Costco’s Employee Dress Code Policy (Updated) - (2024)

First off, it’s important to know that Costco doesn’t publish their employee handbook for the general public. So, the information we gathered here comes from past and current Costco employees who have shared their experiences online.

It’s also important to know that Costco’s dress code policy is extremely vague, so the way it’s implemented at each store can vary a lot.

So, what we’re presenting for you here are just some basic guidelines, most of which lean toward the stricter end of the spectrum. It’s possible that the Costco in your area might be much more lenient than this.

Now, here is what we’ve gathered about the Costco dress code policy for 2022:

Costco employees are not required to wear uniforms, but they do have to stick to a general set of rules when deciding what to wear to work.

The official dress code listed in the Costco employee handbook states that employees’ work attire should be “clean, professional, and neat.”

Although it’s not stated anywhere officially, Costco generally prefers to see their employees wearing collared shirts (like polos or button-ups), slacks or jeans without holes, and closed-toe shoes.

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Here are a few things that are frowned upon by the Costco dress code:

  • Any clothing with holes, rips, tears, or fringes
  • Tank-tops or sleeveless shirts
  • T-shirts, hoodies, or any other type of shirt without a collar
  • Workout clothes
  • Sandals
  • Shorts or skirts that are excessively short

Stores are bound to differ in terms of how they enforce or interpret this basic dress code. The info listed above represents a set of themes we noticed throughout several Costco employees’ accounts of their store dress codes, but should not be regarded as official or universal information.


  • 1 Recommended Colors At Costco
  • 2 Clothing Requirements
  • 3 Hair Colors And Tattoos
  • 4 How Strict Is The Costco Dress Code?
  • 5 Costco Interview Attire Tips
  • 6 Does Costco Have A Dress Code For Customers?
  • 7 FAQs
  • 8 Conclusion

Recommended Colors At Costco

When it comes to colors, there is no official policy at Costco regulating what can or cannot be worn. Employees are welcome to wear any colors they like, as long as their clothes are neat, clean, and professional.

Clothing Requirements

When it comes to specific types of clothing, there are a few things that are generally regarded as off limits at Costco.

  • Shirts
      • Employees are encouraged to wear collared shirts such as polos
      • Shirts with shirt tails should be tucked in
      • T-shirts, tank tops, and other sleeveless or collarless shirts are discouraged
      • Shirts with logos, graphics, or other images are not allowed unless they are Costco or Kirkland Signature specific
  • Pants
      • Employees are encouraged to wear jeans or slacks
      • Pants should not have any holes, ripes, tears, or frayed hems
      • Board shorts and cargo shorts are discouraged, as are any shorts shorter than one hand length above the knee
      • Sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants, or other athletic wear are not allowed
  • Shoes
      • Employees are required to wear closed-toe shoes
      • Sandals, flip-flops, etc. are not allowed
      • Employees working in food service departments such as the food court should wear non-slip shoes
      • Forklift drivers, stockers, shipment receivers, and tire center employees are required to wear steel/composite toe shoes
  • Hats and head coverings
      • Only Costco Wholesale hats are permitted
      • Hats must not be worn backwards
      • According to federal law, employees cannot be discriminated against for wearing religious head coverings such as hijabs or dastars
  • Jackets and hoodies
    • Hoodies are discouraged as they are considered a collarless shirt

Hair Colors And Tattoos

Costco’s policy when it comes to unnatural hair colors and tattoos is entirely dependent on location. Each Costco location has a general manager that makes the final call when it comes to these kinds of rules.

So, some Costco stores will be much stricter than others and might classify unnatural hair colors and tattoos as against the dress code. But other Costco locations will be much more lenient, allowing for more employee self expression.

These policies are often heavily impacted by regional culture and politics. Costco Warehouses in coastal cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York are likely to allow for much more employee self expression than stores in more conservative places.

It’s best to check in with your local Costco if you’re curious about applying for a job to find out whether your tattoos, piercings, and hair color are considered acceptable.

That said, there are some general rules to be aware of when it comes to working in food service.

