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42 hoursBoostJuvenile Axolotls - wild type and melanoid£0AxolotlAge: 6 monthsMixed I have 4 young Axolotls for sale - 3 wild type (green/yellow speckled) and 1 melanoid (black with speckles). They are now large enough to eat frozen blood worms or cut up axolotl pellets. I can deEdward B.Stevenage13 hoursBoostLarge female axolotl free£0AxolotlAge: 1 dayFemaleIt's with a sad heart that I need to re-home my female axolotl, I rescued her thinking she would be ok with my 2 males but she is a lot bigger than my males and not letting the others feed or come outJOANNA F.ID verifiedCrawley711 hoursBoostthree axelotls are looking for a new home£30AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedhi. I have three beautiful axelotl specimens for sale. all of them are almost four months old and about 7 cm long. They happily eat frozen bloodworms so there is no problem with the availability ofPAWEL K.Greenford2116 hoursBoostAxolotl cuties£15AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedI have mixed batch of axolotls leucistic and wild type. Hatched out on the 18th feb. All eating well. Will not post. Can deliver locally. (Please note these don't live in these tube, they were in theAxolotlsID verifiedWellingborough

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621 hoursBoost*ONLY 6 LEFT!* Beautiful Baby Axolotls *READY NOW*£25AxolotlAge: 3 monthsMixedI have a few baby axolotls left for sale, available to take home right away! Beautiful Spotted Wild Browns - £25 (3 left) Golden Albino - £25 (3 left) They’ve all been lovingly raised at home by myself, and I’ve been enjoying watching their little personalities develop! They have such beautiful floofy gills- especially the little spotted brown ones! 😍 They’re growingNICOLE P.Plymouth31 dayJuvenile Axolotls £40AxolotlAge: 5 monthsMixedI have some Juvenile Axolotls left that are available from a pairing of 2 of my much loved pets. Mum is a dirty Luecistic and Dad is a Melanoid. Hets are known. All are eating cut up dendrobaena wormsDANIELLE W.ID verifiedBathgate41 dayAxolotl - Male - with set up.£120AxolotlAge: 1 weekMaleMy son was gift a axolotl that is probably about a year old now. We upgraded his tank and filters etc when we got him. But I'm currently 8 months pregnant and had a bad pregnancy and don't know whereAMY H.ID verifiedBilston62 daysStunning baby axolotls £30AxolotlAge: 5 monthsMixedDescription: Hi I have some really special axolotl babies for sale First of all please so some research on their needs. Before I can sell them I need to be happy they will be looked after correctly.JAMES D.ID verifiedBedford63 daysJuvenile axolotls £20AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedI have 5 juvenile axolotls left. Mostly all wild type, but some are potentially copper melanoids. However it is hard to tell when so small! Feel free to ask any questions! Price is £20 for 1 but if yKelsey F.Basingstoke25 daysAxolotis £50AxolotlAge: 1 yearMixedTwo Axolotis for sale with there tanks in excellent condition no leaks genuine reason for selling must go with there tanks Caron S.Walsall315 daysBaby axolotls £30AxolotlAge: 4 monthsMixedBaby axolots for sale mixed types(wild, golds and lucys) they are feeding on blackworms, frozen bloodworms and pellets £30 each collection onlyJONATHAN K.ID verifiedDarlington51 weekJuvenile Axolotls for Sale£15AxolotlAge: 15 weeksMixed3 baby Axolotls for sale One Golden Albino and two Golden with black eyes About 4 inches long, growing well and eating bloodworms Collection ONLYAMANDA R.ID verifiedRingwood31 week2 male Axolotls£30AxolotlAge: 1 yearMaleOne melanoid, one albino. Both boys Aged between 1-2 years. they are roughly 20cm. Eating well and in good health £30 each Faye P.Romney Marsh131 weekREADY NOW Beautiful Baby Axolotls for Sale. £20AxolotlAge: 10 weeksMixedI have a selection of juvenile Wild Types, Golden Albinos and Pink Leucistic axolotls ready for a new home. They are fed on live Daphnia, Brine Shrimp and fully grown blood worm and are beginning to Nadine A.Maidstone41 weekAxolotls babies for sale £30AxolotlAge: 6 weeksMixedWe have 4 week old axolotls for sale that will be ready in an about a month or so. We have Wild, Golden Albino, Albino and Melaniod types. P.ID verifiedBristol41 weekBaby Axolotls - 3 wilds and 1 Golden available £15AxolotlAge: 10 weeksMixedBorn 28/04/24 Currently eating live blood work but will start them on small cut up dendrobeana worms in the next week. Please do your research before getting an Axolotl as they have specific care neKATEY L.Lowestoft11 weekJuvenile Axolotls - Leucistic £15AxolotlAge: 5 monthsMixedAs seen in photo - Eggs Hatched early February. Very active and happily feeding on frozen bloodworm now. Collection only but will deliver if local.richard c.Bournemouth111 week Axolotls £10AxolotlAge: 7 monthsMixedJuvenile Axolotl’s available! Very healthy and happy Ready for collection now Eating frozen bloodworm and pellets Around 5-6 inches Updated photos on listing to show colours available £10 each *PleaLauren O.Crewe

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Axolotl reptiles for sale | Pets4Homes (2024)
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