggering the alarm system.


Both women exclaimed in unison, realizing their misfortune.

"Well, as much as I'd love to stay and put you in your place, I've got to run now. Toodles!"

Catwoman swiftly employed her whip to snag the jade lion from its pedestal and prepared to make a hasty retreat. Black Cat exclaimed with determination,

"Not so fast!"

She quickly deployed a cat-clawed grapple line towards the ceiling and swung, swiftly catching up to Catwoman only to kick her down to the ground. Felicia then adeptly snatched the jade lion from the air, preventing it from crashing onto the floor.

Black Cat paused to relish her claimed trophy, a self-satisfied smirk on her face. Catwoman swiftly regained her footing, frustration evident in her expression as she twirled her whip menacingly, preparing to attack again. But to Selina's surprise, Felicia casually caught the whip with her arm, without even looking, leaving the original cat burglar momentarily stunned as she looked at her foe smugly.

With a flick of her wrist, Black Cat tossed the jade lion into the air and skillfully yanked Catwoman towards her, seamlessly employing a judo flip to send Selina flying into another pedestal. There, to her credit, Selina swiftly prevented a nearby ancient ceramic pot from shattering to the ground by grabbing it just in time. Felicia caught the jade lion with ease, her chuckle of amusem*nt echoing through the night. Black Cat approached the designated display pedestal once more and affectionately, yet sarcastically, addressed the jade lion.

"Stay here and wait for me, precious."

She placed the statue gently and deliberately back in its original spot, preparing herself to fully give her undivided attention to Catwoman. Meanwhile, Selina carefully returned the ceramic pot to its corresponding place. Black Cat felt the unexpected grip of a whip around her throat, abruptly yanked backward by Catwoman, who took advantage of the momentum to deliver a swift capoeira sweep kick to her face, sending her crashing down to the ground.

Though staggered by the impact, Black Cat effortlessly back rolled and swiftly regained her footing. Just as Selina attempted another lash with the whip, Felicia adeptly caught the weapon and, with a quick pull, wrestled control of it. Despite Catwoman's initial determination to hold on, bad luck intervened as the whip tore from the handle, diminishing its potency significantly. Selina seethed with irritation as Black Cat flashed a smug grin in response as she tossed the broken whip away.

"Now that you don't have your little toy, we can settle this face-to-face. Just us girls."

Black Cat stood confidently, adopting a martial stance, poised in a cat stance karate position, ready to engage in fierce combat.

"You want to do this claw to claw? Fine."

The clash of fists, kicks, and acrobatic maneuvers filled the air, both women displaying exceptional fighting skills. Catwoman's experience and adaptability countered Black Cat's agility and speed, making for a thrilling catfight. Their battle continued, each trying to dominate the other.

Felicia executed three swift kicks, all of which Catwoman blocked with impressive reflexes. Undeterred, Black Cat responded with a back flip over Selina's low sweep, displaying agility and dexterity. However, she was caught off guard as Catwoman landed a series of facial punches and a harsh kick to the gut. The scuffle continued with a powerful capoeira kick, sending Felicia rolling across the floor.

Catwoman pounced, claws extended, aiming to sink them into Black Cat. But Felicia proved adept at evading, quickly rolling to the side and skillfully avoiding the attack. In a swift counterattack, Black Cat simultaneously slashed into Catwoman's side with her own claws, drawing blood and demonstrating her own sharp instincts. Catwoman howled in pain as her side bled from the attack, but in a stroke of misfortune, her claws became lodged in the floor, refusing to budge.

"Are you kidding me?!"

She groaned in frustration, desperately attempting to wrench her claws free. Black Cat chuckled, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

"Here, let me help you."

She began tugging at Catwoman's feet, yanking the original thief's with surprising strength. Catwoman's claws came free with a forceful pull, but the momentum had her sliding across the floor, leaving claw marks everywhere she went as she desperately tried to keep herself from being dragged. With a quick spin on her heels, Black Cat seized Catwoman in a tight grip and whirled her around in a series of dizzying circles. Then, with a powerful swing, she flung Selina forcefully into a wall, causing a spiderweb of cracks to form where she slammed into it.

Catwoman groaned in pain, disoriented and struggling to regain her bearings. Felicia approached, her smirk growing wider as she brandished her steel-tipped claws, preparing to deal another strike. However, in a moment of catlike instinct, Catwoman swiftly retaliated, her diamond-tipped claws effortlessly slicing through Black Cat's, rendering her claws useless.

Felicia recoiled in shock as she assessed her hand, sighing in relief as she realized her fingers were unharmed, just the artificial nails were sliced off. As she watched Catwoman begin to rise, Black Cat swiftly made another move, deploying her other set of claws on her other hand. Selina reacted swiftly, catching Black Cat's claws with her own diamond claws. The clash of sharp weapons caused sparks to fly and produced a series of loud cutting noises.

In an unexpected twist of misfortune, Black Cat managed to rip the claws and latex leather fingertips clean off Catwoman's costume glove. With a smirk, she taunted the original thief.

"Seems like today's not your day, huh?"

"Have you been making a fool out of me this whole time?"

Selina questioned, not appreciating having as hard of a time that she has been. Felicia sneered with confidence, her arrogance on full display.

"Oh, darling, there's no need to try. I'm just naturally gifted, unlike you."

She intentionally kept quiet about her passive ability to manipulate luck. After all, it brought immense satisfaction to watch Catwoman struggle time and time again due to her bad luck.


Selina bellowed a scathing retort as she furiously charged forward, engaging in a fierce exchange of blows with Felicia. The original hero's martial prowess clashed with Black Cat's heightened speed and agility, creating a dynamic back-and-forth of punches and dodges.