  • Most food service employees will be expected to remove facial piercings while working
  • Food service employees will likely be expected not to wear nail polish or acrylic nails while working
  • Some food service employees might be expected to wear a hair net or beard net while working

When it comes to facial hair, Costco does not restrict its employees from having beards. However, it does expect employees to keep their facial hair well groomed and to wear a beard net while preparing food.

How Strict Is The Costco Dress Code?

The strictness of the Costco dress code depends almost entirely on the location where you work.

Some stores are extremely strict, disallowing basic things like t-shirts and visible tattoos, while other stores are much more lenient and may allow their employees to wear a wider variety of clothing styles.

If you’re curious about getting a job at Costco, or if you are currently a Costco employee wondering about the dress code at your store, it’s best to ask someone at your Costco location about the specific dress code requirements.

Costco Interview Attire Tips

Dressing for an interview can sometimes be a confusing process, especially when you’re not sure what the company is expecting of yo

While there are no hard and fast rules about how to dress for a Costco job interview, here are some tips to help you get ready!

  1. Make sure your clothes are fresh, clean, and free of stains – Looking clean is probably the most important part of preparing for your job interview, so make sure to do a fresh load of laundry to prepare!
  2. Avoid wearing anything with holes, rips, or frayed edges – One of the biggest recurring themes in Costco’s dress code is their disapproval of clothing with holes. So, make sure you’re one step ahead by wearing something to your interview that looks new and relatively unused.
  3. Leave your hat and hoodie at home – Part of looking professional is showing up with your full self for all to see. Wearing a hat may give the wrong impression, and a hoodie could end up making you look less professional.
  4. Make sure your shoes are clean and free of holes – They say that shoes can say a lot about a person. And whether or not that’s true, shoes are definitely something to think about when you’re dressing for a job interview. There’s no need to wear anything fancy, but make sure your shoes are clean and don’t look too old or worn.
  5. Consider wearing a collared shirt and avoid wearing anything too revealing – Costco loves seeing their employees and potential employees in collared shirts, especially polos. A dress shirt is probably a bit overboard, so try to keep it casual while also maintaining a professional look. Think “business casual.”

This Reddit thread about dressing for a Costco employee orientation day is a good resource for those getting ready for their interview process as well. There are even some comments from Costco employees who have conducted interviews with other employees. Their basic advice? Don’t overthink it, but show up looking clean and professional.

Does Costco Have A Dress Code For Customers?

Despite being a members-only establishment, Costco does not impose a dress code on their customers. Thank goodness!


Can you wear acrylic nails at Costco?

Yes, depending on your department. Anyone who works in food service or food prep, such as in the food court, will likely be asked not to wear acrylic nails or nail polish to work for food safety reasons. It’s also possible that if an employee’s nails are excessively long and interfere with their ability to perform their job effectively, they may be asked to shorten or remove them.

Can you wear nail varnish whilst working at Costco?

This also depends on your department. For most Costco jobs, employees should have no problem wearing nail polish. However, if you work in food prep (bakery, food court, etc.), then you will likely be expected to remove nail polish before coming to work.

How should you groom your facial hair for a job at Costco?

Costco employees are expected to keep their facial hair clean and well groomed. Beards should not be excessively long or unmanaged. Employees who work in food service departments will also be expected to wear a beard net while working.

Do Costco employees need to tuck in their shirts?

Yes. If a shirt has shirt tails or is long enough to tuck in, then Costco generally prefers that its employees tuck in their shirts. However, this may not be a requirement or expectation at all Costco locations.

Can Costco employees wear jewelry?

According to several sources, the only jewelry allowed while working at Costco are small stud earrings. However, this likely varies by location. As long as your jewelry is not excessive and does not interfere with your ability to perform your job, you might not have an issue. That said, facial piercings may be restricted, and employees working in food service departments will likely be expected to remove all jewelry while working.


When it comes to retail dress codes, Costco has a fairly lenient policy, even if it seems a little strict. Other comparable stores such as Target require their employees to wear far more specific uniforms. Especially if you live in a relatively liberal area, your local Costco is likely to have a fairly forgiving dress code. To find out more specifics, contact your local Costco and ask!

Costco’s Employee Dress Code Policy (Updated) - (2024)
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