Team USA Basketball: 2024 Paris Olympics roster, schedule, news (2024)

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Jul 7, 2024, 08:45 PM ET

Team USA will head to the 2024 Olympics in Paris with a roster filled with some of the NBA's biggest stars and against what could be the most competitive field ever.

As the four-time defending Olympic gold-medal winner, Team USA will be favorites once again but could face stiff competition from teams like Canada and France.

Among those playing for Team USA are LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. Under coach Steve Kerr, the squad will look to get back onto the medal stand after Team USA finished fourth in the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Team USA gathers in Las Vegas for a training camp and a July 10 exhibition match against Canada -- who boast NBA stars like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jamal Murray -- before two preparation games in Abu Dhabi and another pair in London.

Once in France, the team will play three Group C games in Lille on July 28 (Serbia), July 31 (South Sudan) and Aug. 3 (Puerto Rico). The knockout rounds then shift to Paris with the quarterfinals (Aug. 6), semifinals (Aug. 8) and gold-medal game (Aug. 10) at Accor Arena.

As we countdown to Paris 2024, we will have you covered with the latest news and analysis.

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Latest news and analysis

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  • Greece eliminates Slovenia, Luka from Olympic contention

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USA Basketball upcoming exhibition games

July 10: Canada vs. USA (Las Vegas)
July 15: Australia vs. USA (Abu Dhabi)
July 17: Serbia vs. USA (Abu Dhabi)
July 20: South Sudan vs. USA (London)
July 22: Germany vs. USA (London)

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Team USA Roster

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)
Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns)
Anthony Edwards (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Jrue Holiday (Boston Celtics)
Tyrese Haliburton (Indiana Pacers).

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)
Kevin Durant (Phoenix Suns)
Kawhi Leonard (LA Clippers)
Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics)

Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers)
Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)
Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat)

Coaching staff:
The Warriors' Steve Kerr will coach Team USA, assisted by Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat), Tyronn Lue (LA Clippers) and Mark Few (Gonzaga).

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Paris Olympics schedule

Twelve teams qualified for the Olympics, with three groups made up four teams each. The top two teams from each of the three groups will qualify to the quarterfinals. The top two third-place teams also advance. The group-stage games will be played at Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille. The quarterfinals, semifinals and medal games will be played at Accor Arena in Paris.


July 27
Group A: Australia vs. Spain; Greece vs. Canada
Group B: Germany vs. Japan; France vs. Brazil

July 28
Group C: South Sudan vs. Puerto Rico; Serbia vs. USA

July 30
Group A: Spain vs. Greece; Australia vs. Canada
Group B: Japan vs. France; Brazil vs. Germany

July 31:
Group C: Puerto Rico vs. Serbia; South Sudan vs. USA

Aug. 2
Group A: Australia vs. Greece; Canada vs. Spain
Group B: Japan vs. Brazil; France vs. Germany

Aug. 3
Group C: Puerto Rico vs. USA; Serbia vs. South Sudan

Aug. 6
Four games

Aug. 8
Two games

Aug. 10

Aug. 10

Team USA Basketball: 2024 Paris Olympics roster, schedule, news (5)

Olympic qualifying tournaments

The 2024 FIBA men's Olympic qualifying tournaments took place July 2-7 in Greece, Latvia, Spain and Puerto Rico.

Those tournaments decided the final four squads -- Brazil, Greece, Puerto Rico, and Spain -- to complete the 12-team field for the men's Olympic basketball tournament in Paris. They will join the other qualified eight teams: France, USA, Canada, Australia, South Sudan, Japan, Serbia and Germany.

Piraeus, Greece (Greece qualifies)

Group A
July 2: Croatia 108, Slovenia 92
July 3: New Zealand 90, Croatia 86
July 4: Slovenia 104, New Zealand 78

Group B
July 2: Dominican Republic 90, Egypt 77
July 3: Greece 89, Dominican Republic 82
July 4: Greece 93, Egypt 71

July 6: Greece 96, Slovenia 68
July 6: Croatia 80, Dominican Republic 77

July 7: Greece 80, Croatia 69

Riga, Latvia (Brazil qualifies)

Group A
July 2: Latvia 83, Georgia 59
July 3: Philippines 89, Latvia 80
July 4: Georgia 96, Philippines 94

Group B
July 2: Brazil 81, Montenegro 72
July 3: Montenegro 70, Cameroon 66
July 4: Cameroon 77, Brazil 74

July 6: Brazil 71, Philippines 60
July 6: Latvia 72, Cameroon 59

July 7: Brazil 94, Latvia 69

San Juan, Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico qualifies)

Group A
July 2: Lithuania 96, Mexico 84
July 3: Lithuania 97, Côte d'Ivoire 93
July 4: Mexico 92, Côte d'Ivoire 81

Group B
July 2: Italy 114, Bahrain 53
July 3: Puerto Rico 99, Bahrain 56
July 4: Puerto Rico 80, Italy 69

July 6: Lithuania 88, Italy 64
July 6: Puerto Rico 98, Mexico 78

July 7: Puerto Rico 79, Lithuania 68

Valencia, Spain (Spain qualifies)

Group A
July 2: Spain 104, Lebanon 59
July 3: Spain 89, Angola 81
July 4: Lebanon 74, Angola 70

Group B
July 2: Bahamas 96, Finland 85
July 3: Bahamas 89, Poland 81
July 4: Finland 89, Poland 88

July 6: Bahamas 89, Lebanon 72
July 6: Spain 81, Finland 74

July 7: Spain 86, Bahamas 78

Team USA Basketball: 2024 Paris Olympics roster, schedule, news (2024)
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