Catwoman delivered a hard punch to Black Cat's gut, causing her to double over in pain. Sensing an opening, Selina swiftly followed up with a vicious knee to the face. But Felicia, despite being winded, managed to catch Catwoman's next punch and retaliate with a brutal elbow to the face. With a powerful kick, she then sent the original thief stumbling backwards.

Selina struggled to rise from the ground, shaking her head to clear her mind. She and Black Cat were both panting heavily, their usually pristine appearances now marked by a mix of bruises and minor cuts. It was clear that the intense fight had taken a toll on them both, but neither was willing to admit defeat.

Catwoman leaped high in the air, executing a forceful flying kick, but Black Cat nimbly slid on the ground, dodging the attack with grace. Once on their feet again, both women launched into a spinning kick simultaneously, their legs meeting in a powerful collision of force.

Selina landed a powerful capoeira kick that knocked Black Cat's domino mask off, the eyewear dropped with a clattering noise. Felicia grimaced at the loss and continued the fierce exchange of blows with Catwoman. In a calculated strike, Black Cat sliced through Catwoman's mask, leaving bleeding cuts on the side of her face.

Selina shot back with a forceful kick to Black Cat's stomach, but she found herself outmaneuvered as her rival quickly executed a nimble cartwheel flip. Before she could react, Catwoman found her head locked between Black Cat's thighs as they both crashed to the floor.

Catwoman choked as her airway was blocked by the firm grip of Black Cat's powerful thighs. However, refusing to give in without a struggle, she instinctively dug her claws into her opponent's leg, slicing through the cat suit. Felicia yelped in pain as she let go of Selina, stumbling away and clutching her now bleeding leg.

Stumbling upon the shattered remnants of the discarded whip, Black Cat's mind flashed with an idea just in time to evade the incoming pounce from Catwoman, her diamond-tipped claws extended. As Selina lunged, Felicia sidestepped the attack while swiftly wrapping the whip around Catwoman's neck. With a quick flip, she effortlessly tossed her opponent onto the floor and found herself seated on top of the bewildered thief.

Despite the pain from the slashes and the claws digging into her sides by Selina, Black Cat grit her teeth and maintained her grip on the whip, using her right leg to restrain Catwoman's arm. She then intensified the pressure on the whip, causing it to constrict around Selina's neck, slowly cutting off her airflow.

Catwoman struggled with all her strength, but the relentless pressure of the whip around her throat proved too much to overcome. After a brief moment of futile struggling, Selina Kyle finally succumbed to the lack of oxygen and lost consciousness. Felicia Hardy sighed in relief as she rolled off her defeated adversary, taking deep breaths but wincing in pain due to her own injuries.

Black Cat took a few deep breaths to regain her energy before summoning the strength to stand up. Her movements were sluggish from the exertions of the intense fight, but she remained determined as she made her way to the jade lion statue. She reached out and finally claimed the coveted trophy of their cat-astrophe.

Just as Felicia was celebrating her victory, she heard some struggling noises behind her. Turning around, she saw Catwoman crawling on her hands and knees, trying to close the distance.

"Wait... I'm not done with you yet,"

Selina hissed through gritted teeth, her determination not yet broken. A satisfied smirk played on Black Cat's lips, and she responded with a mocking tone.

"All I have to say is... better luck next time."

As if fate had a sense of humor, a hanging light suddenly broke free from the ceiling and crashed onto Catwoman's back, knocking her unconscious. Felicia Hardy chuckled to herself as she witnessed the final stroke of bad luck. Without wasting a moment, she swiftly climbed the rope she used to enter the museum, just as the police stormed in, encircling the defeated Selina Kyle.
Strength: Both thieves were very close in nearly all categories, but only Black Cat had the luck to pull it off. First off, despite Selina being categorized as a world class fighter by Batman himself, with strength comparable to Olympic athletes, and even once pulling down an estimated 6 ton helicopter, Felicia is able to hold her own against Spider-Man, who can regularly pull off strength feats around 25 tons, making her roughly 4X stronger at most.

Speed: Both women were mostly the same, being able to dodge point blank gunfire from multiple assailants at once. However, not only can Black Cat dodge attacks from Carnage, who is faster than Spider-Man, she can regularly tag Spider-Man in the majority of their interactions, despite his Spider Sense letting him know ahead of time, implying she's faster in attack and reaction speeds.

Skill: Catwoman is the more martially skilled, having trained in six martial arts while Black Cat is only proficient in two, and Felicia has struggled fighting against more skilled fighters if she had no other advantages to compensate.

Experience: I'd consider these thieves equal in experience. While it's difficult to gauge their exact ages, Selina at times has been at it long enough to reach her early 40s, while Felicia is typically younger than that. However, while Catwoman is more experienced fighting human level supervillains, Black Cat is more used to fighting superhuman level supervillains, such as Sabertooth, the Lizard, the Vulture, Scorpion, Carnage, so on and so forth.

Powers: Catwoman is one of the best non-powered humans that scales to Batman, and can have superior range with her whip along with the superior diamond dipped claws, but there's one thing she can't combat: Felicia's luck manipulation. Time and time again, it has undermined opponents without discrimination, allowing her the win. Sure, there have been times where it's been detrimental to Black Cat, but the costs don't always outweigh the benefits.

The winner is Black Cat.
Next time:

"It's good we're at a competition. If this were South Town, you'd be dead... stupid."

"Blind loyalty is not a good thing, as I have learned. You must keep your eyes open to anticipate the finishing blow."

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